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Favorite retro Zelda concept art? Keep it official. Please no fan art, and I'm mainly looking for pre-3D concept art.

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Oracle Link is my favorite.

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Are you a girl? Girls are obsessed with shota link.

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I like how Ganon genuinely looks terrified of Link in this image, the way he's clutching his trident and the look of fear in his eyes.

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fucking this

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best link

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what is this from? I must see it

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I remember first seeing the illustrations in the LttP strategy guide

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shadow of the colossus

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Nintendo Power / Zelda Link To The Past Player's Guide, illustrated by Katsuya Terada. Dude did a lot of art for NP and other Japanese video game magazines, is now a well known gallery artist as well.

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Based Katsuya Terada

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Huh, that boomerang is in the newest game.

Neat to know they got it from this art.

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faggy meme

>>3858157 is >>3858130 but for gay ppl

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You can almost smell the NIN hoodie

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it's tool actually

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I don't think he's terrified. It's more on Links end having to fend off against such a giant beast. I find Ganon death staring Link here.

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This right here. Really emphasizes the feeling that I get exploring around in Zelda. Katsuya Terada's work as a whole simply grounds the "a long time ago" look that I thought of in this series.

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by Haruhiko Mikimoto of Macross and Gunbuster fame.

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i always thought link had the hair to be a valkyrie pilot

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Links Awakening best Zelda

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It's hard for technically official art but right now it's this.

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the n64 art

with tloz and a link to the past there are multiple different artists with very different styles, from simple and childish, to expressive and cartoony, to moody and serious

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is the animation fanmade?

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Yeah but it's so good. Makes me wish of a 90's anime for the game.

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always liked this picture from a japanese alttp guidebook. part of me wishes they kept the christian symbolism, would have made a nice contrast to the original islam inspired gerudo symbols.

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Try to stay sober when posting, faggot.

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This one holds a special place in my heart because at first glance it looks like his shadow is actually his pants around his ankles

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>Link is a wisecracking, Peter Venkman reluctant hero type in a Moonlighting parody using the aesthetics of Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link

This show was amazing.

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Why is that? The zelda fandom is mostly female?

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from the LTTP strategy guide

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internet girls like shotas in general because shotas are non-threatening and these hoes have low self confidence

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