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Name a more comfy video game location than Lon Lon Ranch.
PRO TIP: You _can.

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>going around the school buffet kicking other students in the head

Doesn't get comfier than this

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I wish I could get past the train level in that game...

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Yeah, it's a clear example of a casual filter.
It's not totally impossible though, you just need to git gud at dashing+jumping.

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>you'll never visit Zeal


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Clock Town

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Now what's comfy about the town which is doomed by the giant angry deathball overhead?

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Maybe the fact you can control time.
The whole town is in denial until the last few hours anyway.

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Balamb Garden obviously.

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If you decrease the game's difficulty it'll skip the train level, but you also don't get to fight any bosses or do the balloon bonus world.

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The hotel is full of comfy places

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as long as you avoid the lower parts of the castle I agree

that big ghost in the hallway will never not be scary.

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Animal Sanctuary in Terranigma

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Tristram from Diablo


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Spyro 2 home worlds are great.

This picture reminded me how much I love indoor pools.

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the save room in RE1
maximum comf needs a contrasting environment

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little bonus room in skullmonkeys

For extra comfyness listen the music with headphones

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More like Lo Li Ranch amirite?

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Click to see great comfy /VR/ video. Next video in line is terrible video shitting on retro graphics. Goddamn I hate people.

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Most areas in the first Grandia tbqh

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>not 600 ad


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Too bad it's all indoor areas during gameplay.

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Jolly Rogers Lagoon- Banjo Tooie

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It would be mostly forests, which you see lots of in the beginning of the game and the part Lavos first arrives to Earth full of reptites and shit.
F-forgot the name and too lazy to google please no bully. ;_;

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I loved idling here as a kid when I was taking a break. Loved the music and the little beach at the side.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5suHQ_fwYI this level is definitely comfy

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That stops being comfy after running stage 1-1 for the 57th time for your card farming.

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No shit, because Magus has infinite hit points and you'll quit the game became you didn't grind for 15 days before getting there. Worst game ever. There is no Zeal Kingdom as far as I'm concerned.

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what an extraordinarily comfy game

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I thought peak comfy was reached as soon as you restore Evergreen.

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>needing to grind in chrono trigger


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Zazen town is comfiness perfection.
Ancient japanese town, sunset lighting, river and bridges, that music..

Goemon 64 has plenty of comfy places.

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Always found Cosmo Canyon really comfy.


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>1 game away from diamond
>route 66 defending
>3 guys instapick dps
>Hanzo, Tracer and Junkrat
>we manage to hold first suprisingly well
>eventually get steamrolled but still manage to stop them before the final point
>same 3 instapick dps
>Zarya becomes pissed off and locks in genji
>keeps calling the team retarded
>pushes are going nowhere
>End up mainly spamming Hello, push the payload and ult status together with Mercy as we're waiting for our team to regroup
>Get full held
I fucking hate dps players
quad tank meta when?

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>French Toejam mentions that he eats the pussy

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Kattelox Town.


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there ain't anything safer

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there's nothing cozy about alcoholism or vagrancy, anon

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>Comfy music
>Comfy farm
>Best girl in series
I really can't except for maybe Corvo Bianco in Blood and Wine for Witcher 3.

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You're wrong OP. For me Lonlon is the comfiest, most nostalgic, most serene location of just about any videogame I can think of.

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>replying to CT-hating memelords

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It was like a glimpse into your future, wasn't it

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Can't get comfier than pic related 2bh

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Fuckin sweet anon

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Everywhere in Harvest Moon 64

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Cleyra was 2comfy4me until Brahne nuked the joint.

Lots of hot dancing rat girls to fuck, too.

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> upscaled into oblivion
Why would you want to play the game like this

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Look comfy af, what is it?

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Legend of Mana (PS1)

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this looks too much like SaGa Frontier 2

which is also immensely comfy

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I dunno. FF9 looks better on an emulator usually but whoever made that screenshot... they fucked up.

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FF9 is such a comfy game in general. So many locations. Daguerreo & Esto Gaza were my jam.

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Donkey Kongu...64

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Yup. And let's not forget Lindblum.

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That whole game, man.

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my favorite area in this game. no competition.
just ignore the goop monsters yknow

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FUCKIN hated when old games did this shit

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Lix in FFV
>Main chars home town
>everyone's super friendly to you
>the store prices are cheaper because of it
>you get some backstory on the main characters parents and fear of heights
>the town theme is unique and not heard anywhere else

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What about the spaceship? that TrickTrack music is awesome too, but only on psoVer.2, not Ep1&2 where it changes when you encounter an enemy.

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Shut up, I'm going there in about two hours of gameplay.

(And in Japanese this time)

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The observatory is max comfy. When Majora's Mask just came out I got really sick so had to stop playing for a week. Since the farthest I got into the game was being let in to the Observatory I started having realistic fever dreams of that area.

>suddenly wake up as a homeless kid
>the bombers only know the deku kid but I convinced them I controlled the deku kid and told them the password they gave to him
>be let in and run really fast through the sewer because it felt realistic and scary
>finally reach Observatory and the old guy said I could stay
>I setup a sleeping area and hear the Observatory music go on and on
>feel super comfy but something in my fever dream causes me to puke and wake up
>tfw can't ever replicate that dream ever again

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>be 9
>play FFVI(III) for the first time on SNES
>opening cutscene
>see Narshe in distance
>enter town
>the sounds
>the cutscenes
>it's all so comfy
>tfw I never got farther than leaving Narshe with Locke that playthrough and did not get any farther until I was 20
>tfw no other part of the game gives me a that nostalgia feeling

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Back to Nature fag here, really want to play this

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>(And in Japanese this time)

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Shit, that water is a generation ahead of its time.

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Hanging out down here, drinking free wine.

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Do you have ACDC Town from the first half of the series?

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Zoras Domain.

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The march across the snowfield, along with the music, is one of the best openings to anything ever.

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I've always found Hill Top Zone to be incredibly comfy

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Sonic 2's songs had some fucking great bass.

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Dark Room in Resident Evil 2

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the garage in lego racers

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The lighthouse at the top of Treasure Trove Cove.

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Not not retro

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Just finished playing through this one, pretty great stuff (first timer). Looking forward to MM.

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the house i built myself in Dwarf Fortress

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you're kidding yourself if you think a human being made those videos.

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Zora's Domain in OoT.

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Arlee is even comfier but I couldn't find a good picture of it.

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Daily reminder that the sequel was better.

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sure but this ain't bad by any means.

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Came here to say this. I used to go there and let the music go so I could take a nap to it.

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Fuck you, now I'm reminded that I cannot play this game until the definitive version is translated...

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>no Fisheman's Horizon


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Doesn't make the original any less good.
I hate that people think like that.

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This game has no right to be as fun as it was.

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You're confusing comfy with depressing, anon.

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i dont think i can bro-p. good use of reverse psyche there btw

seems chilly. bet it smells all fishy, too. not comfy

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Basically all of PM64 is comfy adventurousness distilled.

>> No.3867821

My favorite thing is how you can hear laughing and the ocarina if you wait long enough at the ending.

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The music though :(

Be happy, please, grandma...

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