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The great debate

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according to the rules of this forum, only one of these games is /vr/

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> Literally needing to grind your elemental levels for days nonstop
> Even using the morning star + Cyclops trick it takes ages to level up all of your spirits

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Final Fantasy Adventure is great.
Sword of Mana is shit.

Debate, over!

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>cellphone game

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That looks so sweet!

Is there an English version of Seiken Densetsu (Mobile)?

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I'd also like to know this

3DS/Switch/Steam port when?

Don't know what you're trying to say here

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Both a very mediocre but at least Sword of Mana looks really pretty.

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this is a very correct and true post

man, all i want is an extended SD2 the way it was meant to be and an unfucked/reprogrammed SD3.

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>extended SD2 the way it was meant to be
are you saying Secret Of Mana was unfinished?

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>and an unfucked/reprogrammed SD3
also this x1000
It's a real injustice that one of my favourite games of all time has no legal way to be played outside Japan

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they cut some 40% of the content after rescheduling the game for a regular SNES

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wow I had no idea. It was my first ever jrpg, and nothing has ever quite matched the feeling it gave me

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>Don't know what you're trying to say here

The remake "improved" your magic skills by creating elemental spirits you must find and train, and the only way to get decent magic is by grinding the fuck out of them AND going through a mountain of side/fetch quests to get extra spirits.

The only way to level up your spirits is by constantly using their magic. Which takes ages because of your reduced mana pool and VERY slow mana regeneration rate, and to unlock a certain quest needed to get an extra spirit your spirits must be over level 30.

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Sounds like torture.

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Final Fantasy Adventure has aged extremely well. It never even needed a remake. It's extremely good and oddly poignant for a gameboy game.

Once you're able to get past how awfully the sword controls, and get a few levels under your belt, it becomes really good.

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The original is still the best.

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FFA is superb. I feel like the only thing that would benefit the original even today is colorizing it. The music is great for the time and hardware, and graphically, you can see the beginnings of so many Mana staples. It also seems to play as intended, unlike much of the series. This fact saddens me a bit, because I really love the Mana games, but they're quite broken in a lot of cases.

I will say that Sword Of Mana is a neat game by itself, but a terrible remake in terms of loyalty. I guess calling it a retelling or reimagining would be more logical. Adventures Of Mana isn't retro, but it's a 1:1 remake in 3D, with the Ring Menu system added in. I'm hoping for a Steam port of that, so that it'd get some form of actual controller support. Touchscreen for the Ring Menu is okay, but movement and battle have some awkward moments at times. Solid 9/10 remake, even so.

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The game being in grayscale gives it an uncanny, forlorn emotional sense to it that doesn't exist in other games.

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Great game!

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If you want a controller, AoM works on Vita/PSTV.

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But there is controller support on Android.

I was playing it that way just the other day.

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did you not realise considering almost half the world was unvistable?

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damn straight. combined with the music, you hit the nail on the head.

SwordOM sucked. You know why? the map. the placeable icon-areas. Wheres the immersion of the world we had in Secret? Wheres the seamless transition?

Let me rant about this shit. In Secret you were a kid, but the dialogue didnt focus on it and it seemed like just a peripheral thing. The sprites in Sword look like a bunch of foofed-up preschoolers. Thats one thing I like about vr JRPGs - in a lot you were a young kid, but you didnt LOOK TOO young. In GBA/PS2 era, you were young and it was a defining part of the art/story that you couldn't put in the periphery. Its all about being a freakin kid. Adults play these games too ya know.

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They are both good i dunno. I played more ff

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Chrono Trigger is beautiful

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I have Adventures of Mana on Vita and it's one of the most fun games I've played in recent years.

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Remakes of retro games have always been allowed, dumb frogposter.

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Sword just tried too hard.

Look at the enemy senses mechanism. Every enemy has two senses that let them target you when you get close. You can mask one sense to help run past them. Each magic element has only one defensive spell. Half the elements are dedicated to hiding from one of the senses. But each enemy used two different senses, but it doesn't matter because you can just run right past nearly every enemy easily anyways and the whole system is irrelevant.

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God bless GBA roms and Action Replay codes.

But some spirits can only be obtained if you saved at CERTAIN day on CERTAIN Mana statues that you have no fucking idea of knowing which ones gave you which spirit.

You don't need to gat all spirits to beat the game, but they certainly help you a lot. However, you will need to upgrade your weapons and armor using the best materials, and the only way to get a decent supply is by unlocking Nicolo's (a rabbit merchant) VIP items.
... you need to make 255 INDIVIDUAL purchases (open the store menu, selecting an item, buying the item, CLOSING THE STORE MENU, then opening it again to buy another item and so) to unlock his VIP inventory. Now THAT was torture.

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