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Sega Genesis Thread.
Are there any good flashcarts for Genesis on Amazon?

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The Mega Everdrive line are pretty good, but the sellers on amazon are asking for a lot more than getting them directly from krikzz. Power to you supporting the sellers on amazon if you have the money to spare as they have needs to be met.

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>Power to you supporting the sellers on amazon if you have the money to spare as they have needs to be met.

You're a straight up faggot.

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Op just wants to do the charitable thing by purchasing a flashcart for the seller and as a bonus get another one for themselves. Everybody wins. That's why Op chose amazon.

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Actually i just wanted a flashcart from amazon since I usually deal with them for things I order.

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Actually you were just stupid

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Sega > nintenshit

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"Genesis does what Nintendon't"

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Like Mode 7?
Oh... wait...

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No, like sprite scaling, which the SNES couldn't do, despite being 3 years newer.

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So the Genesis COULD do Mode 7?

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? Genesis had no hardware sprite scaling. Anything like that would have to be done in software.

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yeh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWNGNh8JDcQ

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Mode 7 isn't sprite scaling, it's rotating a background layer of tilemaps.

It could do hardware sprite scaling along the X axis.

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SNES can only rotate and scale backgrounds in hardware. It can't do the same with sprites

For both systems, any rotation/scaling functionality that isn't supported by hardware must be performed in software (i.e. the CPU). The thing is that the Genesis CPU is SHITLOADS faster at things like matrix operations (even more than the clock speed difference might suggest) due to its large registers and support for internal 32-bit operations.

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All these old timers pissing theirselfs and blablering the same gibberish about Nintendo vs Sega shit after all this year's. I have both consoles and I do like them equally, each one did a great and important part in gaming history. Now please stop derailing the god damm fucking thread

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What's your favorite Genesis game and why is it Streets of Rage 2?

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Who needs Mode 7 when you have B L A S T P R O C E S S I N G

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But Bare Knuckle 3 is superior.

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It is Rocket Knight Adventures.

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I got a knock off called the "Mega Driver" that works alright for Genesis and SMS roms. It does not work as a ram cart for the Sega CD though which is what I was hoping for.

It did come with a memory card with games and stuff installed. It was $40 so I don't know how that compared to the official ones.

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I was going to post "no don't start this" but you know what fuck you you fucking hippie

everyone knew sega was cooler the nintendo was really for kids, I'd have been embarrassed to admit I owned one if I had back then

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This. If you had a sega system, everyone knew you were doing coke since you were 5. Nintenfags are not with it

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Is there a model thats better for use with everdrives? I remember someone saying the model 2 worked better for them, but i dont know if it was pure conjecture or actual fact.

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I wish we didn't steer you wrong on the archived thread it was all about the bootlegs and had I known what you were looking for I would have said it may be best you go for the official x5 or x7. For a save cart you can use:


Even though my nostalgia locks the SNES sounds to my memory, hearing the songs in Genesis 6FM+4PSG sounds good to me too.


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Got me one of them everdrives off some chinaman in DHGate a few months ago for really cheap.
I've heard some of these chinesse knock-offs have issues, but I've had none so far.

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Sega was the poorman's Nintendo.

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Really? Sega always "felt" more expensive to me, even if it actually wasn't. It seemed more designy and polished. The whole thing, from the games to the appearance of its hardware.

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What's the best way to play Genesis games thats not on a PC, Wii, or original hardware?

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Maybe in the NES era. When the SNES hit the market:

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Yo mamas butt
Or your mamas phone
Butt probably stanks less after she showers

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Do you have a link to that? I swear I saw it on amazon a while back but now I can't find it.

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It seems they are out right now.

I like it a lot so far, been playing Shadowrun for about 20 hours at least. Started over 3 times after getting about 4 hours in with each class.

I have an X7 coming in the mail, just paid the 110 yuan shipping to send it to the US from the warehouse.

I'll probably sell the Mega Driver with the Model 1 Genesis since I already have a Model 2.

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