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>I've gotten to the prison in bg2 at least 20 times, but never finished the game because I always lose interest at that point.

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>Saw pic related somewhere as a kid.
>Fucking loved Goldeneye
>Spend countless hours looking for the weird rifle that can shoot off limbs (guy rolling)
>Get gameshark, still no such gun
>Beat the game every which way, still no gun
>Find out years later that it was the beta AK-47


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looks better than the pencil.

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>Got to the crater in FFVII
>Get bored and never play the game again
Out of all the Final Fantasy games I've played FFVI and VII are the ones I dropped out of being bored of them.

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How many times have you posted this? You must have it pasted somewhere...

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>Never finished FFVII after finding out that I missed Yuffie & not knowing about Cid
>Didn't beat Mario 3 or World until last summer
>Yoshi's Island is better than SMW
>Have a Tekken 3 save file that is 15+ yrs old, with all additional characters except Dr. B.
>Love hardware clones, because fuck resellers jacking up the price of 20+ year old systems.

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I can't beat the final boss in Sonic 2.

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mm, I've seen it before too. it is a funny story tho.

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This will help, it's how I was able to beat it.

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I looked up a map for Zelda 1's final dungeon and quickly beat it.

This one has bothered me most. I felt no accomplishment. I need to go back.

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I use save states as often as I feel like

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I only ever play the Doom shareware version as it's what I had as a kid and it's all I need for a comfy Doom fix.

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I love you, /vr/.

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I think the first episode of Doom is almost everyones' go-to for a quick fix.

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I have a Wii U but mostly only buy and play GBA virtual console games.

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What actual Wii U games do you have?

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The first episode is the good part anyway.

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>i never finished any sonic except the first one
>i never played any final fantasy
>i legitimately think that pokemon and chrono trigger aren't that good
>i legitimately think that earthbound is garbage, but Mother 3 is amazing
>i legitimately think that /vr/ is the best board on 4chan
>i legitimately think that Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind is an alright game

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>chrono trigger is one of the best games I've ever played
>FFVII bored me to death and I quit like 4 hours in
>I've only beaten sonic 1 and 2
>I recently modded my Wii and I almost want to sell all my original hardware
>I play beat em ups by myself ):

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i spent more time fixing and modding consoles to sell than i do playing them.

then i never sell them.

currently working on a hi-def nes top loader i told my wife i'd sell for 500 dollarydoos...

it'll probably end up in my living room, untouched.

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>I think TES Arena and the early Might and Magic games are unplayable garbage.

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I get it just once.

Mine I couldn't beat exdeath in FFV, also I still stuck in tomberi in FFVIII but because I want to have everything.

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I didn't fall for the vr meme.

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>>i legitimately think that /vr/ is the best board on 4chan
is true thata thread whereas patrick bateman analyse quake 3 and unreal tournament is great.

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>I have beaten Earthbound twice and still enjoy it , but i am well aware of its faults,I like its setting a lot
>have played the first 10 minutes of chrono trigger and stopped twice but want to go back
>I want to get into retro stuff but the cost is offputting. I can't remember what happened to my SNES and PSX from my childhood
>I love both retro and modern, I just want to be happy when i am playing.

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Not him but it's not easy

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I hate Nintendo games, but love the third party games on Nintendo consoles.

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>Never finished FFVII after finding out that I missed Yuffie & not knowing about Cid
you mean vincent? Cid is unskippable

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Soul Reaver is much better than Zelda OOT and i think the whole Zelda product line is overrated as fuck. Imagine a 3DS remake of Soul Reaver...

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As much as I like Soul Reaver the gameplay is clunky as fuck and directly rips off a lot from OoT

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I prefer FFIV over FFVI (II over III US versions).

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The atmosphere, music, voice acting, story and dark graphics makes it more appealing to me. Zelda pisses me off.

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You must be retarded then. Early Might and Magic is pretty much the easiest early '90s RPG to get into.

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Nice autism, faggot, it's a good thing you told us what they were called in your third world country.

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I can't muster the interest to play any old CRPGs. I understand JRPGs are linear with shallow character creation/building/stating, but that's part of what I like about them. I find non-linear opepnworld RPGs too big.

I've played the first half hour of Fallout 1 and 2, Morrowind, Diablo 2, Wasteland, and some of the Black Isle games and I can never get beyond that. I don't like feeling so lost in what is clearly a massive world.

Loot and min maxing turns me off. I like some retro western RPGs like Diablo 1 and Castle of the Winds because of how simple they are, but other than that I can't do it. Wish I could.

