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Having been a Playstation guy all my life, Ive almost never played Nintendo stuff and rarely gained an interest. I recently met an avid fan who showed me some games and they honestly looked quite good. So far I have only played old Pokemon and Mario games of the Nintendo franchises.

I want to play
>Star Fox
>Fire Emblem
>Donkey Kong
>some others..?

But where do I start? Many series started in the 80s so should I play those original 8-bit ones first, or is it okay if e.g. I start with Zelda Ocarina of Time? BTW my plan is to get a 3DS with virtual console to play the older titles.

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My suggestion is to start with these, and if you like them then try the older/newer ones:
A Link to the Past
Star Fox 64
Super Metroid
Genealogy of the Holy War
DK 94

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Just play whatever looks good to you. It's hard to go wrong.

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>DK 94
Who the fuck says this instead of donkey kong country? Do you say "psx" too?

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He's probably talking about Donkey Kong for Game Boy, called Donkey Kong '94 by some. Just relax man

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This. Donkey Kong '94 is slang for the Game Boy game.

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>Donkey Kong Country

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>tfw I had the DK94 cart and sold it for a penny back then

I don't think the game is super expensive nowadays, haven't looked, but damn I regret selling it anyway, it was a great game.

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It's a $20 game.

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>Playing Donkey Kong 94
>Not Donkey Kong 99


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so this... is the power... of blast processing

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I was speed running DK94 before speed running was a thing. Got it down to around 4 hours I think. I forgot most of the short cuts now though.

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Nintendo Switch.

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Obligatory Super Metroid post

Srsly though. Play it. Like immediately.

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>I was speed running DK94 before speed running was a thing.
No you weren't. Glad we could clear that up.

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>been a PlayStation guy
>your whole life

It weirds me out that you can have this experience and still be old enough to post here.

>2017 - 18 = 1999

Next year's crop of newfags won't be retro.

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Link to the Past or Ocarina of Time
>Star Fox
Super Metroid or Zero Mission
>Fire Emblem
Shadow Dragon (remake of the first game for DS)
>Donkey Kong
DKC1 or DKC2
>some others..?
Kirby's Adventure, F-Zero X, Wario Land 4,, Panel de Pon, Mother 3

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>music is an off-key version of the bonus stage music from SMB1 and Lost Levels from All-Stars

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Play the first three Super Mario Bros games and Super Mario 64. IMO these should be mandatory games for everyone who likes games. I know you said you've played some early Mario games, but if you missed any of these give them a shot.

Ocarina, link to the past and Zelda 1 are all good places to start. Play 1 if you want a fun action exploration game, ocarina if you want what has come to be known as ~**THE ZELDA EXPERIENCE**~, and lttp if you want something in between. If you play Zelda 1 you might want to look up a map, which the game originally came packaged with in the U.S.

>Star Fox
Star Fox 64. Maybe the SNES one but fair warning its ballbustingly hard. 64 is considered by most to be the definitive game of the series. Don't bother with any games besides these two.

Super Metroid is widely considered the best. Though I'd recommend playing Zero Mission (remake of the first game) Another Metroid 2 Remake (fan made remake of Metroid 2, extremely well done and very professional) and then do Super Metroid, which is Metroid 3. The story isn't super important, but I still think you'll enjoy the games more if you do then in this order. If you want more after this play either Fusion or the Prime trilogy.

>Fire Emblen
I don't know shit about Fire Emblem.

As others have said play the 94 Gameboy game, it's good. Donkey Kong Country 1 and 2 are exceptional platformers, especially 2. DKC Tropical Freeze is actually great, and Returns is pretty good too.

Kirby's Adventure is pretty fun.
F-Zero GX is the best in the series and my personal favorite racing game, but you can't really go wrong with this series.
Mach Rider for NES is actually a lot of fun, more like an arcade game than a console game. I highly recommend it.
Tetris Attack and Dr Mario are both good if you like those kinds of puzzle games.

