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Any cool retro video games that promote body-positivity?

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There's nothing positive about being a 400lb neckbeard.

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As someone who carried excess weight around from late childhood into mid-20's and then realized how easy it actually is to live a health lifestyle, I feel so bad for people who think taking better care of their body and living a healthy life style is going to be hard or miserable. Literally everything about life is better when you're in shape.

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A strong body is a positive body!

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Bottom left girls in real life literally make me sick, holy shit.

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Golden Axe.

You're welcome.

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What did you do to get in shape bro?
I can't cook, and I feel like that's the biggest hassle, not working out or anything else.

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Not the same guy, but try going vegan, you'd have to try not to be healthy (including weight).

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The only reason why it seems like vegans are healthier is because studies use McDonald's addicts to make meat eaters seem worse

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Full Soylent diet or learn to be an adult and cook food.

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You can make yourself pretty fucking fat in N64 WWF games' create a wrestler

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Yume Penguin Monogatari

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Learn to grill, it's easy to cook healthy, tasty food that way. I grill 3-4 times a week.

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There's literally nothing easier to eat than a carrot or an apple and eating fresh produce that hasn't been cooked to death is one of the biggest keys.

Eat your fresh fruits and veggies, as many as you can cram in your gullet. Don't eat too much of other stuff like breads, meats and dairy. They're all fine, but in moderation. Drink lots of water. That's the massive 2. We're all trained to think we need 3 big meals a day, but we really don't, especially if you're trying to lose weight.

Do something active, doesn't even have to be a ton. I mostly walk and hike these days and it's plenty. 42 and in the best shape since I was like 12. Not that I don't still love pizza when I sometimes have it, but I love being fit and strong so so so much more.

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>source: my ass
Stop being a dumb shit anon.

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>It's a "men give overweight women fitness tips" thread

Protip: Men and women's bodies are different. It is scientifically proven that women can't gain muscle or lose fat as easily as men.

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This is a blue board, anon-kun!

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Same except I was a twig instead of fat. My chest looked like a fucking fish fillet and I could easily overlap my thumb and pinky around my wrist.

I hit the gym and put on 60-70lbs of muscle over the past few years and now I feel fucking great about myself. I could never feel good about my body before, but now I'm proud of it even if I'm not super ripped, because it's something I accomplished, not just something that happened to me

Thanks for reading my shit blog

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lol well, if a professional fighter or stuntman went vegan he wouldn't get healthier but it's safe to assume OP is a big fat lardass who could coast on the proteins and amino acids in his fat reserves for years even on a vegan diet.

Lean meat is also pretty low calorie though. It's really pretty much all highly processed carbs especially sugar and HFCS that are to blame for tremendous fatasses. If you just pull those two things and white flour out of your diet completely without going into some kind of "cheat myself" mode where you eat a loaf of whole grain bread a day slathered in butter or something you'll lose weight.

A lot of fatasses problems are they have no fucking idea how many calories they're currently eating and have active cognitive dissonance about it so they'll attempt to go from 6000 calories to 1500 and suffer so much they come to believe dieting is impossible, come up with some pseudo-intellectual justification and go right back to 6000 calories.

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Irrelevant. Both will lose weight if they alter diets and activity levels. My wife used to be plumper (which I preferred) and then developed quite severe Crohn's and was forced to change diet. Even without activity, her weight loss was dramatic to the point of being scary.

Everyone can be in shape in they want to. All the genetic or gender based differences are minor in the end. Eat healthy food and don't eat more than your body needs in a day and it's impossible to stay fat even if you sit around all day.

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>implying op is a woman
>implying anybody thinks these tips are for women
What you're saying is true but it's balanced by the fact that the standard for an attractive female body is much lower in muscle and higher in fat than for an attractive male body.

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Thumbs up. Different directions but we reached the same spot. Being a 90 pound weakling much have sucked ass. And good on pointing out that it's a goal to be accomplished, not just something you wait to have happen. Enjoy your muscles anon!

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Sounds like a thread that shouldn't be on a video games board to begin with


Fixed for your convince.

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Nice b8 thread, that fat nigger taking a selfie made puke.

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>Don't eat too much of other stuff like breads, meats and dairy. They're all fine, but in moderation.
They're not. Meat stays too long in your digestive tract, starts to rot, you get the toxins, and you get colon cancer.
Dairy will fuck up your bone health (and obviously your heart health too but usually people know about that). In order to absorb calcium you need magnesium. Cow milk has a very large imbalance between those, so what happens is that your body can't absorb the calcium. Then there's the growth hormones in the milk, which are optimal for cancer growth.
Both meat and dairy have a LOT of protein, so high in fact that your blood would become acidic, I say would because you body won't let it, so to counter that your body takes calcium from your bones.
All of that excess calcium will also damage your kidneys as you have to piss it.

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Top right is thicc
Wood berry

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Diet Go Go by Data East
Also, any games that requires the NES Power Pad/Family Trainer will do, as long as you're using the peripheral properly.

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>lol well, if a professional fighter or stuntman went vegan he wouldn't get healthier
Again, you keep taking shit out of your ass.

Plus, it's not just about calorie intake. Frutarians for example could eat huge amounts of calories and it would still be literally impossible for them to get fat.

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