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favorite classic bomberman game?

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Bomberman Quest

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The 64 games.

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Only Bombermen I've played are the one that came hidden on the TurboDuo pack-in disc, and the Saturn one.
What am I missing out on?

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The only Bombermans I've played is Heroes and Generations (not retro). Picked up Bomberman Story for GBA and know nothing about it. What am I in for?
Also why the fuck does Bomberman have a sword?

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dont ask me, i only started playing pocket bomberman last nigbt

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Saturn Bomberman
all the SNES games
all the TG-16 games

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A Zelda-like game with simplified Pokemon battles. It's cool.
>Also why the fuck does Bomberman have a sword?
It takes place in a medieval fantasy setting. Pocket Bomberman's story was actually continued in Bomberman Wars and Bomberman World.

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How many bomberman time lines are there?

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I don't know man, a few I guess.

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What bomberman game has a bunch of dialogue?

Outside 64 era and jetters, I never played bomberman game with some nice story

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The Second Attack is probably the most plot heavy game. Other than that uhh... Bomberman is not really a game you play for the story.

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By story, I really just mean dialogue.
I tried playing Bomberman Quest, and I enjoyed how Bomberman actually talks.
Boring game though

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If youve played the saturn one, youre missing nothing

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I want the Japanese one, but it is too expensive.

Love the other two.

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It's like 4th "which Bomberman is the best" thread over last two weeks.

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Super Bomberman R really brought a lot of interest to the series lately.

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Who /preorder/ here?

I know it doesn't look promising but I gotta support my main man Bomber

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The Bomberman Jetters anime is great if you haven't seen it.

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Better than the game?

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I wouldn't know, I haven't played it.

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I have two Saturn Multitaps (that I've never used) and Saturn Bomberman. Too bad I only have 7 Saturn controllers and I think one of them is broken. I also lack 9 other people willing to play.

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Step aside, plebians.

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I'd totally play some saturn bomberman, but just not with you

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Bomberman Quest
Bomberman 64

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Second Attack has a shitload of dialog.

Bomberman himself is a silent protagonist though, until you beat the game and it shows him talking to various characters throughout the story. I always thought that was a neat twist to the whole silent protagonist angle.

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I'll try emulating

I know PJ64 is shit, but hopefully it'll work

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It's okay, Saturn Bomberban's better with 8 players than 9 or 10 anyway due to the limited 9/10-player maps. So you only need 7 other people.

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>that intro theme
Still some of the hypest shit.


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PJ64 is deprecated.

Prefer mupen64 instead.

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Bomber man dresses up in the gameboy games for some reason. I had Bomberman GB when I was a kid, and he was dressed as Indiana Jones throughout the game for some reason, even pushed bombs by whipping them. It was pretty gay.

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I think this is Bomberman's best design.

Also which Bomberman games have a co-op story mode.

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What do you think about this guy?

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Super series
The Second Attack

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Thanks cute anon

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Who the fuck thought a Sherlock Holmes game would be a system seller for kids?

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Holy shit that's so much better, I'm not much of a Bomberman fan myself, but I'd probably be more interested if he looked like this.

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No anon, you're cute

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Could you rank those 8 games from best to worst for me in your opinion, double cute anon?

It's robotic without being too robotic (lite the original Famicom artwork), it's cute without being cutesy, it's small without being tiny, it's simple without being minimalist. I prefer later Bomberman's color scheme but this Bomberman looks like a perfect take on what he was originally supposed to be. I like the other designs too though, except the ones that make him lanky.

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bomberman world, IREM

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Saturn > TSA > Super 4 > Neo > Super 5 > Super 3 > Super 2 >Super 1

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Thanks babe, I'll pick up Saturn.

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What makes Super 4 the best SNES Bomberman?

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>How do you do fellow gamers

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Well I personally like the rideable enemies and the playable Bomber Kings with special powers. For those reasons alone I like it more than the others. I find it hard to rank the Super games since I really like them all.

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>Bomberman/Bomberman '93
>Bomberman '94
>Super Bomberman
>Super Bomberman 2
>Super Bomberman 3
>Super Bomberman 4
>Super Bomberman 5

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My favorite classic Bomberman is tough to choose.

When I was a kid The Second Attack was my all time favorite game, I fucking loved it. The co-op story, the amazing multiplayer, the huge as fuck levels, and especially that cuhrazy storyline.

