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Would this be considered comically dark? I love when a slig yells "mommy!" before being controlled and then exploding into bloody bits and pieces.

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In the bad ending the mudokons pretty much shit on you and watch you die.

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This game was really hard.

I couldnt even get past the tutorial

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??? The game is trivially easy, unless you're going for 100%. Just playing through the game is nothing.

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I cried when I saw the bad ending as a child.

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It's literally trial and error - the game. Pretty entertaining though

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I loved how the creatures had their own speak system.

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Not him, but I think it's more of a puzzle game. It's about figuring out how to get those mudokans to the portal.
But ya, doing so requires some trial and error, that's why there's infinite lives.

I love the consistent physics in this game. Like, it's grid-based practically and there's no variables in your movement

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When you kill all mudkips you can restart with invincibility.

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It's not that much different to Tomb Raider in that regard apart from 2D

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The first one ran in Unity right? I think JAW won't be working on this one, so we'll see how it goes.

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yes. that is what they were aiming for when they made it

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I love when you accidentally kill one of the mudokons.


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>I love when a slig yells "mommy!"

I don't remember that happening, just "YEEELP!" and then "uhuhu" when abe takes control of him

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they say it in munchs oddysee i think

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Doesn't Abe just laugh like a maniac after you kill too many of them?

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they'll never finish the quintology

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All I want is Sligstorm, but they keep remaking games, doing side projects, and holy shit just kill me.

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Allabout the $$ man. Wasnt sligstorm supposed to be an RTS? They had so many canned projects it sucks.

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Are the mudokons a peaceful tribe? How did they get the power to control people?

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>trial and error - the game

The remake, maybe. But the original had pretty obvious puzzle solutions that anyone with half a brain can figure out at first glance.

Not to say it was incredibly easy, but it was far from trial and error.

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Well they need money to continue the series.

The remakes serve a dual purpose - to try and get more funding for the quintology, and to try drumming up interest after being inactive for almost a decade.

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I'm not sure i like the new look of the muds.
it's almost like they're trying too hard to make them look cute and helpless while also making them too creepy to care about. it feels like a misguided art direction shift or something.

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