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It's time for another one of these, /vr/

Please critique, suggest games to add or swap, help me find assets I'm missing (like boxart), spot mistakes, etc.

If you hate the whole idea in general I can't do much for you other than suggest you stop the playback and move on.

My personal Saturn library is small and missing a lot of the greats, so I'm relying on your input for this one!

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Guardian Legend appears twice. Why?

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For reference, here's the last version of the Dreamcast chart I made.

I can only fit 35 cells into a chart small enough to fit on most screens (and many web browsers don't allow you to easily zoom on webms), so these are somewhat limited. I may do genre-specific or Japan-only etc. charts at some point, or just release the source code if necessary.

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Just a mistake. It takes about 10 minutes to render the chart, which I'm not going to bother to do again until I have some other changes to make (like more games!).

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Had to resort to online lists to get more games.

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The Sonic Jam spot shows footage of Sonic 1, while it isn't wrong, it'd be better if you included either footage of Sonic World, or the main menu where you can select which game you want to play, it's a game collection after all.
I'd also add Panzer Dragoon Zwei, Vampire Savior, Shinrei Jusatsushi Taromaru, Baku Baku, Real Bout Special, and I dunno if this is supposed to be games that are easy to play without understanding japanese, otherwise I have a few other suggestions.

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>it'd be better if you included either footage of Sonic World, or the main menu
>Panzer Dragoon Zwei
Should there really be two Panzer Dragoon games? I do have multiple entries from other series on there already though. What would I switch for it?
>Vampire Savior
English version of Darkstalkers 3 is only on Playstation, and it sounds like that release is more complete, so I'd guess that game belongs on a PSX chart over a Saturn chart. Am I way off?

I'm looking into the other ones, but Baku Baku is already on there.

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>duke nukem 3d
>playing FPS on consoles

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Yeah, I agree actually. Give me something better!

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albert odyssey is shit

also you digged through lists and missed princess crown?

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Ok that looks cool, I'll switch them.

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>Should there really be two Panzer Dragoon games?
In this case yes because Saga is an RPG, and Zwei is a rail shooter.
>English version of Darkstalkers 3 is only on Playstation, and it sounds like that release is more complete, so I'd guess that game belongs on a PSX chart over a Saturn chart. Am I way off?
Yeah, the PS port of Vampire Savior has animation frames cut, Saturn has all the sprite animation intact from arcade (thanks to the Saturn ram cart, and Saturn being better at 2D, even games without ram cart are better than on PS, like SF Alpha 2).
Vsav on Saturn is one of the best CPS2 ports available along with SFA3.

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Games to add:
- Deep Fear
- Crimewave
- Shinobi X

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I'll switch Duke Nukem with Deep Fear since I don't have any survival horror games on there yet, and that one is actually a Saturn exclusive. It's also an English-language game not released in North America, which is always fun.

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Whoops I already switched Duke Nukem with Panzer Dragoon Zwei

I'd pull something else off for Deep Fear though, maybe Megaman or one of the non-exclusive fighting games on there?

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Super Tempo.

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If you add Astal or Clockwork knight just to show off how beautifully the console did platformers, Id love you forever.

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Did not see the Astal at first, maybe change it to a different level than the first level, rescuing the bird was pretty slow paced. maybe bring it to the 4th level where you have to run and avoid falling lava rocks. Otherwise, thanks!

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Looks fun but instead of what?

I'm not sure if I have a clip of that, but I'll look for a more exciting part of the clip I do have.

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>Looks fun but instead of what?
Well, Super Tempo's a saturn exclusive. It would probably benefit from having one of the non-exclusives removed from the list.

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It's Zero 3, not Alpha 3 and Die Hard Arcade is shit.

All the Pandra games are good even if they are just space harrier with a rotating camera.

There are far too many ntsc-j games missing to begin listing.

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Super Tempo is for the Sega 32x.

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>It's Zero 3, not Alpha 3
I just have to use titles that match the filenames of the asset packs I'm using, which I believe are No-Intro filenames. I might just take that game out and replace it with a Saturn exclusive though.

>Die Hard Arcade is shit
Are you sure that's not just your opinion

>There are far too many ntsc-j games missing to begin listing
There can literally only be 35 games, so maybe I'll make a chart of all Japanese exclusives later

I think it's a sequel to Tempo on the 32x

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Whoops, yea my mistake. Who'd have thought they'd try with two more sequels.

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Shinobi Legions is the same as Shinobi X

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Both the same game... and still Saturn exclusive ?

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Yes, the game was released with a different name in PAL-land

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"Legions" sounds better for me

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My 2 cents:

I recommend nights into dreams.

The webms could use more bitrate, the maximum allowed 4mb.

Would be nice if these charts had the signature from our board, for street cred, y'know. Something along the lines of: "/a/ recommended anime list"

> /vr/ reccomends - greatest ________ games

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Added logos and info for all the games, minor tweaks to some fonts

Next up is to get boxart for the missing games (mostly NTSC-J), pick the best 2 seconds out of every video clip, and alphabetize when the game list is finalized enough.
I also need to adjust the script to properly handle square Japanese boxart.

I guess I'd like to consider adding informational icons like on the Dreamcast chart if there's room to squeeze them in somewhere. I'd also like to improve the look of the layout, but my design skills are obviously limited. I thought it would be nice to have the charts for various systems look different, but these green borders don't really look like anything and maybe are just too busy.

