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$62 ClassicGameRoom Picture Book Edition

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Well if its anything like

Im not interested!

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Never fear, other than a forward and titles, this book will have no text at all!

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These threads are really serving their purpose pretty well, huh. As expected of /vr/.

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So I just recently started listening to that podcast and it comes to the Q and A section, and Ian gets asked if he's going to have some free time really soon, and out of fucking nowhere he just busts out with this story about this fucking creepo he was hanging out with playing on a busted TV, with ranch dressing in his bathroom, and then he makes an RPG maker and a Comic about him with fucked up sexual undertones, and I need to know the fucking story behind this, does anyone have any idea where the fuck that came from? Who the fuck is Max, what was Ian doing in his bathroom?

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>when you don't like Retronauts but keep listening anyway

WOFF is right there waiting for me to give it a shot but I'm never gonna

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Don't bother. WOFF hosts are insufferable cuck faggots.

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Please seek psychiatric help.

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Mike here AMA

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Only decent /vr/ book by an eceleb reporting.

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How did you grow such an enormous trouser snake? Did you have to feed it any special food?

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I always feel like Kole just likes avoiding conflict so he quietly goes along with Ultra-Cuck Gary's statements.

Like, Kole is never the one shoehorning random political/social justice things into the topic.

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>Yup yup.

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why are so many retro gaming e celebs sjw cucks? Is it because a lot of them are gen x children of loser hippies?

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The shift in gaming culture, its propensity to attract social rejects like trannies, gays etc leads to a community where they have a large voice. And a large part of gaming journalism takes place in liberal areas of the country like San Fransisco which is the epicenter of degeneracy

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I wonder what his second book will be like..

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What went so wrong?


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That, and their main audience is teenagers and kids in their early 20s who know jack about the real world and are still deep in the liberal colleges' indoctrination. If that's where your money comes from you're inevitably going to bend to their ways.

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Unsarcastically, yes. It is fun to shit on internet people from time to time. /vr/ has a big reddit infestation (see this entire thread >>3849042) and having a good old fashioned shitposting thread is a necessary luxury.

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Did anyone else catch in the Skull Island video how James said the Vietnam War was in the 1940s? I don't think he just misspoke because then he started talking about how the 2020 Kong vs Godzilla movie would be set 80 years later, so he thought enough about it to do the math. I worry about this guy sometimes.

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How's that Atari collection going?

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he got a lot less annoying and got better hair?

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Come on, anon, at least link the campaign for those who might be interested. It's not just a picture book.


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BitHead1000 is the greatest video gaming channel in the history of the internet.

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mike america great again?

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>collects bad games just because they're rare

Collectorcucks, how do you justify spending a small fortune on terrible games just for it to ait on your shelf?

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I cannot. There is not justification for owning Vagrant Story.

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Retro gaming related things tend to appreciate as time goes by. It's usually a sound investment if you plan on selling things off at some point down the line.

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the only bad game in that image is FF8 though

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Mike presses buttons over recorded video.

Spread this.




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I hate this autistic 40 year old reseller collector ebay shill. MUH HIDDEN GEMS RETRO GAME INFLATION. Even Kelsey who is very fuckable runs Pink Gojirra an overpriced hipster store in Seattle.

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jesus you nerds need a life

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what's up mike
looking forward to the next stream bud

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He got his weight up. In the early videos he looks and acts like a gimp; pure awkwardness and skinny arms that don't know what to do. Now, after many lonely and long nights cutting his teeth on editing and being a content creator (tm) he has lost a part of his soul, hence his now calculated taking over of cinemassacre and ruthless ousting of Bootsy.

He is ascending social structures and becoming an alpha. It's glorious.

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I'm pretty sure it's more like a sad descent into schizophrenia. god only knows what he's going to pull next, all we can say for sure is that it's not going to end well... particularly for Mike, be sure to have popcorn at the ready. Course we all know it's you Mike, but just playing along with your delusions.

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woah woah woah buster

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didn't he do an elmo review or something

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Does anyone have that imagecap from anon claiming to be one of James' in-laws?

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I do like Reggie. Seems like a bro that actually plays the games he buys. Huge weeb.

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Jesus Christ...when you guys said Kelsey was a midget you weren't kidding around.

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black weebs are based

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I'll check them out thanks

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These threads were a lot more fun when we were all shitting on Mike. I guess he's lying low the last few days and hoping this fiasco blows over, so there's not much new material for us now.

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Nobody gives much of a shit

It's a fucking internet gameplay video

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t. Insufferable cuck faggot

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I keep getting recommendations from Top Hat Gaming Man, he seems like a caricature of hipster game collectors.

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Wow, he's a big guy

I'd like to seem them Eiffel Tower that qt

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He's pretty good, but he leans a bit too hard on the British stereotypes. When I first watched his videos, I assumed he was pulling a Bandit Keith and he'd admit to being American or something.

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There's no way I'm supporting this. Classic Game Room doesn't know shit about retro gaming.

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Can someone give me the quick rundown on what exactly happened with Bootsy and why Michael Matinee is to blame?

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>Niche book of course it's going to cost more

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Nobody really knows, but Bootsy left and it didn't seem to be in an amicable manner. Bootsy was also working on a Bootsy Beats Mike Tyson's Punch Out video for months, then Mike goes and does his own playthrough to seemingly spite him.

Mike Matei is very shady and greedy.

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post dick

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no hoverhand why is jesus so alpha

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This project only has 5 days left. It's never going to make funding.

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can't wait for Mike to come back and suck ass at zelda his "favorite video game series"

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>a guy who's gimmick is being a motherfucker fucks someone over

You all act surprised

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Anyone else cringe everytime lgr says "yakaza"?

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How long before we see an AVGN with Mike as the Nerd? Sure it'd be integrated into the plot and explained in the episode, but nevertheless do you think that'll be Mike's next goal?

>> No.3852813

He's already trying that.


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even fucking DSP is better at botw than Mike "the Cock" Matei

>> No.3852927

AVGN and Board James characters were based off of Mike. AVGN = bipolar, Board James = schizophrenic. As someone said above, it's not gonna end well for Mike. He's his own worst enemy.

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This guy is so cringey and gay. Only James is cool

>> No.3852929

I think I remember this one it was the last one I ever listened to. His cringe attempt at an aristocrats joke. I can't take that ginger fuck

>> No.3852942

That's the best thing to come out of shitting on Mike. He's got his tail between his legs and he stopped trying to spread his memes because he knows more bad than good will come out of the threads he makes of himself. Keep up the great work, gang

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these threads have a lot less posts defending Mike when he's busy with PAX

>> No.3852957

He had a shitposting meltdown last week in a thread while everyone was killing him. He started typing out the lyrics to the AVGN theme line for line until the thread got pulled. It was a sad thing to witness. I'm 100% convinced that he's responsible for anything positive said about himself on here. Crazy fucking loser.

>> No.3853017

He's more Irate than Angry.

>> No.3853051

The truth is that if Mike tried to make his own AVGN ripoff show, it would be less funny than the Irate Gamer. Based on miney krafta and Elmo, it would be more embarrassing. And that's saying something cause Irate Gamer is pure cringe

>> No.3853072

I've never watched these faggots but as I was searching for Mike Matei vids (ones that expose his toxicity) recently I came across this and it is fucking spot on


>> No.3853116

Chris Bores unwittingly started a Cringe-kino parody movement, that lasted a good year. Mike is just pathetic in all aspects.

>> No.3853119

It's not even that he's not funny in any way. It's that he's always been a complete asshole to the fans. I'm here because the reddit board is a shit show where Mike is a mod who deletes any and every comment that doesn't praise him. I'm being totally serious. Head over there and try to post something. He deserves all of this bad karma and I hope it continues.

>> No.3853127

posting on reddit? hah more like fucking a whore's ass until it's red hahaha am I right or what fuck I am so funny
t. Mike

>> No.3853138

I didn't realize how important Bootsy was to the image of cinemassacre until he left. I think he brought a lot of relatability to the table even if he wasn't really that exciting. Mike is insufferable by himself and I'm glad that almost everyone agrees with me. He's so whiny and his jokes are terrible and immature. Isn't he like 40 years old??

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>it's a Clint cameo
I hope he gets infected with the cancer

>> No.3853191

I was just watching mike's mario 3 playthrough and had a giggle when he talked about the "small team" that makes up cinemassacre. Seemed like the feget almost mentioned bootsy cause he did a "me, james, ryan..." instead of having an "and" before the last name.

>> No.3853249

I'm glad they got rid of Bootsy. He was the funniest, the calmest, the nicest to fans, and the best at video games. Dead weight, if ya ask me.

>> No.3853267

I bet he just didn't laugh at all of Mike's awesome superfunny jokes. Especially off camera.

>> No.3853459

I like James, but I just can't support that channel anymore, especially with that douchebag at the helm. Mike's my most hated e-celeb by a long shot. Now that Bootsy's out of the picture, it's only James left to be maniacally jealous of. Watch out James!