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it's easy with practice
metal sonic is remembering the pattern but final eggman isnt so hard
sonic 2 is pretty easy so you should get to the final state with at least a dozen lives
i dont remember metal sonics pattern by scratch but i dont mind risking a couple of lives for him, after that its just timing jumps right with death egg

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I honestly can't go back to tile-based movement in RPGs. There are so many great games I used to enjoy but I just can't stomach it. I think the last great dungeon crawling RPG was Wizardry 8.
I tried to play JRPGs but I find them extremely boring. I did finish Chrono Trigger, though. I don't enjoy Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy games at all.
I've realized most adventure games were horribly designed.
I can tell it's a great game but I can't get into Jagged Alliance 2 at all.

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>early might and magic
Look kid, just because it came out before you were born doesn't make it early.

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>I can't muster the interest to play any old CRPGs. I understand JRPGs are linear with shallow character creation/building/stating, but that's part of what I like about them. I find non-linear opepnworld RPGs too big.

same, except I don't feel bad about it, I tried them and didn't like them
wrpgs just bore me to tears

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>I like all the superficial grimdark shit
How does it feel to still be 12 years old after all this time?

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I feel like a moron for not being able to figure out what game this is...

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It had 9 games by 2002 and only the first two came out in the 80s

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Yes, and the first two are unplayable garbage. Sorry if the truth triggers you.

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Baldur's Gate 2. Good game, I'd recommend playing it if I weren't fresh out of money and against pirating good games by good companies. Go with the old version though, not the EE. Politics aside the additions are just plain dumb and poorly written, and any of the non-retarded shit you can just download as mods into Baldur's Gate.

Hey there's one for the thread
>I actually kind of like Bioware (at least old Bioware)

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Shit taste tbqh my dude

I've never finished BG2 either. Last time I tried I kept getting BTFO by the wizard who can change into a dragon.

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The NES is the most overrated console.
I barely beat any NES games because they are usually too hard.
Not the good kind of hard, the artificial difficulty kind of hard.
SNES was way better, hipsters should be nostalgia fagging more for SNES instead.
Genesis vs SNES remains the best console rivalry and the only truly meaningful one at that.

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I never beat the first Mario Bros on the NES, I don't wanna cheat and use warps or the koopa life trick.To me, it's the hardest game on the NES

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I would agree with most of this, but I think N64 v. Playstation also brought about some good properties that wouldn't have existed without the rivalry (Perfect Dark, Crash Bandicoot, etc).

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>Playing with slingshots and sticks
How does it feel to still be 10 years old after all this time?

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That rivalry wasn't nearly as competitive though. Although yeah it is true both of those consoles were very unique with plenty of different games for each. Playstation though had far more games then N64. Where as Genesis and SNES had a more even amount of games and also a ton of unique games.

Genesis vs SNES was definitely the better rivalry here.

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That has to be hyperbole. I don't know how you could conceive of SMB2J as easier.

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Soul Reaver was a challenging and engrossing game while Zelda oot is a fucking cakewalk made for children. Zelda fanboys can all suck my dick.

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Well I never played that, I did grew up with a bootleg famicom and had a lot of Japanese titles but never had that one(wasn't SMB2 on floppy tho?).Had Mario all stars but I remember that it saved individual levels

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I hate all turn based RPG's, I only buy them at the flea market to jack up the price and resell them.

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I've never finished a Nintendo game in my life. No Mario game, no Zelda game, not any of the Metroids, none of them.

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>found out six months ago that you can rev the spindash by tapping the A button

I have no idea how I did not know this, for the longest time I thought the longer you held down A determined how fast the spin dash was

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Well, you're only 12, you still have plenty of time to finish one.

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I think most games not on a Nintendo console aren't worth playing, especially as time goes on, but then as time goes on, games in general feel less worth playing.

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Not even PC? Or ps2?

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This is clearly you just being a massive fanboy faggot.

>inb4 b-but I'm not a fanboy

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I have a huge throbbing boner for Nintendo and even i think you're straight up retarded, son.

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I follow gamefaq rpg walk-throughs to the letter because I have an irrational aversion to missables. A l e x has been such a help over the years and still manages to confuse his west for east all the damn time.

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Especially PC.

PS2 probably holds the most merit out of all the non nintendo post gen 5 consoles.


It's a confession thread, not a justify myself thread.

