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Who are your favorite reviewers or let's players of classic games, /vr/?

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Mark is irrelevant. His videos get, on average, less than 10,000 views. I would not say he is an e-celeb.

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I like Dr. Ashen a lot, but, like most e-celebs, he seems pretty up his own ass.

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Really? I think he's pretty alright. Just tries to hard to be the funny man.

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That's a shitty OP image.
I mean, it alone starts fights.

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>I think he's pretty alright.
He's definitely very entertaining and knows what he's talking about, but I always get an air of condescension and arrogance from him.

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AVGN comes out like once every 6 months. His whiny, obnoxious friend completely took over the channel. Cinemassacre is no longer top tier. RIP

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So it's been confirmed that Aaron from Retro Liberty caught his wife cheating on him, feel bad for his kids

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>falling for the marriage meme
Serves him right.

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Extra Credits
Alpha Investments
Lazy Game Reviews
The School of Life
The Bad Guys
Art of the Problem
Periodic Videos
CGP Grey
Forgotten Weapons
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Cole Puente
wendell tron
Mark Brown
The Signal Path
Khan Academy

cum @ me bro

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That's what I mean with trying to be a "funny man".
That arrogance is that British cliché people try to be funny with.

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Now that's what I call a video game cuck-llector

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Your opinion on the Saturnologist?


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i've only seen gccx and avgn so i'm gonna check some of these out, if they're bad we're gonna scrap it out in the parking lot

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threadly reminder that Joe is better than Dave and that Davefags are cancer

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the only tolerable unboxing channel in recent years

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>tfw no new eps

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Kim Justice

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I know. I can't believe he and his "friends" have been doing their videos for so many years and have utterly failed. The videos are shitty, not even entertaining and are usually for shitty games no one has heard of, and rightfully so. He has shitty taste in games, is shitty at making videos and probably is under 100IQ. It's the only thing that could explain it.

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Guru Larry's 'Fat Cunt' is pretty okay.

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Joe is literally /our guy/.

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Joe is a mouth-breathing neanderthal and also bad at video games, but I'm sure he posts here.

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t. nintendofag

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Don't call it a containment general that implies it's bad which it isn't. Fuck the old people there's nothing wrong with embracing a new entertainment medium.

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a phase
he's a shit and always will be. can't get over his 30 person camera crew laughing at everything he says
he's a shit who started making his videos as a passion instead of a necessity. you can clearly tell where that happened. I hope he makes money from views now, I heard his daughter needs them. He's not getting mine

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Mark Bussler of Classic Games Room, one of the earliest internet videogame review shows.

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I laughed.

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Why do we care about mark still? His reviews have gone down and heavily shills for money.

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He has the dankest memes.


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>Mike does an autistic voice

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>Mike does an autistic voice
nigga he is autistic and been trying to steal James channel since AVGN became popular.

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i couldnt agree more. and im a huge avgn fan. i just dont give a shit about seeing mike at all anymore. if i never saw him again id be fine with that.

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But I'm the comedic genius behind AVGN and he'd be nothing without me!!! -Mike

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Mike has always come off as that guy in Highschool that everyone hated.

The difference is, post-highschool people change and mature. Mike seems to have stayed exactly the same.

Hell, James' video series on Power Rangers is probably going to be fucking amazing, meanwhile no one gives a shit about HARD CORPS complete playthrough by someone who has the personality of a 12 year old.

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I think that's just a side effect of that particular British accent.

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You notice he even changed the channel's name to "Cinemassacre Plays"? James and Mike Mondays were alright as side content but he's desperately trying to turn it into a pure LP channel.

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It's 95% let's play now, EVEN with Mike and Bootsy over with. The shelf life of LP channels has to be short. That trend won't last for much longer. Seeing as though Rolfe is burnt out on AVGN and Board James looks to be over, they'll just be a nostalgia movie and tv review site. They've been going downhill drastically when James left to make the movie (bomb) and Mike took over (bigger bomb). They've never recovered.

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>they'll just be a nostalgia movie and tv review site

That's honestly what I've been wanting for years. The content I liked most from James are the ones where he's just talking about movies.

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True. That's the site at its strongest. Mike has to force his way into everything (inferiority complex?) and it's a shame, because he's a pretty big stain on the site when you really think about it. James is great on his own. I understand that one man can't do it all, though.

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What are some more good celebs like Pat?

Also, completely unrelated; is it really true Mike has a thirteen inch penis?

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hi pat, can you stop doing podcast til Ian back, because you are boring as fuck without him.

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James Portnow is a hack fraud who has never worked on a meaningful project in his life. The other staff for EC range from acceptable to good, but since James writes everything on the channel it's all ruined. In particular, Extra History is Texas textbook-tier fake history.

Jontron is such an absurd perfectionist that it actively harms his work. His move to pander to the Sargon fanbase is working like a charm, though, so look forward to his humor turning into political shit soon.

LGR is fun, but the guy's collection is so ridiculously large that the guy is guaranteed autistic. Honestly he should quit Youtube and just start a retro computing encyclopedia, he's totally qualified for it.

Ahoy hardly discusses games anymore, and most of his episodes are filler so he can play with his artwork some more.

CGP Grey is one of a long list of youtube celebs that ignore doing actual videos so they can run fucking low-effort podcasts. Also perfectionist to the point of hurting his work.

Redstone in Minecraft now that there's command blocks is a complete joke. SethBling was only impressive back when redstone engineering required some creativity, and not just finding new ways to route into command blocks.

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>nothing for Accursed Farms

Ross' Game Dungeon is some good shit

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Thoughts on My Life in Gaming?

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they are well knowledge but heavily shill for krikzz in any way possible.

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I like them. Well-informed and not obnoxious.

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Why does no one ever mention pat the nes punk in these threads. He is easily the most recognisable/famous retro gaming youtuber

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Because he rarely uploads non-podcast content anymore, and because he was always a AVGN wannabe

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There was literally just a thread about Pat that lasted a week in which everyone ripped him apart and stole his book

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Honestly love their channel.

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Spoony's Swat 4, point 'n click games, and ff series are legendary.

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Can't wait for this thread to turn into the usual Pat and Ian hate thread.

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What does everybody think about Wood Hawker? He broke up with his Canadian girlfriend. So we can set up a green card marriage to a girl from Texas that looks just like the Canadian girl.

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They're clearly on the spectrum, so they know their shit. I'm subscribed.

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avgn is dead.
he should stick to posting avgn

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I wonder how great cinemassacre would be if he didn't surround himself with some of the most unlikable youtube personalities in existence. still, he's OG and will always have my respect, even if his channel is dead

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he would have hair and not married to a feminist

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>if you don't suck Joe's retarded tiny cock, you're a nintendofag

Oh you, e-celebfags.

Don't act like you even were alive during the sega vs nintendo days, kid.

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>tryhard hipster who is more interested in collecting obscure crap than playing video games
seems about right

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Completely expected. Have you seen his wife in the several videos she's showed up in? Typical burnt out sorority whore. Probably didn't help that Aaron has all the personality of a 9th grade class clown at his age.

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I heard the opposite from someone who goes to his church in Orange County. He was caught cheating on his wife with that Elizabeth Pano's chick at a con by Ricky. Ricky told his wife and the rest is history.


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>scroll down into the comments section of a youtube video
>see this avatar

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Seriously what the fuck is up with Mike's voice? Is he a castrato?

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> can't get over his 30 person camera crew laughing at everything he say

If you think GCCX is bad with that, (don't) check out Tokyo Encounter, it's an amazingly entertaining retro show but the off-camera team laughs at the end of every single sentence said by the hosts and by the third episode it becomes absolutely unbearable to hear/watch.

It's a crying shame because the show is really solid otherwise.

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My favorite Larry spotting is here, because it's an obscure review of an obscure SNES game from a guy who literally just started reviewing games.

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Listen to Mike Matei talk at the beginning of this video and tell me he's not gay. "Super Nintendoooo... hayyyyy"

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Some of mine:

Jeremy Parish
Kim Justice

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I don't need anything more.

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Very informed and talented editors. I can understand their format to be too robotic for some in terms of entertainment but if you watch their livestreams (which I still enjoy) you can really tell they need their scripts.

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Here are some I like even if other people already posted them
My Life in Gaming
RetroRGB if youre into the hardware/compensation side of things
Guru Larry
Pat the NES Punk (If you end up not liking him noone will blame you)
Handlebar gamer
Gaming Historian
Classic Gaming Quarterly
Adam Koralik
John Hancock

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I like lukemorse1.

He doesn't have much intentional production value or anything outside of his video intro - most of his videos are just him recording whatever he is interested in doing at the moment and thinks is worth sharing. The definite plus side of all of this is that he is truly passionate about game things and covers stuff that very few of the "big" YouTubers would ever bother with (repairs, arcade hardware stuff, etc). He also isn't trying to shill for audio books or Loot Crate shit, so that's always a plus.

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I get this vibe too. It seems like James has grown up, started a family, and is trying to move away from his inner manchild (while still collecting youtube $$). I sense a weird dynamic that has grown between James in Mike over the past few years. Like Mike is still stuck in his adolescence and he resents James for starting to grow out of his. No he's replacing James with the fat guy.

Honestly who cares

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Who else here really digs 8 Bit Brady?