>> No.3853507

100% correct. The birth of his child slowing down his video output has been terrible.

>> No.3853513

According to canon AVGN is an alternate persona of Board James, who is apparently some alternate dimensional being. The whole thing will probably end with it being a dream Mike was having.

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Ass fuck shit dookie! Hahaha!

>> No.3853535


I think it was Spoony who got into a huff because some other online site (maybe AVGN) reviewed SF 2010 years after he did

>> No.3853617

I like "Mikerodick Matei" because we all know that pic his not really his. Someone secure in his size would not be pushing this giant penis meme so hard.

>> No.3853632

Top Hat Gaming man sounds like he records his scripts off a shitty $20 logitech webcam. How can he think this sounds acceptable to upload?


>> No.3853641

>weird or obscure

I have no words

>top hat meemz
>low quality audio

this guy seems very reddit

>> No.3853653

He also inserts like 5 ads into every 10 minute video if you don't use adblock. Great way to get people to not watch your shit.

>> No.3853687

Thats part 2 to an earlier story that didn't get finished, he explains everything in the intro

>> No.3853743


It was funny that Bootsy often seemed the calmest, and yet his playing showed him to actually be a pretty serious gamer.

>> No.3853752

I doubt he has played anything really modern. Most of his skill comes from simple pattern recognition in Atari and NES games. Outside of some Gamecube stuff from college I bet he's been out of the loop for awhile.

>> No.3853886

His cover art videos are relaxing. Glad the guy found a new hobby he enjoys.

>> No.3854065

I liked the garage sale videos with the monolog in the truck the most. I got a first rate education in garage saling and have added a ton to my collection for pennies on the dollar. The painting videos are good too and I Iook forward to him having more free time. Truly the greatest video game show in the history of human civilisation.

>> No.3854070

It'd be really funny but that's barely proof of anything.

>> No.3854097

What is this e-celeb "book" craze? Where they all have to make books or some shit?

>> No.3854110

When you first came on to play with James I hated your fucking guts but quickly realized you were probably new to talking on camera. Now that I have gotten to know you better, how have you enjoyed your e-fame?

>> No.3854113

they dont have jobs so they need to make money somehow...

>> No.3854118


Yep cute as fuck,short and into vidya. Should be VR's waifu

>> No.3854127

Kelsey will be a really hot MILF when she gets older.
I hope I'm able to meet her someday and get inside her.

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can someone give me legit rundown on cinemassacre/mike matei? whats happening?

>> No.3854310

All threads are for shit posting.

>> No.3854357

You realize that 99% of LP'ers videos are not completely synced perfectly right?

>> No.3854424

Bootsy should team up with Chris Bores and salvage whats left of that channel. Shouldn't be too difficult since they'd be going up against King Kong trivia videos, and Mike blathering on about poopy boobies and hairy asscracks.

>> No.3854437

What's up with that microdick looking fat bitch Ryan horning in on every other video? He looks like he's in the throes of ecstasy withdrawal dementia with his dead eyes and sweaty, greasy skin. He has without a doubt raped and murdered someone.

>> No.3854438

yeah I really don't watch anything on the cinemassacre channel that doesn't involve james, mike is dull as shit on his own and that ryan guy is an abomination. it's one thing to be physically unpleasing but it's another entirely when your voice matches that.

>> No.3854449



Enjoy the shitshow

>> No.3854450

the video with the weird bald guy and james destroying that Christmas set was prob my favorite ep in recentish times. they should have him come back sometime.

>> No.3854479

I've been shopping at pinky g for more than a decade now, they've never been overpriced. Everything is priced pretty fairly, and they're the only store in the area I know I'm gonna find famicom at. They also host monster hunter meetups.

Kelsey and Cody are both total bros too so that doesn't hurt.

>> No.3854512

>weird bald guy and james
>and james

Wait, James isn't the only weird bald guy on Cinemassacre?

>> No.3854520

he means keith neo geo man

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>it's an internet video game reviewer weighs in on current politics episode

>> No.3854951

She's reseller scum.

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Selection bias. The only people who bother shilling on youtube for pocket change and spending their time reselling old plastic cartridges are going to be insufferable Gen X losers. So of course you're going to see all this social justice bullshit from them too.

>> No.3854963

that reminds me of hardcore gaming 101

I think the faggot that runs the site, which used to be good, now automatically blocks everyone on twitter because of the backlash he got from going full retard recently

>> No.3855001

It's not a live stream. It's edited to cover up his save states. Why wouldn't he sync it up after the fact? Mike apologists are the worst people on earth. Kill yourself.

>> No.3855142

Your loss, Ryan and Mike have a good chemistry. The Chris O'Donnell part won me over.

>> No.3855151

their most recent vid, cv2 for gameboy was abysmal

>> No.3855171

Yea, a weab trying to make fun of an autist... the cringe was unstoppable!

>> No.3855178

Just watched ur castlevania vid... ryan is an obvious autist and still funnier and mor likeable than you. How does
It feel to be a total cum filled cunt? Dont ever do Michael Jackson impersonations...my God!!?

>> No.3855197

I read this in that creepy voice...

You dont have any friends!

>> No.3855204

No. Clint is basef as fuck.

>> No.3855217

Hes a music man, what can you expect!

>> No.3855224

Yeah it wasn't their best. Both were probably worn out from doing all night BotW streams all week. I'd still take Ryan over Mike because Ryan doesn't burst out into annoying voices and songs.

>> No.3855257

I'm amazed a guy like Ryan runs his own business. Not that he's not capable of it, just that how do you even go about opening a website firm at such a young age? How do you get all the loans and business licenses when you are entry level fresh out of college? I wish I could just randomly open a business and print money.

>> No.3855262

What is his business?

>> No.3855269

he's just that fucking alpha

>> No.3855273

Screenwave Media. Looks he's publishing a game too, I just found out.


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File: 265 KB, 660x687, mikeshighlydevelopedsenseofhumor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hey dudes.. MY DICK hahahahahahaha

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There's nothing wrong with being a seller unless she's jewing people on the price.

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File: 330 KB, 1680x1050, 1248388283239.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There isn't a single reseller who doesn't jew on the prices. If they didn't, then they wouldn't be reselling in the first place. By its very definition, reselling is incredibly fucking jewy.

>> No.3855312


I would partially disagree with that. You have the good resellers and the idiot resellers, the second of which are the screwers and typically the ones who fail at their "job." A good reseller has a source of items that they get for below market price and then resell at amount that is priced to move. Shitty resellers buy at market, sit on it for a short time, then try to sell at above market rates and often wind up sitting on just a few items at once hoping to make a huge payday on a few things. Good resellers move products quickly and obtain a wider variety of shit to sell, shitty resellers hope they struck gold with an "investment." Unfortunately reseller number 2 seems to be a big factor in the market these day and with new collectors joining in each day, their generally awful business practices start to pay off because people can't wait for a decent deal these days.

>> No.3855336

I know what you mean, but that's just comparing a reseller who's super jewy to one that's only mildly jewy. The very act of scrounging for underpriced goods just to flip them at a higher price is jewish, regardless. You're adding nothing of value; you're just a leech.

>> No.3855351

What did he mean by this?

>> No.3855406
File: 49 KB, 1058x646, really makes you think.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Really makes you think why it's mainly Mike info than James...

>> No.3855430

Welcome to Mike's Cinemassacre game reviews! Today we are reviewing the latest Mario game. Our special guest is James Rolfe - remember that guy who wore a white shirt and cussed while playing video games? Yeah, that guy!

>> No.3855435
File: 156 KB, 562x598, mynzf3kw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe it has something to do with my long, thick penis!!!!

>> No.3855438

He's a schizophrenic maniac who is undeniably jealous of James and trying to use he power to undermine him

>> No.3855440

For the love of pong stop shilling that Mike!

>> No.3855448

Playing modern games is an excerices in futility. They are all the same and require zero skill.

>> No.3855454

Randomly open it? Print money? Lol this is why young people think successful people do.
t. 32 year old millionaire next door

>> No.3855460

Because unlike you, most people outside of your echo chamber have such traits as common decency, caring for their fellow man, and don't scream "cuck cuck!" like a chicken at the first sign of havinv to treat friends or strangers with basic respect?

>> No.3855525

james and kyle OTP

>> No.3855527
File: 41 KB, 500x371, 1484786715842.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3855716
File: 445 KB, 1354x550, RIVALRY.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3855729
File: 27 KB, 500x400, Ryan Schott.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey guys, what did I do to deserve so much hate?

>> No.3855761

He looks like a (male) Christina Chandler

>> No.3855764

Metal Jeebus is that (you)? why are you such a apple macfag?

>> No.3855789

>Chris O'Donnell

the only reference to him ive seen on the channel was by tbfp matt

>> No.3855812

He wont get a grown up haircut and pretends to be married

>> No.3855919

>that time he got pissed off at a lady, attached a doll in a wheelchair to the back of his truck and drove off


Memes aside, I like his PC Engine hauls lately

>> No.3855923


He looks fine there. In some of the videos it looks like he just got out of the shower or something.