I could give more recommendations but if you're just looking for a Nintendo primer, I'd suggest checking out the above games.

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Good recommendations. I'll elaborate on Fire Emblem for you.

FE is an srpg game, kind of like final fantasy tactics if you are familiar with it. You control your soldiers in a grid, which makes battles feel like a game of chess. The games have permadeath, and you don't typically get a lot of reinforcements. Each soldier is a unique character with a personality and stuff. All this together makes losing even a single unit VERY painful. There's a rock/paper/scissors type system for weapons effectiveness.

Start off with Fire Emblem GBA and The Sacred Stones, then Seisen no Keifu (usually translated as Geneology of the Holy War). The GBA games were north America's first exposure to the series, and introduces you to the series much better than the archaic NES Japanese originals.

Seisen is the 4th game in the series and predate the GBA games by a decade or so, but it's the largest and most in depth fire emblem game that I'm aware of. The maps are absolutely gigantic, and each level probably take like 2 or 3 hours to get through. The game has a lot of replay value due to the fact that you control 2 generations of soldiers, and part of the overarching strategy in the first half of the game is to cause different soldiers to fall in love, thus producing the subsequent generation whose stats are entirely dependent on their parents.

Fire Emblem Awakening on the 3ds is pretty good, it has more manageable levels than 4 but still manages to implement the 2 generation system (even though it doesn't make much sense storywise). Nintendo also released 2 newer fire emblems on 3ds simultaneously, I played one of them (birthright I think it's called) and hated it, just couldn't get into it at all.

Fire Emblem 3 is dated, but still has all the basic mechanics. Thracia 776 is the follow up to Seisen no Keifu, I've never played it but it's apparently hard as fuck.

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No love for the Mario Kart series here? I love the hell out of each one of them. OP if you're looking for some top tier NIntendo multiplayer games then absolutely check out some Mario Kart games (64 being my favorite).

I can hear the SNES Koopa Beach theme as I type this...

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Thanks anon. If you want to get more into fire emblem, check out /feg/ on /vg/. Though, be warned the post quality on /vg/ can fluctuate a lot worse than /vr/.

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And it's an excellent game, too.

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1, SNES, and Ocarina are the best 3.

>>Star Fox
SNES and N64 are both excellent. EVERYTHING after that SUCKS.


>>Fire Emblem
Either the SNES or GBA games.

>>Donkey Kong
Country 1 and 2.

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Basically what you can do is play every Nintendo published game on the NES, SNES and N64. The early NES game had a few lame arcade ports like urban champion and Donkey Kong 3. One or two N64 games were very underwhelming. like Yoshi's Story. But probably 90% of their games released in that period are excellent and some were truly genre defining. Their GameBoy games are worth playing too. GameBoy Advance became hit and miss. If you want to play games post-N64 there really are only a handful worth the time.

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>playing a gameboy game


Consoles are one thing but this has to be a joke.

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still looks like crap, keep sucking that dick though

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You're on /vr/ you dumbass. We still play Atari 2600 games. Hell, I played Pong at the Silverball a few months ago.

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>You're on /vr/
Yeah, I forgot this is the most reddit board on 4chan. A tip of my fedora to you, sir.

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No one on here will mention because it's not retro (yet), but Metroid Prime is good to try if you end up liking Super Metroid.

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Skip the old Fire Emblem games. Go for the GBA ones instead. or play a better tactics game like Ogre Battle

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Gameboy Donkey Kong is a phenomenal puzzle platformer, play that shit, and then cry because it's "successor" series is just a shitty lemmings clone.

Can't go wrong with Kirby, but Adventure and Super Star are the best the series has to offer. Their remakes are even better.

Wario's Woods is a good puzzle game, beats the hell out of Dr. Mario, I don't get why Nintendo keeps sucking doctor dick instead of making juiced up versions of this.

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>actually better than DKC3

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we need /v2k/ for gen Z children.

