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ITT: the single only good game in its series

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Well, you already posted pretty much the prime example. Can't think of much to add.

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1 was meh, 2 was a trivial slogfest that gets broken by mid-game equipment, 3 is not canon

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Phantasy Star? That series is so damn depressing, including 4, but especially 2.

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Claude looked like his head was made of bananas.

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Hair I mean, obviously.

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of all the things to bitch about of phantasy star 3, "non canon" is the worst thing you could come up with?

how about "literally a piece of shit" ?

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Go back to /v/, faggot.

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That works, but he's right too. It wasn't a Phantasy Star game, it was just another game reskinned as a cash grab. It had practically nothing to do with the rest of the series.

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i wish star ocean 3 was not canon :(

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Tales of Phantasia.

The rest is shit.

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I disagree

the original and the psp version of 1 were great, but still not as good as 2

shame about the rest of the series...

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The SNES game looked ok (never played it) but the first PS1 clocktower is the only good one in the series. 2 and 3 were shit, especially 2.

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You realize your game is 2 years NEWER than the OP's, don't you?

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>Game advertises itself as a grand interstellar adventure
>Instead, you get dumped into ONE run of the mill fantasy RPG planet with minimal sci-fi elements

Really, I've got to wonder what the appeal is to the people who keep buying this crap. Do some people just enjoy the feeling of being scammed in small increments...?

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it's more of an episode of star trek, really

a very long episode of star trek

star ocean 1 and 2 are literally just episodes of star trek actually

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I liked Star Ocean Til the End of Time, it was charming.

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>3 was shit

lol no

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i now desire a mod that replaces the battle voice clips with lines from the original star trek.

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This game only and this version only. Don't bother arguing.

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3 was definitely shit, but it was immensely entertaining shit.

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I mean, I was 10 when I first played it. I was just captivated by 2's combat and crafting, especially my only other RPGs at the time being Super Mario RPG and FF7.

Also I enjoy both Sci-Fi and Fantasy, so being stuck in a Fantasy world, but where all the Magic can be explained as Sci-Fi was kind of neat, including the big bads.

As for OP, it's not /vr/ but the PSP Remake of 1 isn't bad at all.

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Shit story, good gameplay, fantastic crafting system.

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Literally doesn't mean what you think it does. Try again.

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Duke Nukem 3D

Every other Duke Nukem game was either okay or terrible.

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the SNES game looks great, but you can go through the entire game with barely even seeing scissorman if you know where not to look
also, jennifer will sometimes go into panic mode for no fucking reason

but yeah the first psx game is my favourite

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in a literal manner or sense; exactly.
"the driver took it literally when asked to go straight across the traffic circle"
synonyms: exactly, precisely, actually, really, truly;

used for emphasis or to express strong feeling while not being literally true.
"I have received literally thousands of letters"

I don't think you know the informal definition of literally either.

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