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ITT: your favorite JRPG

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I don't know if it's my favorite, but it's the only one I ever finished. That has to count for something.

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This. Paper Mario is great and should not be associated with this crap genre.

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This may sound stupid but what differentiates the JRPG?

I always see people getting triggered over this term I'm not sure why.
I mean I can understand games like Mass Effect being developed by western devs only but I hardly think that's a reason to make to categories of a genre.
It's not like we say WPlatformers

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to tell you the truth is hard to define a JRPG. But usually the concepts most people use are: turn based combat, linear history, parties of 3-6 members, some fantasy setting usually a fairy one. But then faggots will come and tell you "BUT THIS ONE IN PARTICULAR DOESNT HAVE 1-2 THINGS YOU MENTIONED" and you will realize that idiot is full of shit.

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Popular for a reason. I've played plenty of them. Honorable mentions to Wild Arms and Shining Force 2.

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Absolutely gross. How do people enjoy this steaming pile of shit?

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I think the biggest genre difference between JRPG's and WRPG's is customisability: JRPG's tend to be quite fixed in terms of characters and storylines (at most, you might have a couple of different endings or something like that), whereas WRPG's give you more options and freedom in exchange for less direction.


You've might have played it already, but if you love FF7, you might love Xenogears too. The gameplay is different, but I feel like they're similar in terms of tone and atmosphere (with Xenogears being a bit more consistently dark). I played it recently, and over the course of disk 1 it gave me the same feeling that FF7 gave me back in the day.

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Star Ocean: The Second Story

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I've realized after many years that this is my favorite genre, so picking one is tough. They're all a part of something pretty special.

But given that I've been listening to pic related for the past week...I'll say this one.

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This is a good pick too though. The setting is magnificent.

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>the game is good because muh waifu

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>some fantasy setting usually a fairy one.

This doesn't even make any sense you faggot, what the fuck is "a fairy one". And Phantasy Star is a JRPG, that's sci-fi not fantasy. Nigger.

If people don't know what a fucking JRPG is they need to play more games or fuck off

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Yes, Xenogears is awesome and definitely among my favorites as well.

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the most consistent difference is that JRPGs are linear while WRPGs are non-linear.

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I would've said FFT but that's a SRPG.

I'll always love FFVIII.

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The combat system is pretty great for a Z-grade PS1 title.

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It's by Quintet. That elevates it above Z grade.

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Final Fantasy X

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Definitely the best classic Ys if nothing else.

>9/10 OST, second only to Ys III/Felghana
>far smoother gameplay than any of the games that came before it, the modern remakes of 1 and 2 took directly from its playbook for a reason
>characters not named Dogi not being totally fucking useless

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Lol, holy shit dude

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Underrated JRPG.

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Anime is so fucking gay I can't bring myself to play JRPGS.

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>japanese role playing game
>evermore was actually made in america

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Agreed. I personally can't stand them.

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Xenogears was originally pitched for FF7 but was considered too mature. Also the mechs would be out of place for FF series.

Either you are false-flagging(with good reason because you are a horrible poster) or this is legitimately you waifu-whoring. You shit on everyone else's favorite games but when someone says something remotely bad about bof2, you shit up the thread with kat spam. bof 2 is really underwhelming, but nice progression from bof 1. Dragon transformation being the worst point, considering that is all the BoF series has to differentiate from other jrpgs

why do you get to say the n-word but i get a warning if I say it?

The most significant factor is one is made by Japan and the other in the west. That is about the closest we can get to consensus without resorting autistic shitfests

good stuff, your post was fairly neutral as well but ended triggering someone anyways.

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Finally some sanity

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this, and i'm not a furry

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You seem upset. No one cares what you have to say.

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>says the literal waifuposter

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Mother and dragon quest series.

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>sci-fi is not a fantasy setting

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>popular for a reason
I'll back up your sentiment. I never liked JRPGs growing up and have heard two decades of FF7 hype, and finally got around to playing it this year, and I'm pretty impressed. It's a slog until you get out of Midgar, and Junon ain't that fun either, but after that it gets out of its own way and it's pretty great. Music is excellent, graphics and atmosphere are top-notch (i love the pre-rendered backgrounds despite hating them as a kid), and the materia system is one of the better gimmicks I've seen in an RPG. Fun to customize, but not tedious or intrusive. Throw in the serviceable story and flashy FMVs, and it's really easy to see why this game had the impact it did 20 years ago.

That said, my favorite is right here >>3745217.

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Absolutely gross. How can people enjoy videogames that they like?

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where's her vajayjay

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I got to say BoF4 purely for it's smooth sprite animations. They don't make 'em like this anymore.
Even outside of battles, the characters had all sorts of little gestural animations.

And they didn't ruin it by zooming - causing the graphics to scale and look all wonky.

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What? Midgar is the best part

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Misnomer. Its a category named after the style of rpgs that came from Japan. Being made in Japan doesn't make it a jrpg.

As a genre, it comes with more than few conventions.
If I had to whiddle it down, I'd characterize it as party based combat with command menus. Distinct from Action-Rpgs that are single character combat, with actions mapped to controller buttons.

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I think maybe if you have nostalgia for it, but honestly it's just WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS. I understand there's worldbuilding going on in there, but it could have been a LOT more efficient. There's too little actual gameplay during that segment, and I felt I was struggling to get a hold of the flow of the battle mechanics simply because I wasn't being allowed to play as much.

I admit the atmosphere was glorious, but given that I only had a little bit of time to devote to playing the game every day after work, I felt like I was sitting down and never actually accomplishing much. Pacing was awful.

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And not to be confused with Action-Adventure games like Zelda that have no character progression. Even though they might have adventure elements - using items to navigate the environment.

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You'd be surprised how many people don't know video game genres are distinguished by gameplay.
I mean, you can't really blame them for thinking "Action and Adventure" refer to narrative like they do in Movies and Books.

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>opens thread
>let's change that

Really though, I love the fuck outta this game. It really just stuck with me.

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You're a whiny autistic cunt.

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>no chrono trigger

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I still haven't played it even though I've played chrono cross.

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Here we go.

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the biggest difference between jrpgs and wrpgs is turn-based combat.

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that's not why it's not a jrpg. it's not because it's an action rpg.

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CT tends to be the favorite of people who haven't played very many jrpgs. Thus it is very well loved, but on a board like this where there are a lot of enthusiasts of the genre, there tends to be more diversity of favorites.

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Why do you samefag so much? What do you get out of it? You have been exposed many times before, just accept who you are. That is the first step.

Sprite animation is awesome

Can you explain why? It is easy to discredit me with memes but you as the Kat poster are universally hated for the kind of detraction you do when someone disagrees with you. Hell you cannot even formulate a coherent response in most your posts. Then again discussion seems to be secondary, primary objective is to talk about Kat.

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>ITT: your favorite JRPG
>People post WRPGs
>Paper Mario
>Some moron says that JRPGs have defined conventions
>Doesn't bother to list anyone, nevermind the fact that it would be bullshit either way
>"the biggest difference between jrpgs and wrpgs is turn-based combat."

Another garbage thread.

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>and then some uber-faggot comes into the thread just to bitch and shitpost
Thanks for driving this one into the ground

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First time I ever saw nudity in a console game. Good times/faps.

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