>> No.3856286

Atleast bootsy doesn't have to use save states to beat a game

>> No.3856294
File: 3 KB, 532x27, fa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>runs Pink Gojirra

jesus, at least try to sound smart.

>> No.3856445

Bootsy is a better gamer than Mike and no matter how hard Mike tries to appear otherwise, it'll always backfire on him. He's honestly playing over edited footage now to seem like he's better than he actually is. Mike Matei is such a pussy.

>> No.3856449

I wonder if Mike is gonna keep the Bootsy Beats episodes of Batttletoads after Bootsy does his own thing.

>> No.3856453

>the "I was hired to sit next to Mike to make Mike look good" face

>> No.3856462

many owners have no involvement in managing

>> No.3856490

If he would just dress like that and cut his hair like that for the videos people would be a lot nicer to him. Most of the comments are about his looks, which honestly is pretty mean and petty.

>> No.3856571
File: 309 KB, 860x642, i don't pity him enough to actually link the video though.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw following youtubers you don't like out of pity because they;re getting no views

>> No.3856604
File: 24 KB, 600x600, 2de.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw following youtubers you like because they make good content but they stop making videos immediately after you follow

>> No.3856614


RIP JackTech

>> No.3856670

That feel when you find a YouTuber who makes interesting content but it seems that they almost never upload.

That feel when there was a YouTuber who you watched on occasion and now it has literally been years since they last updloaded...
Are they OK?

>> No.3856824


>> No.3856926

Fuckin lost it first time I saw that. Honestly, selling all the shit in the cabinet he was never going to play and investing it all in the Turbo was a good move.

>> No.3856934
File: 116 KB, 982x555, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah that faggot mike probably doesnt even check his priveledge either.

>> No.3856935

I believe they removed all his stuff from the website and channel a while back so probably not.

>> No.3856940

Yeah. Some people bitch, but after seeing him sell his collection like 3 times it's nice to see him putting that money into the console he actually enjoys

I also enjoy the fact that he's selling to hipsters who pay $50 a cart for N64 games

>> No.3856951

Spencer's a total fag. I can separate my disdain for the far left enough to like their unrelated content.

>> No.3856956

>mfw both mongoloid James, and sperg Mike are smart enough to keep their business separate from politics.

Bootsy is dumb, hope he fails in life even more than he already has.

>> No.3856959

His Switch rants were gold. All those kids coming out of the woodwork to defend the console was pathetic and hilarious.

"I made Nintendo!"

>> No.3856993

Oh shit he has a switch rant? Looks like I have something to catch up on. He uploads on such a strange schedule

>> No.3857010

Ryan. That's not cool.

>> No.3857042
File: 2.75 MB, 245x263, 1473347903049.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He's dead, Jim

>> No.3857062

And like clockwork the entire comments section of that video is about his "monstrous horsecock" to distract people from his inability to do something as simple as a running jump.

>> No.3857067
File: 531 KB, 1024x1828, Mike Matei Cock.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.3857086

Now that Mike's done with PAX we are seeing a lot more Mike defense force posting.

Really makes you think.

>> No.3857093
File: 279 B, 100x50, Mike's micro.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You misnamed your file, bro, that's not really Mike's. Here, I got you covered, I'll post the real one.

>> No.3857238

You beat me to it. Say hi to Mike, guys.. he's back!

>> No.3857256

what if James' kid is actually Mike's? wouldn't put it past him to shove his massive dick in that whale of a woman and cuck James

>> No.3857259

Not a single doubt in my mind, Mike is the one who just posted this

>> No.3857269
File: 34 KB, 550x713, DjqTxrZ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol mike is off of his meds right now

>> No.3857324


Book Kickstarter BTFO

>> No.3857334

Why does this guy insist on shilling his art? It sucks so bad. His mascot is a fucking circle...

>> No.3857350

he clearly does it to cover up his freak outs.

>> No.3857354

that was hilarious.

>> No.3857387

Jesus fuck... now Ryan is in here shitposting? You and Mike are dick cancer. Get the hint.

>> No.3857412
File: 1.01 MB, 400x225, lol.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>That passive aggressive thank you because no one wanted to fund some stupid shit that no one wants


>> No.3857417


I'm amused by the thought of 4chan memes coming true and in five years watching Meth-Ghoul Mike and Balding WalMart Employee James playing Super Mario World together.

Granted, I harbor no ill-will toward either of them and wish them the best, I just find the mental image of those shoops coming to life to be humorous.

>> No.3857420

So no one on /vr/ is allowed to have a positive opinion about anything on Cinemassacre unless it's about Bootsy or James? Mike posting is annoying, but anti-Mike posting is getting to be just as obnoxious. You don't have to like someone inside and out to admit they said one funny thing one time.

>> No.3857459

My experience with PG is the dude who often runs the counter at the Chinatown location is chill as fuck even when he has to put up with the autists, and that their prices are actually pretty good.

>> No.3857463

You said one funny thing one time like 6 months ago and all you keep doing is coming on here and reminding people that you made fun of Chris O'Donnell. Congratulations on your one and only joke about a guy no one has given a fuck about in 20 years. You should try standup, dude!

>> No.3857487

>The dislikes

>> No.3857676

Is pannenkoek2012 considered an e-celeb?

>> No.3857684
File: 110 KB, 1280x720, the spoony one.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3857693

his autism makes him cranky. pls consider donating to my patreon.

>> No.3857703

Nah. He's considered a God.

>> No.3857737

It's true BITW is the Far Cry 2 of a new generation except its fun
WOFF talk: they appreciate CRPGS, and so do I and I appreciate them appreciating them, don't care about the cuck talk

>> No.3858125

Best reviewers on youtube

Spida1a Turbo Views the authority on turbo grafx gives fair reviews and his corny humor is pretty funny. Does pinball videos too
N64 Glenn Plant The authority on n64 I had actually lost a lot of passion for the system until I started watching his videos again good news is he is active again.
Chrontendo - best shit to fall asleep to
Generation 16 - series on the genesis done by an actual game journalist who used to work in the industry lots of awesome tidbits of info.
Nostalgia Nerd - If you like videos on old computers this guy is way better than LGR
Pixelmusement - Ancient Dos games he is kind of autistic but does awesome reviews and really understands game design he also understands that he is pickier than a lot of other people because of that so still recommends games he doesnt really care for himself.
Strafefox was awesome when he still made videos I wonder what happened to that channel.

There is lots of other good channels out there too of course I just think those guys are the best at what they do and definitely deserve more subs. Especially turboviews that guy is criminally under rated Ive been following him since 2010 and he only has like 12k subs.

>> No.3858134

spencer is totally a federal agent. It's obvious he just appears when they need their alt-right boogeyman then fucks off again.

>> No.3858141

>okay. i'll watch ONE.
>Turbo Views #87
>sounds like he's showing little kids how to paint on pbs.
this man has as many subscribers as he deserves.

>> No.3858147
File: 13 KB, 787x68, turboviews.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3858153

>Chrontendo - best shit to fall asleep to

Oh yeah. Also, Generation 16 needs to fix his audio mixing. I don't know, the game volume is always too loud compared to the commentary and I can't fall asleep to it.

>> No.3858171

>tfw no one that does proper PS1 or Saturn shit these days

When will the 16 bit meme end

>> No.3858181

yeah when he does a transition the music always blows yours ears off. haha

fuck off most of that cheesy crap is him reading right from the games manual.

>> No.3858190

then what's good

>> No.3858201

his expression and love for the console. guy knows his stuff. I don't know wtf kind of stuff you're expecting. When he talks about the graphics sound and controls the reviews are fine. When he does the story part he reads it right from the manuals which is kind of nice for those of us who dont have them.

>> No.3858205

oh, i got ya. i go for more of the entertainment side than the informative side.

>> No.3858209

Does anyone actually think that Mike's lazy prerecorded "walkthrough" is gonna be better than Bootsy's comfy and informative mastery of Punch Out? Can't wait for it. Did he give a release date? That's fucked up, btw..... Mike is a sneaky shithead. -Team Bootsy-

>> No.3858215

>Chrontendo - best shit to fall asleep to
>Generation 16 - series on the genesis done by an actual game journalist who used to work in the industry lots of awesome tidbits of info.

I sub to both of these, but never watch them.

>> No.3858216

i doubt bootsy'll have a regular upload schedule, since youtube's definitely not his job.

>> No.3858217

hmmm entertainment I dont really know I like CGR but I fucking hate his patreon bullshit. I know people whine about him not being informative but its just fun seeing how he likes a game. Fuck that patreon bullshit though, how did he go from having a bunch of employees even if they were fags like derek to barely scraping by and having to do annoying patreon shoutouts.

>> No.3858220

Bootsy, Mike & James are all equally big faggots that suck at every video game. Why anyone watches these obnoxious egomaniac attentionwhore losers suck at games every week is beyond me.

>> No.3858221

Bootsy is the big brother who wants you to do your best and is there to help you.