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Depends, on wether 2D or 3D.
For 2D start with A Link to the Past, for 3D start with Ocarina of Time. After that work your way through to the modern games. The NES games are neat but I would not recommend them as a starting point.
Personal recommendations: A Link between Worlds, Twilight Princess, Link's Awakening, Wind Waker, Majoras Mask.

>Star Fox
Star Fox 64, definetly Star Fox 64, then try Star Fox on the SNES.
The 3DS remaster for 64 is a good way to play it, too. (Same for OoT and MM)
These two are also the ones I would recommend. Assault is fine too but it comes with its flaws. Adventures is a Zelda clone and no "real" Star Fox, not a bad game, but not essential.

Start with Super Metroid, period.
You could do a 2D/3D differentation here like I did with Zelda, but do start 2D here.
3D, just start with Prime and work yourself through the trilogy. For other 2D Metroids move on to the GBA titles. The GB and NES Metroids are, again, neat games, but I would not recommend them as a start.
Recommendations: Super Metroid, Metroid Prime.

>Fire Emblem
Never got into them myself so I cannot say anything here. Maybe some other Anon could fill the gap.

>Donkey Kong
Depends, classic DK? Start with Donkey Kong ('94) on the Gameboy, then move backwards to the NES.
DK Country: Start with DKC, then just go through the series, including Returns and Tropical Freeze. Returns has a 3DS version if you don't like motion controls.
DK64 gets a lot of flak for being too much of a collectathon, I would say look into it and if you like what you see, play it, it is a good game nonetheless, but not essential.
Personal recommendations: DKC, DKC2, DKCR3D.


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>some others..?
Pilotwings (64), a need little flight "simulator" for unusual flying machines.
1080°, Nintendo's own snowboarding series, but really well made. The N64 version is a must play imo, Avalanche on the GC is optional but cool.
Wave Race (64), seriously, 64 is a MUST, it is such a cool game and plays really great, Blue Storm is optional. The GB game is a rather aquired taste.
Recommendations: 1080°, Wave Race 64.

But what your list of Nintendo franchises is really missing is F-Zero. Can not really say where to start because I think F-Zero on the SNES is a real masterpiece, but but so are X and GX. The handheld titles are optional, but good.
Recommendations are all 3 home console titles.

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Threads like this are a dead giveaway for the age & mentality of the posters on /vr these days.

Generally speaking, pretty much everything which came out of Nintendo's Kyoto HQ in the 90's was god-tier.

You cannot go wrong if you start with the Holy Trinity:
Super Mario World
Zelda: A Link To The Past
Super Metroid

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Instead of the stuff everyone knows about, I'll try to give some "obscure" recs. You can do with them as you please.

Gumshoe (NES), a fun NES Zapper game where you play a platforming game by shooting at your character or at objects to advance

RC Pro-Am + RC Pro-Am II (NES), 3/4 view NES racing games that were basically a blueprint of Diddy Kong Racing for the N64

Mole Mania (Gameboy), a great puzzle game that also got a re-release on 3DS VC.

Kirby's Dreamland + Kirby's Dreamland 2, two of the best games in the Kirby series and great to start in

PLOK (SNES), a mascot platformer that actually has some level design and a protagonist that's kinda funny.

Super Battletank 2 (SNES), greatest tank simulator game ever.

Zelda: Oracle of Seasons or Oracle of Ages (Gameboy Color): very accessible games but still reminiscent of other classic Zeldas.

Mario Golf (N64): very relaxing music, challenging gameplay and tons of characters and courses.

Jet Force Gemini (N64), probably not that niche considering it's a Rare game but kinda overlooked compared to stuff like Banjo.

There are some more but they have already been mentioned in this thread (like Wario's Woods, Zelda 2, the first Super Mario games etc.)

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All this, all the time.

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I'd recommend opting for both a handheld and a console. Getting a GBA SP AGS-101 is a must for all of the retro handheld games, and some snes games were put onto the gba so I'd recommend getting a gamecube. I'ts my personal favorite console, but n64 is good too.

