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Post your favorite game for the saturn and give an explanation why! What do you like about it? Is it the music, mechanics, levels, characters, story, everything? Give some good details, think of it like a pitch for your favorites. Try to keep it to one per post!

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Why didn't Sega use that logo for all regions? I hated the balloon letters they used for the U.S. and Europe.

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hard to say, lots of weird decisions across all regions, many of them by SoA are particularly hard to justify.

It's hard to say there's a bad game in the Panzer Dragoon series, except if you're really reaching for the odd ones like the R-Zone game. The original has the most iconic music and iconic levels with some very simple and focused mechanics and design. Love how the challenge builds up very steadily as you progress, with the first stage essentially being a casual flight, the second stage being a frantic effort to maximize kills and dodge sand worms, and everything from then on a hectic, cramped, and tense experience where new challenges are constantly created.

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I've been a saturn owner for 4 days. I burned a copy of what I'm pretty sure is every single shmup released for the system. Something like 50 games. At least 80% of them are fucking kick ass, I was really surprised at just how few of them seemed like shovel ware. I've spent all weekend just checking the discs and playing each game for a minute just to get a general impression before moving onto the next. It's taken all weekend because most of them are compelling enough to want to burn through at least a credit on despite the fact that I had so many games to test.

Twinklestar Sprites is awesome, but I kind of like the dreamcast version a little better just because I'm more familiar with it.

Die Hard Arcade is rad, tons of fun revisiting it since it used to be a staple of going to the local pizza place for me when I was younger.

I really like Darius Gaiden. I thought it was a little plain jane and average at first, and maybe it is in all fairness, but it's fun as fuck with a ton of branching paths.

I'm assuming the Strikers 1945 games are sequels or spinoffs of 1942-3 even though they aren't made my Capcom. Had a blast with them.

There's a shmup where you control a tank that's really cool too. Guardian Heroes I think (the title definitely started with a G). You control your turret with A and C and fire with B, gotta use your fingers to tap the buttons instead of your thumbs (like how you'd use arcade buttons) or else the controls are awkward

I'd never played through Parodius games before. Gradius sort of pisses me off with its power up system and how you're pretty much cucked if you die once. The Parodius games are like a hybrid between Salamander and Gradius, you still have to collect the generic power up tokens but the game automatically upgrades your ship for you. These games are Japanese af though. I have absolutely no idea why someone would think a fairly no-frills shmup series was in need of satirization. But the games are solid.

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guardian heroes is a beat 'em up game, but those are some really good ones. Give Cotton 2 and Cotton Boomerang a try too. I think you'll love the grab/punch mechanic. In boomerang especially, the way you can punch your way through bullet hell patterns is so satisfying and tense, there's such a strong sense of reward when you make it through a tough spot that would otherwise require you to do pixel perfect dodges. You'll feel like a cute fist of the noth star.

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Any pointers? I dug the cotton games while playing them but had absolutely no idea how to use grab effectively

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I'd also like to throw in that Radiant Silvergun really isn't doing much for me. I was never a big Ikaruga fan either because it just felt so gimmicky (although a handful of sections were really good), but Silvergun seemed like it stuck more to shmup conventions. It does, but I still don't get what is so special about the game

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in 2, make sure you're well leveled and have the ice element - it's the most useful due to how easy it is to ricochet shots. From there, throw elemental gems and use the bubble you get from throwing the gem at an enemy and use it as a shield. Continue to dump shots into it and you'll have a reliable counter for hordes of enemies, giving you a solid way of controlling incoming hordes. The main focus is to keep a bubble present so you have control. For bosses I found it best to dump bombs on them in cotton 2.

For boomerang, everything is different with full control over shot directions and being able to charge shots which create bubbles. This takes the pressure from optimizing combos for health and makes it all about controlling enemy waves and danmaku, which it's still a good idea to dodge, punching your way through walls of bullets and nimbly making a path for you to travel through is the best way to approach combat. Make common use of your charge shots and understand how bubbles chain nearby enemies.

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Guardian Heroes

It was one of the only games I played for the console since it flopped in the US. It was also at the time one of the most solid exclusives for any console ever that I played.

>tons of characters to choose from for story mode
>a very fun multiplayer battle mode
>branching paths that led to different endings
>great character designs and abilities
>solid simple beat em up gameplay only with magic as well

It is pretty much my favorite in the genre. The only thing really is maybe it would have been improved by not having the 3 separate planes and rather work like most other games in the genre does. Streets of Rage 3 has it so that you can make quick dodges up and down all on a single plane. That probably would have been better for this game to but it isn't really a big deal since the plane switching is fine.

I consider this game a must play if you love the genre and games like Castle Crashers took inspiration from it.

