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Buy the fucking games:


Play for free!

Share some of your stories from Single-Player/Multiplayer, show off some new maps, mods, mutators, etc and just have fun!

Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/KkN7t25R

Thread Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWWpEcvNBdA

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Old thread; >>3641127

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>Necris nali cow
That's DA tier autism

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>Wasting technology to revive a single Nali cow

Liandri is up to something

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so how is the br server coming along?

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br?, vr?

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someone from Brazil or something jump started their UT2k4 server. I'm curious about the person who was going to set up the /vr/ server.

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it's me, but I'm from Argentina

I can't set up a /vr/ server from here, you will have 200 ping minimum (from USA)

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There's another person that wanted to set up a /vr/ server.

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I must have missed it

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I need a map project for UT2004 to keep me occupied this year. I'm aiming at a Bombing Run map with a frozen theme, something like BR-Adrift from UC1 or BR-IceFields/BR-Bifrost from UT2.

Problem is I don't have any central theme to go with this. Anyone here has a great idea?
What I need is a cool main idea. A 2-lines description that sounds awesome. Like BR-ElecField: it's giant rusted spears collecting lighting above a suspended mechanical city.
Pic of ElecField included in case you don't see what map I'm talking about.

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my great idea is that you don't make a br map, nobody plays them anymore

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I'm doing a "so you want to play some fucking unreal" image, I listen advices

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Include some stuff like important patches, tips on some of the weapons, interacting with Nalis and making sure to keep them alive.

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All weapons sucks. Unreal is an ugly copy&paste of Quake 1 . It need a remake..

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>Flak Cannon=Grenade Launcher
>ASMD=Thunderbolt (somehow)
Yep, the troll's right.

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Just make your own damn Quake thread and fuck off already.

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Sir, I really love Unreal, but what I wrote is the truth.

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Unreal = All projectiles are slow.

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Stop taking the bait.

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>Doesn't understand sarcastic jokes
wew lad

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Cliff Bleszinski hasn't done anything of good.

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Throw in some tricks for multiplayer.

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Unreal / UT is dead and Arena genre is dead long time ago..

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We are taking note, thanks for the insight

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Seems difficult to come up, especially to fit the general theme and the mode itself. Maybe a mining complex that takes an ode from the previous games?

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>unreal 2004: 14.99$
fuck these jews. will never pay that much for a 13 year old game with 1 active server at most.

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Someone should set up a /vr/ permanent Invasion RPG server. Seriously. Even though I don't like the new version of RPG where it has an item shop and a million of weapon affixes.

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Unreal Tournament 2004 hor+ fov and unstretched hud


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talk about patches and fixes for the first part. Then go over gameplay tips and lastly a section for multiplayer.

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Some people do.

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>Box of Razor Blades in Temple of Vandora.
>No Razorjack to be found in it.

for what purpose

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There are several times where the game gives you ammo without giving you the weapon

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Fun fact: The reason why the Mercenaries seem so bullet-spongy is because several of them are actually the Elite variant (the blue one you see at the start of Noork's Elbow), but using the regular skin. I don't know why Epic did that, but they did.

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Er, I made a mistake: several of the Mercs in Terraniux and Terraniux Underground have been modified to have higher health, be fatter, and can shoot with their barrier on, which makes them closer to elites than regular ones.

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>Nali castle
>nali from the underground dungeon guides me to to aeral lift that goes from the catle to a cave
>Cross the cave and reach a small area of land near the castle
>A planes passes by and bombs both of us, i survive but the nali dies
This game does not mess around

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Unreal is about Nali bullying and your attempts at stopping the Skaarj or Mercenaries from bullying them.

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I forgot how much ISV-Kran does not fuck around compared to previous areas.

>Have to fight off waves of 5+ Skaarj Scouts multiple times.
>Skaarj Troopers out in full force.
>The endless Skaarj Scouts on Deck 1 (which I didn't realize were endless until I killed like 12 of them).
>Finally escape from the ship, and then you have to kill 4 Titans in Spire Village, including one that's close to your spawn position.

At least you get the Razorjack out of it. It's a fucking beast when you can land headshots on it.

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I've been meaning to play unreal gold, I just need to make my gamepad work properly

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Can someone redpill me on UT2004? I know how to play stuff like CTF, or TDM, but shit like bombing run and other stuff like that game mode with the nodes or something are beyond me.

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BR is easy, it requires a bit of managing your armor and health to stay alive. If you feel that you're getting ganged up by multiple people, use the alt-fire to target your friendly and fire at them, the ball should go to them. Passing through the goal gives you more points than simply shooting into it.

