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Hard mode: the game uses 3D polygons.

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Every Model 2 and 3 game.

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This is the most elegant low poly game I've seen, I think.

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wow, looks like a current gen game. how did sega die out again???

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Late 90s Arcade and Dreamcast thread.

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By letting SEGA of Japan call the shots despite being proven failures.

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They had their best men working in the Arcade and their best bumbling idiots making (or not making) console games.

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>still believing the SoA narrative

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Let's face it, the Japs at Sega never took consoles seriously. It was the Americans that made Sega great in the home division.

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>not believing cold hard facts
what's wrong with u

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Sega had their console division turning up as a success maybe twice in their lives, and both of the time it was the American division doing it.

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There's probably better japan-only games for Mega Drive than American/European ones.
The reason MD didnt' took out in Japan was because PC Engine/NEC was also a factor there.
All SoA did was get lucky with Sonic catching up with the western audience.

>kalinske interviews by vidya journos
>we still never heard SoJ's side of the story
>hard facts
I bet you also take that "console wars" book seriously.

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>those wonky ass windows
Did this city get hit by an earth quake?

What game is this?

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Doctor Slump.

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the wonky windows are affine texturing artifacts. I'm guessing this is some PSX game running in a shitty emulator that renders the graphics in 1080p.

The affine mapping looks much less awful when you run games on the real hardware, since it is rendered at 320x224, and there's just not enough pixels on the screen for it to be a real issue.

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lol, it's just affine texture mapping, there's a plugin nowadays that really reduces the wonkiness

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>implying I actually read that fake book

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>redirect meme
Nice way to show your butthurt.

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I've played the game on the original hardware and it still looks like complete shit, maybe even worse, as with the low resolution and the aliasing the warped textures doesn't even make sense and you can't see the individual windows.

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good lord

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I still like how Silent Hill looks.

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The blocky models have some charm.

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I was just playing Fighters Megamix and it looks nice. 60fps gameplay and nice character models. Animations are a bit primitive but can't have everything.

The game does slow down on Raxel's stage, though.

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The best looking 3D game for /vr/ consoles is probably Jet Set Radio or Rayman 2. But the Dreamcast might be cheating.

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Adding to the Dreamcast love

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Not the first or second time I'm posting this but...

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I was blown away by Conker's Bad Fur day at first.

I later caught on to the fact that only Conker had actually good facial animation, but I still think the game looks great.

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>that Shenmue, Soul Calibur and Metropolis Street Racer

MSR is fucking gorgeous

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>PS2 is going to have toy story graphics in real time :^)

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Not enough money to continue selling the DC at the 149.99 price point.

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>3D on PS
Not even once

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>develop the home hardware
>develop the arcade hardware
>have all the in-house development teams
>shouldn't call the shots

SoA is the literal "ideas guy" in this relationship

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This, plus plenty of good looking NAOMI games:
F355 Challenge
Marvel vs Capcom 2 (dem backgrounds)
Crazy Taxi
Cannon Spike
Power Stone 1 & 2

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somebody post the unreal tournament attract mode webm

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Good 2D doesn't age.

—Metal Slug
—KoF ('97 onward)
—Last Blade
—MvC for sheer amount of assplosions and screen-filling lazors

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Man, those Russian ghost cities are depressing

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except that's dreamcast level at best

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It definitely doesn't look current gen. It looks about as good as a PS2 game, but considering the technology is about half a decade older, it still looks good for its time.

Arcade games back in the 90s were made using much more advanced hardware than consoles. Nowadays, they just use midrange PC hardware.

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The Dreamcast was too ahead of its time for the 5th gen tbqh. I bet if Sega released the Dreamcast in 2000 instead of 1998, it would get the respect it deserved and actually have a larger marketshare of games.

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>I bet if Sega released the Dreamcast in 2000 instead of 1998, it would get the respect it deserved and actually have a larger marketshare of games.
This absolutely would have been the best course of action

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Yeah, a couple more years and they could've had discs with more space on them too.
DC had a bad case of premature elaunchulation. Then again, so did the Saturn.

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G Darius

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>still have

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Ground Control looks pretty great for a 17 year old game. Wish there were more RTS games like this.

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Sony never actually said this, it's a videogame urban legend. Seamus Blackley (the head of Microsoft's Xbox division) said it about the original Xbox:

> "One of the basic premises of the Xbox is to put the power in the hands of the artist, (which is why) Xbox developers are achieving a level of visual detail you really get in 'Toy Story'."

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Sony DID say however it would be like plugging into the Matrix, which is undoubtedly an even bolder lie

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Ken Kuturagi said that, and it was likely a mistranslation since he spoke fuckall for English at the time.