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My NES was broken so one day out of the blue I asked my friend if I could borrow his over the weekend since he was gonna be playing in Carnegie Hall in NYC. I took it home and swapped the shells so his working NES had my shell on it and my broken one had his shell, then when he came back from NYC I easily fooled him into taking the broken one back. That was back in like 2010. I don't feel guilty I just felt like sharing the story somewhere, he never plays it anyways and simply had it shoved in his closet. Besides I donate to charity anyways so my karma is balanced out.
Next week for my birthday he gave me his copy of Star Fox 64 as a present, that was cool of him.

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I used to have a demo disc for Dark Forces that I played nonstop. Eventually I got the full game but I still preferred the demo. I found all the secrets and cheat codes worked in the demo so I could try all the weapons.

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I've never beaten a Mario game. Never even gotten very far in one. I totally suck at them.

I've at least beaten World 1-1 in all of them, but that's about as far as I've gotten.

Also, I emulate and I'm totally unashamed. I think emulation is perfectly acceptable and spending tons of money on a collection is silly. The only consoles I'd consider getting are ones that can't be emulated that well.

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I missed this.

Need to find it, probably on an archive somewhere?

I loved both games, like really, really loved. In fact I even have a copy of both of them for my Dreamcast.

Online still works on quake :x

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What the fuck are you doing here, dude?

I'm a PC gamer and even I cleared all of Mario 3 on an original NES

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You sound like an autistic piece of human trash.

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I've never played any version of Doom for more than a minute.

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>Diablo 2

I can't speak for the others, but D2 really isn't that massive and it's overall pretty linear.

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>I never actually played Simulation Mode of Gran Turismo 2 as a kid.
(Partially because the money/license cheat causes the game to crash upon entering menus for some reason. Fucking GS CDX)

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I like the SFC version of Tales of Phantasia the most. And it would be the definitive version for me if it had a manual mode.
I can't replay a game unless I haven't played it for 10 or more years, with only a few exceptions. And even then, it's not certain whether I will play it till the end or not.
Every time FF gets to be a subject, I tell that I've beaten all games. at least /vr/ ones. And if someone asks me something about them, I just tell that I don't remember much and should replay the game again.
I don't like talking about FF despite liking the series a lot.
I can't enjoy a game the normal way once I know how I can break it. It doesn't even matter if I've already beaten the game once or not. What's worse with this is that I like to watch speedruns.
Speaking of, there are a few Let's Players that I also enjoy to watch.
I've started to work on an SNES game two years ago, which I dropped like two weeks in because I lost interest. Yet I still say that I'm still working on it if I get asked about it.

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I have played most of the JRPGs that came out for the SNES and despite my love for them I still have never taken the time to play Super Mario RPG beyond the first forest area.

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my SNES, N64 and PlayStation were all borrowed from friends when i was a kid, and i've lost touch with them since them so i can never return them.
i feel guilty about the SNES and N64. The guy i took the PSX from turned into such an asshole, i honestly hope he thinks about the PSX once in a while and subtly kicks himself about not getting it back. fuck you, nick

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>there´s this kid from school who I share vidya with.
>we switch n64 cartridges with each other like crazy
> go to another one house to play for countless ours during years.
>best friends forever
>I lend GTA: SA and SW Battlefront because we are edgy teens.
>things went wrong because he´s dating a bitch that has been talking shit about my girlfriend.
>pal and I break off despite of being best friend since 6 year´s old
>He never returned the games. We talked again a decade later but never asked for them because suddenly I realize I still have some of their N64 games in my collection that totally worth more than a couple PS2 games. (Mario64, Paper Mario, Lylat Wars and Pokemon Stadium 2 iirc)
mfw I´m 25 and I saw my pal again but things were never quite the same

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Same here. Spent some time farming master thornberries for AP but never got around to finish it. Oh well.

now for the thread:

>I grew out of gaming and 90% of the time I'd rather read about it than actually play

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I never played some of the most popular titles ever. Crash series, Spyro, Banjo & Kazzoie, Metal Gear Solid and some of the most popular on 6th gen like God of War, Jak series, only a few minutes of Shadow of the Colossus and on. I'm not even a hipster as I some of my favourite games are the top sellers, like Gran Turismo on PS or Pokémon games on GB, I only never felt the urge to play those games.

>> No.3803356

>I'm not even a hipster

Confirmed hipster

>> No.3803426

Play MGS. The rest of the shit you listed is kiddy trash. How people enjoy games like Spyro, Crash and the like I will never understand.

