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I`ve never payed Baldur's Gate before, but I want to now. I was considering buying the "Enhanced Edition" on Steam but i`m not sure if it's the best emulation or not.

Can /vr/ point me in the right direction? Any specific mods or emulations that are better than the steam version?

Also, BG thread I guess

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it's not fucking emulation. i'd like to point you in the right direction of researching before you type something out on an imageboard

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wow that's a nice looking town, it reminds me of Kalm from FFVII
Is this what most of the game looks like?

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Enhanced edition is dogshit. Play the original once, then again if you wish with BGT.

Use an archer main character on your first playthrough. By judicious kiting (pause helps with this) you can kite and kill anything by taking turns shooting arrows and running around with several characters.

The Sleep spell and the Wand of Sleep will also help immensely throughout the game.

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There's a lot of comfy countryside as well.

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Sorry, maybe I typed a little faggy, English is not my first language. I should have been more precise.

I can only find Extended Editions for sale. Even on GOG they don't have the classic...
Should I just pirate the original or is there a place to get it?

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I'm pretty sure enhanced edition comes with the originals

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nvm, this is incorrect. Just pirate that shit

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Just play the original. EE changes the ruleset and adds a lot of retarded shit enabled by default along with some bad fanfic characters.

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There isn't any "emulated" version of BG.

There is GemRB, which is an open source engine recreation.
There is BGtutu and BGtrilogy, which take BG1's content/episodes and allow you to play them with the BG2 engine.
There is also BG2toGate, which much like the previous thing, allows you to play BG2 with the Icewind Dale 2 engine.

But, like wine, these don't qualify as emulation.

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or play a cleric, and steamroll everything.

I have mixed feelings about EE. On one hand, it does add things from BG2, like dual wielding - hell, when I was playing the original, 6CD edition (with tales) I was really upset that I couldn't get a char to dual wield.

Now, It feels kind of cheap, because many of the "enhancements" were not taken into account when the game was balanced (most importantly class kits, that were added in BG2).

I guess EE is okay if you don't care too much about playing the game exactly as it was upon release - just keep in mind that thera are features here that the original game did not have, that will change your experience slightly.

As for characters, archers are good, because it's much easier to roll a fighter with 18 agility and decent stats, than it is to roll 18/00 str and stats that don't suck.

Also - bows allow you to attack from a distance, at an increased rate, and high agility gives you a bigger to hit bonus with bows, than high strength does.

That's just one character though. You still need a party, and that's where the cleric shines. If you roll a cleric though, be prepared for a lot of "reroll stats" until you get high rolls. Ideally, you want 18 strength (yes, on a cleric, so that draw upon holy might bumps it to 19+ and lets you laugh at fighters and their measly 18/00 strength in melee). 15-16 constitution (for bonus hp) is nice, as long as you also have 18 dex (for best armor class), and 18 Wis (for bonus spells).

Overall, the cleric is just a stupidly OP character, that can carry the whole party. Need a tank? Sure, full plate, good HP. Need to smash some skulls in? LOL, draw upon holy might, go to town.
Also casts healing spells, can cast in full plate, automatically gets access to all spells of any level he can cast, gets bonus spells (so 18 wis gives you a lot of casting between rests compared to mages of any kind).
Also summons, dispel, hold person, etc.

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Blade bards are crazy-ass OP if one plays BGT by the way.

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