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What consoles and handhelds are worth it/good?

I was thinking myself that the Vectrex, Microvision, Epoch Pocket Computer, Intellivision and the Atari 2600. Should I? What are some good games for these systems?

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Why is the Atari 5200 considered 2nd gen when it's a successor console to the 2600?

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Worm Whomper
Pretty much everythin on Intellivision lives

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For Atari i recommend you to get a 7800 or an Atari computer. The 7800 has better video output and is backwards compatible with the 2600. And Atari computers have all the 2600/5200 catalog plus their own exclusives games. The best one probably is the XEGS because is compatible with RCA connection.

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Warlords not listed? Criminal.

Best party game.

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Of those, Vectrex. You can get the experience of the other consoles through emulation - consider picking up the Flashback versions of the Coleco and Intellivision if you want to feel the controllers. The Epoch has a unique display but a $2 AliExpress "brick game" will provide a similar if not better gaming experience. The Vectrex on the other hand has truly good games with the top tier display technology of the era.

Of course, you can probably get all the rest for about the price of just a Vectrex so it probably depends a lot on if your budget is the constraint or not.

Rereading, I see you're asking for specific game recommendations. Are you unfamiliar with early arcade games? Because 90% of the good games on those consoles are arcade ports or adaptations.

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ok fixed

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>The 7800 has better video output
But it uses RF just like the 2600, also is there any Atari computer that's backwards compatible with the 2600?

I already had a Colecovision, does the Intellivsion controllers feel the same?

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Colecovision is my favorite.

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>there any Atari computer that's backwards compatible with the 2600?

no, there isnt. But all the 2600 games -at least the good ones- have been ported to Atari computers with graphicals improvements. Also it uses the same controllers.

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>Atari computer

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Replace Defender with Stargate and replace Night Driver with Enduro and you have a pretty solid list for that most part.

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Intellivision controller is basically a less comfortable upside down Colecovision controller

The 5200 is really more of an Atari 8-bit computer. With the exception of space dungeon I don't think it has any exclusives that aren't on the 8 bit line. I should really trade away all my 5200 games

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Is it also very precise? I remember that the Coleco controller is an absolute bitch to get the hang of because if the stick is only a few degrees off, it won't recognize that as going left, right etcetera

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Do any of these stand out as the ColecoVision emulator to use?

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yes it's actually even worse since it's flush and you have to press it down while you can actually hold the Coleco control stick.

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>Why is the Atari 5200 considered 2nd gen when it's a successor console to the 2600?
Because the shift from 2600->5200 didn't coincide with a shift in the greater market.

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ColEm and blueMSX work very good

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The Intellivision disc actually recognizes 16 movement directions. It's pretty smooth and intuitive once you get the hang of it, although I did grow up with the thing.

The side action buttons are really stiff and uncomfortable to use over long periods, though. That's one thing that's greatly improved with the Intellivision Flashback controllers. They changed them from hard plastic to soft rubber. I just wish the replica overlays and emulation were better.

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So does anyone have a Epoch or a Microvision? How is it?

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I didn't really play any action games when I picked up an Intellivision in the '90s, just the RPGs. I do have Night Stalker but I never really got into it. I have such fucking awesome 3rd party controllers for my Atari consoles it's hard to suck it up and use any OEM 2nd gen ones for serious white knuckle scorin'

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>Worm Whomper
I forgot this existed. I've still never gotten around to trying it.

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The XEGS is the best console Atari made. I suppose it's technically 3rd gen but it's basically a 5200 that's actually good.

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>go to ebay
>cheapest complete one is almost 200 dollars
>here i can get one for less than 70 dollars

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>tfw only got into second gen in the last five or six years and missed out on getting a vectrex or astrocade when people still thought they were worthless old junk

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Some people will give you 200$ to whiff their fart, it aint that much.

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are you talking complete as in boxed or just with all the stuff that came with it? I was able to snag one with the console, controller, keyboard, light gun and both pack-in games along with all their documentation for 75 bucks from a mexican dude who I think bought up delinquent storage units. I've seen just the base unit on its own go for anywhere from 50 to 100 bucks, so if you can find one with everything for under 70 you should jump on it. They made less than a million of the things from what I understand so quite a few less than any of their other home consoles.

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Vectrex is God tier, it is a little pricy, but well worth it. If you can live without the overlays, get the 72 in 1 cart, it's like $100 usd. I got mine out of the U.K. And there are no dip switches to screw around with.

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What's a good emulator for the Atari 800?

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i already own an Atari XEGS and to tell you the truth i dont want to become a reseller scum and put it on ebay. After all im in southamerica. I doubt anyone would bother buying shit from me.

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Atari800 Win Plus. I can upload an installer with one gazillion roms

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If you would like too.

