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I'm curious about this system. What kind of games did it have?

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Lots of good games. The SC-3000, the computer release of the console, has a great community in Australia and New Zealand.

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You don't say seaga, do you?

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We do. Everyone here does.

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Holy shit it's true

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Why don't you just download a set and try them out?
There's only a hundred games and most are so simple that you can grasp them in a few minutes.

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Colecovision and MSX ones mostly

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Games are mostly terrible. The system does have a very respectable Space Invaders port. Lode Runner doesn't suck (but is no better here than on an Apple II).

If you want to laugh, try playing Galaga or Star Force. They really show this system's true suck. And its "Championship sports" series is the worst series of sports games since RealSports on the Atari 2600.

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I enjoyed Girl's Garden and Ninja Princess. I heard The Castle is not so bad either.

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If you're hardcore Sega, it has the first Wonder Boy console port, and it was not completely terrible.

I can't play Ninja Princess after playing Sega Ninja on SMS (awesome), but yeah, forgot about Girl's Garden, which was really inventive and challenging. Yeah, I guess there were about half a dozen games for this system that didn't completely suck.

The Bomb Jack port wasn't totally retarded either, now that I think on it.

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The Castle
GP World
Monaco GP
Rock n' Bolt
Super Tank

Gulkave in particular is an excellent shooting game.

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Is this thing JP only? Cause I've NEVER fucking seen one in real life.

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It was never released in the U.S., but it did came out in Australia and parts of Europe. The Master System was their widely-released console.

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is this thing any good? What games are on it?

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Really nice port of Space Invaders and Black Onyx

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It's pronounced セガ

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coool saved

i really like the color scheme of black and white with a bit of blue and yellow. so functionalist

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You just listed the three of games for the system!

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it's pretty much the japanese colecovision

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It's a shame their so expensive, I would love to have one, but I don't want a Colecovision.

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Did Nintendo have anything similar in this generation?

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They had PONG / Breakout / Gun-game standalone machines, but their first interchangeable cartridge system was the Famicom.

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the famicom came out the same year, the famicom out of the box is actually a pretty weak system

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The only port of Sega Pitfall 2 (the best version)
Star Jacker
Monaco GP
Wonder Boy
Star Force

There's also a Sherlock Holmes game, but it was advertised as a Mark III game

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>There's also a Sherlock Holmes game, but it was advertised as a Mark III game
Not really. Portrait of Loretta was advertised as a Gold Cartridge, which was the Japanese equivalent of their Mega Cartridge series (ROM cartridges which exceeded the 1 Megabit size), but the box clearly mentions compatibility for "all Sega Machines".

Sega pretty much treated the Mark III as a refined version of the SG-1000.

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It got a release in New Zealand and some Chinese clones.

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A little known system called the Famicon, or Family Computer. It was released in the West as the Nintendo Entertainment System and was moderately successfull in North American markets.

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Same day even.

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That thing looks cool

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For some reason I thought SG-1000 was second generation, because as was said in the thread, it's basically a Japanese Colecovision, which is decidedly second generation. SMS and NES are third generation.

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I like how this looks too

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Makes me think of fast cars and the 80s

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That's because nobody really numbered console generations until last decade. When someone made a new machine, they simply marketed against what already existed.

Even now, the only people who care about console generations are fanboys and Wikipedians.

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oh my...

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It's interesting how systems looked like rotary telephones back then.

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Since this is the closest thing to a general Sega thread on here right now (I don't want to create a thread just for this) which internal Sega studio made the best games, or the greatest number of really good games? Particularly during the early days.

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I don't think anyone is going to be down to completely derail a thread about the SG-1000.

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Good point

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This logic is so fucking stupid. That's like saying the Dreamcast is 5th gen because it came out in the generation of N64 and PS1. I don't give a fuck what you retards say, the SG-1000 is second gen. The hardware is almost exactly a colecovision.

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Colecovision is 3rd gen. Its games are comparable to early Famicom games without mapper chips. Even its own advertising called it next gen over the Atari 2600 and Intellivision.

Therefore SG-1000 and MSX (near identical hardware) are 3rd gen.

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>Colecovision is 3rd gen

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I don't take gens classifications that seriously anymore but try calling the Wii a sixth gen console around Nintendo fans and see how they react.

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My 3DO phat is making a grinding noise when playing discs.

I stongly suspect this is caused by discs slipping on a rubber disc in the drive which has become dirty (dust, lint, small hairs). This small disc presses against the center of the CD-R so the drive spindle can apply torque and get up to speed.

I could clean this with rubbing alcohol but I've hear that spirits cause rubber to dry and crack.

I could clean this with goo gone or similar cleaners but they leave a residue that I don't want getting on my discs or evaporating into the console.

