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Are there any more versions of pic related? I've found two but they only cover PS1 adventure games and would love to see ones for other consoles and genres.

Bonus points for anything that has required level of Japanese on it as I'm starting to learn Japanese and want to know what games require what level of fluency.

Also any suggestions not on this chart for someone trying to learn moon runes?

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The other chart

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>I'm starting to learn Japanese

Everything is too hard for you. You learn Japanese by learning it, not by trying to play Japanese video games. Build yourself a good knowledge base from textbooks etc. and then tackle other content.

Even if you start with simple kana-only games, they're gonna be either too simplistic to be worth doing over a textbook or too advanced and thus annoying to read in kana-only, especially considering reading kana-only is not a skill you want to have.

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Yeh but presumably at some point everything won't be too hard for me.

The majority of guides recommend reading manga or some other form of written Japanese for practice so I see no difference in using video games as a substitute. Or am I completely wrong?

I'm not trying to learn Japanese from video games but it can't do any harm to play some Japanese games while I'm learning.

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Depends, Yoshi's Island for example is written like a kid's book so there's no Kanji in it. It helped me get used to sentence structure and how basic words are used

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In the initial stages of learning manga, games etc. are relevant as sources of usage examples of Japanese grammar. A good textbook is obviously gonna include those, in an ordered manner even.

After you finish something like Genki, I'd go for something text-based. Something based in mundane reality, without fantasy/scifi/technical lingo. Tokimeki Memorial perhaps, if a dating sim appeals to you.

The greatest effect of painfully slowly reading through something like Yotsuba or Pokemon at the very beginning of your studies is probably psychological for the reader, it gives you the feeling that you're accomoplishing something "real" instead of just "learning".

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Wouldn't core 2k with example sentences better for that? You even learn kanji with it.

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Don't play adventures as a starter, there's way too much text at once and new vocabulary will overwhelm you.
Play RPGs, they have less text and still require you to grasp what is going on.
Don't play kana only games, they are harder to read and won't help you with learning kanji.

A special recommendation is Emit. Intended to help Japanese learn English you can use it the other way around. The key feature is that you can switch back and forth between both languages to make sure you understood everything.

Beyond that just try games out. You'll see for yourself if they are above your level in which case you can come back to them later to see how much you've improved.
Console games are likely to feature simpler language than computer games.

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You learn any language by using it. A textbook is going to cover the basics but the only way to become used to real world applications is to encounter them.
Video games and comics are a good source since they give you visual context and allow you to advance at your own pace.

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No doubt, I'm just saying you should jump in head first from the first moment.

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I think testing the waters is a good middle ground.
Read your textbooks and learn your vocabulary but also regularly try how well you do with other material.
I had a thin manga I read once a week and each time I understood a bit more of it. It gave a sense of accomplishment or progress without taking too much time from the basic learning.

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>It gave a sense of accomplishment or progress without taking too much time from the basic learning.

Yeah, I noted this is probably the main gain from reading from the very start. I guess it can help you stay motivated, if you learning alone won't do that.

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And you get less of a shock once you start reading things that aren't textbooks.

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I've found this when trying to learn French. I started reading Tintin and Asterix comics.

There's more of a sense of connection to the language when reading something real instead of something in a text book.

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Games for children are good for learning words as well, when the writers spell difficult ones in furigana above. Though I'm not sure if /vr/ games do that, since platforms before PS2 were heavily strapped for output resolution.

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