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What gamepad are you using?
If you're using an xbox gamepad it won't work, Unreal screws xinput and makes you spin uncontrolably.

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I'm using the Wii U gamepad with a mayflash adapter

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jesus anon, don't hurt yourself with gamepads.

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Ahh don't you worry anon, I've been also playing Quake & Quake Live with the gamepad

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Sniper Rifles and Flak Cannons were the best to clear them out easily.

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jesus how are you alive. What is it that keeps you going?

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Either way, the Nali still gets bullied.

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I do enjoy a challenge anon

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>In Noork's Elbow.
>Find little village just past Terraniux exit.
>Mercs around.
>Find hut filled with dead Nalis.

Even non-Skaarj like to bully Nalis. :(

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Even outside of Unreal, they get bullied in the Tournament. In UC2, there's a mode to kill the most Nali.

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It's not a challenge, it's torture.

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or just pirate it. You can still play the multiplayer

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>Necris cows

Science has gone too far

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How bout a mix of frozen/lava?


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I did a playthrough without any Nali getting killed on my watch. The one that the Krall force to walk the plank is really hard to save because he tries to jump even after you kill them.

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install U1ToUT2K4 mod + ballistic weapons

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I'm a masochist

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>tfw there will never be another game with the aesthetics of Unreal and UT99
why live

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I dig your character model. Link please?

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>Double Domination
Domination is King of the Hill. Double means there are 2 hills. You need to tag both hills with your team color and keep it that way for X seconds to score a match point. You don't need to actively sit in the hill, just tag it to your color. Give your teammates commands to help you get those hills.

>Bombing Run
UT american football. Get the ball in the center, try to get it through your opponent's gate. Jumping into the gate with the ball scores more than just shooting it in. Secondary fire passes the ball to a teammate. >>3791896

PvM horde mode. Kill Unreal monsters, advance a wave. Some servers run RPG mods so you gain XP and invest stat points into stuff like health, ammo, speed, etc.

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>tfw UC2 pc port never ever

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it's named 'Abyss', model for UT2k4

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I fucking wish it came out for PC.

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What about with the Sniper Rifle? I'd imagine pulling a headshot on the Krall would cancel the animation.

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RPG Invasion should be in UT99, it seems easy enough to implement rpg elements. I know some Monster Hunt servers have different enemies, so that should be a good start.

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Which map is objectively the worst and why is it the worst.

AS - HiSpeed

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The Nali's jump is actually scripted and happens if the Kralls are killed or not. You can "save" him by interrupting the script with a non-lethal blast from a gun.

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there's always UT4, but i don't know if it's going to be any good since the character designs aren't that great.

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New patch removed rocket launchers grenades and impact hammer, I know it's alpha/beta but they just need to make it an improved UT 2004 for a majority of people to be happy.

>> No.3808278


>Rocket Launcher grenades removed

why. that was one of the greatest things about the Eightball/Rocket Launcher.

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>Impact hammer removed
Why did they fucking remove it?

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>they just need to make it an improved UT 2004 for a majority of people to be happy

for the ut99 players that believe this, this isn't happening, the game doesn't satisfy anyone

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Is that the train one? I've just started playing UT99 for the first time recently. On Skilled difficulty and I've completed CTF and Deathmatch no big problems, but Assault just feels janky and shit. Teammates are useless and the game is mostly walking back to stuff from spawn and the only way to win is to kill the whole enemy team twice without dying more or less single-handedly. HiSpeed is aids.

Also the second last CTF map took forever but the last one took 4 minutes. What's up with that? Am I a shitter for playing on Skilled?

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According to epic, players didn't understand it was a melee weapon and were trying to shoot with it.

Needless to say, no player on the forums had ever witnessed this alleged behavior.

It seems to me that Epic's claim that they were going to be listening closely to the community and building the game they wanted was a total lie.

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>According to epic, players didn't understand it was a melee weapon and were trying to shoot with it.
Meaning that their 12 year old kids who they had playing the game got confused about it, lost, and screamed to their parents.

>> No.3812170


Wait, people had no problems with the Impact Hammer back in late 99 and 2000, but now the few people that play UT4 are too stupid to figure it out?

>> No.3812568

Honestly, I was one of those retards who was confused on how to use it at first, it was until I tried the practice mode(?) that I realized how glorious it was

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Holy shit I never knew about this.