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what really blew me away is when I realized the game recognized things like quarter circles for attacks, really expanding the moveset of everyone. Plus there's so many characters its incredible. Saturn has so many kick ass local multiplayer games, twinkle star sprites and guardian heroes and cotton became corner stones of gaming sessions with friends.

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>what really blew me away is when I realized the game recognized things like quarter circles for attacks, really expanding the moveset of everyone.

Damn really? I forgot about this. I need to play this game again.

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yes, I was testing the game after getting a copy and just playing around, got curious and did a simple qcf and a punch and saw a totally unique move. I was blown away and my test turned into a serious play session. Called up my friend who is huge into fighting games (competitively) and told him he needed to come over right now or I'll pick him up, we're playing guardian heroes and eating pizza. It was a good night.

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Counting ports, Virtua Cop 2 without a doubt. THE best version of the game. Adds an extra mode that wasn't in the arcade version and is just pretty much perfect.

NOT counting ports though, it'd be Saturn Bomberman, because it's just one of the funnest multiplayer games ever.

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I will post this image because every game in this list is decent.
One game? Probably Bulk Slash. Very good 3d action game. I like it because it's really "arcadey" without being arcade port.
I'm sorry for recommending non-Saturn and non-retro game, but try playing Ragnarok Battle Offline. It borrowers good stuff like leveling and fighting game like inputs, and has no plane switching. Really good.

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>I'm assuming the Strikers 1945 games are sequels or spinoffs of 1942-3

Nope. 100% unrelated series.

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>Guardian Heroes

That's a beat em up that you should play immediately.

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Sonic Jam, I guess. I always liked the history embedded in the game.

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>Bulk Slash

Try Burning Rangers while you're at it.

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I like how they included JP and EN manuals for each game. I wish more compilations did that.

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Wierd. They VERY obviously took inspiration from it then, considering the first choice of plane in both Strikers games looks exactly like the 1942-3 plane, and the bomb attack is a loop-the-loop+bomb like 1943.

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Assault Suit Leynos 2
Bubble Symphony
Digital Pinball - Last Gladiators
Digital Pinball - Necronomicon
Fighting Vipers
Galaxy Fight
Hyper 3-D Pinball
Mass Destruction
Pinball Graffiti
Waku Waku 7
True Pinball
Bust-A-Move 2 - Arcade Edition
Bust-A-Move 3
Chibi Maruko-Chan no Taisen Puzzle Dama
Magical Drop
Magical Drop 2
Magical Drop III
Tokimeki Memorial - Taisen Puzzle-Dama
Tokimeki Memorial - Taisen Tokkaedama
Fire Pro Wrestling S - 6 Men Scramble

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Shining Force 3. Its one of my favorite series.

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I wish they kept the Japanese Saturn startup.


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Its an original saturn game. Great music. Awesome story, gameplay and characters. This and magic knight rayearth pulled me in the most.

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For me it's a toss up between Guardian Heroes and Legend of Oasis.

Guardian Heroes is one of those games I've played through so many times with friends I can't even count anymore. It's an amazing party game with lots of fast paced fun. Like most brawlers it's not nearly as fun on it's own though.

For single player it's Legend of Oasis definitely. One of the best action RPG games ever made in my opinion, great combat and boss fights, neat puzzles, tons of exploring and its gorgeous.

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I've started playing Magic Knight Rayearth with the undub. It's pretty good so far, gorgeous art too.

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dude, the music, too awesome...


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That game is way too easy and short.

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Hey, for those of you that have mod chips, what burning software do you guys use?

Cuz I've gone through like 5 different cue files and can't get a good burn of Resident Evil. The closest I've got is one that gets to the grenade launcher room and then freezes.

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Astra Superstars, amazing and unique 2D fighting game.

Cotton Boomerang, very good hori team-based 2D shooter.

Hanagumi Columns, the best rendition in the series yet.

Island of the Seven Winds, interesting adventure game.

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sounds like you just have a shit burner.

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Maybe it's not your cue sheet that is bad but the binary file next to it.

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It was both, kind of.
The binaries had bad paths on most of them. Also I stopped trying to use Staples brand CDs and burned it at a much slower rate.

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I mean the cues had bad paths to the bins

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Can you guys recommend similar games to this? Specifically RPG\ActionRPG's that make use of anime FMV's and the terrible-but-good storylines that tend to follow, Lunar is a good example of another series in the same vein.

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Albert Odyssey. No FMVs though

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A shit tier failure of a console that bombed, with few to no good exclusives, and couldn't even get a Sanic game to satisfy the austits.

>>inb4 m-muh Saturn!

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>I mean the cues had bad paths to the bins

Then it shouldn't even be possible to burn them. And, they wouldn't hang up the game, just miss the cd audio tracks.

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