>> No.3814342

10/10 autistic garbage. RGB fetishist should be ridiculed.

>> No.3814358

Some of my Favorite Video Game Yotubers are

Zodiac Killer
Human Dracula
Crazy Necrophile
Trash Bag Killer
Acid Bath Murderer
Brutal Texan

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>CGP Grey

The amount of pure unfiltered asshurt this guy showed to the world after the election was glorious. Hope he locks himself in an institution for the next 8 years so we don't have to deal with him.

>> No.3814389

So passionate he chose retro games over his wife and kids!

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Slopes game room is pretty dope, I used to confuse him with guru larry since they share videos from time to time

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Hey, you guys miss meee?

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any good retro computer or sega related reviewers?

>> No.3814469 [DELETED] 

Reminder these threads are a trap meant only to prevent GCCX threads on VR.

Ignore and report

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GCCX doesn't belong here anyway. It's a TV show.

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Pat convinced me to buy the new Retro Gamer Watch

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That watch is gonna look so rad with my Series 2 Gamer Gloves

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Only Youtube person I watch is Gstar
Only Twitch streamer I watch is Aris

The rest can piss off

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James was around I think before pretty much all of these. Ie 2006......

>> No.3814815

He has a huge Dong tho. from one bro with a big dong to another.

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>e celebs

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You know what, I love their little skits at the end of the episodes, frankly I think they ARE funny, they just aren't funny when they try to make smart jokes during their reviews or episode presentation, but when they do these skits of Joe being a retard and Dave bullying him is where they shine. They should do a sitcom or something like that, I'd watch it.

Like the one on this episode for example
(starts at 35:44)

>> No.3814952

Does James ever discuss fucking up old stuff in his videos? Off the top of my head IIRC he melts a 32X, "shits" on a Jaguar and chucks/smashes a bunch of carts.

>> No.3814954

>removing your trip to shitpost

>> No.3814962

>ctrl F
>No metaljesusrocks

This is the only person on YouTube who talks /vr/ that I remotely give a shit about

>> No.3815025

but the thing with metal Jesus rocks he doesn't know shit, which is why he always brings people onto his video. Guy can't even tell apart original cart from bootleg in plain sight.

>> No.3815043

Also looking at him makes you wanna vomit.

>> No.3815057

>giving that much credit to a tripfag

>> No.3815087

I'm metal Jesus rocks. I haven't played any games so give me 50,000 dollars. Also here are cute fat chicks

>> No.3815092

Swear the money you are giving me isn't a paid vacation for me and my friends!

>> No.3815098

>he doesn't know shit, which is why he always brings people onto his video
Isn't that better than pretending to know it all?

>> No.3815108

The only "e-celeb" I can stand is AVGN and mostly because of nostalgia from way back when he was starting, 99.9% of the later videos kinda suck. His other non-game related videos/reviews are pretty good, for the most part at least.

I also kinda started watching that pat nes punk way back in the day, as well as the myriad of "copycats" that started showing up and didn't settle for a unique gimmick/persona yet, but got bored to hell after a few, none could really hold a candle so I eventually quit looking.

Nowadays, I find most (and not only videogame-related) yt fags insipid, you can clearly tell how most started doing it out of greed for yt bucks and that can influence overall quality in my eyes. It's funny how sometimes I stumble upon a channel that I find really bland at first, but after checking earlier videos out of curiosity, they are miles more entertaining and "authentic" despite production values being considerably worse.

I don't consider Arino an "e-celeb".

>> No.3815110

Game Sack is far and away my favorite youtube vide dame show/series. I also like The Game Chasers, Guru Larry, AVGN (the 3 episodes he does a year), and Classic Gaming Quarterly. I also like The 8-Bit Guy but he's more of a tech guy than a video game channel.

>> No.3815127 [DELETED] 

Maybe he wouldn't have to if James made content more than twice a year

>> No.3815179

chrontendo's channel is comfy. he only updates a few times a year though

classic gaming quarterly is pretty decent

nostalgia nerd - generic name but one of the better retro pc gaming channels imo

>> No.3815183


Yeah, that's old news. He's since patched things over, if a comment he made on one of his videos is to be believed (and I believe his wife was in one of his videos, playing some sort of game that coincided with a TV broadcast).

>> No.3815208

>Jontron is such an absurd perfectionist that it actively harms his work. His move to pander to the Sargon fanbase

LibCuck detected!

>> No.3815210

CGQ is awesome. for whatever reason, his TG16 Launch video is one of my favorite youtube videos of all time. I love to put it on as I fall asleep.

it's weird how his "system launch" videos do so many more views than any other videos

and it's even crazier how many views the SNES one got.

>> No.3815236

I've been enjoying Game Boy World/Good Nintentions lately

>> No.3815269

The cute fat chicks thing works with me, I watch his videos when there's Kinsley

>> No.3815419

Its good though.

Before mike would stream on the main channel then move the videos to tye second. Now the streams and full playthroughs will be fully done on the second and be kept seperate.

Dont like streams and shit? Ignore the CP (lal) channel.

It sounds like James is going to be doing movie reviews regularly (on friday, thats why mike & ryan moved to saturday).

>> No.3815421

But james wouldnt be doing vids if it werent for mike. Or at least not like we know now.

Mikes the person who put the first avgn online and handles the channel.

Without mike AVGN wouldnt exist and james would be doing corporate video editing while making shitty movies on the weekend.

>> No.3815446

He sucks because he removed the thing that made him good and unique, being in australia.

Now hes just another dime a dozen chaser in texas.

Dude is a fucking idiot to break up with a canadian to live in texas though. Unless he and billy are gonna get married now.

>> No.3815449

He wouldnt exist.

James wouldve found out about youtube in 2013, same time as your grandmother.

>> No.3815450

This is more plausible.

Deleting his youtube channel seems more like a jilted wife thing.

>> No.3815461

At that point you should just be watching the other person.

MJR's only claim to fame is working at sierra.

>> No.3815465

Given that you'd subscribe to a channel that had content you really enjoyed, what would it be?
Informational stuff, historical stuff, reviews, funny video, just average let's plays, what?

>> No.3815469


Just looked... apparently he only worked on one game.


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John Hancock

>> No.3815629


These cannot coexist.

>> No.3815790

This just reminded me about a site that did video reviews of DOS games that was pretty decent to watch. I'd completely forgotten about it. Anyone here remember it?

>> No.3815801

i unironically miss that faggot.

>> No.3815805

too homo

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>nobody's posted the best ruskie reviewer yet

>> No.3815959

any good "group" channels like pre-dan game grumps, old retsupurae, continue show?

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> yfw you put up video game related vids and no guru larry comments.

>> No.3816039

Why do you think you even know that? Because Mike says it every chance he gets. That attention hungry fag just can't let anything go without putting his name on it or taking credit for it. I'll never understand how people still defend him

>> No.3816046

Game grumps was never good. Egoraptor was never funny.

>> No.3816062

I've always wondered what's going on with his back/spine/posture. Something is fucked there.

>> No.3816065 [SPOILER] 
File: 190 KB, 1200x900, 1487803399059.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Derek Buck... replace that B with a C

dont ban me sjw mods

>> No.3816092

Exactly. Jontron carried game grumps, and when he left that shitshow is when it died.

>> No.3816101

Egoraptor was still in the show, it was still shit.
JonTron is praised by gen Z kiddies who like his LOLSORANDOM humor.

>> No.3816315

Mike's Shitty Friend < Mike < James < Bootsy

>> No.3816351

he smokes a lot of weed on and off i bet

>> No.3816352

Correct although I'd place Mike below his shitty friend.
Also the guy who plays guitar should be between James and Bootsy.

>> No.3816353

Really? He looks normal to me.

>> No.3816354

Doesn't look like the kind of guy who would do drugs, I doubt he knows people who sell pot.
Mike looks like he consumes a lot of soda and stuff with sugar, I don't know why, maybe it's his bitchy voice.

>> No.3816393

I enjoy Conitnueshow, LGR, and the AVGN. I don't watch the other cinemasscre stuff unless its James talking about movies. Not that I dislike it or think its bad its just not the content I want from them. Are there any good channels that focus on being informative rather than comedy? Extra points if they focus on Saturn, Old Japanese PC stuff, or Dos gaming.

>> No.3816395


Fuck I forgot about Kyle. Kyle's excellent though, Battletoads, Ikari Warriors, and Spider-Man are some of the best AVGN episodes.

It's a shame he's not more involved in their productions.

>> No.3816404

Stop bullying Ryan.

>> No.3816407

Kelsey is HAWT. With that over bite and that face. You all know you would drop a load all over her little face.

Kinsey is cute.

>> No.3816471 [DELETED] 


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File: 12 KB, 480x360, Jday.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Victor Lucas & Tommy T doin it on ACTUAL TV before any of these hacks!

And Victor still keepin the electric playground alive on youtube!

>> No.3816542

A relative of James Rolfe's wife claimed in another thread that Kyle was fired the same day as Bootsy. It wasn't confirmed though. Crazy shit, if true...... Mike's on a mission!

>> No.3816549

Any updates on Ian? Is he ok?

>> No.3816551

Boogie2988 is pretty awesome, super nice guy.

>> No.3816575 [DELETED] 

I think you mean James is on a mission. And you can't blame him. Kyle is dead weight. What kind of music career does that guy have?
And James was smart to get rid of Bootsy to keep Cinemassacre non-political.
Even if he didn't mention political beliefs in videos, it still reflects on them. Just look at JonTron.

