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>When you had dreams about 2D SNES games being open world 3D adventures with realistic but colorful graphics

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>when you thought VR had potential

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>dream about vidya
>but you are sick at the time
>so now it's just horrifying and stressful

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Fever dreams are the worst

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Nah, I remember using VR headsets back in the 90s at amusement parks and what not, it was a cool gimmick.
But it's still just a visor stappled on your head. No matter how real the graphics get (I remember using VR of real-life footage anyway, it was on-rails, you didn't have control over it, but the effect of the gimmick was the same), you're still just using your eyes and ears to experience the VR. It's a fad that will come and go, like 3D.

Until VR becomes undistinguishable from reality (like, connecting your actual nervous system to VR), it's just gimmicks.

Also, VR is useless on games that aren't first person. What if I want to play a sidescroller? I'd rather just sit back on the couch and enjoy it without having something attached to my head.

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>10 years old
Wouldn't it be cool if games looked like real life and you could go anywhere and do anything you wanted?!!
>30 years old
Damn kids and their open world games. Back in my day we played 2D games and liked it that way!

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We need to go deeper than what VR allows.

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>tfw you fantasize about your ideal Zelda game and it finally gets released Breath of the Wild

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That's a silly attitude to have... particularly for a retro games board. Brain jacks will be cool, but it's not to say a lot of the stuff leading up to them won't also be cool.

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Bruh what's with those old shit games you play! They should remake them for Steam but
—change the graphics to unreal 4
—make them open world
—make them dark and with real physics like real life
—take out all of that unrealistic bullshit and give everyone a gun instead
So basically yeah, like every other game today, throw away your CRT and buy PS4
t. millennial normie

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>So basically yeah, like every other game today, throw away your CRT and buy PS4

lol just like every PS4 game!

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I love dirty pair

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You are literally the cancer that destroys everything good and decent in the world. If you want to autistically "explore" empty nothing for hours on end then go back to the Elder Scrolls series

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>People should only ever be allowed to make and play the exact kind of games I like best
>That other guy is autistic cancer for enjoying something

Wow man.

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Good taste, but u really can't stand the 90's serie. (but I wanna be a neuro-junkie)
I confess that it was me.

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GR lacks substance imo

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That could be said of a great many games.

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are you me?

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>Until VR becomes undistinguishable from reality (like, connecting your actual nervous system to VR), it's just gimmicks.

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>particularly for a retro games board.

Why? it only makes sense. I'm old enough to have experienced the VR gimmick back in the 90s. Seeing modern VR headsets makes me go "eeeh yeah I've seen this before, now with PS4 graphics".

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See, seeing shitty /vr/ in the 90's just made me more excited for when it would be good.

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>not loading up on drugs and living life as a sidescroller

>thats the way it was and we liked it
>tfw 30 year olds don't remember those sketches

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it wasn't even shitty, it was pretty cool. but still a gimmick, like today.

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I always preferred 2D over 3D even as a kid.

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What anime is this?

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You could call literally anything a gimmick though. TVs are a gimmick, games themselves are a gimmick. Making Ecco and other classic Genesis games pseudo-3D is totally a gimmick but I love it. I love any way to make games look better, and even before we have holodecks or brainjacks I am all for this gimmick getting as awesome as it can.

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Then TES happened. What a let down.

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I was never stupid enough to think that focused 2D games should get bogged down with pointless filler like exploration.

I'm here to play a game thank you, not spend an hour climbing trees like a retard or building things.

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This is why it's important to remember that different kinds of games appeal to different kinds of people. Not that I don't like a nice tightly focused action game, but I also love games based around exploring.

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Learn to read: >>3871035
>Dirty Pair Flash
Fix'd. Too bad Flash sucks ass. Stick with the originals.

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Yeah I mean, to me it isn't anything new or exciting, but I can understand how people might like it.
It has potential for POV porn at least, but again, at the end of the day it'll just be a thing attached to your head and you're only experiencing the "VR" through your ears and eyes.

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>and you're only experiencing the "VR" through your ears and eyes.

That would be the "V" part of it.

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Visual Reality?

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>If you want to autistically "explore" empty nothing for hours on end then go back to
I have a better suggestion for those exact qualities

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Are you me?

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Yeah those Metroid and Zelda games sure do suck. And Ultima. And Civilization. Fuck exploration what a truely shitty mechanic that has never been used well.

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Don't you know anon? The only good games are what he likes best. Anything else is cancer. Fuck what other people like.

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That feel when you dreamed that games would look as good as in their intro cinematics

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Not him, and even though I'm not that adverse to change, I can see where he's coming from. When a company creates one type of game, the opportunity for them to create a different one is gone. So if someone were, say, a big fan of the original LoZ for the NES, I can understand their apprehension over the series shifting towards an OoT or LttP style game. If all resources are being used to make a game you're not interested in and no one's making one you like, then you're losing out due to market demand.

It's like people who are actively upset at modern FPS games when it seems like they simply shouldn't care; the market has shifted away from their interests and now the type of games they like aren't being made anymore.

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Name of the anniemay?

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But Metroid Prime does exist.

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