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Unless it's massively changes for the better, fire emblem's /vg/ is about 90% waifufaggotry and only 10% game discussion. For emblem awakening had a self insert character so everyone became obsessed with their videogame girlfriend. Dont know if it's still that bad but I wouldn't be too optimistic.

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In regards to Metroid, definitely play Super Metroid, but I also recommend Metroid Prime. The Prime games are so different I recommend them almost as much as I recommend Super Metroid. So if you want an FPS that's a bit outside of the realm of /vr/, play them.

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in case of Metroid, I would say, start better with Metroid: Zero Mission, if you wanna play the first one. The first Metroid hasn't aged that well (in my opinion), and Zero Mission is the way more better remake.
In case of Metroid, start better with the seventh game (the first one, which was localised in the west). For more info about Fire Emblem, check out Serenes Forest if you wanna know more (or check out Fire Emblem Sword of Seals, if you speak german)

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I wouldn't delay with my N64 purchases, prices will only get higher for this unique and poorly emulated console.

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Obligatory EarthBound post

This post will likely start a chain of sperglords arguing over whether it's good or not, but it's worth at least trying.

It's an SNES jrpg, with an emphasis on the wacky world and characters in it, and occasionally contrasting them with dark underlying tones. My advice is, don't go into it for the combat/gameplay. It's kind of basic, which is why so many anons despise it on this board. If you don't let that get to you, then you can really enjoy it in the long run, as it is certainly charming.

If you end up liking it, check out Mother 3 for the GBA (in Japan, the series is called Mother, and EarthBound is Mother 2 there, making Mother 3 it's sequel). It still hasn't received an official English translation, but the fan translation is one of the best in the world. Mother 3 is much more emotional than EarthBound and has a slightly more in-depth battle system. But again, try EarthBound first to see if it's for you.

Mother 1/EarthBound Beginnings for the NES is a strange case... it's much more primitive, and has an insane difficulty curve. It's not really HARD, but requires an insane amount of grinding. I'd say get the easy hack, which doubles your EXP and $, while halving the spawn rate.

Again, it's not for everyone, but if you at least try it, you can end up really liking the series.

>> No.3825791

Also the music is consistently great across all games, which is a great plus

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gen Y here, born in 92 and currently playing fucking Mega CD and GB DMG. It´s people like me who want /v2k/ to fucking talk about games that have no place for /v/
Don't fucking (deliberately) mistake those guys with people like me.

>> No.3825854

Why are you here? Nobody cares if you wear a fedora, but we do care about retro games! If you cant into it then i feel bad for you. Old games demand a certain amount of patience and critical thinking skills your obvious drive through mentality cant handle. Go noscope ur moms box, faggot!

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You can try going blind into the first one. It's quite the experience figuring out all the clues and exploring the world.
If you want something more polished and that still feels modern, aLttP on the SNES.
If you beat that and want more, play Link's Awakening.

>Star Fox
64, no doubt

The first one is rough (like other anons said, you can play Zero Mission if you REALLY want to start from the beginning). Metroid 2 is a bit better but suffers from the GB limitations. Super Metroid is for many, including me, the greatest game of all-time. So don't miss it.

>Fire Emblem
unfortunately I can't help you with this one, since I have no familiarity with the series... but I'll recommend you another strategy game: Advance Wars 2 on the gba. It's considered one of the best games in the Wars series and the single player campaign + war maps are meaty enough to satisfy anyone.

>Donkey Kong
for classic Dong, go with DK 94. For the "modern" Dong, go with Donkey Kong Country 2. Just be aware that it's a hard ass game.

Super Star on the Snes or start with the NES game: Kirby's Adventure. It basically laid foundation to the series with the copying mechanic.

