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This game was ridiculously fun.

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Oh it still is. And so moddable.

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I didn't realise people still played it. What are some worthwhile mods?

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Difficult question. Most mods are just addon cars so you can download & install whatever you want to see ingame?

Check this "so you want to play..." for some ideas and links.

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Great guide cheers. I also remember the Carma 1 CDROM could be played in normal CD players to listen to the full Fear Factory soundtrack.

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God damn, I had no clue!
thanks. The performance on doxbox has been terrible for me.

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Does it have any trains?

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Oh shit, I had no idea the original Carmageddon had such an active community. You're amazing for posting this.

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I think C2 has a handful of addon trains..? They handle like cars though so mleh. C1 trains, that doesn't ring a bell.

The oldschool community is much quieter now though, thanks to the new game...

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I have spent HUNDREDS of hours in Carma1 as a kid. Splat Pack was alright but disappointing.

>MFW Reincarnation is all Carma 1 was and more
>MFW it's full of glitches that never got fixed
>MFW this thread made me realize I got Carmageddon Max Damage for free in my steam library

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Try and give Max Damage some hours, it's actually a pretty fun chaos/sandbox game like C1 and C2 were. Runs better than Reincarnation too.

Splat Pack had some highlights, like the Castle or Mayan Hotel. Also some cool vehicles, Stiletto, The Sled, Rig O'Mortis... but yeah didn't bring much more than that on the table.

Still kinda wish they'd release another C1 or C2 expansion pack, just like No Rest For The Living for Doom 2 or the new AOE2 expansions.

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Thoughts on using 3dfx for carmageddon?

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IMO much like many early 3dfx games, it doesn't look too good. The game loses its gritty aspect, textures seem kinda washed out. Texture seams appear a bit everywhere. And finally, the higher resolutions brought by the glide wrappers don't suit the actual game geometry which isn't dense enough ; I mean, it looks empty.

Anyway I still understand people prefer to play with that mode. It can give better performances too in Dosbox. GOG's version works quite well with nGlide, lowering the gamma to 0.8 or so might be nice though.

There's also an unfinished "hires" patch for the software mode (pic related).

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Very old Third Reich mod, still somewhat topical nowadays..?

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I liked Carmageddon 2's ost more

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Doom textures somehow can work quite well in C1. Should make a proper level someday.

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Recently started playing C1.

Is the game not supposed to control like shit or is it normal?

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All Carmageddon games are supposed to be ""difficult to handle"". Though yeah once you get the hang of it, it's quite rewarding I guess, especially when you plow through a pack of peds while drifting etc.

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I prefer C1 aesthetics over C2. running over crudely looking ragdolls made of triangles is less impressive than beautifully handcrafted sprite violence

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3D peds were cool at the time but look too outdated now, almost out of place. They really are very lowpoly, not even close to something like HL1 original characters. There's a mod that replaces the C2 ped models with models from GTA3 (but keeps the C2 textures).

Still can't beat punching C1 peds into giblets though.

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what really killes C1 for me is the progression, so slow and unnecessary.
And I can't seam to find a unlock all cheat.

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I had this on N64 and it was a blast

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This and Interstate '76 were the only car driving games I ever had fun playing.

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Gott im Himmel LMAO

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Ah man Carmageddon, good times. Played C2 all the time with a friend of mine, to save up credits for all the cars (when we didn't know about cheats).

I even liked TDR2k, the physics were worse but some of the worlds were really cool.

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Started playing C2 today for the very first time and I highly regret not playing this when I was 14. Like the game now but holy shit if I played it back then and started hearing Iron Maiden while running over people I would've lost my god damn mind.

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Hell TDR2K seems to be better than Reincarnation

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You can download complete savegames! somewhere in there http://rr2000.toshiba-3.com/pc-files
That unlocks all cars (even addons) and tracks.
The Meld Pack comes with complete savegames too.

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Give Max Damage a try, seriously.
(pic is C2 with CMD car though)

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Can't recommend enough to try mods! I posted pics of modded C1 so far, but C2 got more than 1600 addon cars, lots of levels, peds, etc.

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Also watermelons.

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die anna was so qt

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>watermelon for carmageddon 2

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I know there are cars from Speed Racer and Death Race 2000.

Is multiplayer through internet possible?

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is reincarnation good? how bad are the glitches?

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She was 14 at the time and the devs didn't know!

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Gotta love Stallone being the biggest focus on the poster despite him having only like five minutes of screen time in that movie.

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Not really sadly. Even if the host has a very fast connection, it will go out of sync for good after a couple of rounds. You can try though, just google wsock32.dll, there's one specifically for C1/C2. GOG have their own setup too, I idn't test it.

We did manage to get it working and stable for a couple of rounds years ago via Hamachi, then via a dedicated server. (pic related)

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I mean stable and with 6 players.

