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Zangief, Street Fighter EX 2 Plus, Arcade, 1999.

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Lau Chan, Virtua Fighter PC, PC, 1996

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Hedwig, Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone, Playstation, 2001

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Sergei Gorchev, Fighter Maker, Playstation, 1998

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Gnowam, Link: Faces of Evil, CD-i, 1993

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Hermione, Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone, Playstation, 2001

Hagrid was too obvious

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A random mook from Spawn - The Eternal, Playstation, 1997

I can almost taste the pixels in this game. Awful textures, make me want to puke even with filtering turned on.

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They call me Impact, but you can call me DASH DASH DASH

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ya dun it nao harry

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Oh Ellis :}

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Anime faces aged better.

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Toshinden 1 was so great. Shame about the shitty controls, and the poor sequels.

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Russian Soldier, GoldenEye 007, N64, 1997.

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evenin folks

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Man, I remember when first I played that game. My 11 year old self was like, 'holy shit I can see everything'. I think it was at a kiosk somewhere and not an arcade either, because I was embarrassed afterwards.

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haha, what did you see?

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It forever bugs me, why THAT fucking grin?

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I read somewhere that they created different faces, but fucked up and only this one ended in the final game.
Also, not retro.

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>Hi, I'm Johnny Knoxville, welcome to Jackass!

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Even at the time Max Payne's face was a joke

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Chop Chop Master Onion, PaRappa the Rapper, PlayStation, 1996.

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Good god, this shit. Played it for around an hour and a half a few years ago when me and a friend picked up a PS1 and a bunch of bootleg games.

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I prefer the FF7 chibi models without the mouths desu

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what is that emulated with? The textures are really clear in this image.

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Hey, P-Station, my name is Christian Chandler
I live Ruckersville, Virginia!
I have a PSP, I like to rap,
I play PaRappa, and go with him now.
The only song I know is "Master Onion"
Which I got from a demo I borrowed from my friend Megan!
I have a PSP and she don't,
So give me the PSP; unwrap the wrapper,
So I can give one to her, and then we can play together!
So here we go, we're gonna sing it now.
Master Onion, A-La Mode!

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A 2D one, Karnov, Karnov's Revenge/Fighter History Dynamite, Neo Geo, 1994

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Those limbs

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