>Nintendo RPGs
Paper Mario 64 on the N64, Super Mario RPG and Earthbound are must plays if you're more of an RPG guy. There's also Golden Sun 2 on the GBA. Aaaand the Mario & Luigi series (if you enjoy Paper Mario, you'll probably love this one)

>Sin and Punishment
(even though it's developed by Treasure, it's a Nintendo IP), is a fuck-win shooter. You need to play it on original hardware though. The n64 controller is perfect for it.

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What about Kirby Super Star Ultra? I always thought it made the original obsolete by comparison? (Not picking a fight, just genuinely curious)

>> No.3826017

I like that basically everyone has recommended DK94.

>> No.3826021

>Threads like this are a dead giveaway for the age & mentality of the posters on /vr these days.
>Generally speaking, pretty much everything which came out of Nintendo's Kyoto HQ in the 90's was god-tier.
>You cannot go wrong if you start with the Holy Trinity:
>Super Mario World
>Zelda: A Link To The Past
>Super Metroid

Er ... buddy? Sure you aren't projecting your issue on others?

>> No.3826051

I think it's great that DK94 is getting attention, but I don't think it really works as a DK recommendation for someone just getting into Nintendo. There's really nothing else like it, neither the OG arcade or Rare (and after) games.

>> No.3826109

Uhhm... seems like that anon was legit talking sense bro.

>> No.3826326

True. But he listed Donkey Kong as a series he wanted to know more about, and it's hard not to recommend the game.

You are right that it should be pointed out the game is really its own thing, it's nothing like the other dk games and doesn't tell you much about them. But if OP is just looking for some quality Nintendo stuff I think it's fine to give the game a mention. Hell, Nintendo has made a lot of weird standalone games anyway, so I think it's fine to recommend a game that's just its own thing.

Also, while it didn't really affect the DK series, the game had quite an impact on Mario. I just played through it the first time last month, and was really surprised at how many movement options from Mario 64, Sunshine and even Mario Run originated in DK94. It was the first Mario game where Mario was actually acrobatic. That makes it a pretty big turning point for the series, honestly.

And yeah I would actually consider it more of a Mario game than a DK one, despite the title.

>> No.3826990

There was Mario Vs. Donkey Kong. The first game was actually a successor to DK '94 until they decided that it needed to be a shitty lemmings clone.

>> No.3826995

That's true, the only reason you would want to go back and play non remakes ( including Kirby's Adventure ) would be aesthetic preferences. Both the Kirby remakes add so much and take nothing away.

>> No.3827174

Well of course, besides making SSU's co-op a bit more uncomfortable due to it being on a handheld, but I don't it was used that often anyways, was it?

>> No.3827348


I actually played the shit out of SSU's co-op modes, but I also had a friend who got the game at the time.

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The Mario vs DK series is a good example of Nintendo iterating on ideas using similar franchises and characters. Sometimes that works out, and sometimes it doesn't. But they're still a cut above the rest, especially if you're into puzzle platformers.

But for something a little more /vr/, here we have Sutte Hakkun. I can't recommend this enough. The controls are tight. It's a real brain teaser. Everything is there.

>> No.3827472

As someone who grew up playing the adventure remake, I've come to actually prefer the original. While the graphics aren't as detailed the aesthetic decisions make the game feel more otherworldly while still being comfortable. Kirby's movement also feels different, in the remake he feels a bit floatier, and seems to move a little bit slower even if he has the same (faster?) running speed. It's something about the way he jumps, idk.

I also find the original more challenging. It's by no means a hard game but on a casual play through you can actually fuck up and die a few times. Not a lot, but it has a good balance to it. Remake is cakewalk difficulty like most recent kirby games.

Plus the original has that cool rotation effect in levels like butter building.

Only reason I'd recommend the remake is for multiplayer, but that only works if you know someone who also owns the game.

>> No.3827561

I just mean as opposed to having co-op on one big screen, you have to have two systems with two games.

