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How many of you use burned games? Do you just write the name of the game on the cd? Or get something printed onto a cd? Lightscribe looks interesting but expensive. Any places making high quality cd repros or do some of you make them yourselves?

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I don't have much of a real collection of games or hardware outside of my pc and emulators but I can speak a teeny bit on cd labeling.

A couple years ago I did try lightscribe and didn't like the results of the printed cover. I preferred buying those stickers that you print onto with full color that you peel off and stick onto a cd/dvd. They always worked fine after I put it on and even to this day still work fine. They printed out wonderful with the colors and you can design them. I downloaded covers from like those sites that have cover jpeg collections (like www.cdcovers.cc). I would use Nero I think and just print it out real quick and then bam I had a nice cool looking disc.

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Just old fashioned CD with sharpie.

If it's an NTSC-J version, I write the games original title in Japanese on the disc as well just because. Better than just some blank boring disc.

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I wish I had that option. Between my garbage handwriting and coordination along with obsessive compulsive disorder I guess or whatever I always HATE the cd after I get done writing on it. I seriously feel like throwing it out and re-burning it because I hate staring at my own writing. Letters at a slant and different sizes and shit. I suck at writing and hate my own writing. I wish CDs had lines so I could do a better job.

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just print some cool looking stencils off niggaaaa

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That seems like a good idea. I forgot those sticky labels existed, I'm definitely the type to stick them on wonky though.

You could use a letter stencil with a sharpie, and a ruler.

Pick semi related, trying to make some decent covers, what you guys think?

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Only time I'd ever play an original is to test something I bought not sealed. I usually burn on printable CDs because they don't cost that much and it gives me more space to write. Lightscribe is kew but it's the speed not the price that causes me to avoid it.

You sound like one of those weebs who constantly uses weeb words in a heavy fake jap accent when speaking English.

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You can get cds with lines on

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I've seen some cd's with like a line or two and they're alright. I gess what I didn't mention is that even the lines don't save me. I still fuck it up because I still hate how it looks. I will stop blaming the cd's.

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Stopped using cd/dvd at 20 (I am 25 now) Everything makes more sense saved on drives now a days.

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>Everything makes more sense saved on drives

Until your drives go out unexpectedly or your data gets wiped unexpectedly.

optical media offer the security of not being able to be deleted or wiped.

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Atleast 150 (and still going) just need to burn some Saturn, 3DO and Neo Geo CD games. I only write the names on it, but for some games that need to swap discs (like D2) I write when that is supposed to happen

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Label makers go for 10-15$ now don't they?

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Doesn't the game tell you when to do that

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I used to burn a lot of PS2 games. I just write the name on the disc sleeves.

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I've never bothered to do more than write the name in sharpie. To me, burned games are nothing more than a means to an end, not a replacement for the actual game.

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Yes, but D2 has 1 GB per disc, the game itself has 4 discs so you'll have to put 4 GB data on CD's (which is about 7 or 8 CDs).

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USB or SD card adaptors for consoles still tend to be a bit pricy. Mod chips and blank disks are very cheap.

Sure you can play PSX games off a HDD on softmodded PS2, but for Sega's consoles then blank disks are the cheapest and easiest way to go.

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I used to do artistic interpretations of the CD art with sharpies but I ain't got time for that anymore. A color laser printer and adhesive disc labels should be more than enough for anyone.

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Bahahahaha I'm the same way!

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The fuck?
I don't know what console that could be, maybe im just a stupid pleb, but I burn ps1 ISOs onto the disks, disc 1&2 (or 3&4) I just mark, let's say metal gear solid D1 and the metal gear solid D2 and that it.

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Why not just buy the regular game then?
D2 costs like 10$ plus shipping, you cou most of the DC game are very cheap.

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figure this'd be a proper place to ask this but

how does burning games work? you burn the game onto a blank CD but will the console have to be modded or something or will it just play the game fine, no problems?

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It won't "just play"

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I just hand-write titles onto my burned CD-Rs with a sharpie and then put them in jewel cases with printed front covers. Highly saturated boxart looks like shit off an inkjet printer, but nobody ever even notices my games are burned until I open the cases.

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Yes it will "just play" if the console has no copy protection like the Sega CD or it has an exploit like the Dreamcast

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Some consoles can play burned CD-Rs without any modification. Sega CD consoles and most dreamcasts (except for the latest models) will just play a burned disc (if the image has been prepared properly) like a legit game.

Many other consoles can be tricked into playing burned discs by performing a series of finicky disc swaps, wherein the user starts loading a legit game, opens the disc drive without triggering the drive sensor, and then swaps that disc for a burned one while the drive is still spinning. Sometimes you have to do this two or more times. The Playstation and Sega Saturn come to mind as consoles where you can perform this trick. It's not really worth doing more than once or twice though, because it is obviously very destructive to the motor in the disc drive. This is a useful technique for gaining access to certain non-retro consoles that can be soft-modded this way, however.

For the most part, unless you are playing on one of the consoles that can read CD-Rs without complaint, you would need to install a mod chip that tricks the console into ignoring the security features preventing piracy. This used to be an extremely popular practice and in some countries everyone and their brother had a hacked playstation and a stack of burned games. Now this practice is in decline, in favor of cleverer hacks that circumvent the disc drives all together, allowing you to load games from hard drives or SD cards, which greatly increases the lifespan of the console.

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Which is why everyone in the world stores their backups on optical media eh sport? kek.

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>ITT children and their fetishization of physical/dead media
mount an ISO and play the fucking game

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In this case it's more that you aren't putting all your eggs in one basket. If you have to back hundreds of TB of data on a commercial scale it is obviously only cost-effective to use multiple redundant arrays of magnetic discs.

When it comes to "video game images that you can easily download on the internet," losing all your games at once in a critical HDD failure would be a bigger annoyance than having your discs very slowly deteriorate over time until the point where one disc at a time becomes unreadable. Would you rather have to replace one random game when its disc fails, or your entire library when the HDD takes it out all at once?

Of course if you are already a data hoarder with "redundant arrays of magnetic discs" then maybe it makes sense for you to throw your games into that.

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Just CD + marker + CD wallet. I like to play games more than I like to look at them

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I is yuropoor

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Jesus dude how fucking bored do you gotta be to talk about burnt dicks? Christ man get a life god damn.

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It's more the case of HDDs cost a fraction per GB of what OM does, take less space, last longer, read/write faster, and are used by anyone who's not retarded.

I'd rather throw away one $50 HDD and replace it with something 10 times the capacity in 5 years and copy the backup to that faster than burning one random game disc.

You sound very inexperienced and poor.

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For my burned games I usually print out the cover art and use Lightscribe discs to burn the CD art. I'm a whore for aesthetics.

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>Implying people don't back up to tape

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>Saying more people have pet dogs than pet maggots implies people don't have pet cats
No it doesn't fucktard. Did your mommy drop you on your head or were you born this way?

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I use burned games with my ps1 and dreamcast

i just use a sharpie and draw the title on the disc and keep them in a cd binder

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>implying tape is optical media

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I grew up on burned games, they even had the art of the official disc in it, you'd think it was original

100 for an original, 10 for a pirate copy, the choice was obvious

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