I could clean this with water but since I can't remove this part some water will drip into the other parts of the drive and cause rust.

What is the best way to clean rubber on retro systems and accessories?

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Famicom games without mapper chips are still leaps and bounds above the Colecovision, there's a reason SEGA updated their 'Colecovision' to compete with the Famicom. Super Mario Bros doesn't have any mapper-chips, for the record.

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>Colecovision is 3rd gen
yeah no
does your mom know you post such blatant bait on the internet?

advertising is obviously going to say whatever it needs to sell the damn thing

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Fug wrong thread, how do I delete my post?

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Check the box, scroll to the bottom of the page, hit 'delete' in the bottom right hand corner.

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If I read this chart correctly, Nintendo with the advent of the Wii stopped making traditional consoles and started a new line of normie devices.

The Wii came with a remote control for a joypad in order to appeal to the mindless drones who watch the tel-avivision for their daily programming.

The Wii u failed because it had features and design too much like a traditional console and also because the name made it seem like a system add-on which normies don't ever buy.

The Switch will be at least as succesful as the 3DS because Nintendo bought an ad for it at the stupourbowl. Many non-gamers are hyped up for 1-2-Switch.

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>normie devices
casual contraptions

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I suppose the bad reviews aren't going to make a dent in the sales of the switch... Nintendo gets to live another day. Maybe.

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Excellent article.
What is the name of this magazine?
I want to read more.

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It says "retro gamer" at the bottom.

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Apparently it sold out today.

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They shipped 2 million units. They're off to a good start, it looks like.

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I always wondered why companies such as Atari had more than one console per "generation". This clears up some things.

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Like why did Colecovision's and Intellivision's controllers have a number pad?

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So did the Atari 5200. Mattel did it first in 1980, then Atari and Coleco copied them. Then all three systems were destroyed by the crash of '83, with only the shit 2600 surviving.

Then the next group of consoles (7800, NES, Sega) all had a simple digital joystick/gamepad with two action buttons.

Because no one wanted to fuck with a 14 button controller and plastic overlays. Which Atari promptly forgot 10 years later with the Jaguar.

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Anyone knows if the video cable for the Sega SC 3000 is the same in Europe and Japan?
I bought an European one without cable, thinking it would use the same as the master system and megadrive :/


Or if you know any console using the same output and that is cheaper.

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Although Jaguar seems to have brought it back.

Also, too bad about the Panther never existing, hay? Wondering if Atari might still be around today if they hadn't bungled that.

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>Doesn't mention HERO

This magazine sucks.

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NES had four buttons. Only the Famicom had two for the second controller.

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They were still just two _action_ buttons, no?

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It has connection issues out of the box! Woot who else wants to see Nintendo die in their lifetimes?

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The Dreamcast came out some time after the Playstation and N64, meanwhile the SG-1000 and Famicon came out on the same day.

Do you consider the Wii a 6th gen console, since it's so close to the game cube? Should we consider the Neo Geo to be 5th gen?

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How many "action buttons" does the Colecovision have?

>> No.3837832

If you put a piece of plastic on them, a lot.

>> No.3837836

Really wish N64 hadn't messed up the bit-based classification. It would have been so much easier. Of course everything got fucked up later with PS2, because while DC was 128-bit, PS2 had two cores and that's fucked up.

I have to go take some pills for my autism now.

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hi im the guy who goes through the entire board posting one word replies to every thread every couple of hours

>> No.3837980

Ha! What's that?

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It's a bad system.

>> No.3838018

Wow I didn't know that

>> No.3838056

Interesting. How did it happen?

>> No.3838079

It's a lie, he clearly used more than one word in his post.

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Can't you read? It has video games about computers.

>> No.3838114

>Could it be that video game dreams of itself?

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Technically it would be eight buttons for Controller 1 (four directions, select, start, AB) and six buttons for Controller 2 (no select and start). I don't know how exact the microphone on Controller 2 works.

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Gulkave's one of the most underrated Compile shooters, so yeah, system's worth a shot just for this.

The Castle (Excellent) plays well on most platforms it reached, no doubt about that.

Generations labeling never struck me right to begin with.

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What is it even for? Have there been any games that utilize it? Like an 8-bit Seaman or something?

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Not that many. It was more often than not used for secret features than anything else. Off the top of my head, it can be used in Zelda I to kill Pol Voices (in the U.S. version you used arrows), while in Kid Icarus it can be used to convince certain merchants to lower their prices. I know in Takeshi's Challenge it is mandatory to clear one of the game's events.

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Fuck me that's cool

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>four directions
Most consoles did that. Exception would be the Intellivision with 16 directions or the Atari 5200 with analog.