Mike is the little shitty brother who brags and never helps with anything.

>> No.3858238

This. Mike's "playthrough" is just him showing off. And the best part is that he was caught playing over edited game footage, so it's not even legit lol. Say what you want about Bootsy, but at least the purpose of his videos is to help you beat the game. Mike tries so hard, but he just doesn't get it. I'm happy that /vr/ considers him a joke again

>> No.3858243

I liked mike when he was doing his cool game glitch videos and regular reviews like his game gear video and top 10s. He wouldn't be that bad if he could just keep his fucking ego in check.

>> No.3858246

it's funny how his dick sucking fans consider him a really skilled gamer when he's barely average and outright fucking sucks at so many games and is absolutely useless at anything beyond 16-bit era games

>> No.3858251

>that suck at every video game

I mean, you're entitled to hate the guy but this statement is objectively false in Bootsy's case.

>> No.3858253

That's Mike's dirty little secret..... that he's just not that good at games. He'll go to great lengths to conceal it and he'll kill anyone who's willing to reveal it. Imagine pushing 40 and being that desperate to be respected in the retro gaming community? His fans are the gayest out there

>> No.3858261

He could just ignore the shitpost comments he gets for not playing some game seriously when the point of the video is to just to play a game with someone like Ryan or James and just have some fun bants while at it. But he can't ignore any criticism because he's Mike "Petty" Matei.

>> No.3858284

He's so insecure. He'll lie cheat and steal just to look good. I don't know how anyone can defend that little child. I wish he'd just disappear

>> No.3858287

I've been rewatching his Ultima reviews. I miss the guy. And no, I don't watch his streams or subscribe to his patreon, so he's basically dead to someone like me since he generally ignores his main website now.

>> No.3858294

I just wish James would one day tell him to fuck off and do his own thing. He's been the cancer in Cinemassacre's colon for too long.

>> No.3858346

Pretty sure he's talking about the opening prologue of the movie showing how John C. Reilly's character got onto the island during world War 2.

>> No.3858353

James doesn't have a spine and that's why Mike has been able to get away with all of this shit. All we can do is expose Mike for the hack that he is

>> No.3858361

This is actually the first time I've seen this side of him. Such a shame. Never watched any of his gaming content. Just used to fall asleep to his /tg/ stories.

>> No.3858638

Mike caught shitposting on /v/ tonight

>> No.3858758


>> No.3858794

not really. just dummies calling anyone in favor of him Mike

>> No.3858942

Pot, meet kettle.

>> No.3858950

Who are /ourguys/?

>> No.3859084
File: 310 KB, 955x535, artificial difficulty.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder Mike couldn't figure out you just had to jump across and had to have Ryan do it for him. Same with many parts in their Belmont's Revenge video, the ropes stumped him. Out of this World really knocked him down a few pegs when he couldn't beat the first couple screens and started getting legit pissed. Mike's a phony.

>> No.3859148

To which side are you referring?

>> No.3859383
File: 320 KB, 900x628, betusbeefretsuplay.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What went wrong?

>> No.3859384

I really do want to know what kind of a world people who scream "sjw cuck" want to live in.

I'm sure that they're not all Alt-Right Goosestepping CosPlayers, but I can't necessarily assume that they're suburbanites/rural kiddies who've never been outside of their community in their entire lives. All I'm saying is that a return to the 1930s-1950s would be a pretty horrible for everyone, because I don't think most of the people here on 4chan could really survive in a world where they actually HAVE to make something of themselves or be bums on a street corner.

>> No.3859404

Most of us here have jobs and families, dude. You're projecting way too much. Do you honestly not understand how little meaning and effort goes into calling someone a name on the internet? That it gets a rise out of thin-skinned snowflakes is what perpetuates it more. Welcome to the internet.

>> No.3859412

There comes a point when it's said enough times to be completely believed. Especially since 4chan has been used as shock troopers in the past for political motivations anyway.

>> No.3859414

It's fame 101.
Once you rise from obscurity to even the lowest levels of recognition, write a book. Doesn't matter if it's good, or worth reading, but you'll be a published author. Helps open doors and get your name out there.

>> No.3859424

Politics. Bootsy is a huge lib, Mike has a juvenile sense of humor and is totally politically incorrect, James is hiding his power level from his lib wife but is definitely redpilled. It will all boil over soon, I imagine it already has behind the scenes. The world is on fire with this political hatred.

>> No.3859521

So Mike is an annoying child, James is a doormat who's whipped by his wife..... but Bootsy sucks because he called a neo nazi a pussy on twitter like 2 months ago? Nahhh, brother. Bootsy's still the man

>> No.3859612
File: 237 KB, 1920x1080, dave.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why Dave is so cute?

>> No.3859617

>dude liking your own race is bad, ill punch you to change your mind

>> No.3859627


For whatever reason they apparently got cold feet in terms of blasting let's plays, or maybe the just got tired of it (I vaguely recall an explanation along the lines of the LP climate changing since the old days of UNREGISTERED HYPERCAM 2 etc). They haven't done a traditional RP since they did that race to whatever video number milestone they were going for, right?

I still like listening to stuff they do, but now they primarily mock crowdfunding crap. I generally prefer diabetus's calm manner and quick wit over slowbeef's rage.

>> No.3859854

If you ever leave your bedroom, then I hope you get punched in the face too you scared little bitch

>> No.3859868

Bootsy is great except for the sjw liberal manlet part. And the part where he brags about beating 2-3 games he practiced for years

>> No.3859873

:( mfw bootsy is 5'4"

>> No.3859883

Holy shit. Thank you.

>> No.3859896

>tfw you share a board with nigger chimp-brained fools


>> No.3859912
File: 269 KB, 976x642, 1454706236757.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>All I'm saying is that a return to the 1930s-1950s would be a pretty horrible for everyone

Well that's simply incorrect.

>> No.3859919

>brags about beating 2-3 games
You mean all those times when he faked walkthroughs and live streams by playing over recorded footage just to try and seem better than he is to excite his 12 year old fan base?

>> No.3859949
File: 32 KB, 375x500, 0f0f51695fc03a3fe877dcb350c1f60c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That you, Captain Cunt? More rants in the truck, please.

>> No.3859968

I don't know where this "Bootsy is a gaming legend" meme comes from. All I've seen him beat is that shitty Genesis BttF game, Silver Surfer, and Battletoads. Is there anything else? Because that's not a huge resume.

>> No.3859979

No, just a new fan.

>> No.3859987

To his defense, he beat back to the future 3 on his first try which says alot about his natural skill. And mike, james, or ryan haven't come close to beating any of the games you mentioned. I've never heard anyone call him a "gaming legend", only heard people say he's the best gamer of the group, which is clearly the truth

>> No.3859993

Didn't they say that he beat Jekyll and Hyde? Or am I imagining something.

>> No.3859995

I don't know if Bootsy did, but Mike did, but knowing him it was probably faked.

>> No.3860025

That's correct. Bootsy beat 3 difficult games. From what I can see Mike has beaten many more..

>> No.3860028

yeah you have with save state abuse, Mike

>> No.3860034
File: 2.79 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20170221-215444.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Metal Jesus rocks here. Going to review these 50 games that I have never played and never will. Give me $50,000. Oh and here's some cute fat chicks

>> No.3860124

Bithead is cool, if a bit crazy sometimes. The rants he has the beginning of videos are great, don't skip them

>> No.3860139

Bootsy has a life outside of beating video games. Mike doesn't. It obviously kills Mike that Bootsy is better than him, because that's all Mike has going. That's why he's willing to cheat during these walkthroughs, because it's the only thing that matters to him and he can't let us see him fail

>> No.3860147

Have you ever seen a picture of bootsy with a girlfriend or even outside having a life? no? ut theres hundreds of ones with mike and his girl travelling the united states.

get fucked bootsy

>> No.3860154

tell us more about your dick Mike

>> No.3860159

Don't you mean one of his friends going to review those 50 games, while he just nods and goes "yeah".

>> No.3860169

It's large
and in charge
and down to get the friction on

>> No.3860178

Why does MGR feel like such a lazy channel

I get the feeling he's just in it to manipulate the market

>> No.3860217


Hey guys, Mike here with this metal hobbit who does funny poses and talks funny so I'm gonna pretend I'm sort of funny and radical like him and move my arms around like a rapped, too.
Also, I'm going to tell my elementary school story when I lied about my mom working at Nintendo of Japan and getting an American copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 before anyone else and teasing my schoolmates about it, then play the game all alone by myself at home, I mean, I pretended to play a game that wasn't even out in America yet.