Nights is on there--it will be easier to tell if I alphabetize it though so I guess I'll just do that for the next rendering even if I'm hoping for more title swap suggestions. Eventually I'll get around to making the script alphabetize the games automatically, but I think that will involve bringing another scripting language into the mix, because avisynth is suited to it. If I wrapped the whole thing in a python script or something I could input the games list as a csv instead of as lines of code directly in the main script.

My testing suggests that the largest allowed filesize for webms is still 3MB even though you can upload images larger than that. Webms are also limited to 2048x2048. I upped the bitrate a little bit to get closer to that limit just now though.

I'd be happy to put a reference to /vr/ into the title. I think a lot of people disagree with the stuff I'm putting on, so it would be important to explain the limited and "basic" nature of these (very short) charts. Something like
>/vr/'s Sega Saturn 101

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Oh it was indeed. Lapse of attention. Sorry about that.

If I'm not mistaken the limit is 4mb site wide. With some boards allowing sound as well.

My suggestion is: make one maxed for 4chan and a 4k (or higher) version, if you can be bothered.

Also, you're never going to please everyone so do as you feel best.

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Not sure if this gigantor list is helpful but maybe you can get a few hints from the top tiers

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>the limit is 4mb site wide
I don't know about other boards, but unless something has changed in the last 48 hours, I can't upload a webm larger than 3.00 MB on /vr/

There's no much point in making a webm version of the chart in a resolution or filesize too large for 4chan, because if the chart is going to be hosted somewhere else, I might as well just build it as a web page rather than a video. Maybe something could be done as like a swf for posting on /f/ (much higher filesize limit, interactivity, etc.) but that is outside my scope for now.

>you're never going to please everyone
Yeah, certainly true. I'm just going to see it through as far as I can.

I did actually consult that same list when I was assembling the chart. Everything in the "essential" section is represented either directly or by proxy (e.g. only one entry for Shining Force III).

I'm fairly satisfied with the list of titles at this point, because I think it covers all the absolute essentials while also showing off a good variety of both 2D and 3D, lots of different genres, some quirky games, and a few Japanese exclusives that English speakers can play. I might want to take off a few of the non-exclusives like Street Fighter though (but I don't want 2D fighting games to be completely unrepresented).

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>capcom generations
>puyo puyo

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The higher version can circulate at other chans you know.

By using vp9 the file is not as beefy as you'd believe. The burden is shifted to the cpu.

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I did some tests early on with vp9, and though the encoding was even slower (more burden on the CPU as you said), the result was indeed much better!

Unfortunately, 4chan literally does not allow uploading of vp9 webms. I don't know why the uploader even bothers to distinguish, but when I tried uploading one, it gave me an error message saying only vp8 webms are allowed.

I don't know about other chans, but I don't use them or really have any interest in catering specifically to them (I assume anything I can post here can also be posted on other popular imageboards though). I can easily make a webm larger than 2048x2048, but I'm targeting 1920x1080 screens with this (which is what I use anyway) and as you've probably noticed, when you expand a webm it just fills your screen and scales down to fit if necessary. Thus making the webm bigger would just make all the cells smaller for the average user. I know some people have larger screens that could actually benefit from even bigger resolution, but I don't have any 4K monitors I can use to test out how it would look.

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wow i love this idea, an animated chart is a amazing concept, congrats OP.

one suggestion: maybe add a version to each webm releases, so if someone archived one webm on his harddrive, he can easily check if he has the most recent one

are the saturn covers all in that pseudo 3d format? we loose a lot of resolution on the cover that way

do you mind sharing your script to generate those? are you using ffmpeg?

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>maybe add a version to each webm releases
There is a timestamp in the corner of every chart you can use for that purpose. You have to look a bit closely though.

>are the saturn covers all in that pseudo 3d format? we loose a lot of resolution on the cover that way
Maybe I'll just switch to flat covers since the 3D set I have is missing numerous games. I'll post one with flat covers later and we'll see if it looks better.

>do you mind sharing your script to generate those? are you using ffmpeg?
I'm using avisynth to composite all the assets and chart cells into a big grid, and then ffmpeg just to encode the WebM.
I want to release the script but it's not very "automatic" yet, depends on finding files with certain filenames all over my hard drive, etc. I suspect there are also portability issues with avisynth so I hope you're using Windows.

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>albert odyssey is shit


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Such a god among men.

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Dark Savior is one of my favorite Saturn games, it's also only on Saturn.

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It's on there now

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epic gameplay from shining force III ...

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Yeah I need to fix all the clips

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>There is a timestamp in the corner of every chart you can use for that purpose. You have to look a bit closely though.

wow sneaky one! grey on grey, on the bottom left corner - hidden by the player control if you move the mouse, hahaha, nice one! I would put it a bt whiter, it's quite useful

>I hope you're using Windows.

i'm under linux :( did some research, there is an avisynth version but i also found http://www.vapoursynth.com/about/ in the repos, ever heard of it? -->

"The software has been heavily inspired by Avisynth and aims to be a 21st century rewrite, taking advantage of the advancements computers have made since the late 90s."

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Where bulk slash at boyo

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