>> No.3838645

Point is that the d-pad counts as four buttons in one. Kinda curious how 16-direction joysticks never took off though, not even in arcade games. The arcade version of Contra seems like it was made for a 16-way joystick in mind, but it only uses a regular 8-way joystick.

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>normie devices
I'd classify many consoles under that mark, like the 360 and PS4.

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Every modern console launch has issues with a small percentage of users, mine is working flawlessly, since anecdotal evidence appears to be king. All the reviewers who were having issues are likely to have a ludicrous amount of devices interfering with the controllers. Everyone knows bluetooth sucks, but it's the standard and Nintendo would get railed if they had used a proprietary protocol.

It's pretty much just an on/off switch, not so different from how a lot of DS games use the mic. Pretty clever for the time.

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The news reports I read said that a significant number of users couldn't connect to nintendo's online services. But yeah, I don't think it will deter normies from making this thing fly off the shelves.

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Honestly, I'd classify all consoles as normie devices. Just because some users get more use out of them, does not mean that by and large they are set-top boxes for games for people who are not particularly invested in gaming.

>> No.3840428

I mean the servers were obviously slammed on day one, for some more anecdotal evidence, I was able to log-in and connect immediately and the day-one update took less than 10 seconds. Downloading Zelda took awhile, but I anticipated that. It's a fun machine, I have high hopes for it, but I loved the Wii U, so it's hard to disappoint a nintenbabby like me.

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Honestly, I'd classify all consoles as normie devices. Just because some users get more use out of them does not mean that they are not, by and large, set-top boxes for games for people who are not particularly invested in gaming.

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So are you banking on all the extra words in this post to make up for a few hours of absence? Like "Shit I need to sleep but if I don't do this retarded shit that I do it'll bother me too much to sleep" so you compromised?

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No, that was just me parodying that guy's posting style here:

There's an already pretty lengthy thread that has long explained whatever OP was asking, he quotes OP and asks "what's this all about" and flees the scene. Then he repeats this procedure for about fifteen other threads within minutes. Just makes me wonder if maybe there is a purpose to his madness.

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I can't say I'm an impartial observer either. I'm nurturing something of a permanent grudge ever since Sega exited the hardware market. It would give me much mirth to see Nintendo fail. Just being honest.

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This is what I would say as well. D-pad and start/select count as buttons, but not "action" buttons.

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"__-bit era" type labeling worked better. Or at least it worked for a while. Although looking at PS2, PS3 and PS4 specs, you could make an argument that it still does.

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>Computer Video Game
Video Game Computer would make more sense. But I like it the way it is.

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You got me. Three to five words.

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Fair enough, I'm a huge DC fanboy myself, but I'm a nintenyearold through and through. I think they could weather several more Wii U level catastrophes before they needed to really re-think things. Frankly I think the Switch will be a financial success, particularly if all their handheld devs move over. Pretty fucking psyched for ATLUS to already be onboard with the new SMT. That alone makes it worth it to me. And it helps that the new Zelda is like, bizarrely fantastic. I'm frequently just like 'I can't believe Nintendo pulled this off'.

>> No.3840702

thought that said ninetyearold

i was about to say like dude

>> No.3840707

the way that console market is going they're going to have to go full mobile sooner or later

it's inevitable just a matter of time just a matter of when not if

>> No.3840720

wew, no I'm like 28 or something. Getting up there.
I mean the console market in general is shifting towards the 'mobile' style upgrades anyway. Nintendo's mobile offerings have been money in the bank, and they can still leverage the dedicated hand-held market, so I think they're in about as good a place as they can be right now. I mean the Switch is kind of a good example of them actually leveraging where they can still make money; phones, and handhelds. It's a cool machine, I'm excited to see what happens with it. This was totally a soft launch though.

Anyway, not fucking retro, sorry for shitting up the thread, but also thanks for a good conversation.

>> No.3840776

Excuse me guys for being completely ignorant, but is the Nintendo Switch a handheld??

>> No.3840807

Glancing over the literature, it would appear to me to be a handheld that you can plug into your tv. Is that more or less right?

>> No.3840893

Yes, it's basically a 720p ~6" tablet with removable controllers and a dock that lets you use it as a home console or a handheld. It let Nintendo combine their 2 game making divisions and leverage everything towards one primary machine. Though they are technically still making 3DS software and using that as a their ultra low-end machine for the time being.

>> No.3840906

Why does this make it seem like they are leaving the console business already right now? It's like a concession that handhelds/mobile are where the money is and that consoles are a losing battle. It's like having one foot in the grave.