I tried going back to it recently though and playing it again, it's a pretty rough game. Now the long cutscenes annoy me rather than enthrall me, I think the storyline (which is basically power rangers vs the bible) is just goofy rather than the coolest thing ever like I thought it was as a kid. A lot of the levels have pretty forced and unnatural backtracking. It makes good use of the new bomb types you get, but plenty of times in levels it's still just
press a switch
that opens the way to another switch on the other side of the level
press that switch
that opens the way to another switch on the other side of the level

And sometimes what the switches do is nonsensical. One I pressed made a cage that had another switch inside of it shatter into a bunch of pieces. What the hell? A lot of the backtracking isn't tied to your abilities like in other exploration games. Some of it is, but nowhere near enough. Makes the game pretty frustrating.

But it was my favorite game as a kid and I'm nostalgic as fuck for it. Also it still has the best multiplayer is the whole franchise.

But overall, the first Bomberman 64 holds up much better and is one I can go back to and play anytime. So I don't know which of those two is my favorite.

Sorry for the long rant but TSA is a pretty unknown game so I don't get a lot of chances to talk about it.

Apparently there's an english patch for the rom floating around somewhere. I haven't tried it out yet myself but you can probably find it on google pretty easily.

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While Saturn Bomberman and Super Bomberman 2 remain my overall favorites, Bomberman 64 (the 2D japan-only title) is one of my top BM games, and often overlooked.

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What's this image from?

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Bombermqn '94 on the TG-16 had the best mix of powerups and I don't think anybody plays on the extra maps. Bomberman Online for Dreamcast comes in second place for me simply because of the game modes. Bomberman 64 was fun I guess but the only good part was that each map had their own last minute end game thing.

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>Bomberman Online for Dreamcast comes in second place for me simply because of the game modes.
Which ones are fun? I've been struggling to enjoy this bomberman game and always end up defaulting to one of the ones with which I'm more familiar.

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Super Bomberman 4 guidebook.

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SBM4 > SBM3 > SBM2 > SBM5 > SBM

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It had really enjoyable single player and I think it also had one where you paint the map with bombs

I read them as
>Super Brario Mothers

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The Bomberman 64 titles and Hero were my favorite. I really enjoyed how they incorporated platforming into the franchise. Plus, the music was fantastic in the titles. Was hoping the Switch one would continue with this formula rather than go back to its more traditional roots.

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The new one should have been a successor to those 3 games, not a remake of Super Bomberman 1.

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I have that special kind of autism where I don't want to get into a series if I can't get into it from the very beginning.

Is it just me or is the first Bomberman absolute shit?

I'm trying to fight against that autism though, the second one seems a lot better.

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>Is it just me or is the first Bomberman absolute shit?
The NES one? I mean it's okay, nothing really special. It actual gets pretty fun when you get the fire vest and the remote bomb and just rape everything.

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Not him but that's my problem with the first game. You need to get a bunch of power ups before the game feels fun at all.

Yeah I'd recommend just starting from 2. It's much more fun.

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>I have that special kind of autism where I don't want to get into a series if I can't get into it from the very beginning.
Me too, but you could consider the TG16 version the "definitive" beginning. I mean nobody gives a shit about the real first one on some ancient computer where he's a guy in a hat.

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Why do we never see Bomberman's family and home again? I like Dr. Mitsumori and Lisa.

And where did Red, Blue, and Green come from? Did Black make them, or did Dr. Mitsumori?

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where's bomberman quest

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What's their story?

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How's Bomberman Generation for the Gamecube and Bomberman Online for the Dreamcast? Those are the only Bomberman games I haven't played.

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mediocre and only good for parties, respectively

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Which is your main?

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Finally figured out how to turn off scalines.

Here's another lavender bomber.

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It's probably going to be the first game I buy for non-retro new Nintendo console, but I'm going all digital. Is there like a way I can 'get' Bomberman? I've been playing a little on my Famicom and PC Engine, but I feel like the strategy and skill involved I'm just not grasping.

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When will you learn, brother?

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Oh, I guess we're friends now.

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Cute game, better than the first but still pretty simple.

Next is '94, then the Super series.

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Can confirm, I didn't expect that much but it got me feels.

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Can confirm, I didn't expected that much but it got me feels.

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Reminder that -Bomberman Tactics: The War of the lions- is a thing.

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looked much better with

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I'll take an S-Video filter, if that's not available I'll take clean pixels. Scalines without a natural blur looks weird.

