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What's a good vintage RPG with an expansive world with multiple towns and locations to explore? Preferably a Japanese RPG for PS1 or SNES.

Pic not related, Alundra was fun but I found the map tiny

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Any Final Fantasy from IV to IX

pick whichever setting seems most interesting to you

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Might and Magic 6
Ultima 7

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Dragon Quest III

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Not OP, but I've got Ultima Exodus for NES, is it worth playing?

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Phantasy Star 1 on Master System
3 medium sized planets to explore, plenty of towns, lotsa dungeons. And better looking, smoother scrolling dungeons than you'll see on SNES.

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MM6 is fun as fuck. MM7 worth a play, as well.

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Fuck yeah, that game seemed like serious business as a kid, do it

Op, this

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I crossed a stream in the castle where you start and everyone died.

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Star Ocean: The Second Story sounds like exactly what you're looking for

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Dragon Quest 3 maybe?

You'll get more out of it if you play DQ1 first though. But that's a super tiny and short game compared to DQ3.

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Cliche response, but Baldur's Gate and Fallout. BG's locations are all made of painted/prerendered images (hence 5CD's), so across its vast landskapes there's very little repetition of assets, and every town looks rather unique.

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Legend of Dragoon is not a perfect RPGs but the variety of towns is remarkable.

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Though real classics, the first 3 Ultima games did not age well. You won't miss anything by not playing them. If you want to get into the series start with the SMS version of Ultima IV.

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>Not DQ6

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Haven't played those yet, so I just recommended what I know.

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I couldn't get into any Ultima games. It seems like as the series went on, their graphics got better but their mechanics got worse. I was watching that spoony autisimo guy talking about each game. All those chests.

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That's 7 and 8 where they tried to simplify things and appeal to new groups of players.
The others tended to improve the existing system.
2 kind of tried to do too much at once and was too much for the programmer to handle

Ultima Underworld is a milestone in gameplay as well as graphics and other areas.

Those Spoony videos are crap. Best you ignore anything said or shown there.

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I just want someone to teach me about the childhood I never had

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The childhood of being brain damaged?

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>Legend of Dragoon is not a perfect RPG
that is one way to put it

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Damn, it's still one of the prettiest games.

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Naw, just about games I may have glanced at and never thought twice about back when Egghead Games was around

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