>> No.3816580

How is Bootsy politically? Also, pot calling the kettle black. Remember when James refused to see the new Ghostbusters because it was all female?

>> No.3816583 [DELETED] 

Bootsy is an SJW liberal.

>> No.3816595

>And James was smart to get rid of Bootsy to keep Cinemassacre non-political.
So Bootsy made a joke about Trump on Twitter and gets fired, but Mike posts pictures of another man's dick, and uses James's YouTube account to lie about his dick size in comments every week, and that's ok? Doesn't add up. I'm not even defending Bootsy, he's boring, just saying that's fucking retarded logic

>> No.3816603

Bootsy Beats is probably the most boring videogame series I've ever sat through.

>> No.3816612

>sat through
Who forced you to sit through the whole thing, your science teacher?

>> No.3816617 [DELETED] 

Bootsy had zero personality

>> No.3816643

He's fat.
He has a nasally voice.
He's uninteresting.

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File: 80 KB, 416x514, Amazing_SpiderMan_Renew_Your_Vows_2016_003003~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Remember when James refused to see the new Ghostbusters because it was all female?
Please don't tell me there are actually people who only read the biased "journalism" articles and took them at face value.
Please tell me you're just baiting.

>> No.3816671

>Remember when James refused to see the new Ghostbusters because it was all female?

You know it wasn't for that, don't put words in his mouth.

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>No one has posted based Ahoy and Jeremy Parish

These guys sure know their history and are excellent narrators.



>> No.3816703

No most people didn't want to see it because it looked like garbage.

>> No.3816716


I have to switch off and eat a salad every time I see Ryan on-screen. I'm normally not bothered by this sort of thing but he just radiates unhealthy, the heavy breathing and nasally tone probably don't help.

>> No.3816761

He refused to see it because it didn't have the original actors, and because Ballbusters was shitting on the original legacy.

>> No.3816782

That probably describes 2/3 of 4chan

>> No.3816801

That's really disappointing to learn. He seemed like such a chill guy. I never figured him for an ISIS sympathizer.

>> No.3816812

Scoliosis. Said so in a little auto-bio he wrote somewhere, I'll try to find the translation somebody did for it in a bit.

>> No.3816821

No, wait, nevermind, it wasn't in his little bio thing but I know he's said it somewhere before. If you ever see a full body shot of him, it's even more apparent and I don't even think he can walk properly because of it. I definitely feel for the guy but he seems to get along well enough all things considered.

>> No.3816867

You're the same bitch that posts that in all the AVGN threads but never shows proof. All I can find is him calling Richard Spencer a pussy, but didn't he go after fat Devin Faraci too? I guess the "Bootsy SJW" meme is something you're trying really hard to push and some fuckheads are actually buying it. Tired of seeing you cry in these threads

>> No.3816907


>> No.3816914

Where has it been confirmed Ryan and Bootsy were fired?

>> No.3816924

Ryan's not fired, he was just in a new video. The guitar guy and Bootsy were booted out.

>> No.3816930


You wouldn't think someone could make Commodore 64, Sinclair Spectrum and other weird eurocuck consoles interesting.

And you'd be right.

>> No.3816940

So where was it confirmed? And why?

>> No.3816948

Lots of e-drama happening at cinemassacre. Has James said anything publicly about any of this? Or is this just Mike's mess?

>> No.3817263

You've obviously never talked to any of his old WoW guildmates. Once a year I check back to see if he's lost any weight like he keeps promising. Zero progress I see.

>> No.3817280

Although most e-celebs are pure cancer, the whole e-celeb hate in this site is nothing more than jealousy.


>> No.3817283

Isn't that just your own projection?

For example, I don't hate the Youtubers themselves, I hate people who consume their shit.
Also, /vr/ is full of children who idolize the idiots of Game Sack.

>> No.3817327


Jesus dude, get some air. Some of us like to gossip about literal whos while we take a dump in between Waku Waku 7 fights.

>> No.3817548

I don't even think James has a twitter, does he? Unless he says something during a J&MM video (the only ones he's even in anymore) then he has no platform to talk to the public on. Even his own damn Cinemassacre website is wholly run by Mike.

>> No.3817804

Someone did post Parish higher up in the thread

>> No.3817820

Because james in incredibly inept at technology.

>> No.3817825


Argument over. I have won. As usual.

>> No.3817831

And the sweating...

The thing he has going for him is he doesnt get pissed at games. Kinda nice watching the Alwa's Awakening streams. If it were mike he wouldve been yelling and smacking his couch.

Hes not though.

He is super manipulative and a massive liar.
Always "woe is me, im fat", "were doing everything we can to lose weight", "you cant buy your way into me playing games with you". Yet he doesnt lose weight, drinks diet soda all the time, eats on stream, constantly plays with the guys that have donated over 10k to him by now.

>> No.3817840

Why Brody of course

>> No.3817863

For the people wondering about bootsy.

reddit /r/TheCinemassacre/comments/5pz7ac/mike_bootsy_monster_madness_ending_explained/

>> No.3817906

Claiming that Bootsy is a great guy but that they wanted to go in a different direction doesn't explain anything. It sounds like crisis management. Boots was an asset to the site, but still, it seemed like he was purposely kept on the backburner so that he wouldn't get as popular as Mike. Did anyone else feel that too? A clearer picture is starting to emerge and it looks like a clash of egos (or at least one... *ahem*mike)

>> No.3818070

I liked the Extra Credits game development thing, but some of their episodes are SJW bullshit that don't have anything to do with actual game design, shilling for hidden object games or misinterpreting game plots completely.

Guru Larry is definitely one of the most informative and with plenty of research put into every episode.

CGR is a relaxing thing for me. Definitely better than any other "reviewer" that is on sugar/caffeine bomb.

LGR is also more relaxing than others, quality content.

Pixelmusement definitely knows what he is talking about and covers DOS stuff, which is not really that common.

RetroGameTech and Shane McRetro for repairs and hardware fiddling. They usually don't post very often but the content is high-quality.

I can't stand The 8-Bit Guy... He is a Macfag by heart and it shows especially in his earlier videos, where he talks shit he has no knowledge about. It's also scary to think that he repaired and sold stuff after his "let's open an UPS, drill some holes into it and add some connectors just directly without any protection" video. He made video tutorial showing how to make stuff that is going to kill you or start fire if you aren't careful.

>> No.3818094

Extra Credits is, and has always been garbage content.

Really, anyone who talks game design, but doesn't actually make games really needs to shut the fuck up about it because they're all wrong.

>> No.3818320

I absolutely adore Don's Discount Gaming.

>> No.3818323

What do you think about Ancient Dos Games?

>> No.3818329

Does pinball count as /vr/?

>> No.3818518

Billy and wood are livestreaming on the game chasing channel.

>> No.3818529

You certainly win at being a cuck.

>> No.3818546

Can you just copy and paste it here? I don't want that site in my internet history.

>> No.3818554

Does KhanAcademy have anything to do with video games or is this b8?

>> No.3818559

Started watching SNES Drunk's videos, his voice isn't grating and while his analysis isn't particularly in-depth, he checks games others won't

>> No.3818562

For Mike and Bootsy, we did it through 2016 and it was a lot of fun! Bootsy is a great guy but we are moving in a different direction. You should be sure to follow his music progress, he will is working on a new album which he is planning to do sometime this year. He does some great music and I’m sure it will be a good album!


>> No.3818564

I think the whole point is that they're lame/dad jokes

>> No.3818572

Well, I don't think they're good. Especially Joe pretending to act smug, lol. He looks much better as a retard as on the skits.
I also don't buy Dave's nice guy facade he does on the show, his shit-eating grin fits the asshole bully character on the skits better.

>> No.3818601

>Well, I don't think they're good
that's not the point

mind you, i'm not saying "haha you just don't get it". the show still have plenty of stupid and unfunny unintentional moments, including the skits you like and i don't. but the jokes during the "main program" are as that other anon said, lame dad jokes, which is why they're usually accompanied by a dead tone delivery and the other one forcing a half assed smile and looking awkwardly to the other side

despite what vr thinks they're not total retards and they would edit that shit out if it wasn't the intention

>> No.3818607

I despise CGR because of their lack of valid praise and criticism. Every fucking review is more of just looking at a game and praising anything other people have said and nitpicking faults

>> No.3818652

I like him too, wish he could do more vids for the genesis (I know he does a few as sega drunk) his sports game vids are really cool since he looks at all of them.

>> No.3818701

>despite what vr thinks they're not total retards

Hi, Joe.

>> No.3818710

So it doesn't sound like he was fired, but he quit to go continue his own career as a musician.

>> No.3818716

The last song he uploaded to his yt channel was 4 years ago.
My guess is that Bootsy called out Mike for being a shitposter, and Mike fired him.

>> No.3818724




Marshal Dyer



Cruelest Chris


>> No.3818729

I guess when you are a jobless fuck making youtube vids for a living you can spend plenty of time shitposting on /vr/ as well. Isnt that right Australia-kun, Brody, Ian, Mike, Joe and the smelling fat british cunt guru Larry. Jewtube is fucking awful and I dont know why anyone enjoys these pathetic 40 year old keks sucking at games designed for 10 year olds.