>> No.3827718

People have given you good answers for what you mainly asked for, so I'll go for some others. Not all are /vr/
>Pikmin 1 and 2. I liked the first game a lot better, it's one of my favorite games. Can't speak for 3 since I haven't played it yet. Super charming and fun games.
>Paper Mario and Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door. Two of my favorite games. Also check out Super Mario RPG
>Pokemon is fun, play them in the order of the generations. There are remakes for gens I-III
>If you enjoy the Metroid series, make sure to check out AM2R. It's a fan remake of Metroid II and it's perfect
>Xenoblade Chronicles, an ARPG that plays something like an MMO, good story with incredible cinematic cutscenes, perfect setting
>Kid Icarus Uprising, rail shooter/action game. It's one of the better games on 3DS
>Kirby. Play Super Star or Super Star Ultra. Play Kirby 64 and Dream Land 3 too.

>> No.3828197

Oh SHIT, I can't believe I forgot to mention Pikmin! I love the series to death.

Going more in-depth into what you said, I'd recommend playing the Wii remakes, as the control scheme feels so much more natural, though I know some people who are just used to the GameCube controls.
As for Pikmin 3, it's one of the best games on the Wii U period. It's practically a must-have if you own the system (hahaha). Thankfully, it supports MANY control schemes, including Wii Remote, and the Pro controller/Gamepad, so no matter your preference you can still enjoy it. Pikmin 3's challenge mode and DLC is also addicting as hell, so I see it as very worth it imo.

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File: 39 KB, 250x255, 250px-Supermariolandboxart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I recommend you start with SNES if you want to go early retro. Considering you are coming from being a Playstation fan the SNES has easier games. NES may be a bit too difficult to you. Although I do recommend you play SMB3 for sure even if you end up hating NES games. SMB3 is an absolutely amazing 2D platformer.

For N64 definitely try Starfox 64, SM64 and OOT. Nintendo has tons of great games. You missed out all these years.

I also beat this for the first time on Gameboy emulator only a few hours ago at the time of my posting. Good short game with the most strangest Mario physics I've played in a Mario game to date. Yet it still ended up being a good game. I'm also posting this because who knows when I will ever be able to bring up SML in a thread and I don't feel like making a thread about it.

>> No.3829284

Well, there's always "Super Mario All-Stars+Super Mario World", that's pretty much the ultimate Mario starter pack

>> No.3830038

I imagine OP must have quite the backlog by this point.

If you liked that one you should play Mario Land 2. It's really great. About twice the length of the first, non-linear, somehow even weirder, and just tons of fun to play.

>> No.3830348

Start with zelda

>> No.3830369

I loved SML. The only mario game I have ever owned lol. I was a playstation guy. This and Tetris were my only games on game boy for ages.

I never beat it because you had to beat it in 1 sitting... I guess I was awful at it because I thought it was super long. I was always the type to kill every goomba and get every coin i could though. When i let other people play it they just ran past everything and I didn't understand. The submarine and plane stages are really fun. Also I loved the little fun platforming setups you could do to get to the better rewards at the end of stages.

Actually I also had this game called megalit not even sure how I got it. I think it was left at the library or something lol. I hardly played it as a kid. Went back to it recently and as an adult it was actually a fun puzzle game lol. Anybody else had this shit?

>> No.3830415

or just mario 3

>> No.3830438

The original zelda, lttp, batman on nes

>> No.3830559

Those games I feel kind of screwed the physics a bit. It is subtle but noticeable.

>> No.3830640

And the original zelda

>> No.3830642


It's only noticeable in Super Mario Bros 1 and Lost Levels.

>> No.3830659

Yes, but still, it shouldn't be a deal-breaker unless you're a really hardcore Nintendo nut, which OP isn't.

>> No.3830668

You don't really know much do you? lol

>> No.3830767

Not so much fire emblem

>> No.3830786

I'd say to give Earthbound until the end you reach Happy happy village, if you haven't smiled once then it may not be your cup of living coffee.

Also, if you emulate the game, you may want this cheat for action replay: 7E9E54:FF and
7E9E55:FF , they stop a game feature where your father calls you up to take a break from the game.

>> No.3831032

What about F-Zero

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