>> No.3860221
File: 17 KB, 207x253, 14c[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I lied about my mom working at Nintendo of Japan and getting an American copy of Super Mario Bros. 3


>> No.3860226

never watched any of the episodes featuring that embarrassing metal manlet and never will

>> No.3860238

"Hey guys, have you ever seen my girlfriend? Did I ever tell you I have a girlfriend?? I'm not gay, I swear to god, because I have a girlfriend and that makes me straight, even though everything I see reminds me of dicks and my gf kinda looks like a bro. Don't pay attention to my lisp or hand movements or how I gaze into James's eyes. Girlfriend. Not gay. I have a girlfriend. I swear I'm not gay." - Mike, totally str8

>> No.3860241

Mike Matei - lying to impress since 1988

>> No.3860297
File: 24 KB, 536x206, C65NV17XAAAHros.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

-bootsy 2017

>> No.3860301

>If you don't upload pictures of your personal life to the internet, it means you don't have one.

Gen Z kids, I swear.

>> No.3860304

it does actually. every woman on earth uploads pictures of themselves with their boyfriend on facebook.

ecelebs stalkers would have found the pics by now.

>> No.3860307

Hi, Gen Z kid.

>> No.3860313
File: 264 KB, 642x435, kek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know how I know you're a kid?
Because every kid tries to call other people "kid" to make themselves feel older.

You're an imbecile without the ability to argue properly.

>> No.3860317

Don't take it personal, kid.

No but seriously, no, not everyone uploads their personal pictures online. A lot of people do, yes, but no everyone.

>> No.3860321

cash me outside nigga
ill toss a fish up in dat ass

>> No.3860325

Not even most redneck women want to go back to being Mrs. Cleaver levels of subservient; especially since we now typify female subservience as something only Muslims do.

>> No.3860328

Who gives a shit what bitches think.

>> No.3860331

I don't think Mulsims allow women to be famous artists like Marilyn Monroe.

>> No.3860334

But modern liberals want the world to be run by muslims.

>> No.3860337

Marilyn Monroe was famous because she was as whore who fucked politicians.

>> No.3860339

and they would be right

>> No.3860340


>> No.3860341

The mere fact that you'd have to be actually be Christian would break too many people nowadays to go back to "the good ol' days".

>> No.3860348


>> No.3860352

In other words; she not actually famous. Fame comes from actual talent. She was just a hooker.

>> No.3860360

>But modern liberals want the world to be run by muslims.
You're a kid.

>> No.3860363

That still contradicts what >>3860325 said about women only being able to be servants.
Hookers always have existed, but not all of them were famous, in fact most aren't.

>> No.3860412

>t. liberal who is fed all his info by CNN

>> No.3860475

You're a cuck. Why is Sweden so obsessed with shit skins?

>> No.3860480
File: 100 KB, 392x392, toplel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, I'm a squid.

>> No.3860691

He is not so smart though.
One time my friend and I met him and showed his Pacman Feaver for Gamecube and said "you should review this hidden gem" as a meme, and he said "yeah, ill have to get to that sometime, looks really cool". Just look at that game...

>> No.3860694

>Out of this World really knocked him down a few pegs when he couldn't beat the first couple screens and started getting legit pissed.

I'm sure he'll record a stream for it to prove how smart he is.

>> No.3860696


I've never played that game, but common sense would indicate that there's a pretty good chance he was trying to be friendly and would've said that type of brush-off response about anything you showed him. I doubt most decent people would tell a complete stranger "Oh god no, that game looks like utter shit, why would you even suggest that."

>> No.3860713

True, but he looked pretty happy about the game.

>> No.3860723

Maybe she was a talented hooker, faggot.

>> No.3860727
File: 4 KB, 104x150, dave.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Ryan (the one who appears on Cinemassacre) looks about what I imagine the average /vr to be.


Heh, you can find some woman online mentioning how she used to lust after Dave in high school.

>> No.3860728

He was making basic social interaction with a stranger. How autistic are you?

>> No.3860738

Hey, I'm not that autistic. I don't think we were trying to sound genuine. I guess I like to believe that he was at least smart enough to sense sarcasm.

>> No.3860772

I saw him do that after some mike and bootsy episodes, like he would suck in the episode and then do a live stream beating the game the same day the ep would come out. I just thought it was tacky at first but I see how crazy he is now, with the playing over recorded video and shit

>> No.3860805

Slowbeef streams games on Twitch alongside his kids, I don't know what happened to Diabetus.

>> No.3860895

because it is a lazy channel, he doesn't put in any work in his videos or have any knowledge about video games. He just have people to do it for him and when ever someone tells him he doesn't know shit, just brings up about how he worked for Sierra.

>> No.3861051

>Heh, you can find some woman online mentioning how she used to lust after Dave in high school.

Post sorce!

So far, James and Dave from GS are the only ones to get fangirls.

>> No.3861058

so why does everyone hate jontron now
like they finally realized he says unpopular shit?

videos suck now anyways, mate

>> No.3861061

with all those nazi gamer youtubers like jontron you'd think moonman let's plays would be more popular

>> No.3861214

the majority of his fanbase are animu cucks into fat feminist chicks. jon came out as a white nationalist. and he did a bad job debating a moron so now a lot of the otherside is disappointed too because he's a dummy.

>> No.3861298

Good to see you clint.

Stop compressing the shit out of your audio.

>> No.3861306
File: 1.27 MB, 250x210, ezgif-3-0b29050d28.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3861312

I started watching a lets play'er (this was before you could monotize gameplay vids) right before he went back to college (which was surprising, since he looked like he was 50, but he just had premature balding) and thats the last he's uploaded.

RIP HeavensFrogman

>> No.3861335

That feget jordan that does the gaymechasers extra videos (jays channel) doesnt know shit about audio mixing either. That seems to be a common thing with tubers. They cant handle audio levels if its not all from the same source or they think compression will fix everything.

>> No.3861337

Kek, same was with me watching BigMacDavis.

>> No.3861340

> barely average

Odd way to spell "below average"

>> No.3861345

He doesnt do livestreams anymore. Dark Souls 2 killed him.

All he does now is bitch on twitter about trump and being sick.

>> No.3861347

This message is reply for this >>3861312

>> No.3861349

James is just an autist whose longest friend is mike. Its hard for him to figure things out but mikey boy helps him out.
Someone would have to track down where james lives and break into his house to even reach him to attempt to talk to him. He'd probably not understand half od what you were saying, just muttering "wheres mikey?"

Anyone else think the mike dick pic is actually Claire's dick?

>> No.3861364

Fuck off mister "i worked at sierra" on one and only one game... as a musician/actor in the fmv parts.

>> No.3861373
File: 83 KB, 1056x720, maxresdefault-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

MJR's sierra portfolio


>> No.3861389

This is how autists believe real people act.

Real people, especially people with a public image to maintain, will smile and nod through social interactions so they wont offend the person coming up to them.

>> No.3861432

Jontron got a ton of shit for posting his political opinions. Why can't youtubers keep their nose out of political issues? I dont blame James for canning Bootsy. James isnt a political guy and Bootsy shouldn't have been using the "bad luck bootsy" twitter to get political

>> No.3861440

Watched the video. He didnt say she worked at Nintendo of America

>> No.3861538


>> No.3861540

that's not what he was hired for. you know that, yeah?

>> No.3861670

The Jordan dude sent his dick pic to Alyssa White some retarded chick.

>> No.3861702

This tranny? /unchartedgirl88

>> No.3861736

I was watching a James and mike mondays playlist and let it play as I was doing stuff around the house. I realized in the other room how gay Mike's voice is when you just hear it and you aren't looking at him. Now, I can't look at him the same way lol. I don't know why it took my so long to realize he's gay

>> No.3861806
File: 113 KB, 489x451, bette.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because celebrities are the most narcissistic class of people who think they can never be wrong because they are surrounded by throngs of yes-men constantly telling them how great they are. This has really been brought to light this last year when every celebrity has to weigh in on politics like they have any influence over it, because in their deluded minds they think they do.

>> No.3861816

>Because celebrities are the most narcissistic class of people who think they can never be wrong because they are surrounded by throngs of yes-men constantly telling them how great they are
You just described the president of the united states

>> No.3861824

Jordan sent a dic pic?

>> No.3861826

>Anyone else think the mike dick pic is actually Claire's dick?
Think? I know for a fact that it is

>> No.3861828

The worst thing you can do if you're on youtube and make comedic videos is start posting political nonsense. Jontron and Bootsy both should have kept it to themselves

>> No.3861829

It's nice to know that you are the authority on dick pics..

>> No.3861832

Bootsy's guides are highly edited. Who's to say how much save stating he does

>> No.3861845

he beat battletoads and silver surfer on james and mike mondays though w no save states. has mike addressed getting caught yet?

>> No.3861861

I'm pretty sure Mike beat Dr. Jekyll & Mr Hyde, Ninja Gaiden 3, TMNT, Ghosts N Goblins on live stream.
Neither Bootsy or Mike ever used Save States.

>> No.3861862

And? His statement is still 100% correct.

>> No.3861874

That is correct. James, Mike and Bootsy dont use save states.
Some people are trying to discredit Mike saying he used save states because they are pissed most of the content on the channel are Mike videos.
The reality is that James has kids now and can't put out as much videos as he used to.

>> No.3861883

at least he has a business empire to show for it what does that faggot Leonardo dicaprio have to show when he whines about global warming flying around in his private jet

>> No.3861885

His actual orientation is pedophile but due to the criminality he doesn't do that except to drawn stuff.