>> No.3818730

I cant stand them im sorry. there so awkard it makes me psychically uncomfortable

>> No.3818749

I do miss him. Wonder what he's doing these days.

>> No.3818751

I really don't think he destroyed functional stuff, those were probably broken or beyond repair (I HOPE).

>> No.3818757

Ahoy is fucking based, too bad his content takes so much time to make, but it's worth the weight

>> No.3818763

I'm 99% positive mike shitposts on /v/ and /vr/.

Who would be Australia-kun? Kim Justice?

>> No.3818771

Where is April's relative when we need him? Come on, man, find out what happened to Bootsy and Kyle so everyone will stop speculating.

>> No.3818782

Is "April's relative" the same guy that posted stock living room photos and AVGN episode screenshots as "proof"?

>> No.3818784

Mike wouldn't do that. They've been best friends since 4th grade. Bootsy could destroy Mike's rarest game and he wouldn't fire him.

>> No.3818785

There was also a picture of the backyard

>> No.3818787

Imagine a bootsy vs mike fistfight

Bootsy would destroy Mike

>> No.3818790

I dunno, the last time someone linked the archived thread it was all stock photos and screenshots from AVGN videos.
Obvious bait that wasn't mean to be taken seriouslyt.

>> No.3818805

He's called Motherfucker Mike for a reason. Longtime fans like me remember that he's done shady shit in the past like publicly post that irate gamer email and try to get the fans to go after that French AVGN ripoff behind James's back. He's stolen cinemassacre from underneath James, so I wouldn't be surprised if he backstabbed Bootsy too. There would've been an official announcement, but it looks like he was blindsided and didn't see it coming. For the record, I like Bootsy and I'm pissed off like many others.

>> No.3818810

Don't forget it was mike himself who forced his "big dick" meme.

>> No.3818818

Tearing down competitors is a lot different than attacking your friends though. You can tell from the videos Mike and Bootsy got along really well.

>> No.3818842

Yeah, but like JonTron/Game Grumps, who knows what goes on behind the scenes. I watched Mike and Bootsy every week (my favorite next to AVGN) and there was an odd tension that built up towards the end, especially whenever Bootsy was doing better than Mike, which was 90% of the time. Mike would get really serious and stop laughing at his jokes. You could tell there was a lot of anger on Mike's part. Go back and watch some of them!

>> No.3818847

Also, I'm not at all surprised that Mike is doing that whole "playthrough" thing now that Bootsy is gone. He totally noticed how well liked the Bootsy Beats series was and now he's trying to taste the love that Bootsy got from the fans. What a self conscious dickwad

>> No.3818879

One who has done a Green Card Marriage, and one who is about to start the scam.

>> No.3818882

they always sound like they're reading.

>> No.3818898

Also noticed that tension.

>> No.3818904
File: 48 KB, 478x344, dcfa356e294726a8674f93336fff4ec31d4b8ba9612ef75bdcaf4dd180f9bf66.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I only recognize 3 of those.

>> No.3818916

Lazy Game Reviews

>> No.3818917

Did you know he's made documentaries and stuff that've been broadcast on TV? He even made a documentary with Gene Wilder, but they aren't the greatest things in the world.

That being said I honestly do like his older stuff. His old CGR stuff is really good and some of the early CGR HD is too.

Modern Mark isn't that fun to watch. He tries too hard and isn't really that funny. He also shills his own comics and stuff too hard.

>> No.3818930

I don't know what you mean, tension. They seemed to have a good chemistry imo.

This is annoying. Mike used to put all his shitty playthroughs on the Cinemassacre Extras channel but now he's got the balls to just encroach entirely on the main one and put it all there. Mike has absolutely zero camera presence when he's streaming, it's so awkward to watch. The way he interacts with the chat just doesn't flow. I don't know why any one would want to watch his playthroughs when perfectly silent longplays are already widely available.

>> No.3818931


Extra Credits
Lazy Game Reviews

>> No.3818939

I sensed that tension too. I think part of the problem was that Bootsy doesn't really seem to be passionate about gaming like Mike is. If you follow him on Twitter, he's pretty funny and he's good at interacting with the fans, but he rarely talks about vidya. It seems like he's more into music. The fact that he's effortlessly better than Mike in skill and at figuring things out probably drives Mike crazy because that's Mike's entire identity. That, or Bootsy was fired BECAUSE he's not as passionate about gaming as James, Mike, and Ryan. The latter makes more sense.

>> No.3818948

It makes sense he's more into music because that's his real job. The fact he doesn't care as much about games is probably why he stays so calm. To him it doesn't matter if he wins or loses, it's just a game. With Mike the game IS who he is. If he fails at the game he fails at the only thing he's good at and his only job. It's a very personal defeat in his case and causes a lot of rage.

>> No.3818960

I think that's what I was trying to say, but you said it better. Good on ya. That's also what made Bootsy much more likable than any other LP gamer. He never forgot that he was just playing a game from 30 years ago and that it should be fun above all else. He would laugh when he died, not punch the couch. That's what Mike is too dumb to figure out. I'll admit, it made for good chemistry in their videos, even though it was usually at Mike's expense.

>> No.3818991


I can't really stand that guy. Charliezzz was better.

>> No.3819002

DeceasedCrab's Actraiser is fucking classic.

>> No.3819004

They are reading a shitty script every episode they wrote in 15 min. They try to force jokes in the most inappropriate times and have no comedic timing at all. In fact its almost funny how retarded the unfunny the jokes are and how shitty there forced dialogue is. "hey joe" "what do you have for us today joe" "8 mega power" "let just get right on into it"... "i found this cool retro PS4 game called Uncharted 4 lets check it out".

>> No.3819009

haven't heard that "let's play" faggots name since 2006.

>> No.3819069
File: 1.55 MB, 1438x1956, Screenshot_20170223-213029~01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone heard Pat's new podcast?

>> No.3819075

So CUPcast with Ian is dead.

>> No.3819085

Pat Buonincontri is dating a 17 year old girl.

>> No.3819095
File: 576 KB, 900x890, not even once.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3819109

what the fuck does climate change have to do with video games faggot?

>> No.3819134

What the fuck does Costco have to do with them? Pat's become a libcuck to keep the share of audience Ian used to attract.

>> No.3819143


But, this is RETRO games. There are other boards for this. E-celebs are not retro.

>> No.3819185
File: 23 KB, 480x360, tmp_22028-hqdefault-580761511.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mark's older stuff was great. I'm talking his turn of the century stuff.

His videos for Dreamcast games were the best.

it's kinda like a fun time capsule. It's cool to see videos about dreamcast games just as they were coming out.

>> No.3819191

Mike is such a weird character. He's such a big fanboy of Elvis. He must think he's Jesse from Full House.

>> No.3819196

The content they create is about retro games, dumbass.

>> No.3819213

I've been listening to it, it's just Pat talking about his opinion and views. He's libertarian, etc, whatever, doesn't matter. He's already said he voted for Gary Johnson.

>> No.3819216

I believe it.

>> No.3819218

Is he "our" guy?

>> No.3819219

Why not just throw the ballot directly in the trash? It would have the same effect.

>> No.3819230

"Queer" is another word for weird. I think you meant he's queer.

>> No.3819242

lol he sould have sold his ballot on ebay after VGA grading it.

>> No.3819249 [DELETED] 
File: 236 KB, 1920x1078, metal jesus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm really not into youtubers or anything but I was looking for some shmups to play on my Genesis and came across this dude's videos.

Is it just me or does it seem like he doesn't actually play video games? I was all excited about using his arcade sticks which had auto-fire even though all of the games he was playing in the best Genesis Shmups video had autofire built in.

It seems like he's really stoked to know about video games, but not really that interesting in actually knowing them. Reminds me a lot of Gregg from On Cinema

>> No.3819256
File: 236 KB, 1920x1078, metal jesus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm really not into youtubers or anything but I was looking for some shmups to play on my Genesis and came across this dude's videos.

Is it just me or does it seem like he doesn't actually play video games? He was all excited about using his arcade sticks which had auto-fire even though all of the games he was playing in the best Genesis Shmups video had autofire built in.

It seems like he's really stoked to know about video games, but not really that interesting in actually knowing them. Reminds me a lot of Gregg from On Cinema

>> No.3819264

because despite the "winner take all" electoral college system, you're still entitled to your right to vote for whoever you want, even if your vote is effectively worthless if you vote outside of the two dominant parties.

>> No.3819267

Bootsy would do it easily and then make a "Bootsy Beats Mike" video explaining how anyone could beat the shit out of him.

>> No.3819269

CUPcast is separate from this new podcast, but Ian is gone indefinitely from the looks of it.

this podcast isn't CUPcast, you pile of sticks.

source? is she hot at least?

>> No.3819294

Just imagine Bootsy sitting on the couch calmly explaining how to beat Mike's ass while Mike's still seeable on the bottom left corner with blood running out of his nose

>> No.3819328

this guy is cringe. almost as cringe as that other metal manlet alphaomegasin.

>> No.3819346
File: 596 KB, 641x435, dendy 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey, this guy is pretty good. Never seen his stuff before.