>> No.3840927

Or both feet where their strengths are and where they can still make money. It would be stupid to just make a black box with X1/PS4 level power, since they couldn't compete with SONY and Microsoft in that arena, but they still dominate in handheld. This lets them basically go all handheld and still appease people that want to play at home, the way I see it anyway. The 3DS didn't sell like the pre-smartphone DS, but it's done very well for them regardless. The market of handheld gaming weebs and Nintendo fans is pretty substantial, and the 3DS has/had awesome 3rd party support. Keep in mind that making a tiny console like this is likely to do well in Japan, where the console space is basically already dead. Wait for a new Monster Hunter on it and it will make sense.

>> No.3840946

I read that people who want to play at home are annoyed by the small controllers, and general unfriendliness toward the at-home player. Developers of console-type games are also annoyed because now they have to tailor-make games specifically for the system.

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>I'd classify all consoles as normie devices
I presume arcades are for the truly elite initiates then? Console normies always forget about SEGA arcade triumphs, from Zaxxon to AM2's genius titles, when ragging on the company over Saturn and the like.

>> No.3840971

The Pro Controller is fucking awesome and it feels like a home console to me when I'm sitting on my couch and playing on my TV. Any devs that were on board with the 3DS will probably jump over at some point, and if other devs that abandoned Nintendo on the Wii U (for good reason) want in they can do what they want. It's an ARM platform, there will be a lot of 3rd party shit even if it's not from EA and friends. Every major dev has a mobile division now, so it's not like they're not familiar with similar architectures. No one buying this thing cares about western AAA games for the most part, I mean I'm not trying to play The Witcher on this thing, I have an Xbox for that (not that I would play the Witcher anyway). Right now it looks like it's going to be what the Vita should have been plus a TV-out, and as someone who likes Nintendo games and JRPGs, that sounds good to me.

>> No.3840982

Interesting. Thanks for that exhaustive information.

>> No.3841000

Of course, I'm afraid I'll get banned or muted if I keep it up; but to sum it up, I got mine at launch and I've been enjoying it. I'm not such a fanboy to never call out Nintendo for dumb moves, but I think this was honestly their best bet coming off the Wii U into the current market. That said, I will now shut up.

Back on topic, are SG-1000s actually hard to find in Japan? Or even Mark IIIs? The import eBay prices are absolutely ridiculous but I kind of want to have one.

>> No.3841474

I love the English pseudo-advertising on it, and moreso that the English is actually pretty good.

>> No.3841545 [DELETED] 

The probably actually hired a true Englishman.

>> No.3841548

They probably actually hired a true Englishman.

>> No.3841669

You mean grouse?

>> No.3841819

how much is one of these

>> No.3842027

About 200$/€ boxed on ebay

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>They shipped 2 million units. They're off to a good start, it looks like.

>> No.3844229

Oh no! A small percentage of units had issues at a major electronics launch!? UNHEARD OF

>> No.3844232

that's a big dead pixel

>> No.3844239

tons more people have issues that are not as bad as anything in that video

i read reviews saying things like "well, you're just a casual so you're not even bothered by one little dead pixel, right chump?"

>> No.3844245

also, nintendo's own response to the issues was literally "dead pixels are normal"

>> No.3844247

'Tons' = vocal minority. The Joy-Con connectivity issue is probably the worst thing, and even that's anecdotal, I haven't had any issues and my Switch is next to my router, The vast majority of users aren't posting about how their Switch works perfectly. This is just like any other launch. I mean look at the 360, it was an actual disaster and it didn't even matter.

>> No.3844248

That's literally everyone's response to dead pixels, few manufacturers will take back a product for less than like 5 dead pixels.

>> No.3844254

i've never heard of a company refusing to accept a return on something with a dead pixel. the japanese are fucking retarded about this sort of shit though

>> No.3844265

Yeah that just strikes me as completely fucked somehow.

>> No.3844269

Really? The only company I know of that will actually take back a product for ONE dead pixel is Apple. Most monitor manufacturers require 3-5 dead pixels before it's consider a 'defect' and not 'just a thing'.
I don't disagree, I just got a new monitor and it has one BRIGHT RED deal pixel but that's 'normal'.

>> No.3844275

Considering just how many Switches seem to have the problem, this is terrible PR for them. They should do something about it rather than put out dismissive-sounding statements. They're just hurting themselves.

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File: 94 KB, 400x561, GirlsGarden-SG-JP-Front.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Girl's Garden is CUTE!

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>> No.3846171

I'd also like to know more.

>> No.3846174

>girl has to collect flowers for the boy

That's kind of (((problematic)))

>> No.3847385

But look how happy he is... and how terrified the animals are.

>> No.3847389

Reck off ya gatlass wandah!

>> No.3847393

>doki doki penguin land

>> No.3847403

>or evaporating into the console.
Then dry it in a warm place first.

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>> No.3847417

I also thought that was funny.

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