>> No.3803465


I've played only the VR Missions until today. Someday I'll probably play the whole series (I only played games like Super Metroid or SotN in 2011, for example).


kek, no. My major problem is that I rarely play things I never played before, usually I always caught myself trapped in games I always play like SF2, Gran Autismo, Devil Crash and Sonic 2

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WoW U must have a big gamer dick

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Branch out. I used to play nothing but rpgs. I shunned fighting games and shmups for decades because I couldn't get good. Then I bought a Saturn and have been very slowly working on actually understanding how to play fighters.

>> No.3803538

>buy Shenmue in sophomore year of high school
>just beat it last night
>sophomore in college now

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Part of the reason is that you have the precise mentality that is parodied in this meme.

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Narc is fucking hilarious to be fair.

>> No.3803583

I've never finished any Zelda game. The most I've ever played is Ocarina of Time, and I dropped it after finishing the Shadow Temple.

Now I'm playing the 3DS remake so I can end it for good.

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>Finished original Crash Bandicoot, got all the gems with no gide!
>Finished Crash Warped, got all crystals, gems and clocks with no guide!
I cant get all the gems in Crash 2 without a guide to enter one of the secret levels never get the mind to power-bounce on the plant over the totem near the bridge because I dont know crash can bounce over the plants, also dont know that the skull platform appear when you dont die, I just think they appear when I get a particular non-colored gem
I try my best, very sad moment to be honest

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I have never completed any Crash game to 100%

>> No.3804432

Yeah sure, but I think you shouldn't forget the time where the nes showed up in. I feel like you are comparing it to later generation consoles when in reality you just have to see from its time of production. What were the other consoles competing with it and would you say they were better or worse?
Of course nes won't have the depth of, say, a snes game but the technology was limited. It just couldn't bring more power and newly growing software development. But it did pretty well with its limitations imho.
It at least brought a lot of folks back into buying home consoles and not computers; else this board would be called /pcr/.

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I have one gem left in the first game and can't do it
Fumbling In The Dark is just sadistic

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He probably knew it but he thought you are at a point in your life where you needed that win for yourself.
You must be poor right? Or else you would have just bought one on ebay instead of stealing from someone close.
Heh and he even gave you a game as a present, he knows how fixated you are on video games because they are the only way you get to flee from your reality.
The confession you just made was probably bothering more than you'd admit; your interpretation of having a karma bank account to justify doing bad stuff to people around is a bit concerning, it shows that you only give to charity because of guilt... Probably from a serious fear of death. But hey, all is forgiven in the sacred womb of the /vr/ confession thread.

Our next session will be on Saturday if it's OK with you?

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Not that anon, but if you can use two buttons to jump and run past the first world of ANY Mario game, then it's a legitimate question what you are doing here since your motorcycle skills can't magically get that much better when playing other games with more than one button. Did you end here cause of playing turned base games? Card games maybe?

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Holy shit, after several days(started playing it a couple of days before that post), I just managed to beat it with losing 4 lives.Man was it intense, my hands are sweaty, I was flinching during tight spots, it was like being a kid again.

>> No.3805658

There is nothing wrong with that. IV had a good story plus characters. The drama the game deployed (explored first in FF II) set the FF touch.

>> No.3805669 [DELETED] 

Look up the word suicide.

>> No.3806095

I love Quest for Glory 1, but hate 2. It's the timed events and maze of a city. Every time I think of maneuvering that horrible mess I give up. I just can't do it.

I never completed Super Mario 3. Every time I try I get bored.

I have a sick fascination for the opening music to Time Pilot. I don't know why.

I hate FF7 with a passion. It's Square's version of Twilight.

I secretly rage at the poor state N64 and Sega Saturn emulation is in.

>> No.3807032

I'm to plen to get into most games pre-SNES
The only ones I've played and actually enjoyed playing were Castlevania 1 and 3, but I sucked dick too hard on those to finish them

>> No.3807082

>I've gotten to the cargo bays in ss2 at least 3 times, but never finished the game because I always lose interest at that point.

>> No.3807148


Why those 2 games in particular? Especially since Castlevania is one of the stiffer and more difficult NES series at least compared to say Super Mario Bros or Mega Man. Even Ninja Gaiden, as hard those games are, plays closer to some of the smoother SNES platformers than some of the stiff games on the NES.

>> No.3807150

I don't know, other games like SMB1 and 2 and ninja gaiden just feel slippery and imprecise. Castlevania was stiff as fuck yes but that seemed to be part of the strategy and focus of it. I enjoyed that for whatever reason.
Oh, and I forgot to mention SMB3. I also legitimately enjoyed that, and unlike the castlevanias I could actually progress in that game without eating my own teeth.