>> No.3861893

What is your problem with DeCaprio

>> No.3861897

why don't you have a problem with him? he's a preachy lying faggot who does none of the things he tells others to do

>> No.3861906

He came to my province experienced a Chinook in the middle of winter and thought the world was going to end because he is too stupid to understand local weather. Also hes not man enough to play hugh glass, fuck that guy

>> No.3861912

Wait like what? I'm interested

>> No.3861913

That's why he got good at art.

>> No.3861915

>white nationalist
Not technically.
He's half Iranian/Half Hungarian; specifically an Iranian and a Hungarian from decent middle class families who came to America of their own accord. He's literally is breed to believe in the existence of a "superior race". To be honest, he's the closest thing to what you could call bourgeois as far as he sees the world.

>> No.3861916

Mike was caught, you moron. He can only beat some of his "playthroughs" by using save states/game genie. Get your head out of your ass

>> No.3861918

>don't use save states
But they play everything on emulation; always have.

>> No.3861923

>All this shitting on Mike
I thought everyone loved Mike and proved that he was a big dicked bull who was fucking James' wife and James' first kid is actually Mike's?

>> No.3861930

I always figured that's just a bunch of underage retards comment spamming. Often the comments section doesn't reflect the audience at all. Embarrassing they would exist at all but there you go. Some even suspect Mike is the one who started that shit, but that's a little left-of-field for me.

>> No.3861940

Caught how?

>> No.3861943

All the rumors that fly around about James and Mike are absurd. It's trolls nd kids who have nothing better to do.
Does anyone actually believe James is a "cuck" because there was a black character that kissed the love interest in his movie? The scene is actually very innocent. The nerdy kid gets to kiss the girl. People have made so much out of absolutely nothing.

>> No.3861983

According to /pol/-/gif/ mentality, any interaction between blacks and whites is cucking. The word was starting to devolve into how we used to use "fag" as a suffix (newfag, Sonyfag, ect.) but then became a "serious" term during the election to describe anyone who doesn't cotton to /pol/ster sensibilities.

>> No.3861989

Never at any point did "everyone" love Mike. BROWN BRICKS IN MOINEY CRAFTA

>> No.3861995

Dude wtf

>> No.3862003

Back when people were still curious as to why the Grumps originally broke up and Mike and James Mondays was first starting, that was the joke that /v/ would play up in their e-celeb threads. Mike was this uber-masculine bull who was cucking James.

>> No.3862008

>Mike was this uber-masculine
That's one of the best jokes I've heard in my whole life.

>> No.3862012

Mike is the annoying tagalong.
Avgn is the star

>> No.3862017

You do know Trump got famous *because* he was a massive success in business right, and not just because of a TV show? When one of the primary problems in the country is a 22 trillion dollar debt I want the business man to solve it, not the politician who graduated with a sociology degree.

>> No.3862029

So this board goes by its own insane rules, not real world rules. My mistake then.

>> No.3862032


>> No.3862034

he's one of the best

>> No.3862037

Sociology degrees are worthless.

>> No.3862039

GnG is hardly an accomplishment since you get infinite lives. Give a monkey 200 hours and he could do it too.

>> No.3862043

The sounds of the button presses don't match up to what is happening on screen. It was documented in a couple threads ago but I didn't save the posts, someone else will have to hook you up with that. tl;dr though Mike's not really playing what is shown.

>> No.3862047

Thats the right tranny yes.

>> No.3862050

Nes controllers are 30+ years old. It's not surprising some buttons taps don't register. A common problem with old controllers.

>> No.3862106

Then he would've mentioned it, complained, and switched controllers. I can't believe people are making excuses for that asshole.

>> No.3862161

>Does anyone actually believe James is a "cuck" because there was a black character that kissed the love interest in his movie?

People call him that because his wife went on a tirade bitching about sausages and >muh diversity and James like a pussy caved into her demands. The black guy thing was just icing on the cake James baked for himself.

>> No.3862163

I think it's gonna be worse. Imagine the NES Guidebook while constantly bringing up the Vectrex and Truxton every other sentence.

>> No.3862251

Essentially. Cuckolding/NTR suddenly become a huge fetish on the site last year, got tied almost entirely to interracial porn, so that, if a black man is fucking a white woman, he's cuckolding the entirety of the white race and any white man who doesn't find a problem with it/masturbates to it is himself a cuck, at which point the word "cuck" started to spread as a general insult. Thanks to /pol/sters and /tv/ oddly enough, it started just becoming the key insult of right wingers on the site.

>> No.3862253

Trump became famous for essentially being the real life version of Gordon Geecko.

Also, the debt can't start to be solved until we lower defense spending, which will NEVER happen in our lifetime.

>> No.3862267

Well I not the guy you replied to but I am the one who originally made the statement but as I said here. >>3861906 he experience a Chinook which is a warm wind that causes very warm weather in the middle of winter while he was filming the revenant, being the all knowing global citizen good guy who perfectly understands our weather patterns freaked out because it was global warming and the world is ending so he had to fly around in his private jet lecturing all of us peasants on why we should have more respect for the environment. Also he's not man enough to play hugh glass, he should be hated for that reason alone.

I don't even understand why anyone looks up to celebrities they literally just say words off a script there is nothing really admirable about them.

>> No.3862272

This. it was about her cocasian sausage fest comment in her shitty blogpost on his site. Pretty sure that's how she spelled Caucasian too

>> No.3862273

>Also, the debt can't start to be solved until we lower defense spending
He's increasing it. Combined with tax cuts for the rich and rolling back regulations, the economy is gonna tank like it did in 2008. Unless your daddy is rich, then we're all fucked. (In b4 FAKE NEWS)

>> No.3862274

Which is, hilariously enough, EXACTLY what an American businessman would do.

>> No.3862298

what you socialist tards don't understand is cutting corporate taxes is actually going to increase revenue as you have more companies setting up shop and paying taxes to America instead of doing it overseas. You have the retro game store mentality of lets charge so effing much we only have to sell 1 to stay in business we all know how long those last. Bernie sanders is a greedy merchant who wanted you all to buy into the democraptic socialism meme. As a Canadian I can tell you that system sucks, our province sends all the money to the welfare queen frenchies in quebec so they can have 15 dollar daycare for single moms or whatever. Its a totally bullshit system only idiots think tax the rich works.

>> No.3862312

100 people paying 15 dollars is way more money than 20 people paying 50 dollars, and then having those other 80 people paying 15 dollars to china instead. Use your brain, I even simplified the numbers to make it easy for socialists to understand.

>> No.3862316

Not everyone who hates Trump loves Bernie. It's called "trickle down economics", dickhead, and it doesn't work. But morons like you can't tell your dick from the dirt, so we keep electing assholes who keep trying it. Take a community college course, eh?

>> No.3862317

I'm pretty /pol/ but also think the cuck meme is tired and unfunny. James is alright with me. Never seen the movie and don't really care if he sucks at games.

>> No.3862324

We don't live in the 1940's. People buy shit online from different countries because it's cheaper. But thanks for "simplifying" it for me, you braindead ass eater.

>> No.3862329


>> No.3862337

>I don't even understand why anyone looks up to celebrities they literally just say words off a script there is nothing really admirable about them.

Not to mention most are into drugs or completely lose their minds (Miley Cyrus for example). There are a small handful that contribute to charity and make the world a better place, but that's probably less than 1% of them and they barely get or ask for attention for it.

>> No.3862338

people buy shit online because America has no manufacturing and can't compete with china. Also this isn't about people its about corporate tax rate being 15% I just made it a single person cause I didn't want you to get confused kiddo.

FYI the 2008 crisis was because banks were giving out mortgages that they knew the people they gave them to could not repay. Then as soon as the economy slowed down a little and people didn't have as much work it all crashed because everyone defaulted on their loans. I am a banker I know what I am talking about here so maybe keep your stupid theories to yourself.

This isn't about trickling down money to the lower class this is about increasing revenue for the government. I don't give a shit if some rich guy keeps it all for himself I am just saying the government ends up with more money in the end. Besides I wouldn't want it to trickle down to a little bitch like you anyway :^)

>> No.3862357

You're yuppie scum, and you just explained that the lack of government regulation is what caused the 2008 collapse. No amount of money that you'll make as a banker can make up for having an incredibly small dick.

>> No.3862364

I just want to bash Mike because he's a fucking dickhead, I don't want to be reading all this /pol/itics shit in this thread. Fucking shit ass mods.

>> No.3862374

Bootsy posts political nonsense all the time

>> No.3862397

No one gives a shit about bootsy's politics and no one gives a shit about yours. Stop being an autistand tell me why mike is anasshole.

>> No.3862417

no they did it because they knew they would get a bailout. They were put in a situation they can't lose either the people pay their mortgages or the government pays out the banks. If there were less regulations they wouldn't have got shit and would have had to be honest for the interests of their own business. When you have the customers or the government paying you it doesn't really fuckin matter though income is income

>> No.3862424

I just want people to fuck off and realize they aren't entitled to a fucking dime of mine just because we were born or live in the same general area.