>> No.3819410

he's too ugly

it always scares me

>> No.3819418

Too bad Bootsy is a 5'4" manlet

>> No.3819924

What do ya think'll happen to Mike when it's proven that the dick pic is fake? All of his 13 year old fanboys are gonna feel betrayed. He'll probably claim it was "satire" or something like he did with the Elmo and Miney Crafta videos

>> No.3819970

The Classic Gane Room episodes for Swords of the Berserk: Guts' Rage, Seaman, and Ecco Defender of the Future, were great.

>> No.3819974

>James like Power Rangers

Well, there's that.

>> No.3819976


I see that nine of those episodes are on the site anymore.

If I remember correctly those episodes featured the old co-host.

Did Mark take down all of the episodes with his old co-host?
Did they have a falling out?

>> No.3820073

Can the goobers at hyperkin do anything right?
I feel like no one who works at whatever they are knows what they're doing or how to do it right

>> No.3820250

Ashens is crowdfunding a new Terrible Old Games book.

The first one wasn't great, but he says he's going to substantially expand this one.

>> No.3820269

Do we have a list of non-cucked retro game personalities yet?

>> No.3820273
File: 112 KB, 600x400, avgnfg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

James, for one.

>> No.3820278

Aww, sup Mike, angry that people like Bootsy better than you?

Try to get a deeper voice first, maybe once you sound like a normal adult people will start thinking you're a man.
And no, your big dick memes don't work anymore.

>> No.3820479

Yeah, nah. He's entertaining, not that entertaining.
Sometimes I skip a lot of his blabbering because it's nonsense filler, I wouldn't get a book written by him.

>> No.3820491

Any updates on Ian?

>> No.3820502

Nothing on his GFM or Twitter. The last thing I see mentioned is a meeting with his Internist on January 30th. We're obviously a bit past that now. Hopefully he's getting better.

>> No.3820573
File: 25 KB, 306x480, 1466793104536.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3820597
File: 466 KB, 482x800, r9ImkOE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3820638
File: 2.79 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20170221-215444.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.3820654

Apple Macfags are unbearable to me. Part of the reason I hate James. Seems a lot of jewtubers are macfags as well.

>> No.3820847

I don't use one but an anon said once that the most popular video editing software is only available on Mac and that's also the one they teach in schools.

>> No.3820874

final cut pro? never used it myself. im sure it cant be worth paying $2k+ shekels for ugly ass mac shit.

>> No.3820882

Is that a man or a very ugly woman?
I'm having a hard time telling.

>> No.3820898

Mark from CGR is also a macfag

>> No.3821034
File: 3 KB, 125x125, 1474001644149.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Top Hat Gaming Man
My actual literal nigga. I've been watching him since he posted about his first video on a forum I go to. His videos are comfy af

>> No.3821046


>implying ian isnt worse

>> No.3821347
File: 48 KB, 640x360, fartinmyface.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3821427

I've been a lifelong Cinemassacre fan through and through, so I think it's stupid when people rank their favorite contributors. They're all completely different from one another, which is why I'm a fan in the first place. I'm bummed out about Bootsy leaving, though, especially if it's true that Mike fired him. I hate to admit it, but there's nothing about Mike that I like more than Bootsy. It was nice having someone clever, smart, and mature to balance out the ridiculousness of the other two (not an insult to Mike and James, btw).

>> No.3821587

>and mature to balance out the ridiculousness of the other two

James is mostly cool when he's not in the AVGN character though. Mike is the whiny and childish one.

By the way, what did you guys think of the Shin Godzilla review by them?
I was surprised they never mentioned Hideaki Anno or the fact the movie has an Evangelion music track. I guess they never watched Evangelion.

>> No.3821616

I thought he was like a bigtime one, marrying a woman who ended up becoming a fat SJW.

>> No.3821626
File: 212 KB, 600x450, magfest1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It doesn't matter when he has hot fangirls.

As for the sjw thing:
The whole "avgn is a cuck" meme was forced by /v/, /tv/ and possibly Mike, but then he got un-meme-cucked when he did the ghostbusters video.
He didn't even know though, he's just based, he isn't up to date with internet memes. And I imagine I'd be the same if I had fangirls, I would give 0 fucks about what kissless virgins have to say about me online.

>> No.3821679
File: 65 KB, 900x900, Hardmancanada.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hardmancanada. Believe me, he's different.

>> No.3821686


only autistic edgy kids watches NGE and thinks that's Philosophical

its worse than Twin Peaks and Millennium Faggots

its a well known fact that Mike access 4ch and 8ch, and that he is one of the autistic trolls from /v/ who keeps shitposting here on /vr/, /vg/ and /tg/.

Its sad that AVGN started only with James and Kyle, and now its only mike's playground of shit...

>> No.3821729

Is that why regina isnt in the picture anymore?

They finally hit the "weve been married long enough that INS believes it was a legit marriage".

>> No.3821739

mike's playthroughs arent streams. He's done one stream in months (ikari warriors). Probably because he got tons of "huge penis" comments.

I dont understand mike's editing of his playthroughs. Why does he cut to a fullscreen view of his face for seemingly no reason?

>> No.3821741

Pat, Stop trying to make it happen.

>> No.3821745
File: 124 KB, 500x403, anno.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>only autistic edgy kids watches NGE and thinks that's Philosophical

wait, who said anything about philosophy? I just thought it was weird they didn't mention Anno or aren't familiar with the show (apparently).
I didn't said it because of "philosophical", I said it because eva borrows a lot from tokusatsu and "japanese monsters" that they love, Anno is also known for being pretty good at practical effects (he did live-action toku back in the 80s).

>> No.3821761

Voting third party is the only way we can move away from this abomination of a two party system.

A third party cant partake in debates unless they had a large enough portion of the vote in the previous election.

Many voters, who were tired of the two parties, took this past election as a good time to attempt to get their preferred candidate's party that percentage because the media said trump had no chance.

In reality, they shouldve voted for the least offensive choice if they lived in a swing state and only voted third party if not in a swing state.
If you look at california, clinton had almost double the votes as trump. So around 4 million clinton voters couldve voted third party and not have changed the outcome of that state's election.

>> No.3821764


He is more into music (his claim to fame is working at sierra, where he did sound design on one game) and is only latching onto the gaming community. Its why he has so many guests.

>> No.3821779

I like Kacho!
While complaining, he gets crazy in video games
so he really loves them, I think.

>> No.3821784

Not video games related but he's talking less about the viability about voting third party and more about how much of a joke "dude weed" Johnson was

>> No.3821824
File: 1.27 MB, 250x210, ezgif-3-0b29050d28.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.3821828

This is too funny.
Was he being funny on purpose or he was on a buttonmash part in some game?
His hands are too fat for the SNES controller.

>> No.3821842

It was a wrestlemania game during a james and mike mondays.

He was trying to get back up or something.

>> No.3821858

His co-host, Dave, started making videos so I'm sure Mark got angry that he was trying to take away viewer & patreon shekels.

>> No.3821870

James never saw Power Rangers until last week and that show was bigger than Pokemon in the early 90s. I doubt he's ever seen a single anime in his life outside of some very casual Miyazaki stuff.

>> No.3821895

A not-so clever way to edit out the multitude of deaths.

>> No.3821910

Thats it... i dont know why i didnt think of that.

>> No.3821942


dude visit /m/ somedays, the evafags from /a/, Animesuki, Evageeks and Evangelionbr.com keeps paying a visit there saying that NGE is philosophical


James pretty much never saw anything from the 90's besides horror movies, series and the cinema/Design college

he and Kyle did the same college i think

>> No.3821949

I visit /m/, it's mostly Tominofags, what are you talking about?
Again, coimpletely irrelevant, I was wondering if James and Mike know Evangelion and if they were aware who Anno (the director of Shin Godzilla) was. I wasn't talking about /m/, /a/, or whatever. There is a world outside of 4chan and internet fanbases, you know.

>> No.3821971
File: 84 KB, 460x593, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

AVGN is still fun, I just skip the episodes I don't like

Jontron still pro-teir. At the very least never writes shit it, even if it falls flat.

Personally I still watch Caddicarus.
> inb4 that's a shit show for 12 year olds.
I know, that's why I only talk about it on these here anonymous message boards.

>> No.3822015

I almost like Caddicarus. I kind of want to like it because I don't know anything about the PS1/2 library.

But the sporadic video filters and voice shifts feels like he's jingling baby keys in front of his audience.

And the parts where he shoots games he decides are bad is just plain cringe.

>> No.3822036
File: 228 KB, 700x325, avgn-movie-teaser-e28093-landfill-excavation-700x325.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

he is perma-cuck

you cant uncuck yourself because he didnt see a feminist sjw movie ghostbusters.
He made a feminist sjw movie.

>> No.3822053
File: 162 KB, 1680x1050, Console Wars.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm nintendo
I'm segaa
This is console warrrrz

Nintendo dude is obviously a fag.
Sega dude 4 life.

>> No.3822057

Have we advanced far enough for facial recognition software to run in javascript?

I want to block every video with retarded faces in the thumbnail.

>> No.3822061

You can use adblock to filter any thumbnails that you consistently see.

>> No.3822068

Like cutting a head off of a hydra dude.

I wrote my own script to remove the whole sidebar anyway. I'm not missing it yet.

>> No.3822095

What ethnicity is sega dude anyways?

>> No.3822112

>being this bluepilled
More parties solves nothing, rather Democracy itself is fundamentally flawed and needs to be replaced with something better, possibly fascism or Dunig's theory.