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inb4 PANIC or Dolphin Porn

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I got a 2600 with a lot games I was thinking of upgrading. Sould I go for a 7800 or colecovision with the 2600 attachment?

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I don't know if this belongs in this thread (technically 3rd gen) but I never knew this existed until just now.

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2600 is a personal favorite. The games are simple and fun. Instant pick up and play. Tons of good shooters. Lots of weird stuff too.

Get an original console and the Harmony Cart and you can play everything ever made for the console, including lots of great homebrew.

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SG-1000 is a cool system. Most of its games are in English because it was also sold in Australia

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and if you're on linux, you can make a one line bash script you can make executable and simply click the icon of to initiate, that starts ColEm with your favorite game loaded

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The SG-1000 is virtually identical to Colecovision. I don't know what could possibly make it third gen.

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It launched on the same day as the Famicom. Of course, generations are determined by release date and not by hardware power which is what Nintendo fans insists when it's convenient.

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I had no idea. That makes me like it even less since it was clearly just a half-assed attempt to not let Nintendo completely capture the market.

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SG-1000 and Colecovision are almost literally the same hardware (also the original MSX in some respects but w/e). Also this lists the SG-1000 which was japanese exclusive but doesn't talk about the Epoch Cassette Vision. Also I think Intellivision should be put with the 2nd generation part 2 since it actually came out in 1980, it was only tested in 1979. I think the reason they're grouped together though is because the Atari 2600 was just that successful during their heyday, so they usually base where the generation begins and ends on the reign of the dominance of the most powerful console at the time.

Now the Fifth generation is a generation that one can really say is two separate generations (3do/jaguar/CD32 at first and then PS1/Saturn/N64), but that's not what this thread is about.

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To be fair, it was most likely just a coincidence that they launched on the same day. Console gaming in Japan was never a big deal prior to the Famicom and Sega just kinda made the SG-1000 without any high expectations for its success, since arcades was still where the money was being made.

They didn't attempt to be competitive with Nintendo until the Mark III a few years later.

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>Now the Fifth generation is a generation that one can really say is two separate generations (3do/jaguar/CD32 at first and then PS1/Saturn/N64), but that's not what this thread is about.

CD32 was just a consolized Amiga with CD drive. Amiga is comparable to 4th gen consoles.

3DO is early 5th gen because tons of games were ported to and from it and Playstation, Saturn, and PC. In many cases 3DO had the best version of the game.

Jaguar is the only console you can call 4.5th gen, mostly because programmers just used the 68k CPU instead of the wonky and difficult graphics chips.
But a single console cannot form a new gen and the CD addon was released in '95 so I lump it in with 5th gen.

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There's a Flashback 2 nearby for $20. Should I?

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Can't you practically make a desktop out of a CD32? I was quite certain that you could get a floppy drive to work.

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Can you also change the resolution?

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A nice perk of the 2600 is that it's still getting games produced for it.

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I assume so. CD32+SX32 is just an A1200 with a CD-ROM, so Workbench and ScreenMode work.

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yep, is the closest one to the original Atari 2600. The Atari FB 1 was an emulator, and the later ones sucks because the controllers.

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The later ones are also emulators and blow, the FB2 is condensed 2600 hardware and quite rad since it has composite video over RF.

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Do you also happen too have a good one for C64?

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arise fallen warrior

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It looks like a Solaris clone.

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So does anyone know what the best emulator for the Commodore 64 is?

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VICE, followed by Hoxs64.

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Thanks, is there also a good romdump that ONLY has commercial roms? The one on Emuparadise is about 5000, it would take weeks to filter that out.

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get a 2600 i just got one and love it.

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I got an Atari 8Bit computer instead

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Not that I'm aware of. In my opinion, the C64 is not really a system you'd want a full set for. You're probably better off building your own collection out of cracks from CSDb and Gamebase 64.

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This. The only worthwhile plug n play system in my opinion.

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Intellivision will always get me right in the feels. All the good times playing games with my older brother. The Tron games, D&D, Intellivoice games, Microsurgeon, Sewer Sam(?)... I can't remember too many. Gives me nostalgia overload.

B-17 Bomberrrrrr!

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see >>3775861

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Love me some Atari

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Same with me. I used to play with my family all the time. Lots of interesting and satisfyingly complex games.

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figure this is a good thread to ask this but

I happened to have come across a big box of 4 atari 2600s(2 woodgrains with 6 switches, 2 2600 jrs) and a bentley compu-vision along with about 10-20 controllers for 2600s and a couple 5200 controllers(including at least 5 of those conjoined paddle pairs)

I also have no desire to keep them because I'm not a fan of anything on these systems

they're all a bit dirty and one 2600 jr has a couple pieces broken off of it(most of which I have) and I have no idea if they work

what would be a fair price to sell all this for?

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15 dollars.
Clean them, and 25 dollars is a fair price.

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