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Which is the better Mario classic?

Super Mario World has the better flying powerup, better soundtrack, and Yoshi.
Super Mario Bros. 3 has such wonky difficulty spikes and the super leaf controlled like ass. Hammer Bros suit is still amazing.

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>better flying powerup
> better soundtrack

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Grade A shitpost

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I loved them both.
Both are masterpieces.

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Mario 3 is by far superior.

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The cape broke smw; it made the game far too easy.

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Yoshi's Island is better than both. More fun gameplay, more unique levels, way better graphics, better sound, more powerups, and the most menacing boss fight I've seen in a Mario game to this day.

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I prefer the 3 out of those 2, but fake mario 2 is my favorite mario overall.

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yoshi's island is borderline masochism. who wants to listen to a mongoloid infant scream other than virtue signaling white regular guys who love movies?

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Smw was too easy but at least it was fun.

YI was so boring I couldn't even finish it

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I agree on the soundtrack, but SMW's cape was incredibly floaty and awkward. The leaf in 3 was extremely tight and straightforward, which is much more conducive to Mario's gameplay.

As far as difficulty, SMW was a bit more linear in difficulty curve, but ultimately not challenging enough. 3 still overall had an even curve, just with some short lulls, which help keep you engaged after brutally tough moments.

Don't get me wrong, SMW is still incredible, but I would consider 3 the masterpiece of the series.

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I personally prefer Mario 3. Its difficulty wasn't mostly contained to an optional special world and although I like how Super Mario World connected everything I still prefer 3's map secrets and the warp system which gives you tons of ways to replay it

Both are god tier games

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SMB3 is the best. World is the pleb answer.

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Yoshi's Island is unmitigated trash. Every few years I start thinking "hey, maybe I should give Yoshi's Island another chance because there's no way it could possibly be as shitty as I think it is when everyone else sucks it off, right?" I start playing it, it pisses me off at how shitty it is, but I force myself to play it a bit more but it just keeps getting even worse.

I forced myself to beat it once and I can't force myself to do that again. Fuck Yoshi's Island and fuck anyone who thinks it's remotely good.

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Tell us how you really feel m8

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How does not using the cape change that the cape is broken?

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Yoshi's Island really was more of an artistic triumph. As a '90s kid, the graphics, high quality soundtrack and Super FX stretching and 3D effects really sold the game.

Of course now that's all old hat. I still think it's a solid game at its core, but yeah the gameplay isn't that amazing. It's like DKC... amazing if you were in the time period, but just OK now.

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Oh look, another SMB3 vs World thread.

I'll just dump some art while you guys bait each other as usual.

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OP back
I think the use of the cape was way more smooth and fluid than the leaf. You just hold the A button instead of tapping, which, yknow, was never fun for me and just awkward. Sure the cape could break levels but I always saw it as a way for the levels to be more nonlinear, with hidden routes in the sky and secrets. The cape sorta has some skill to it while the leaf is just run and jump and you fly for three seconds.
Super Mario World was easier, but I always never hated going through any world. Replayint SMB3 I always dred the water world, there's no such thing in Super Mario World to me.
Both are really fun, I just prefer World, pleb or not

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I've never seen this one before, I need this on a shirt.

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I prefer Yoshi's Island over those two to be honest.

SMB3 is still one of the top five platformers of all time though.

And Super Mario World is a master class game but to be honest it feels a little repetitive and bland.

Yoshi's Island murder your family or somethin?

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Was this the inspiration for Mario Galaxy?

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>thread trying to obtain a general consensus on what's the most popular entry in a series
>snowflake dipshit parrots popular board opinions and names a spin-off

Let me guess, Tactics is your favorite Final Fantasy too, right? Why don't you go drown yourself in a toilet you miserable waste?

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>reddit spacing
>shit taste in games

Yep, it checks out. Get the fuck off my board.

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i keep seeing you complaining about this "reddit spacing" thing.
what is it? using spaces?



it was invented by reddit? never went there, but pretty sure using space was a thing before reddit (or 4chan) existed.

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As someone who played Yoshi's Island on demo units in stores in 1995 and hated it then, it was dismissed by people. I wasn't even aware anyone thought that pile of garbage was good until a few years ago, because no one ever talked about it in a positive light in the 90s.

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Shit argument.
>game rewards you with a power-up
>power-up is so good that doing well with it makes many levels trivial
>have to set arbitrary limits on yourself and never use it to not break the game

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Then don't get hit, retard

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Yoshi's Island is fine. If you like 2D Mario then you can enjoy Yoshi's Island. I don't know what the fuck you retards are on saying it's "shit". It was well-received when it came out.

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They're both overrated as fuck
Super Mario Bros 1 is the best one

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Maybe, SM64 also has a small planet on the cover.
And Yoshi's Island has the raven boss fight.

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Please post more art. It makes threads like this one at least worth it to read through.

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SMB3 for NES and I am a guy that thinks more people should be nostalgiafagging over the SNES since it was superior to the overrated NES. Not just the hardware but the actual games. SNES has far more quality games. Hipsters overrate the NES too damn much.

Now with that said SMB3 is without a doubt THE GEM on that system. No game is better than it. I'd go so far as to say it may even be the best 2D platformer it is that good.

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NES has far more quality games. Most of the SNES's "classics" are casualized entries in franchises that started on the NES and JRPGs. NES has so much more variety and craziness to its game library.

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Hahaha good jokes anon.

Although you may be serious since NES has brainwashed so many of you. SNES is the far better system. You say casualization and I call it progress. SNES took these so called "classics" like Zelda and Metroid and improved upon those games immensely. NES also has nothing on the level of DKC games.

There is also Chrono Trigger and FFVI. NES gets blown the fuck out on these few games alone. I didn't even get into the rest of the library that kicks the NES ass hard.

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This is the Mario Classic Masterpiece!

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Pic related.

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>SNES took these so called "classics" like Zelda and Metroid and improved upon those games immensely.
I disagree.

>NES also has nothing on the level of DKC games.
The NES has plenty of mediocre platformers for you to choose from, so does the SNES.

>There is also Chrono Trigger and FFVI.
Not even the best JRPGs on the SNES. Perhaps you should leave the Squaresoft bubble for a change. You call me brainwashed by the NES while listing the two most overrated JRPGs from the SNES as points in your favor.

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blank line is evidence of reddit muscle memory on the part of the user ((You)) since reddit requires hitting enter twice for a line break.

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Now you are making it clear you are just shitposting.

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I'm not shitposting.

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SMB3 is far better. In fact, I think World is the weakest retro 2D Mario.

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This is correct. The raccoon tail is superior. Capefags need to be gassed.

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Huh, I see. I never visited Redit so I didn't know. Still I think you might be projecting your own muscle memory on others. Again, using spaces was a thing before Reddit existed.

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40+ virgins acting like their opinions are objective, the thread.

I prefer Super Mario World. Deal with it, fags.

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He's just a masochist who thinks having to randomly bomb walls to find out where you need to go or give up and call the Nintendo tip hotline or get a subscription to Nintendo Power was a good game mechanic.

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>He's just a masochist who thinks having to randomly bomb walls to find out where you need to go
Or, you could look at the game world and notice irregularities in patterns (for Metroid) or find people with hints (in Zelda). The whole point of the original Zelda and Metroid games was the freedom to explore a world and figure it out for yourself as well as talking about them with other people.

Kids in the 80s beat those games without the Internet or player's guides, you can too.

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