>> No.3862451

Nigga i don't care. You are just as bad as leo,ol or bootsy, or jon or whoever else by dragging that shit in here. It isn't even a matter or you being wrong, it's you not having the self control to take it to an appropriate thread. I ain't got fucking time to read about economics, i want to hear the sordid history of youtube autists.

>> No.3862473
File: 24 KB, 400x400, iEegQZys.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Excessive government regulation of the private sector is against the American ideal, just like how we're a nation of immigrants and should accept anyone and everyone, laws be damned. ;)

>> No.3862507
File: 133 KB, 1000x1550, taxes2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's tax cuts for everyone.

>> No.3862529

stop treadin on me then

>> No.3862532

That's exactly the point, no one gives a shit but he keeps posting it all over twitter and being obnoxious about it. Dude you're a fucking part time youtuber, people barely even know you exist as it is, let alone give a rat's ass about your views. Celebs are so full of themselves.

>> No.3862545

it's unfair to compare bootsy to jontron because bootsy tweeted one joke about trump. jon has been outspoken for months and he's not stopping. if you can't take a single joke then you're really no better than a sjw. grow some balls

>> No.3862546


>> No.3862557

>but he keeps posting it all over twitter and being obnoxious about it
nigga we can see his twitter! he isnt obnoxious about anything......... (you are)

>> No.3862560
File: 66 KB, 833x704, HEIL PDP.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nah jontron is totally right though why is okay for israel to be a jewish ethnostate but wrong for anywhere else to try the same thing. Good thing we have we have herr pewdiepie training a whole new generation of fascists to deal with the JQ. 14/88

>> No.3862581

Just scrolled through Bootsy Twitter to try and find a political tweet. Gave up looking when I reached January. Try starting a meme that can't be called out right away

>> No.3862594

kek, I forgot about that

>> No.3862605

I don't give a fuck about his politics as a conservative myself, but maybe you should read the fucking thread (>>3856934) before posting.

>> No.3862623

I can't even fathom the kind of human trash who feels compelled to leave a youtube comment like this expecting anyone on the internet to care about their message.

>> No.3862625

A lot of have been deleted too. At least we still have screencaps.

>> No.3862637

so lame

>> No.3862648

>I don't give a fuck about his politics
Kindaaaaa seems like you do tho.....

>> No.3862654

it was on gizmodo so its your typical omg im so nerdy xD bbt is so funny bazinga faggot.

>> No.3862656


I never really researched it and only heard this info via posts on here, but I guess I just assumed he was a programmer or designer or artist or something at Sierra and not a guy who made music for a game. That honestly sounds more like commission work than full employment, but maybe they just hired him on for the one project.

>> No.3862657

How is anon giving a fuck? One of the topics here is why Bootsy got thrown out and his tweets are one of the reasons.

>> No.3862660

I really don't, dude. Welcome to the west, where it takes less time to shitpost than the Xenogears save animation.

>> No.3862675

I don't buy for a second that his tweets were why he got canned. Mike literally tweeted a dick pic to a kid. My point is I don't care what anyone says about politics, once you start crying and acting offended it's fucking annoying to everyone in here

>> No.3862679

This thread is a great example of how easily triggered both sides of American politics are.

>> No.3862698

>Mike literally tweeted a dick pic to a kid.

Still need a source on that. I think the tweet is photoshopped just like the dick.

>> No.3862709

When I found out my boss voted for Hillary I wanted to quit my job. How could I work under someone with such bad judgement?

>> No.3862738

Bootsy thrown out for being too political, ala jontron

>> No.3862741

Bootsy is a diehard liberal Hillary Clinton fan

>> No.3862745


At this point I think people just want to hate SOMEONE on Cinemassacre. Once James "uncucked" himself by way of his viral "not seeing the new Ghostbusters" thing, it was only a matter of time before everyone started pouncing on Mike. Yeah, sure, people made fun of MINEYCRAFTA and the Elmo video, but if this thread is any indication, the mockery has elevated into true hatred.

>> No.3862752

That's the internet for you. They have to have some kind of target. When there is actually nothing interesting going on with ANY of them.

>> No.3862753

He's a dickhead, he deserves it. Don't act like he's innocently getting bullied. He's an egomaniac who is clearly trying to undercut James on his own site and he tries to silence the fans every chance he gets unless they fawn over him. Fuck him

>> No.3862756

I would like to see how he rationalizes her destroying evidence to get a child rapist off the hook.

>> No.3862758

this, I don't care how much you think le orange man is a bad guy that psycho fucking bitch is still 1000x worse.

>> No.3862760

>Wanting to lose your employment because you disagree with your boss' political choices

This is probably the most childish thing I've ever heard of.

>> No.3862761

I said I wanted to, not that I did. Guess you never you lost faith in someone you respected. She was so nice in person, but so angry and hateful online. Seeing that side of her was a real disappointment.

>> No.3862763

On his Twitter he posted images of himself proudly voting for Hillary, showing his voting button.
I'm so sure that is just what James wants his cohort to be doing with the "Bad Luck Bootsy" official screen name.
Anyone who is dumb enough not to keep their political opinions out of the public eye is not that bright. But then, Bootsy just can't resist. Being an SJW liberal

>> No.3862764

Sounds like a typical two faced liberal

>> No.3862765

>showing his voting button
I thought that shit was against the law.

>> No.3862769

>quitting a job over someone's opinion

>> No.3862770

I can say the same about Trump voters I know, who seemed really nice and respectful and suddenly took pretty hostile attitudes to other employees for their political views. It happens; always will.

I live in the South and am pretty Left Centralist, so just about everyone at my job is pretty Hard Right. You just learn to deal with those things. I loved one of my first bosses when I first started working, but she seriously believed that soldiers in the Middle East should have hunted down the children of Jihadist before fighting them to "teach them what happens when you mess with America". You learn to take the good and the bad and respect the people who have common enough sense to keep their really horrible/hot button views out of the workplace.

>> No.3862771

I've been following Bootsy on Twitter for over 2 years. That never happened. This meme is lazy and not even fun to go along with

>> No.3862778

Taking a picture inside the voters booth is. If he was given an "I Voted Hillary" button after he left the booth, that's legal.

So, people honestly think that James is a right winger who would fire people for voting liberal? Just because he refused to watch nuGhostbusters doesn't mean that he's a flag-flying Alt-Right supporter.

>> No.3862780

He posted it on election day Nov 8th

>> No.3862782

It's not that James fired him for his political stance. It's that he used the Bad Luck Bootsy name to post ANYTHING related to politics. Which gets people into hot water. Smart move in my opinion. Look at what happened to JonTron

>> No.3862785

Lets make a list of retro gamer sjw liberals

>> No.3862786
File: 262 KB, 1260x1472, xZ6MUZC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ya'll are retarded

>> No.3862787

It's a metaphor to show how this election has changed people.

>> No.3862789

If that's the case, that makes sense; BLB is basically a Cinemassacre character.

But, desu, even if they had a personal or even private twitter, people would still blast them for having their own opinions on things. JonTron could have been saying his shit on a private twitter and still would have gotten into hot water from all of his stream appearances and debates..

>> No.3862791

Why would taking a picture of the booth be illegal? It's not classified information being traded inside there.

>> No.3862795

It's never made too much sense, but it has something to do with voter fraud and violation of what suppose to be a private government activity.

>> No.3862796

There it is. More political crap from Bootsy on Twitter page which is supposed to be about a goof-ball character that plays board games.
That's what's wrong with social media, every asshole has to give their political opinions when they know damn well they should stay out of it.

>> No.3862801

Precisely. If he did it on his personal page, that would be one thing. But he is representing a Cinemassacre character on that Twitter. It's pretty fucked he threw politics into it.

>> No.3862802

Holy shit, you're a triggered fag.

Bootsy: "Go out and vote."
You: "EVERY ASSHOLE HAS TO GIVE THEIR POLITICAL OPINION!!! STAY OUT OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!! Also, my uncle touched me when I was little and I don't know how to direct my anger."

>> No.3862803

The Bad Luck Bootsy character page isn't the place for it.

>> No.3862804

It's comments like this that make me roll my eyes when I see people talk about how only "sjw cucks" get triggered.

Who the fuck cares if some internet nobody is posting is politics on his Twitter. Why do you give enough of a shit about this guy to even read is online diary?

>> No.3862806

>But he is representing a Cinemassacre character on that Twitter
Mike replied to a kid with a picture of his dick on his Cinemassacre twitter account. Bootsy said he voted.

>> No.3862808

damn right

>> No.3862809

Trump will give us the biggest tax cuts this country has seen ever!

>> No.3862810

I don't think it was a kid, but it was definitely a random dude. Is anyone old enough to remember when sending male strangers a picture of your dick was considered gay?

>> No.3862812

It was to RaQuib. He's 26 or 27 years old. But I totally agree SUPER gay.