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I don't like the later take on Bomberman's world, I think it started with Super Bomberman 3 where "Bomberman" is an entire species on a Bomber world, instead of a handful of robots on a futuristic Earth.

>> No.3772436

I don't have a problem with it, I mean, the former setting is more "dramatic" and cold if you ask me, but I think that the "Bomberman species" thing with many distinctic bombers, characters and cities works pretty well within the series style too.

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here's my bomberman collection. i think i had bomberman max for gameboy color as well.

out of all of these, i had the most fun with hero and 2nd attack. the music in hero is of the best music in any video game ever. also have had a lot of fun with saturn (just recently picked it up - haven't had it since childhood like a lot of these other ones)

>> No.3772519

I think the former leaves a lot of room for more variety and depth, and makes Bomberman the character as well as his brothers more unique and interesting within said world, in a futuristic Earth Bomberman pops, in a Bomberman world he's just another Bomberman.

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>not browsing /vr/ at 320x240 on a TV

>> No.3772528

Have you played super bomberman 1 & 2 yet? They're both some of my favorite, most comfy games. I bet you'd like them.

>> No.3772535

aw man, thank you for the suggestion. i'll have to check them out! will report back

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Super 2 is my favorite multiplayer of the series.

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When I was younger and didn't understand that the Bomberman series doesn't give a fuck about continuity, I thought that the original Bomberman and the others who busted out of the mining facility were the ancestors of all the other bombermen. Looking back now I still kind of like that idea.

For whatever reason I think it's really fitting for Bomberman to fit both the hero and Everyman roles so I don't mind the newer games being about one random bomber guy who just happens to step up and save the day when he's needed.

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Obligatory "Power Bomberman is a god tier game" post.

>> No.3773558

I don't mind it for some spin-off games and some games, but I wish it didn't become the norm, the old setting has a lot more potential. It's why Kotetsu and Honey are my favorite Bomberman friends, they're not just more "Bombermen". I also like the plot of Bomberman II, where he's just treated as a guy in a city. The scientist making more and more Bombers is fine, I like the Bomber family form '94, but when it becomes an entirely different world full of the Bomberman race it's going a bit too far.

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Just watched a video of it. Can you disable the voice clips?

>> No.3773596

The original nes one and Bomberman 64.

Bomberman 64>Super Mario 64

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Yeah, under options.

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Nice! I'll get it.

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wtf is jump game

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Have fun, it's great for a multiplayer with friends, many items and kinds of stages with lots of variations, in the Battle Trial (singleplayer) you can unlock new characters.
Personally I like to play in the Random Stage mode, each new round is a new arena, pretty dynamic.

>> No.3774537

Bomberman Hero

>> No.3774909

I don't have a saturn to play saturn bomberman, but I liked bomberman 94 a lot, it's great fun. I played that version with my cousins (who were like 9 or 10) and they also enjoyed it, which was surprising to me.

>> No.3774910

That's rude.
I'd play it with you anon!

>> No.3774920

Not sure if this is what I think it is, but I miss little in between things like this, star parodier had them too.

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I noticed something in a recent Ika Musume chapter.

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Every game should have eyecatches

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Battle Trial is very tedious and unfun. Bullshit AI.

>> No.3775450

Some challenges are pretty bullshit at times, yeah, starting at 40 it gets pretty crazy (with 49 and 51 being the most hard ones in my opinion, it's pure danmaku against you).
However it's not that bad if you use certain tactics at your favor, it depends of the arena and the items in there.

Alternatively you can use the Konami Code in the title screen to temporarily unlock all the characters.

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Your argument is automatically invalid

>> No.3775565

Agreed, they're very Comfy

>> No.3775597

No it isn't.

>> No.3775614

1. Yes it is, the reee meme isn't funny and does nothing to boost the argument

2.If we're actually going to bitch about a slight reference to Bomberman and the only inconsistency being the version referenced supported up to 8 players rather than only 4 than I think our priorities are in the wrong place.

3. If you really do need a valid reason as to why a fictional character would refer to a fictional version of a game in the wrong tense solely because of the console it's on, then look no further than the Wii's own emulation capabilities, not even only through piracy but through the numerous Bomberman games on the Wii's virtual console.

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Is Bomberman gay?

I don't mean to set off some kind of shitposting explosion by asking this, but bomberman art really sets off my gaydar.

This bomberman >>3760703 is obviously hetero and looks more traditionally "masculine", but the more common design, not so much:
>>3761034 (look at red and blue!)

