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What is the best of the series?

Do you feel the power?

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>What is the best of the series?
River City Ransom Underground

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world cup soccer

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Target: Renegade

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>aka "We spent more time making new unique character sprites and animations when we could have just slapped palette swaps and the fans wouldn't care any less but thanks for investing 40 bucks for a game that we sell for 15 now!"

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So is that bad?

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Pic related, definitive dodgeball game.

Is it worth it compared to Double Dragon 4 ?

And I never played an ArcSys Kunio-Kun game, they look promising but are they actually good?

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Double Dragon?

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>And I never played an ArcSys Kunio-Kun game, they look promising but are they actually good?
I'm not too familiar with the newer 3DS ones, but the DS versions are not so great. I actually prefer the River City Dodge Ball All-Stars "fangame" made by Miracle Kidz over the official Super Dodge Ball Brawlers.

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Considering that Double Dragon 4 barely registers as a completed game, I'd say so.

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the 3ds games are all japanese, but playable if you pay attention, at least the first 3 are your standard RCR fare; go to X place, beat up dudes, power up by eating food (and leveling up wth the standard EXP), rinse and repeat.

the fourth game, Nekketsu mahou monogatari adds a world map, a quest system (that for obvious reasons its kinda hard to do shit) and the equipment and party systems.

Next is Downtown nekketsu jidaigeki, that one i havent played it up yet, but it looks harder than the other ones, it also adds the skill tree system and the unique sword attacks.

and lastly is Downtown nekketsu monogatari SP (RCR SP), which adds the 3 day and event system, the more fighting game-like control system, the super attacks and the FoDD pseudo-minigame.

for what they are, they are well made games and i had fun beating the shit out of everyone in the first 3 and RCR SP, at the end, i imagine the question you should ask is: 'did i like RCR?'.

if so, then yeah, go for it!, you can get tokyo rumble, the localized version of the 3rd game now on the eshop or pirated on cfw, so you can get a better grasp on the overall feel of all the games.

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Kunio-tachi no Banka.

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objectively wrong

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How is RCR Underground anyway? I'm surprised at how faithful some of the character designs are to their Downtown Nekketsu counterparts like Tex and Slick, who resemble how Godai and Yamada looked in promotional art. I would assume they would've gone lazy like that cancelled RCR2 game for GBA, which had Roxi and Cindy modeled after the wrong girlfriends.

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Its not a bad game, but still has some bugs, and the difficulty is not that well balanced.

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Looks like some nice doujin, I'll give it a try.

I'd like to believe that DD4 might still be enjoyable. Its versus mode looks like fun in a fucked up way.

I do love River City Ransom, and these game seem to be great, especially RCR SP. But I may follow your advice and go with Tokyo Rumble. It's disapointing that there is no physical pal version though.

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>Looks like some nice doujin, I'll give it a try.
Dodge Ball All-Stars is a doujin, but it's made by actual ex-Technos developers. I think there was some fallout between Miracle Kidz (who made River City Ransom EX on GBA and assisted on the development of Double Dragon Advance) and Million that led them to make unofficial Kunio games.

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I like the DS one more.

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