>> No.3807152

i've beaten FFII 8 times

>> No.3807162

Doom and by extension Doom 2 is one of my favorite games of all time, but I've never beaten either, I always end up playing the first chapter or so then quitting and starting over the next time, or playing mods and also not finishing them no matter how fun they might be.

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File: 44 KB, 640x480, 18982-marvel-vs-capcom-2-dreamcast-screenshot-this-is-the-danger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When playing Marvel vs Capcom, I would always be Jin, and I would constantly make him do that attack where he gets naked, and then later I would masturbate while thinking about it.

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>> No.3809531

I love yes arena and dagger fall. Not m&m tho. I'm a solo guy I don't like party systems

>> No.3809532

FfIV was my intro to rpgs. I love it

>> No.3809593

I'm in almost the same situation, but I'm the other guy. I chose the girl over my friend. I wish I could go back, but things can't ever be the same.

Sorry, anon.

>> No.3809597

>i legitimately think that Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind is an alright game
The two 16-bit Bubsy games are passable once you've managed the awful controls and I would imagine the Jaguar game can't be that different. It's Bubsy 3D that everyone considers crap.

>> No.3809816

The Fallout games pre-bethesda are boring unplayable trash

>> No.3809937

my favorite genre is unironically JRPGs. I find them very relaxing. I used to be a platformer man but I'm not as good at them anymore

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i smashed my super mario world cart with a hammer in may 92 after i finished the game. Back then there was no ebay.

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I could sell every console I own except my pc engine duo rx and saturn with no remorse.

My favorite game of all time is Panzer Dragoon.

I haven't beaten more than like 1 or 2 'classic' games.

I spend more time thinking what I want to play, than actually playing the game.

I would trade my nes, snes, gen, dc, ps1 for a single PC9801/21 right now if I could.

>> No.3811419

Spent hours in Goldeneye looking for a room that featured in a beta screenshot on the back of the box. The level was the frigate. Anyone do the same?

Also spent hours as a kid trying to jump up in that gap in the ceiling in the first section of SMW castle 1 after the p-switch. Even dreamt I made it up there once. A reply nets me sharing my dream

>> No.3811849

Whenever I play through SaGa Frontier, I use the gold exploit for infinite money.

>> No.3811873

That's not a confession.

That's just a shitty opinion.

>> No.3811878

>Never beat Adventure of Link
>Never beat Metroid or Super Metroid, and honestly don't care for either game any of the times I've sat down to play them.
>Never cared for DQ or FF series, or really most jrpgs in general.

>> No.3811909

>Also spent hours as a kid trying to jump up in that gap in the ceiling in the first section of SMW castle 1 after the p-switch. Even dreamt I made it up there once. A reply nets me sharing my dream

Just went in there with a cape and tried to fly up there, seems like they put a boundary right at the top of the screen.

>> No.3811945

I've never beaten Super Mario Bros. 1 without using a warp.
I've never beaten Zelda: Links Awakening. Hell, I even got it on my 3DS a year and half ago so I could finally beat it. I got about halfway through and stopped playing.

Mario 64 has piss poor replayability. I haven't beaten it in yeeeaaaars, and the last time I did I couldn't be bothered getting every single star again.

I went into Fallout 1 thinking the combat would be like Diablo, but with different variety of guns and shit, was highly excited about it. Imagine my disappointment when I found out how ridiculously dull the combat in it is. I've never touched a Fallout game since.

I've never got all the emeralds in Sonic 2 before. I'm really fucking bad at its bonus stage. When I play through the game I don't bother doing bonus stages at all.

I've never played a Dreamcast before. Ever.

>> No.3812050

Dreamcast if fun man, if you have the time to try it i would.

>> No.3812424

my god, only women are powerfull enough to break bros.
I fell you pal.

>> No.3812587

I could´t beat most of my childhood games because at certain point I felt a mix between thrill and fare that made me so anxious that I wanted to quit.
Goldeneye, Zelda MM, Mario 64...
I only "beated" things like Mario Party or some racing games.

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I have done 12 full play throughs of Earthbound.
I've gone through SMRPG 7 times.

I honesty feel like my single play through of Undertale felt worth more then them.

>> No.3812826

Oh I downloaded that smw level maker once and immediately checked the fortress out - alas, nothing.

I dreamt of a collection of stars forming different animals, mostly a horse that seemed to be chasing me as i flew at high speed through space.

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i never finished Zelda Ocarina of the time :\

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