>> No.3822142
File: 83 KB, 424x514, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guru Larry is pretty based. Honestly I'd respect him a more of he weren't so fat. Like, JonTron is a bit chunky but Larry is the kinda guy you see loading 12 boxes of coke into a rascal at Wallmart.

> Not wanting a Federal Parliamentary Democracy and Constitutional Monarchy working together for a Westminister style of government.
Go home underage

>> No.3822162


Im explaining the way things are, not my ideals.

Guru larry is based as fuck.
Who else actively participates in a forum (dhi) where they shit on his and other youtuber vids?
But yeah, sucks about his weight. It seems to fluctuate wildly as well. He'll look fat as fuck in one video, then a lot thinner (excluding what appears to be a massive panniculus) in another, then fat as fuck in the next.

>> No.3822189
File: 493 KB, 440x330, 1486355788785.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Watching right wing conservative videos
>See this guy
If only he weren't so goddamn fat he could be /ourguy/

>> No.3822215
File: 118 KB, 462x1024, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Actually interesting and informative
> At least a 7/10
> choose one

Why is this (almost) always the case? It's like the moment these guys lose weight they start going to parties and fucking bitches and have no time for games.

Kinda makes me depressed now that I think about it.

>> No.3822223

And he has female fangirls giving him attention. You don't. End of story.

>> No.3822224

Whatever happened to the Game Center CX translators? Did the general disappeared because there's nothing to talk about?

>> No.3822232

Barely anyone on /m/ talks about the philosopical wankery of NGE

Maybe you should visit /m/ someday

>> No.3822246

He's probably the typical hipster who was brainwashed into hating Evangelion even without having watched it because "the fans of Evangelion are all pretentious cunts who think Evangelion is deep".
Anti-Evafags are now more obnoxious than the actual Evafags.

>> No.3822267

Their videos are overall neat, they started doing pretty shallow comparisons but now they try to be a bit more in depth which is nice

>> No.3822482

The guide says new subs are coming soon.

>> No.3822501


I never heard of either of them so I just googled them both. Neither is hot. Neither has a little face. These two facts are closely related.

>> No.3822791

Greatest gif of all time

>> No.3822918

they are both mere years away from being trailer trash

>> No.3822935

>LGR is fun, but the guy's collection is so ridiculously large that the guy is guaranteed autistic. Honestly he should quit Youtube and just start a retro computing encyclopedia, he's totally qualified for it.
You are giving him shit for having too large a collection? Someone is Jelly i see.

>> No.3823130
File: 92 KB, 444x750, 1461512635048.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.3823253
File: 81 KB, 500x375, 621.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>debating e-celeb status

two of the three in OP anon's pic are either 1.) in a video game or, 2.) are the main character of their own video game.

>> No.3823264

That's not how you discern between e-celebs and regular celebs.
Arino is a regular celeb, the other 2 are e-celebs.

>> No.3823352

Weird. Wonder why he would spend so much time and money buying all those video games instead of making music or whatever.

Do you know what game he worked on?

>> No.3823417

How old is Joe from Game Sack? The wikia claims he's 51.

>> No.3823436

Shivers 2.

Actually... i dont think he actually worked on the game... i think he actually "acted" in it. Its an fmv game.

I found this music video from the game on youtube... you can see his no-chin in the thumbnail.

youtube /watch?v=P1qDRVxDxgw

Metal jesus might have mentioned all this in his video where he talks about his gaming history, i havent watched it.

>> No.3823446

Also, im getting the one game number from credits listings on mobygames.

If he did anything else for sierra it wasnt credited.

>> No.3823467

Wait a second, Mike fired Bootsy?! FOR RYAN?!

That's the saddest thing I've read all night.

>> No.3823627

Bootsy got the boot.

The irony is palpable.

>> No.3823652

Arino because he's actually good at games. He's the real deal.

James because he's a nice guy and he's occasionally very funny.

I don't care much for CGR. He has a great narration voice but he doesn't actually seem to know much about retro gaming.

>> No.3823686

I really wish Mark would put up his old turn of the century videos. I can't remember his co-host's name at the time, but their "review em as they come out" videos about n64 games, saturn games, dreamcast, ps2, etc were really well done. I also liked what they were doing with CGRUndertow trying to ACTUALLY review everything. One of the few channels that you can type in a random ps2/gamecube/xbox game and get a review for it, albeit a 5 minute one.

>> No.3823725

He looks like the dad in the movie The Wizard playing Ninja Turtles, I doubt anyone has that gif

>> No.3823738

Caw Caw

Fuck outta here

>> No.3823743
File: 418 KB, 640x480, Ojamajo.Doremi.12.[NDK][B71473D8].avi_snapshot_03.43_[2016.12.23_16.47.24].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I unsubscribed from CGR since he really isn't a cool dude talking about video games anymore but rather a lot of other things, and him adding the names of all of his patrons to the end of every video of his was getting very annoying.

>> No.3824018

An eceleb thread and no mention of 8 bit brody? Where's the love?

>> No.3824407
File: 310 KB, 955x535, artificial difficulty.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys, I think Mike might be retarded :(

>can't figure out you just jump across
>had to pass the controller to Ryan who had never even played this to do it for him

>constantly complains how emulators are the devil and actual hardware is the only way to play
>plays this on a Retron 5 with a shitty smear filter

>> No.3825305

So Pat Contri has a brand new re-branded podcast called Not So Common. Safe to assume Ian is never coming back?

>> No.3825372

>8 bit brody
his awkwardness is enjoyable but his recent videos are not very retro more modern. do more obscure game reviews.

>> No.3825501

I thought it was played on supergameboy

>> No.3826480

Newfag itt.
What is the story about Mike's 10 inch penis? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVtDsQ5L_oc
In this video _every_ single comment about it.
Did he flip out on public screaming about his cock or what?

>> No.3826498

When is Ian coming back?

Also don't forget to donate to his GoFundMe. He's very ill and had no insurance.

>> No.3826503


>playing Marks Shit mod with james being terribad at it with mike sperging his own memes...

How the mighty have fallen

>> No.3826509

Mike forced the big dick meme to compensate for his shitty pubescent fuirty voice.
It's an old meme by now (and absolutely not real, by the way, I bet Mike's dick is a peanut)

>> No.3826512

Mike is desperate to cater to /vr/, now playing Doom source mods to please the doom general fags.

>> No.3826516

I thought they hate brutal doom.

>> No.3826525


>please doom genral...

>>>/v/ please, doom general and most of retro HATES Sgtmark's in person and Brutal doom in general

Mark did the impossible in piss off everyone.

>> No.3826528

well excuse me for not lurking doom generals, I thought these fags liked anything with lots of blood and gore in it.

>> No.3826534


If i tell you that id Software hates him too?

>> No.3826554

I have no idea. I do remember people on doom general recommending brutal doom a while back, but maybe I'm remembering wrong.

>> No.3826584

I could be wrong, but that old version of "so you want to play doom" pic with brutal doom in it was probably made before /vr/ even existed.

>> No.3826816

That video is hard to watch. James comments how the game has "a retro look" to it. Like, no shit James, it's DOOM. Does he really not understand the concept of WADs at all?

>> No.3826820

> Does he really not understand the concept of WADs at all?
This. He is console gamer after all.

>> No.3826825


James is a Faggot console fag, he never touched on any PC game on his life.

>> No.3826830

So Arnold Schwarzenegger is an e-celeb? he's a star in a lot of games

>> No.3826843

No, Arnold is not the star, a character he played is the star. That's the difference.

>> No.3826847

>gen Z shitheads who play source mods on their laptops talking shit about James, who own actual old computers like Commodore 64


>> No.3826856

>implying that ownership of commodore 64 automatically turns him into an expert in PC gaming area

>> No.3826858

/vr/doom/ does not hate BD. They hate Mark and people who don't shut up about BD.

Also newer versions of BD somehow manage to break even more stuff than the older ones.

>> No.3826934

James was playing Doom on PC before you were a thing in your dad's ballsack.

>> No.3826957

There was a pic where the fabric of his pants were folded in a way that made it look like a giant dick.

>> No.3826959

And hes as adept at computers as your grandmother.

>> No.3827002
File: 1.11 MB, 2400x2400, kborpad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is James right?

>> No.3827004

I'm really confused about your cherrypicked pictures there. At first glance one would assume that you're trying to defend kb+m, but why would you put pictures of that tranny or the fat guy from valve?

>> No.3827007

James said the he himself prefers controllers because he works with the computer all day, so he himself relates keyboard with work. He made it clear that he doesn't think controller is superior to keyboard or viceversa.
If you got triggered by that, then you're an autistic child who probably grew up playing flash games on the internet.

>> No.3827016
File: 13 KB, 122x339, 1402473291757.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let it go, bro. It doesn't even matter.

>> No.3827019

I sit on my ass on 4chan for 17 hours a day behind a keyboard and still have no problem using KB+M to play a game. "Works with computers" is not an excuse.

>> No.3827031

The thing here is that you're triggered by how others decide to play their games.
James made it clear that he wasn't saying that one is "right" and the other is "wrong", and he's aware that kb+m is better for FPS, he was just explaining why he, personally, prefers a pad.

Stop being dense about how other people play their games, neckbeard.

