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So I find mascot platformers very interesting because they're a time capsule of what 90's corporations tought kids of the era wanted.
But either way I'm sure /vr/ has an obscure favorite they want to talk about.

Also: How come PC didn't had a mascot?

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Anon, we had fuckin Skunny!

Conker is a shameless Skunny rip-off.

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Mr. Nutz was so fucking bizarre.

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For PC I'd say Jazz Jackrabbit

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Commander Keen maybe? Or Dizzy Egg?

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Why were they always platformers?

Where's my mascot RTS?

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>mascot RTS?
I need this!! Dogs versus rabbits will be amazing.

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Disgayah for PSX

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Already exists.

Rabbits vs pigs though

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Disgaea debuted on the PS2 and was never backported to PS1.

You can also play it on PSP.

It does not look and feel like a mascot game, more like an amusing inversion of the usual valiant heroes battle ancient evil awakens.

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Is this not-Hogs of War?

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>mfw Ograoum Papas

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3D RTS game
No bases or resources, just small group tactics with persistent units across levels like in Homeworld.

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I loved that game. The unit voices were brilliant, and the music was great (if sparse).

The game makers released the soundtrack and a few years later the full game freely. Then they went bankrupt.

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What the heck was up with him anyway? Inside joke?

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Skunny is shit! get a better ascot PCfags

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>Also: How come PC didn't had a mascot?

Because PC doesn't really have a first party

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You got nothing on my mate.

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Still, there could had been a chracter to popular enough to be one, the overall issue is hat PC lacks good platformers.

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>this game was made by two people with another doing the soundtrack

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>they're a time capsule of what 90's corporations thought kids of the era wanted
I dunno. It's kind of what I did want. Platformers were my favorite genre back then, so if a company could make one that was fun, and also had a main character that had a cool design and a strong personality, I was all over it.

Shit like Rocket Knight, Bonk, Vectorman, Ristar and Earthworm Jim were my fucking jam.

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out of curiosity, what is it OP thinks kids DID want?

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Well, I can't speak for OP, but there were wide tastes. Among me and my friends, platformers were always the big event, so to speak, but I had a lot of friends who preferred fighting games or sports games, because despite being like, 8 or 9 years old, platformers were "for kids". Most of my friends transitioned to really being into RPGs after FF7 hit, but for me, it was always platformers.

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Is Spyro a mascot platformer?

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I always have utter affection for Psycho Fox on Master System (pic related).

All the Disney platformers on Mega Drive (Castle of Illusion, Quackshot, World of Illusion) were pure amazingness.

And don't talk badly of Bubsy or Ristar, they were no Sonic but pretty swell mascots.

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But 2D platformers (and 2D consoles) were dead for a long time when FF7 hit.

They thought it was for kids because the last relevant games were released when they were kids.

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I remember seeing that at a rental store but never played it.

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Why not?

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Commander Keen or Jazz Jackrabbit t b h

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jazz jackrabbit i remember liking. friend had it on his windows machine in 96 or so

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For me it is this guy.

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>you will never understand minesweeper, hearts, spider solitaire, or reversi
feels bad

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Lest we forget Chip or the SkiFree guy..

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Duke Nukem pre-3D will always be the PC mascot of my filthy heart.
Halloween Harry is second.

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I played a little of the DOS ones in elementary
they were hard

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Microsft really can't keep track of their franchises.

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Brutal Legend

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Isn't this game hard?

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I think platformers were kind of like the "action games" of the time since the hardware didn't really let you have first or third person "shooters", or action RPGs. Gunstar Heroes is something like an elaborate platformer and it is amazing. Shinobi and Golden Axe (more beat-em-up though) were also great.

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I just heard that Jazz jackrabbit was going to have a third game in 3d but it was cancelled for a dumb reason
It hurts but Epic games forgetting about this franchise hurts more.

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I play only 1 stage of that game and just stop
love the music
yes it's kinda hard that's why i stop play it

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Original, non-licensed mascot platformers never sold well. Only Mario, Sonic, and Donkey sold more than 1 million units on their respective 16 bit consoles.

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"This is the character! This is the character that is going to do it for Saturn!"
-Steven Spielberg

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>-Steven Spielberg
Did that really happen?

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Because PC had roughly ten thousand and one publishers each pimping their own OC. The apogee ones were probs the most iconic though. Duke Nukem, Commander Keen, Monster Bash, etc.
I've played the demo. It was pretty damn fun. Jazz's jump height being ridiculous could have been worked into some pretty amazing boss fights.

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Dear mods. This user has been shilling his game Platformania for more than a month now. Please ban him.

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I fucking hate those two games
People really need to take their heads out of their asses when they insist they're worth playing

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Probably slightly more than mario3, so definitely challenging for 4th gen standards

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Even the arcades weren't safe.

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>The titular character Bug was thought to have imitated Sonic the Hedgehog's appearance and attitude in order to make it an effective mascot. At the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show in 1995, Steven Spielberg declared that Bug was the character "that is going to do it" for the Saturn.

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>Also: How come PC didn't had a mascot?
Why don't you tell us?

Why don't you examine it?

Why was this mascot status you like never achieved by:

Jazz Jackrabbit
Commander Keen
Jill of the Jungle
The pilot from Skyroads
Lance Boyle

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You couldn't be more wrong...


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Did PCs ever have any serious pack-ins besides The 7th Guest, Megarace, Lemmings, Fury3, Space Cadet Pinball and Mechwarrior 2?

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Add Dizzy to that list for eurofags

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PCs hardly even had anything comparable to Smash Brothers, Marvel vs. Capcom or Kingdom Hearts.

There was this mod for Quake 2 ... "Generations". It allowed you to play in addition to the Q2 marine, as the Doom marine, Quake 1 soldier and B.J.Blazkowicz. It brought in a big pile of stuff, the biggest unsurprisingly being a straight port of the Q1 shareware episode along with all the guns, recreations of the Doom weaponry and a handful of levels, IIRC all from Knee Deep in the Dead(though there was also a recreation of Dead Simple floating that was being used, often on Lithium Q2 servers) and the weapons from the Jaguar version of Wolf3d (a rocket launcher and a flamethrower added).

But then id software went like cease&desist. The creator of generations admitted he was getting bizarrely hubristic about this and failed to cough up any ideas on how to keep the mod going with the IP infringement promptly cut down.

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...errr, wait, MUGEN!

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I was coming here to say this. The second one is great

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PC has easily had enough decent platformers. We just never got particularly crazy about them.

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GRAVY TRADER ! ! ! ! !

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Lots have been names itt but why didn't PCfags got crazy excited about them?

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adventure games
strategy games
3d shooters
non gaming software

Also, gamepads were in a somewhat worse situation. They were considerably non-standard, and you could only have a pair of 2-buttoners, or one 4 or maybe 6 button one, at least back with DOS standards, and the furniture situation / use-environment was less friendly to gamepads.

Also, PCs were capable of surprisingly good arcade ports, so that was the reasonable direction to look for extra stuff from.

From arcades, and from Amiga. So if you wanted something that's still a computer, but more friendly towards things like platformers, that was the reasonable thing to get for a while.

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But by then, there were numerous solid platformers for PCs, and 2d platformers weren't unimpressive comparatively, and the bloated resolution option range got really weird.

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