These just look very tilted towards gay signaling if you ask me. I'm sure there is some kind of disgusting bomberman gay fetish deviantart community in existence, but that's not even what I'm talking about.

>> No.3775645

1. Irrelevant, has nothing to do with his argument.
2. Irrelevant, has nothing to do with his argument.
3. That's a mock-up of the Bomberman Blast title screen.
You're so autistic that you couldn't tell anon was joking around about his own Bomberman autism.

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Bomberman is a robot.

>> No.3775650

In japan "cute things" are far more common and well received than the west.
Your mind is really corrupted.

>> No.3775660

Oh. Why does he have skin then? And why is he described as a man?

>japan cute
I understand that. I don't really think bomberman is intended to be gay. I'm just wondering if anyone else gets a "vibe." Maybe you just have to be gay.

>> No.3775665

It's not skin. It's a screen, his head is like a TV.
Because he's nobody's bitch.

>> No.3775701

>Always thought that Super Bomberman 3 was the worst Super game because god damn, it's fucking slow
>Recently noticed that everytime that I tried this game in the past years was the "(Europe)" rom, just because it has translated menus
>Try a japanese rom
>wtf the game is not bad at all in full speed
Why PAL is allowed to exist?

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He's fixated with Pretty Bomber, who is a female cyborg, so no he's "hetero" for robot standards.

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He's fixated with Pretty Bomber, who is a female cyborg, so no he's "hetero" by robot standards.

>> No.3775778

Oh well. I'll just try to imagine her as a trap.

>> No.3775819

She has a girlpussy, sorry gaybro

>> No.3775848

No, it's rank bullshit from very early on. Tedious, repetitive, slippery, time wasting AI. Over abundance of items. No time limit or falling blocks. It's a pretty bad game, probably the worst Bomberman I've played so far.

>> No.3775863

Don't blame the standard, blame the ones who refused to apply the standard.

>> No.3775872

The focus of the game is not singleplayer but multiplayer, though.
The Battle Trial is just a little extra, the real meat is the classic battle mode, and this shit is one of the best ones to ever exist.

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File: 225 KB, 580x448, bombershock.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.3775891

Shouldn't have wasted time making an irritating half-assed single player mode then. I'll probably never play this multiplayer, I'll stick with '94, Super 4, and Saturn.

>> No.3775903

Well, your choice, your loss, I truly believe that the Battle Mode is better than Saturn Bomberman, which is already regarded as one of the best Bomberman.

Hell, I can't even play Super 4 anymore (which was my previous favorite) after playing this game, the flexibility/new things are too good in PB.

>> No.3775912

>every action is tied to A button
No thanks, it's garbage.

>> No.3775918

but they're not

>> No.3775921

Most of them are. C button is useless.

>> No.3775923

>bomb punch
you can even see in readme that buttons have a similar amount of functions if you don't feel like sitting through the item cutscenes anyway

>> No.3775932

I did watch them. Picking up/throwing is tied with the same button you use to lay down bombs, which is really clunky. The punch is rare, less useful, and redundant.

>> No.3775938

punch is very useful because it's one of the most powerful escape tools in every bomberman game it's in and it's pretty op in this game
power glove is on the bomb button in majority of the games it's in, saturn bomberman and ultra/live are exceptions here

>> No.3775943


>> No.3775960

Punch, Drill, Detonator, Push, Bead Bomb, Shield, Bomb Change, Ruse and Remote Control are NOT tied to the A button.

The only items tied to A are the glove variants (Power Glove, Juggle Glove, Super Power Glove) and the Line Bomb, that's it.

I don't know what you're talking about, picking/throwing always worked like that (using the same A button) in the Super Bomberman games, for example.
If you're talking about picking players, you can easily disable that feature before a battle.

>The punch is rare, less useful, and redundant.
Dude! Punch is the real deal, it's faster and more versatile than the Power Glove, only using "Power Glove+Kick" is the basic strat, you can do crazy shit if you know how to use the Punch.

>> No.3777678

another bump

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Which one should I play?

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File: 33 KB, 2171x508, Charaboms.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What Charaboms do you want?

>> No.3778064

None of them particularly appeal to me.

>> No.3778295

That time when bombernan tried to beat Zelda.

>> No.3779652


>> No.3779818

hard to pick just one, but saturn bomberman is up there thanks to immense polish and some of the most intriguing features in the series