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The problem with Reincarnation was the performance, even on high end computers (also CTDs and whatnot). It's been fixed for the Max Damage rerelease.

The release trailer isn't half-bad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAju5XuY5Sc

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Is there a prat cam for Max and Die Anna?

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Shitty fucking controls and shitty fucking camera.

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>doom textures

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Is Max Damage less glitchy ? Reincarnation was a pain with glitches, even in the last version.
>non working achievements
>crush 500+ peds, only 1 left, it's stuck out in sea and can't be killed, happens all the time

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Max Damage?

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Nope, don't think that's possible at all as it seems the mechanic behind the animation isn't even implemented in C2. Would have been nice though!

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To most people, it's what Reincarnation should have been. New content aside, the performance is much more stable and glitches are quite rare. (but it can't be a true carma without glitches at all!)

See trailer linked there >>3864332
Basically a remake of C1.

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Anvil Launcher powerup from CMD into C2.

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Is that Quarantine cab hud actually dynamic and display different info or is it static?

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Is that Quarantine cab hud actually dynamic and display different info or is it static?

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It's mostly static. There's just the working mirror, pratcam in the monitor, the tacho and gear, and the damage indicator. Oh and the steering wheel + hands move too.
More screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/OSjgh

Speaking of Quarantine, there's a great remake of the cab for Max Damage (pic related).

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Does these games have any modes like Twisted metal were you fight agaisnt other cars but that arent races?

Dont really find the appeal of racing with weapons.

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Racing is completely optional in Carmageddon. Usualy you win the race by wrecking your opponents, you gain time by maiming pedestrians. There's no car-mounted weapons like in Interestate 76, but starting with C2 some powerups like 'Slaughter Mortar' and 'Opponent Repulsificator' are pretty much weapons (very few "ammo" though).

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In the /vr/ Carmageddon games, the AI can never win by racing, even if they follow the track and go through checkpoints. Besides some mandatory missions in 2 and 3, you never have to race if you don't want to, so most of the events can be finished by using your vehicle as the weapon to waste the opponents.

Man, I miss the cockpit views from TM1.

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Ah i see.

Are they hard to run on windows 7?

>Man, I miss the cockpit views from TM1.
Same, i wish they would had brought them back on TM Black.

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You can test right away.
Grab the Meld Pack for C1: http://rr2000.toshiba-3.com/R4/PC/meldpack_v1.3.4.zip
It's Carma95 and not the DOS version within DOSBox. It can be run in fullscreen by editing ddraw.ini.

For C2, grab the Vanilla C2 mini-pack: http://rr2000.toshiba-3.com/R4/PC/vanillac2_r1b.zip
You just have to install nGlide (glide wrapper) and run CARMA2_HW.exe.

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How is the community for Max Damage? Is it active?

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2-3 modders at the moment. Can't say if multiplayer's doing well. Seems like there's more people active for C1 (turning 20 this year) and C2 than for CMD. Maybe it will become more active once proper modding support is provided (which might be never I guess).
One of these modders is making a lot of stuff alone so it's already that.

(pic unrelated; C2)

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Nah, it's not Max Damage, it's update#2 that fixed Carma Reincarnation.

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That update optimized the game alot, and they fixed some things too, but there are still glitches like the ones I mentionned (unkillable peds, non working achievements, etc)

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Thanks gonna give it a shot later since where i am the internet conection is shit.

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IIRC nobby (one of the devs) made sure every level could be completed by killing all peds. I might be mistaken though, and that sentence could apply to Carma iOS and not CMD.

I didn't play CMD too much but haven't ran into either issue so far.

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nigga she looks 21

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How's the PS4 version?

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How do you feel about Deathrace 2050?

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Having fun with Max Damage but so far I haven't seen any new content compared to Reincarnation.

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there is one new map and maybe two new cars.
Don't get it wrong, it's just another name for a patch.

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List of stuff added in the Max Damage rerelease: http://www.carmageddon.com/comment/86408#comment-86408

>it's just another name for a patch
Completely right, and the move is understandable seeing how many negative reviews C:R got. They tried to give their game a second chance.

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Okay, fine by me. I was dreaming of Reincarnation being patched for additions and fixes, so looks like that happened and they added new cars, environments and more, and gave it for free to people who had Reincarnation so I can't complain.

Also I see that Reincarnation isn't for sale anymore and it's Max Damage only, so we did get the update

Now though I just feel bad for putting so many hours in Reincarnation since MD is the real version.

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Oh I feel you, I can't be arsed to play CMD now that it is out as I've already played C:R enough.
By the way, the list mentions "three new environments" but that's rather one new and 2 arenas.

I guess the PS4 version is the same as the PC one? Multiplayer is probably really dead there though (unless you have some friends who own the game as well).

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He didn't fly so good.