If you really want to get butthurt over something Sony said than you'd be better off looking at the answer they gave when asked "How many controller ports will the PlayStation 2 have?" by OPM, to which they replied "How many do you want?"

I guess they thought our answer was "2"

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Nice taste but why are you using that widescreen thing? Look at the hud man, look at it.

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>still being a weeb

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>Releasing the weakest hardware of the 6th generation 2 years later..

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Is this Minecraft?

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>More VRAM than the Playstation 2
What did he mean by this?

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>DC better than PS2
This meme need to end /vr/

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I never understood why people like this game. I bought it when it came out and it was boring and weird. It didn't look good either that cell shading shit always bothered me.

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For example of why idea guys actually sell products, see apple, the most valuable company on earth.

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It can't, PS2 isn't retro so please stop mentioning it's tainted name.

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>It definitely doesn't look current gen
You think?

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Don't rub salt in the wound, anon

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If the Dreamcast had come after the PS2 then it really wouldn't have registered with anyone. The PS2 had far too much hype behind it, the Xbox only made sales because of Halo, and Nintendo sold because Mario and Zelda. DC would have still failed on the basis of selling consoles only for Sonic Adventure and wouldn't have had the huge launch sales it got for being cutting edge.
Not to mention that Sega would've been bankrupt by then so they wouldn't have had a penny for marketing.

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I know it says SimCity 2000, but what's that 3d mode?

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Its a unique concept for a game, highly stylized art style with a fairly unique and well produced soundtrack. There isnt too many games with this kind of "graffiti culture" that manages to actually pull it off. Outside of the awkward movement controls its a nice well rounded package that hasnt been done to death, even to this day

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>the Xbox only made sales because of Halo,

Nobody gave a shit about Halo until Halo 2. It was a minor cult classic until then. Xbox sold as good as it did regardless of the first game.

When Halo 2 came out, they pushed the marketing up to eleven and turned the Xbox brand into the Halo Console.

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That's not how I remember things back then.

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I think the graffiti culture point is interesting. JSR did a good job of having a clear PoV, but it wasn't trying to pass itself off as edgy. A lot of games (like the later THPS games) kind of shove a lot of "teen culture" (or some Marketer's idea of "teen culture") and it often doesn't work. I love THPS's gameplay, but its aesthetic leaves a lot to be desired. JSR is less easy to pinpoint the real-world basis of, so I think it aged better and feels more genuine.

This isn't to say that JSR has no real-world influences, but that it doesn't take them overly seriously, and it is clearly sourcing a lot of stuff for inspiration, rather than trying to establish its own cred by jamming in references to real world "cool" stuff.

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It was on the PSX version at least, it basically let you have an auto-drive around your city like the 3D Maze screensaver.

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I remember playing this game as a kid thinking I was in Nosgoth. graphics blew me away back then.

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Runs perfect? No

Looks good? Hell yeah

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Shame about the nonsensical puzzles.

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Halo 1 received perfect review scores (EGM's platinum award for exame) and was voted as game of the year by many online and magazine publications and was considered the Xbox's killer app.

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>Nobody gave a shit about Halo

Friends' birthday parties would like a word with you, but you wouldn't know since you never had any friends.

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Unreal Tournament

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Fighting games are superior for social gatherings imho, since they're much more entertaining for those just watching

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No one had to watch with Halo since you could play 16 player system link with 4 consoles.

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me too, it's a shame most people won't give it a chance and just skip to 2 and 3

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Making the shit doesn't matter if you don't know how to sell it to the masses.

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Most people here are posting games that they like or games that looked good at the time they were released, not games that STILL look good.

Look like shit, like most 4th gen games, ehile cartoonish games like Megaman Legends and Dr Slump still look good..

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Sorry, 5th gen.

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What game is that?

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looks like a dr.slump ps1 game

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Megaman Legends.

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Yet the Saturn sold better than the N64 in Japan. I wonder why? Especially with an ad campaign like this.

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Honestely Rockman Dash are best game of Playstation

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What's the deal with people loving these train wrecks? That's a pretty cherry picked screenshot, and the games are the opposite of what made Mega Man good.

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Not bad for 1999

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Dr Slump.

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Shiny was pretty Boss when it came to early Polygons. MDK still da Bomb! Especially from an artistic point of view


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How are mechanics? Looks like some sort of sandbox.

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It's a pretty simple game where you control Arale doing small tasks and sometimes battling some enemies. I'm still a the beggining of the game.
Unfortunately, it's based on the Dr Slump remake, and not on the original series or the manga.
The remake may look good, but they shouldn't have ditched Arale's iconic original design, even though the new one looks pretty good.