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Oh, shit, that's right. I finally was able to get into my shed the other day (ice finally melted enough). Life has kind of gotten in the way a little bit, but this weekend I should be able to start clearing a space to set it up. I'll start tracking down some map packs later and getting the server files together.

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Fookin' noice.

>> No.3816042

In case I don't find a map PACK what are a list of, for starters, 10 or so maps everyone would like to see?

I already plan on some basics like the giant bedroom, living room, et cetera, but my taste shouldn't reflect the entire server

>> No.3816327

This is just me but I don't like custom maps. Unless they're race maps.

>> No.3816743


If you're playing through campaign then your teammates will be on a lower skill level than the one you selected and will enver get better, while the enemy team's skill level will improve the further you get into a ladder.

Assault is much better when played in a regular botmatch and the teams have the same AI level, though there are some bottlenecks like AS-Overlord where you'll have to serve as the speadhead to break up an enemy chokepoint, or else your team will never win..

>> No.3816765

Here are two that are pretty good



>> No.3816803

That's surprising to hear about the AI. In some of the later CTF maps my bots were able to pull off some captures on hard levels. But then I suppose luck and me holding off nearly the entire enemy team would have factored into those.

>> No.3816896

Why is the Sunspire so good? It's a huge area that's basically a maze; by all rights it should suck dick, but it's a really fun area to go through. Dat feeling when you finally get outside again after crawling through the first few levels and see how high up you already are, even though you're not at the top is enjoyable. It's amazing they managed to pack such a huge area into one map without any loading time inbetween sections.

Sunspire is also quite tense. One wrong move and you'll lose a lot of you HP to a Gasbag, Tentacle, or Skaarj Trooper. The area is crawling with Eightball-equipped Troopers without lots of room for you to move as well, so you gotta play cat and mouse with some of them without eating a ton of damage.

Also, the Biorifle is really gud. Been using it more than the Eightball recently.

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Check. Downloading them now.

>> No.3817385

Hold on, back up, I'm dumb. Why am I trying to host files locally when I can make them pull from a different location and save bandwidth

>> No.3817389

Just use free redirects.

>> No.3817398

>PDS release date: January
>Unreal release date: April

the original:
the ripoff:

rly makes you thingk

>> No.3817401

Yeah, I thought about that as I was downloading maps. I'm shooting to have something up within the next couple days. I'm hoping port forwarding isn't going to screw me in the end though, as my ISP has locked down my router and I'm unable to get the user name and password due to the account holder passing away and being unable to obtain it for me at this point in time.
tl;dr I'm working on it

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Port forwarding is required to set up the server. There are some alternatives to port forwarding without having to log in to your default gateway.

>> No.3817516

Yeah, I noticed that. #1 reason I requested the regular modem so I could use my own router. I got the information once, I'm sure I can get it again. In the mean time I can still work on getting the server itself going, I was just hoping to load test soon.

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I just finished Unreal, the main game, it took me months but it has been an amazing experience. Truly a hidden gem
I will tackle RTNP in a couple of months, hopefully these threads will still be here

>> No.3817839

>One of the biggest, most hyped FPS games of its time
>Hidden gem
U wot m8?

>> No.3817904


try operation na'pali next, is an UT99 mod

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>> No.3818098


Nobody talks about it now or even seems to acknowledge it. This thread is one of the few semi-active places left to talk about Unreal FFS.

For classic FPSes, it seems to start and end at Doom, with some brave souls venturing out and playing the original Quake.

>> No.3819164

For some reason all of the big fps games seems to have dropped off the map. The only one people remember is Doom.

>> No.3819186

because it's frankly pretty poorly made. It's got some serious issues, only one enemy has competent AI, the weapons are largely weak feeling the levels are grandiose in presentation but the actual content of them is large, empty, lacking in design direction.

>> No.3819358

>Finally found a way to replace most of the UT99 weapons in Operation Na Pali with Unreal's.

Couldn't replace the Shock Rifle or the Pulse Gun, but I like the UT99 Shock Rifle and the improved Pulse Gun in ONP is good, so it's fine.

Now all I need to do is replace its godawful HUD with the UT99 or Unreal HUD and I'm all set.

>> No.3819585

>character and weapon design is still nothing but greebles on greebles on greebles


>> No.3820157


>Skaarj go from RIPPED Predator knockoffs to skinny guys with dreadlocks and rough skin.

for what purpose

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File: 479 KB, 1028x800, 1294250_orig.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3820282


All that lifting doesn't help stop a Flak Cannon shot to the chest or a Razorjack blade to the head.