>> No.3827043

I'm also triggered by how autistically James holds his controllers by sticking his fingers out when he mashes buttons. I think he just doesn't know how to play games period, regardless of the device.

>> No.3827046

How about you post a (time stamped) picture of hour own hands holding a controller? So maybe we can see how's the "right" way to hold it, neckbeard.

>> No.3827048

If you're on /vr/ and still don't know how to properly hold a controller no tutorial I can make will help you at this point.

>> No.3827050

No I just want to laugh at your hands.

>> No.3827051

Any updates on Ian?

>> No.3827062

He still doesn't have insurance. Pray for his health and don't forget to donate.

>> No.3827068

So playing at an arcade cabinet is work too?

James confirmed retarded.

>> No.3827071

The picture is obviously defending controllers and agreeing with James.
All of the pictures on the left are of people either literally working or playing in an overly competitive/complex setting for some type of monetary gain. The pictures on the right are just of people chilling.

>> No.3827114


James played DOOM on his SNES. He thought the SNES and genesis versions were the original DOOM experience.

>> No.3827117

Arcade cabinets have keyboards?

I remember James saying he played Doom on PC.

>> No.3827118

>Arcade cabinets have keyboards?
Irrelevant. James' argument was that holding your hands in that position is considered work, which is nonsense because you hold your hands the same way at an arcade as you do over a keyboard.

>> No.3827142

>James' argument was that holding your hands in that position is considered work

No, he was talking about using a keyboard.

>> No.3827147

It wasn't an "argument" to begin with, he was stating his personal choice.
Also, no, he wasn't talking about position, he was talking about keyboard vs controller, arcade sticks were never into the equation.

>> No.3827195

The meme was created by Mike himself (along with the James is a cuck meme) in an effort to advance his reputation. He sees everything we write about him here. Whenever someone posts a mirror link to a miney crafta or Elmo video, it's taken down minutes later for a copyright strike because Mike is always looking at what people are saying about him. He also moderates every comment on YouTube and the cinemassacre subreddit. He seems more than a little schizophrenic (seriously).

>> No.3827224

>the meme was created by Mike himself (along with the James is a cuk meme) in an effort to advance his reputation


>> No.3827245

>fires anyone on the channel who is better than games at him
>keeps James and Ryan around because they either outright suck (James) or hides their power level and lets Mike win (Ryan)

I have no doubt if his girlfriend beat him enough times at games Mike would dump her too. I honestly feel sorry for him that being "the best" at a silly video game is the most important thing to him.

>> No.3827343

I believe this. People need to appreciate that when your income and reputation are tied to youtube, it's to hell with playing fair and being upfront and honest about everything. Professional youtubers are getting so sophisticated, they have everything down to an art. Interacting with the community, memes, drama.... it's all bullshit purely designed for publicity and to have you coming back to them for more.

>> No.3827391

If it was on a Super Gameboy, there'd be a border around the game screen.

>> No.3827754
File: 98 KB, 1268x442, 4TVwTAL.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well said

Someone warn James before it's too late! Bootsy already took the fall! lol

>> No.3827809

I'm afraid but I'll ask?

Who the fuck is this Ian you guys always mention?
I highly doubt it's Brutalmoose.

>> No.3827830

I think it's literally just the same couple people posting about him repeatedly. I had never heard of Pat or Ian before and have never seen anyone else talk about them anywhere else ever.

>> No.3827851

Pepsi, Kino, and NES.

This guy is forever my nigga.

>> No.3827857

God I just can't stand it. And the fact that he has to re-state it everytime someone references drives me up the fucking wall.

>> No.3827863

I doubt they'd fire Kyle

>> No.3827982

It's Pat's shitty SJW friend who does weed all day, eats burritos, and complains of abdominal pain. He went to multiple "internalists" to diagnose the problem but they can't find anything, so he just sits at home and eats more shitty food and moans. He always hypes himself up as a bigwig of this amazing retro game store but in reality he's just one of many counter workers.

>> No.3828043

If they can fire Bootsy, they can fire anyone. That dude was chill and it seemed like most fans loved him. Still, no confirmation on Kyle getting fired yet, so probably not true

>> No.3828319

I watched the Kinamania review of Ghostbusters and I liked the part where he how the building part was worse for americans because the Dendy has turbo buttons and the NES doesn't.

>> No.3828504

How about Benzai? I don't think he does many English reviews anymore but I used to really enjoy his show.

>> No.3828642

Yeah I remember him from tgwtg. Does he still make vids?

>> No.3828993

Ross is incompetent twat, and some times resorts to bullshit to prove his biased point.

For instance in his review of "Well of Souls" he deliberately uses shit weapon against enemies and bosses then whines about how even basic mooks take millenia to kill, and deletes video replies that demonstrate same section beaten effortlessly.

In Revenant review he ignores crucial tutorial - Guard tells him to go to Trainer and learn moves, he ignores him saying he does not need a tutorial in hack'n'slash, proceeds to use basic attacks for the whole game, then whines how he constantly runs out of potions, since he never learned that game has combos, blocks and dodges.

Then he talks for ~20 minutes about bugs that get removed by applying the latest patch (which is an obvious thing to do for a game designed with Win98 in mind, when pl;aying it in Win7).

He then proceeds talking about ridiculous loading times, while showing the options menu, with all Precaching options enabled and cranked to max (it forces game to completely unload all assets, then load new ones on every transition), and all load-while-playing options disabled.

He whines about magic system being ridiculous and saying that he'll never use it, then3 minutes later whines about the fist-fighting boss battle. Cherry on top: While he talks aout magic he skims over 2 spells (Might and Fist Mastery) that were explicitly given to him by an NPC in order to beat the boss.

After all this I doubt I can believe anything he says ever again.

>> No.3829109

You can't fire someone who doesn't work for you. When was Kyle last seen, like 3 years ago? I always forget that guy exists.

>> No.3829473

It seems like Kyle was the production designer on all of James's projects (AVGN, Board James), at least according to the credits. He acted in that b-movie trailer that James just released, too. I think he might have managed merchandise, but not sure. He's definitely not in front of the camera a lot, but if he was fired, that means he'll never be in front of the camera again (guitar guy behind the couch). No one has proof, though, so I call bullshit

>> No.3829717

So Mike just completely took over Bootsy Beats huh? What an ass.

>> No.3829739
File: 92 KB, 900x900, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are they good?

>> No.3829743

no. it's like an episode of regular show written by hillary clinton.

>> No.3829763

From the little I watched it's like watching 3 uninteresting and not witty guys play games they don't know for the first time, most of the time not being able to grasp basic concepts or mechanics in the game and calling it shit, especially old games, prepare for "this game aged bad" meme being repeated ad nauseam.
Basically it's like mixing Mike and James mondays when they play games they don't know + big bang theory + shit = continue?

this also sums it up pretty well

>> No.3829764

Mike, please.

>> No.3829768

Am I the only one who thinks the new "mike beats" videos are actually recorded and then acted over by Mike?
Like he pretends to be playing on the videos but he isn't, he's just talking and pretending to be playing over a recording. I'm sure it's still his, but I can tell the guy isn't actually playing on the videos he uploads.

I know there's livestreams but those were like x2 or x3 longer than his new ones. He dies a lot and edits it so that it seems he isn't losing.

>> No.3829879

That's exactly what he's doing

>> No.3829890


>> No.3829904

That's exactly what it looks like to me too. No one else in the room, hands below the cropped video, weirdly timed "trivia" about something that just happened. It all seems scripted.

He wants to be Bootsy so bad...

>> No.3829914

and when he does die he doesn't scream "C'MOOONNNNN"

>> No.3829925

Or burst into an autistic ragefit screeching "FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK!" while punching the couch

>> No.3829935

Not only that, but he obviously uses save states and edits everything out. Remember when he did that terrible voice over in the James and Mike episode after the fact so that it looked like he knew what he was talking about? He's a phony, and he thinks we're too dumb to notice.

>> No.3829938

>Remember when he did that terrible voice over in the James and Mike episode after the fact so that it looked like he knew what he was talking about?

I fucking do and it was hilarious.

>> No.3829939

which one?

>> No.3829945
File: 31 KB, 581x273, bootsy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i thought he was focusing on his music, mike?

>> No.3829952

Things keep getting murkier and murkier for good ol' Miney Crafta Mike's reputation.

>> No.3829961

MIKE IS A CONFIRMED DICK and James is his personal fucktoy

>> No.3829962

HAHAHAHA you can't make that shit up! Good for Bootsy. Fuck Mike

>> No.3829965

They used to be good imo, I used to get excited for new episodes of theirs but now it just seems like they are trying to appeal to a younger audience like the kids who grew up with PS2. I missed when they mostly played retro stuff and made jokes and references people our age would understand it was quiet funny. Now I think it's just dogshit, they are boring, and they suck soooooo bad, like the maximo episode took em half the fuckin episode to figure out there was a double jump. It's such a shame I used to really like their show now its just annoying bullshit.

>> No.3829974

wow soo mike knew this and released a punch out video anyway. Fuck that guy

>> No.3829984
File: 867 KB, 1280x720, goemon047.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this guy uploaded a video. remember him? "Update Video" the series?

>> No.3829989

im posting this in the cinnemassacre subreddit just to start a shitshow.

>> No.3829993

please do, and post a link. i don't know reddit.