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>I bet if Sega released the Dreamcast in 2000 instead of 1998, it would get the respect it deserved and actually have a larger marketshare of games.

I disagree, releasing it in late 1998 was a smart move (Microsoft used the same strategy with the Xbox 360 and it worked for them), the Saturn was virtually dead in the west by late 1997 and the PS2 hype was enormous. An earlier 6th gen release would give time to build a good library to make the console still appealing against the PS2, otherwise it would be destroyed by Sony's machine.

Quite frankly, software-wise this strategy worked, the Dreamcast had an amazing library by 2000. Sega's two problems were their bad financial situation and negative brand association (thanks to failures like the Sega CD, 32X and the Saturn in the west).

It was a problem in earlier PS2 games when devs weren't familiarized with the architeture, on the PS2 the VRAM works like some kind of texture cache. On the other hand, the Dreamcast has very specific bottlenecks like the amount of polygons it can push.

But I believe the hardware could have remained competitive until late 2003 or so. Given the late 1998 release, we're talking about a 5 year life span, that's good enough.

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underrated as fuck post. Godly made 2d graphics do not age

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that's the alpha image

the actual game's graphics do not look like that

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And still looks like shit.

>> No.3762576

You should see the Dreamcast version. Character Models are better looking.


>> No.3762587

Fucking pinnacle of ps1 visuals, hands down.

>> No.3762590

I really enjoyed that game

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Why was she tied up?

>> No.3762618

Seems like a pretty random law, the hell did jumping ever do to the low-poly disembodied space head?

>> No.3762748

holy shit this looks great
Imma have to go buy a copy

Anyone have recommendations for other PS1 racing games? All I've got is Impact Racing, which is fun but I've played it to death at this point.

>> No.3762784

what game is this?

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Boy I wish I could just go out and buy Ridge Racer Type 4. Playstation or that entire era across it and N64 were just full of fantastic racers, it's hard to just list some. Okay, maybe Wipeout XL.

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Just a note that I posted Wipeout 3 Special Edition

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Gran turismo 2 is insanely detailed but boring and grindy sometimes.
Basically find the easy race that awards you with an expensive but shit car, sell it, repeat until you have money. I remember at least 800 laps on a double oval track, incredibly dull, but the customization is down to the millimeter highly experienced auto mechanic stuff.
Give it a try.

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>By the way, where's my gear?
>I'm sorry Rock, but I sold all your equipment.
>Mmmph mphmm

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>Ctrl+F "Fear Effect"
>"No matches found"
Come on, guys! An Eidos-published IP can't be that obscure. They were Resident Evil-style games (2D backdrops with 3D characters and objects), only the characters were all cel-shaded. Oh yeah, and the main chick was a lesbian.

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Nigga Halo 1 is one of the things that sold the fucking Xbox.

That's like saying nobody gave a shit about MGS until 2 came out.

>> No.3763005

It's dialogue heavy, though.
All in hiragana and katakana, but dialogue heavy.

>> No.3763024

I think I smell prerenders.

>> No.3763040

>If the Dreamcast had come after the PS2 then it really wouldn't have registered with anyone.
I think you're right about this. I don't think my parents would have bought me a Dreamcast if it launched around the same window as the Gamecube or PS2, especially considering I never owned a Sega system previously. To this day, however, I have a strange fascination with Sega and still purchase their titles.

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filters are cheating.

>> No.3763078

Holy underage. All everyone ever talked about when the original xbox was out was halo.

>> No.3763092

True that. Pretty sure Morrowind help move some boxes too.

>> No.3763164 [DELETED] 

Welcome to /neov/

>> No.3763195

The game still looks good without texture filtering.

>> No.3763202

Halo is technically retro if you want to discuss the original version planned for Mac.

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The artstyle isn't even have as good as R4 but World Driver Championship looks very good and is smooth as fuck even with shitloads of high polygon cars visible at once

>> No.3763504

World Rally Fever.

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Still looks amazing

>> No.3763580

>implying the capshill gives a fuck

>Nobody gave a shit about Halo until Halo 2. It was a minor cult classic until then.

The historical re/v/isionism is off the charts.

>neo prefix
Literally no better.

>> No.3763674

I don't even mind Arale, Akane and Midori are the ones who got uglier in the remake.
The 80's curly hair was amazing.

>> No.3763726

Whoa, how do you play the game in that resolution? That doesn't look like filtering and the arcade game runs in much lower resolution.

>> No.3763829

I dunno man Google images.