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Guys, in trying to track down a game an older coworker can't remember. He puts the timeline between 1984-1986.

Things he has told me:
-it's probably a console game (most likely NES)
-you play as a "regular dude", it appears you're wearing jeans and a t-shirt

-In the first game, you start by falling in a hole the very first thing you would see was a rock. If you tried to interact with it, it would kill you. Then you would go through a few screens, encounter a "beast", and it would chase you back through those screens and you would have to remember all the things that could kill you
-there were sequels to the game. In the second or third one, you could get a gun that could charge up and create a force field you can shoot through
-he said its "2d sidescroller with the illusion of 3D"

I'll update as he remembers things. Pic unrelated.

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He also said he's almost certain that there were only 3 games in the series, years apart.

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>Pic unrelated.
Go away.

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I'm trying to figure out a game whose title we have no idea about. How am I going to provide a related picture? I'm also on my phone.

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If you can't an appropriate image then you shouldn't be on an image board. If necessary you can draw something yourself.

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You are amazing. This was it. God bless.

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That's really stupid.

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Anytime, anon.

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There are silver food coloring sprays too.