>> No.3829995 [DELETED] 

hahah i only have an account to start shit it comes in handy


>> No.3829997

Enjoy it for a few more seconds You know Mike's gonna delete it immediately

>> No.3829998
File: 476 KB, 200x199, albundyjoy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3830001

Looks like a cross between Pete Townshend and Keith Moon.

>> No.3830009


it looks like Kyle left it to follow his own projects

also he and james were college friends

>> No.3830010

There's no coming back from this. Mike can go straight the hell. Unsubbed

>> No.3830079

Still up miney crafta Mike must be banging some trannies

>> No.3830081

Lol, you slipped through the cracks. Can't believe it's still up

>> No.3830089

Ian needs more idiots to give him money. He updated his gofundme. He should stop doing drugs and drinking liquor. Fucken loser

>> No.3830094

why doesnt he just get a job selling weed or being a reseller jew like Pat?

>> No.3830102

his tummy hurts too bad.

>> No.3830105

i saw that. even his 2nd doctor told him to get fucked.

>> No.3830154

It looks like they got archived.

>> No.3830386

Pete Townshend reincarnated as a nerdy internet guy

>> No.3830391

That guy is such a miserable depressing fuck.

Shkreli reminds me of what would happen if a channer got famous and wealthy, Lordkat reminds me of a channer who got e-famous and poor and bitter.

>> No.3830394

So by your logic bootsy has the monopoly on Mike Tysons Punch Out

>> No.3830398 [DELETED] 

oh fuck off mike. You were trying to steal thunder from bootsy

>> No.3830410

holy fuck that's a name I havent heard in AGES. dunno if he/she counts as an e-celeb tho

>> No.3830417 [DELETED] 

fuck you mike. this is why everyone hates you

>> No.3830495 [DELETED] 

Let's all start calling him miney crafta mike

>> No.3830540

Link? I don't remember this at all.

>> No.3830543

Opinions on Gamesack?

>> No.3830545

who here chrontendo. new episode


>> No.3830546

Who is this guy??

>> No.3830551

Lets sing along..
He's gonna take you back

>> No.3830552

Dr Sparkle

>> No.3830554

To the past

>> No.3830557

To play the

>> No.3830560

Shitty games that

>> No.3830561

suck ass
he'd rather have

>> No.3830562

A buffalo...

>> No.3830570

Take a diarrhea dump in

>> No.3830571

Shut the fuck up

>> No.3830573

his ear. He'd rather eat...

>> No.3830576 [DELETED] 

fuck off mike and stop deleting posts. your cancer knows no boundaries. how is that off topic in an e-celeb general too, you're not off limits. get your shit together. janitor if you really are a mike matei fan at least hold him accountable for this shady shit

>> No.3830581

The rotten asshole of a roadkill

>> No.3830582

watched it already, sad to hear about his dog hopefully he can get his ass in gear now. Im used to the slow updates been following him for years.

>> No.3830586

Skunk and down it with beer

>> No.3830587

He's the angriest gamer you've

>> No.3830594

Ever heard

>> No.3830597

He's the angry nintendo nerd

>> No.3830605

The sooner you kill the thread the sooner we can make a new one. Keep it up.

>> No.3830650

no he doesn't but it is pretty underhanded to release that video when you know your friend is about to do one, the same shit mike would freak out at the irate gamer for (he's a fag too but whatever)

>> No.3830653

do we know mike KNEW bootsy was going to do a punch out video? first i saw mention of it was in that tweet from today.

>> No.3830656

What's preventing Bootsy from just making his own channel and posting his video? Because yelling at Mike for playing a game that anyone can play whenever they want makes him come off very whiny.

>> No.3830658

Bootsy's tweet was AFTER Mike posted his video. It comes off to me that Bootsy is jealous and probably annoyed for getting kicked off the channel.
He probably should have thought twice about posting so much political banter.
James obviously doesn't want Cinemassacre involved in that sort of e-drama like Jontron got mixed up with.

>> No.3830660

he's not yelling at mike we are for firing him. If bootsy is going to make his own gaming videos kind of makes you wonder why mike fired him.

>> No.3830661

jontron is more based than ever he was a fat retard before but not he's the only one with a fucking backbone. It's just pissy sjws from gamergate that think he sucks

>> No.3830662

Bootsy is an SJW

>> No.3830664

what kind of political banter did he post

>> No.3830667

wtf i hate bootsy now.

>> No.3830669

Looks like he posts lots of anti-trump tweets. Pretty dumb of him to make posts like that on a page called "bad luck bootsy" a Cinemassacre character. He should keep that to himself

>> No.3830670

Mike made mention of the Bootsy Beats episode in production in one of his live streams. He knew what game it was but couldn't tell. From what it looks like, Bootsy only let the fans know what game it's gonna be to let everyone know that Mike ripped him off. Fuck Mike, that coward

>> No.3830673

Bootsy is anti-trump, extreme sjw and a manlet.

>> No.3830674

When are you idiots in here gonna realize that whenever Mike gets shit on, he bombards the thread himself until it gets removed. These are all examples of him talking to himself. So desperate

>> No.3830682

yo senpai, youre late. /v/ & /vr/ hate mike again

>> No.3830690

i am fuckin late.

I believe it. He just needs to chill out the reason people shit on him so much is because hes so autistic

>> No.3830694

explains everything can't help but feel bad for the lil guys

>> No.3830698


>> No.3830702

It's awesome how OneyPlays has a reoccurring joke that makes fun of Mike. YTers respect James but rip Mike apart, its funny AF

>> No.3830854

post example pls

>> No.3830860

when you turn on your tv

>> No.3830862

Be sure its tuned to channel 3

>> No.3830864

He's got a nerdy shirt

>> No.3830865

And a pocket pouch

>> No.3830868

though i never see him write anything down

>> No.3830872

He's got a power glove

>> No.3830873

Fuck off

>> No.3830874

And a filthy mouth

>> No.3830876

Armed with his zapper he will tear these games down

>> No.3830878

he's the angiest gamer you've ever heard

>> No.3830879

He's the angry Nintendo Nerd

>> No.3830881

He's the angry Atari Sega Nerd

>> No.3830882


>> No.3830883

He's The Angry Video Game Nerd

>> No.3830884

>Thread has been dead all day
>Someone points out the Bootsy post
>Mike spams replies to himself in order to cover up the post
>27 posts replying to himself and spamming song lyrics in multiple different posts in a few hours

He's lost his damn mind...

>> No.3830885

He plays the worst games of all time

>> No.3830887

horrible abominations of mankind

>> No.3830889

The make him so mad he could spit

>> No.3830891

Or say cowabunga!

>> No.3830893

cow-a-fuckin piece of dog shit

>> No.3830894

They rip you off and don't care one bit

>> No.3830896

But this nerd, he doesnt forget it

>> No.3830897

WHy can't a turtle swim

>> No.3830901

Why can't I land the plane

>> No.3830903

They got a quick buck for this shitload of fuck

>> No.3830906

the characters names are wrong

>> No.3830908

Whys the password so long

>> No.3830909

Why don't the weapons do anything!

>> No.3830910

Hes the angriest gamer you've ever heard

>> No.3830913

These games suck so bad...

>> No.3830914

He makes up his own words

>> No.3830917

He's the angriest most pissed off

>> No.3830918

Gaming nerd

>> No.3830919

He's the angry

>> No.3830920


>> No.3830923


>> No.3830924


>> No.3830926


>> No.3830927


>> No.3830928


>> No.3830932


>> No.3830935

neo geo

>> No.3830936

Turbo Grafix 16

>> No.3830937
File: 298 KB, 600x512, questionmarkguy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nothing like flooding a thread to get people to stop talking about how you stole from Bootsy, huh Mike?

>> No.3830938


>> No.3830939


>> No.3830940


>> No.3830941

Nintendo Nerd

>> No.3830943

He's the Angry

>> No.3830946

Video Game Nerd

>> No.3830947

When you turn on the TV

>> No.3830949

Make sure it's tuned to channel three!

>> No.3830950

He's got a Nerdy shirt and a pocket pouch

>> No.3830951

Although I've never seen him write anything down

>> No.3830952

He's got a power glove

>> No.3830953

And that filthy mouth

>> No.3830954

armed with his zapper he will tear those games down

>> No.3830956

He's the angriest gamer you've ever heard

>> No.3830958

he's the angry nintendo nerd

>> No.3830959

He's the angry atari sega nerd

>> No.3830960

He's the Angry Video Game Nerd

>> No.3830972

Dude, what the fuck are you doing? Are you having a seizure or something?

>> No.3830983

That was the most pathetic thing I've ever witnessed in my life. Matei is at rock bottom. Do us all a favor and stay there, Mike... you'll never rebound after today

>> No.3831368


But the games that are best played on keyboard are SRSBSNS so makes sense you'd use a working tool to play them.

>> No.3831384

You can disable the border.

>> No.3831392


>> No.3831398


and mike just uploaded a Mike Tyson playthrough.

Shit is getting real!

>> No.3831405

I dont remember who he is, but i remember liking his vids. He had a deadpan delivery that appealed to me.

>> No.3831408

Im almost certain bootsy mentioned punchiut was going to be the next bootsy beats months ago during a mike and bootsy.

>> No.3831428

mike posted his video before bootsy tweeted he was planning to do it..

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