>> No.3862814

>huge lib bootsy

>> No.3862815

I care because if I want to watch Cinnemasscre it's to get away from politics that are bombarding me from every angle 24/7 the last year and a half. Maybe I want to check his twitter to see his reaction to a game he just played, and then bam there it is, more agenda shoved in my face. Just fuck off with it already, the election was 4 months ago.

>> No.3862816

Publicly, too. It doesn't get gayer than that

>> No.3862817

Here, cry on my shoulder you fucking baby

>> No.3862819

It's obvious James isn't a political guy at all. I would imagine the last thing he would want Cinemassacre involved with was some kind of political e-drama.
People are sensitive over politics. And Bootsy clearly leans left as an sjw Hillary Clinton supporter.
If fans thought Cinemassacre supported either side, it could divide James audience.
I applaud them for being preemptive

>> No.3862820
File: 466 KB, 482x800, c2pnolW.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're getting alot better at shitposting, Mike. I have to give you some credit there

>> No.3862821

We all know James is a democrat. He doesn't have the balls to stand up to his hambeast wife when she could divorce him in a moment's notice and take his house and his kid.

>> No.3862824

Exactly. People are easily triggered over politics. Which is why Bootsy should have kept his political opinion OUT of Cinemassacre.
He didn't say anything in a video at least but his twitter is Bad Luck Bootsy.

>> No.3862825

>sjw Hillary Clinton supporter.
>If fans thought Cinemassacre supported either side
You obviously wouldn't be upset if he was pro Trump. Give it a fuckin rest with this shit, you hypocrite. This thread is cancer now

>> No.3862827

Or you could just watch their shows and not being a twitter watching Millennial cuck.

>> No.3862828

Do you think he should be posting his political opinions on a page made for a character?

>> No.3862829

I'd rather the guy be himself instead of a corporate shill that just posts links to his videos. Trying to silence someone you don't agree with? You guys are sounding a lot like the SJWs I hate

>> No.3862831

>An e-celeb containment thread
>Thinking it only became cancer when the /pol/sters started coming in

>> No.3862832

He could be himself on his personal twitter not the character that represents and effects James

>> No.3862834

this desu senpai

>> No.3862835

He has two twitters. How hard is it to keep personal stuff on the personal one and business on the business one? Why the fuck does a character have its own twitter account anyway?

>> No.3862837

I'm sure the character page has many more followers. So he can't resist trying to get out his shitty political opinions to as many people as possible. Because he thinks it will make a difference.

>> No.3862839

So you must've hated it when Trump was posting all that political shit on twitter years before he ever got involved in politics. I feel you homes

>> No.3862841

I wasn't a fan until he became a candidate.

>> No.3862842

You fags sound like those mothers who try to get violent TV shows removed from the air. Just don't watch it! No one is forcing you to follow the dude on twitter. Your crying in this thread is 100x more obnoxious than anything he's ever tweeted. That's why there are only like 3 people even posting anymore. Everyone jumped the fuck out because of you

>> No.3862843

Let him do what he wants. If he wants to get fired over it more power to him. I think it's more funny than anything that he thinks he has the power to persuade anyone to vote his way.

>> No.3862848
File: 136 KB, 1008x736, X15QsPl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can we move away from politics and back to how Mike Matei is the biggest bitch on the planet?

>> No.3862850

>I want to watch Cinnemasscre it's to get away from politics that are bombarding me from every angle 24/7
I want to come to /vr/ to get away from politics that are bombarding me from every angle 24/7..... but, here you are.

>> No.3862852

Entire thread politics

>> No.3862853

Blame Mike, there wouldn't be a politics discussion if he wasn't firing his lifelong friends over it.

And speaking of which, >>3862848 is pretty fucking hilarious he's grouped a posse of worshipers to do his dirty work for him.

>> No.3862856

What is the deal with Metal Jesus rocks and fat chicks? He's into whales?

>> No.3862858

>grouped a posse of worshipers
Do 2 shitposters count as a "posse"? Even if the 2 are Mike and Ryan?

>> No.3862914
File: 645 KB, 1920x1080, rrrnngh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>look at all this shit Ryan did for me since I am actually a tech illiterate dickhead

>> No.3862917

I suppose this is true
scary prospect

>> No.3862921

Why are people just bitching about him and not actively exposing him?

>> No.3862923

why are you still subbed to cinemassacre? that dude's bratty, gay voice alone was enough to drive me away

>> No.3862949

there's no real outlet. he shitposts on here, moderates the reddit comments and deletes any youtube conversation. it'll all catch up to him and it won't be pretty

>> No.3862952

I recently sold my old SNES and games. Got me 700 bucks for this crap. Turns out people are paying way too much money for retro games.

>> No.3862961

This is new news to you?

>> No.3862962

Snes games are worth a small fortune

>> No.3862965

I learned it the hard way. I sold a pack and threw a Hagane game in there.

>> No.3862981

>on a page made for a character?

kind of confused how you guys came to that conclusion in the first place

>> No.3862983

post yfw mike is too stupid to fucking realize doing this will just make ppl ask about boots more

>> No.3862985

jesus love fish and breads so hes just following his name sack with the biggest fish he can find

>> No.3862987

You sold hagane?

>> No.3862991


>> No.3863003

shit makes me think I should sell mine I have a ton of super famicom carts though i dunno if people would really want that

>> No.3863004

I still have my SNES with it's box (and the price tag, plus maybe receipt)
The few games I got to buy new are still complete

But I'll probably never get rid of any of it. It was a gift from my dad.

Probably gonna get rid of some random carts tho, like fucking Monopoly

>> No.3863014

Like trying to get rid of the Elmo and Mine Crap videos. Only makes people wanna see them more. He's not a smart guy. It's a shame he's an asshole on top of that

>> No.3863103

And yet I would face serious repercussions at my job (university administration) if my boss found out I was a Trump supporter. The tolerant left is no less childish.

>> No.3863113
File: 182 KB, 540x361, tumblr_okm5q2Q55Q1s3bgwko3_540.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've always been alright with mjr, his channel is useful if I wanna find out about games I haven't heard of. Plus he's tolerable enough. It feels sincere, no skits, no bullshit (most of the time anyway).
What do you mean he doesn't play the games he's talked about? How do you know?

>> No.3863116
File: 19 KB, 400x455, 17362061_1180203585410329_3330731339891808497_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3863278
File: 104 KB, 422x750, mike dick.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I went to the twitter account of the guy who Mike supposedly sent that dick pic to, he strongly hinted that it was a real picture. He wasn't a kid though, not sure where that part came from.

>> No.3863339

Exactly this is why Bootsy is gone. Supporting anyone publicly is dumb

>> No.3863340

I think I'm the only Republican where I work. Maybe one other guy, and I base that only on the fact he goes hunting. If people found out shit would most certainly hit the fan. Then again I live in one of the cities they were rioting in and burning cars, so go figure.

>> No.3863341

What's wrong with Monopoly

>> No.3863343

Fattest pig?

>> No.3863547

Wow, you're such a victim

>> No.3863569

Been in higher education for ten years and I code shift as well as any black guy when it comes to politics. Nod and agree. I'm a registered Democrat who voted Obama twice, too. Party lost me.

This is the passive aggressive, holier than thou attitude that's causing the current push back towards the left.

>> No.3863607

Liberals dont hunt

>> No.3863612

The worst liberals are the sjw type that think they are helping anyone by making political comments on social media.
How dense can you be to think that makes a difference

>> No.3863627

Making political comments on social media isn't limited to liberals you fuckface. You just feel threatened and lonely and you're victimizing yourself

>> No.3863628

I don't even get why idiots believe the lies from politicians most Canadians are idiots that's how a cuck like Justin trudeau gets elected just so many idiots who believed he was actually going to legalize weed.

>> No.3863642

Oh i know that. I dont think anyone should make political comments on social media regardless what aide they are on. Because what good does it do

>> No.3863643

Wasnt my intention to limit it to liberals

>> No.3863654
File: 33 KB, 960x407, my_mother_doesnt_like_that_Im_dating_a_black_guy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

boo hoo

>> No.3863683

That movie omg

>> No.3863717

Is someone making the new thread?

>> No.3863734

more political talk zzzzz

>> No.3864503
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Nothing, but I am OK with emulating it on Wii as it has no emotional value. I rented it as a kid (and Clue), but only bought the cart a few years ago.

>> No.3864835

Then you have a shitty boss. Unless you literally do something like "No niggers, spics, or kikes are allowed in here; Make America White Again!" or refused admission to people who didn't vote for Trump, you voting for Trump shouldn't actually effect your job and you have grounds to make a legal case out of it if your boss tried to pull a "You're fired for not voting my way!"

And that's coming from a bleeding heart liberal.

>> No.3864836

I think the real point is that the entirety of American politics is a bunch of childish assholes screaming about not getting their way.

>> No.3864837

Nope. Not unless there's some new drama that has nothing to do with politics.

And we already had a 2 week long thread about Pat and Ian.

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