>> No.3820689

The HUD could've been better and I think it carries over to the 7Bullets and Xidia.

>> No.3820737

>they kept that sniper rifle model

>> No.3821309

Damn, the Skaarj Queen is a lot easier than I remember. All I did was jump around with the boots like a maniac while unloading my hitscan weapons on her and she was toast without me taking a single point of damage in Hard mode. The Mothership maps before her were much, much harder than she was.

>> No.3821310

Flak Cannon eats her alive

>> No.3822471

>Finally try out Excessive Unreal 2..
>Biorifle shoots out a glob that breaks into about 50 globs without having to charge it up.
>Rocket Launcher shoots bouncing explosive bomblets and can also fire 8 rockets at once, which can be locked onto a target.
>Minigun's alt-fire shoots an insta-kill field around you.
>Flak Cannon's alt fire shoots a bouncing bomb that explodes, releasing more bombs that attach to walls and explode more.
>Shock Rifle's primary fire shoots an instagib beam that needs to be charged up, while the alt-fire shoots a wave that quickly drains health from enemies.
>Most weapons can be rapid-fired with little to no cooldown.
>All dat spam.

Fuck Nali Weapons 3. This is real overkill.

>> No.3823679

>Finally playing RTNP: Ultimate Edition.
>Find SP version of DM-ArcaneTemple after the village.
>Things are going fine.
>Kill a Giant Gasbag in the back of the map.
>Head to the top.
>Suddenly red Krall appear out of nowhere and fuck my shit up with fireballs and flamethrowers.

That escalated quickly.

>> No.3824482

I don't understand mods like this.

Who the hell can enjoy such a total clusterfuck?

>> No.3824693


I think it's fun as hell to spam a ton of cool-looking explosives and watch the gibs fly. Fuck spergs that whine about "muh game balance".

>> No.3824696

But then what you're asking for is a sandbox to play in that could be accomplished in lots of games. Might as well not play unreal if it wont play like unreal.

>> No.3824706


It's still Unreal Tournament. It has the maps, movement physics, and graphics of UT, just with different weapons. I want to play UT with different weapons, and mods like EXU2, U4E, and Nali Weapons 3 give me that.

Does Unreal 4 Ever and ChaosUT make you upset about not being vanilla UT, despite the latter mod being selected by Epic as a bonus for the GOTY version? Does Epic, the makers of the game, not understand that people want to play Unreal, not some sandbox game?

>> No.3824718 [DELETED] 

That's just because of doombabbies. /vr/ has a shitty FPS community.

>> No.3826482

Because you can adjust the bots level of skill and watch them turn into killing machines with broken weapons.

>> No.3828698

"Moo" says the Nali Cow as he puts a Sniper Rifle round into your skull.

>> No.3829874

It's explained in UT99 that the Skaarj that compete in the tournament are Skaarj/Human hybrids. The team in UT2004 are original. The ones in UT4 look like the hybrids, however Epic hasn't said anything about them story-wise.

>> No.3830529

Fucking Nali Warcows are broken as fuck. It's impossible to kill them with a headshot.

>> No.3830681


Shoot their gun. That's their "head area".

Practice in CTF-Face if you're not getting it.

>> No.3831426


>> No.3831580

>Playing UT singleplayer on Masterful
>The DM ladder was hardest in the middle
>The domination ladder was a cakewalk
>The top end of the CTF ladder took me hours
>The assault ladder was cakewalk
>The challenge ladder was tough but nothing took me more than 3 attempts and the matches were short
>Wasted Xan 15-5 on the first try

Who the fuck came up with this difficulty curve?

>> No.3831616

It's the same with UT2004, the CTF and Bombing Run matches were the most difficult, though I guess the final boss in that game is legitimately challenging. I think UT99 has the best AI but they don't perform very well in duel matches.

>> No.3832498

as long as you get the shield belt before Xan does, then it's easy.

>> No.3832778

I find it more important to get the invisibility, honestly.

If he gets the shield belt you can generally still retreat and either chip away at him, or wait for his retarded AI to follow you around a corner and into a shock combo. ...But if he gets the invisibility, that's a lot harder.

>> No.3832959

I don't know about invisibility. I find it almost useless because bots still know where you are.

>> No.3833842

This. The point I see in UT is to add whatever mod you want to improve it, much like other games. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

>> No.3833847

How is the server coming along, anon?

>> No.3834770

They tend not to notice you until you fire, or are too close.

Vs Xan, though, it's more about making sure you deny it to him.

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