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Patrician: SMB3
Plebian: SMW
Contrarian: SMB2U
Tryhard: SMB2J
Purist: SMB
Homosexual: SMW2
Retard: SM64
Dadgamer: arcade Mario games

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I don't understand, OP. I like nearly all Mario games; I can't categorize myself with just one.

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Well pick your favorite then.

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What if I like all of them, with a strong tie between SMB3 and World? A Patriplebian?

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I really like SMB3 and SMW2.

So I guess I'm just a Homotrician.

Meh, I'll take it.

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Comparing SMB2, SMW2 and SM64 with the rest is just dumb. They're 3 very different games.

You can compare SMB to SMB2J and SMB3 to SMW. With a stretch you can compare all 4. But anything beyond this is just retarded.

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Guess I'm a dadgamer then

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Hi /v/

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I am PlebPat, the ContraTard HomoPure.

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have the ones I played all been broken? because that joystick is intolerable

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On a Vs. System? Pretty standard.

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SMB2"""U""" is not contrarian, everyone loves it retard.

SMW is a direct upgrade of SMB3, by categorizing them as patrician/plebeian in the reversed obvious order you simply look like the typical 4chan idiot fishing for (you)s. I bet you browse /tv/ on a daily basis

>SM64 is very popular but came past my favorite mario so better tag it as "retard"
sunshine is the only canonically retarded mario

typical burgerfatardo tbqh kys

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Weeb: Super Mario Special

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Looks like I struck a nerve.

Also, many people consider Donkey Donkey Picnic as the weakest 2D Mario game.

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Only retards that argue "it's not a real mario, therefore it's not as good"

game mechanics were fun and fitting for a mario game

more than the water gun from sunshine that's for sure

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Amazing how weak it is considering nintendo reused so many things from it.

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>SMW is a direct upgrade of SMB3

Less poweups
Less and worse secrets
Shittier level design

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>Patrician: game I like
>Pleb: better game I don't like
>Tryhard: game i'm shit at
>Purist: game I don't like but I'll say it's good because everybody will make fun of me if I don't
>Homosexual: game I don't like
>Retard: 3D game I don't like
>Dadgamer: game I've never played
>ITT: I'm right and you're wrong

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>SMB3 is an upgrade of SMB1

Worse physics
Shittier level design
Loads and loads of bloat

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>Less and worse secret

Objectively wrong.

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Don't forget all the 1up opportunities and the ability to hold a ton of powerups in a bar. Even power ups that let you skip levels.

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This anon gets it.

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I'll go with
Esotericist : Donkey Kong '94

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Status of OP: BTFO

Will he ever recover?

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Out of those, I'll go with SMB3, but my real pick is
Ascended: Yoshi's Island

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Oh nevermind, you did include "SMW2". Guess I'm gay then.

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I'm a retarded plebtician.

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Purist Patrician master race reporting in.

Get on my fucking level.

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they're all good except smw2 smb2j, but smb3 is the first game i saved up my lawn mowing money to buy. so, that one.

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>leaving out the handhelds

But I liked Super Mario Land...

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The only good handheld Mario game isn't a Mario game.

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>Less poweups
Yeah, cause Frogsuit Mario was such a welcomed addition to the series..

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What if two options apply alike?

SMB & SMB2J ... poseur
SMB & SMB2U ... snob
SMB3 & SMB2U ... troll
SMB2J & SMB2U ... attention whore
SMW & SMB ... proletariat
SMW & SMB2U ... comrade
SMW2 & SMW ... bitch
SMW2 & SMB2U ... feminist/tumblerina
SMW2 & SMB ... pridefreak
SMW2 & SMB2J ... whore
SMW2 & SMB3 ... gay dungeon master
SMW2 & SM64 ... queen
SMW2 & SMB ... sissy
SM64 & SMW ... cuck
SM64 & SMB3 ... hipster
SM64 & SMB ... simpleton
SM64 & SMB2J ... head into wall banger

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YOU & OP ... retarded

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smb3 is over rated
super mario world is the best

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All of you fucks falling for the bait... is this board the easiest baitable board?

>> No.3819837

Maybe. I think /m/ is even worse but it's been a while since I've been there so I'm not sure whether it's become as bad or even worse.

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It's only falling for the bait if you get mad about it. Most responses have ignored the buzzwords and simply picked their favorite game.

Although the real bait is that it's yet another shallow which-is-best SMB thread.

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Cool Kid: Sonic The H.

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Dad purist i guess.

SMB has just great jumping physics and iconic sounds, which were never reused for whatever retarded reason. It also didn't have easy mode cape/tail. Caves were fully destructible which was awesome.

Mario Bros arcade is the best multilayer mario ever.

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You wrote "Autistic Furfag" wrong.

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/m/ is Tominofags vs Anti-Tominofags general, with some toku and srw thrown in.
I got here for the godzilla and SRW threads, but most of the time is talking about OG (posting waifus, etc) and talking about that one SRW custom fangame with AKB48 units and what not.

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Autistic Furfags only happened when Sanic went to Nintendo consoles and Sanic X aired.

In the '90s, Sonic was rad.

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>Yes. In your head.

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No, furryfags were always over Sonic, the actual difference is that furries weren't seen as autistic people (in fact, we barely knew such fetish existed), and furry cartoons were rad in the 80s and 90s.

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>posting non-retro comic book characters

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Anyone remember the old SMB activity books?

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*spits eggs at you*

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