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ITT: Games you try to like but its controls make them unplayable.

Pic related.
The mission to defend the city hall is atrocious.

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You'll get used to it, op. I really love this game.

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Good thing Mega Man Legends 2 fixes the controls with dual shock support.

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MML controls fine. You can rotate pretty fast by tapping a direction+O. The only remotely tricky thing is vertical aiming but there's pretty gratuitous auto aim. Admittedly, I'm biased because I grew up with this game, but I think the controls hold up fine from an objective standpoint.

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I blame Sony for making a 3D console without a 3D controller.

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Mario 64 is basically unplayable

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this game is fine

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almost literally vertical mario bros, try harder

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Not unplayable, just difficult.

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It ain't a bad game by any means but all those different control mechanics just didn't age well

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git gud

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It is kind of like RE, it will take you about an hour of playing to get back into the control scheme. I couldn't count the amount of times the first zombie in RE2 killed me because I just couldn't remember the controls.

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ya you may be right. been ages since i've played it but i distinctly remember doing fine and loving it

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Jesus, how shit can you be to come to that conclusion? This coming from someone who played Sunshine first.

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Play the PSP remake if you want an easier time with Brandish's perspective/turning.

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>Best controls of all the 3D games

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dont feed the troll, mate

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Are you playing it with an original N64 controller?

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Super Metroid

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Why wouldn't I be playing an N64 game with an N64 controller?
It seriously just doesn't control all that well for at least half the vehicles if you're trying to be extremely efficient in the game.

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Forsaken (PS1) is kind of weird. That's why I'm saving up for the SCPH-1110.

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git gud

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You really go through stages of skill as you get better at MML's controls.
>1: controls suck, can't aim, can't move fluidly, getting hit often, many refractor shards disappear before being picked up
>2: more adept, hit enemies fine and move decently
>3: more efficient, can defeat enemies without getting hit most of the time
>4: Mastery. can move with ease and enjoyment, can consistently both defeat enemies without getting hit and pick up all dropped refractor shards without any disappearing.

It's very satisfying to learn how to move efficiently in MML. MML2 changed to a more traditional control scheme but when I played it I swapped the controls back to MML1-style because it's a fine scheme once mastered.

No spoilers necessary. Super Metroid is one of those games where you start playing it and it does feel kind of bad, and then you start picking up upgrades and each complaint goes away as Samus starts to jump higher, shoot better, run faster. You'll be halfway through Meridia before you realize just how perfect everything is.

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and even if you never get very good at Super Metroid, if you find most of the upgrades, you can basically just stand there and take damage from Ridley and still win

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>play Super Mario Kart, love it
>get Super Circuit later, like it
>get Double Dash as a teen, love it
>try out MK64 as an adult, literally unplayable
I just can't get into it. Maybe I just need to git gud but the controls/gameplay are so so different that it doesn't even feel good trying

funny thing, I cleared Super Metroid younger with an emulator (with a keyboard) years and years ago and I felt its controls were really great. Much later I bought the physical copy of the game and found that playing it on a real controller was insanely hard.

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>Megaman game
>you don't absorb enemy powers
You know, like that game, that Need for Speed without cars.

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>Bought this game for $10 at Walmart
>was too hard for me
>never took care of any of my PS1 games
>scratched to fuck now


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>Find a loose Dance Dance Revolution disk in the grass outside a Bob Evans
>Trade it online for Mega Man Legends

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It's funny how most people complain about the Battle Network series being too un-Mega Man like when it takes its main gimmick to the logical extreme by making even basic fodder enemies a source of new weapons/abilities.

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>>Best controls of all the 3D games
Not even close.
I'll give you best everything BUT the fucking controls. They're pure frustration.

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It's a fucking mess, especially because of the run button. You either have to grow an extra thumb so you can run, jump and charge your beam at the same time, or go the whole game without low aiming.

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Expendable on PC

Had they just made the controls like Robotron or Smash TV this would have been a perfect little arcade shooter. But no it's this tank control shit. Unplayable beyond belief.

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Descent and Forsaken are far superior on the PC tho. Especially if you have a 3DFx card

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Are there any romhacks that turn the run button into a walk button? That'd be sick.

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I played mega man 64 and after a few minutes I can get back into the controls. I set it to strafe with L+Z. Forgot the game had a lock on, so when I loaded a save that's at the final boss I beat him without the targeting.

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This is by far the worst mega man game

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The N64 one is even worse though

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No, really. What the fuck are these controls?

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This would be better if the jumping worked well

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set controls to expert

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