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...when did it become popular to hate Ocarina of Time?

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Let's be honest, it's far from being "the greatest game of all time".

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It's the best Zelda which actually says a lot.

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But there are lot's of people that consider it to be a bad game. Do they just hate the fact that it's praised too much?

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Better than AoL? Don't make me laugh.

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I've never seen people hate it. I've seen a lot of people love it though.

Personally I understand the appeal, but my favorite Zelda's were link to the past, majoras mask and wind waker. Any game where you can sail around in a ship and do stuff automatically appeals to me.

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When dumb fucks like


Got voice on the internet

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As long as a game gets high praise, there's always going to be droves of contrarians and salty people who are mad that their niche favorite game like Oracle of Ages or Minish Cap isn't lauded as the best game in the series.

In any case, the game is fine. Babby's first Zelda game, but the best Babby's first Zelda game since it doesn't have some retarded gimmick to break the pace.

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>Babby's first Zelda game
Strange, my first was link to the past

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RPGs are for losers.

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>videogames are for losers

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I've always hated the 3D Zeldas tbqh.

The original on the NES is by far the best.

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Because Zelda is an easy as fuck game with bland "open-world" and shit combat and bad writing?

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When YouTube became popular with the kids and they decided to get into retro games.

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True, but it IS an exceptionally well-made game and is even more impressive when taking into consideration the context of when it was released and what platform it was released on.

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When retards like this won't shut the fuck up about it.

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It's cool to hate Ocarina of Time now? Did it become the new Final Fantasy 7?

It's not surprising; the most popular game in a series will always attract the ire of people who think their favourite installment is being overlooked. And there'll always be hipsters who think they get some kind of credibility by shunning it and preferring some more obscure title.

Basically what >>3738975 said

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Link's Awakening is objectively best

Ocarina has shit controls

Majora's Mask shits all over it in plot and atmosphere

Twilight Princess on Wii has the best control

Wind Waker has the best Aesthetic

Adventure of Link has the best combat

Ocarina has nothing.

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I still like it, and it's probably my favorite, but to be fair I've barely played the series. I should fix that.

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>and is even more impressive when taking into consideration the context of when it was released and what platform it was released on

That's bullshit, the game ran at 20fps, and there were already far superior games on PC. No reason to say that.

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Name one PC game better than Ocarina of Time before its release.

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Ultima 7
Baldur's Gate 2
World of Xeen

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fuck that shit. honestly whoever designed that temple can die in a car crash.

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>whole game sucks because you have trouble with a temple

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That temple is incredibly easy. it's only got like 4 floors

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dingus even the first BG was released after oot let alone 2

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Better in what way? I can name a hundred better, but I guess you mean graphically or something like that?

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Metal Gear Solid

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People started to get tired of millenial hipsters and entry level "geeks" praising it for being "da best game evar" and started projecting that hatred onto the game itself

I can undersrand why people dislike the whole "BEST GAMY EVAR" mentality but it's still a very enjoyable game to this day.

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>and bad writing?
>playing video games for good writing
You fucked up.

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I personally dislike this game because it's somehow exempt from all forms of criticism. No one point out the flaws with this game, no one points out the cheap parts in this game, no one points out the huge amount of bugs and glitches in this game (because muh speedrunning LOL!) Compared to other games of the era, Etc.
If anyone dares to say anything slightly critical of this game, a hoard of millennials who haven't even played the game much less touched an actual n64 start yelling at you because they saw that their favorite youtuber loves that game. I dislike that it's impossible to have any opinion of this game except that it's the best game ever made, anything else will get you flamed on forums or even youtube comment sections, especially on those who base their channel on criticizing retro games

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>My game doesn't have something other, far superior games have
>LOL who cares about that one thing my favorite game doesn't have but many other do????

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>My game doesn't have something other, far superior games have
What are those "other, far superior games" that have "better writing" then?

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People are contrarian, they always will be.

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Use of this word when not referring to price is a tell-tale sign of someone who needs to git fucking gud

It's fucking OoT for fuck's sake, man.

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>caring about story on a board dedicated to videogames prior to the year 2000 when even games after that year have a dumb story compared to ones from books or movies

You done goofed.

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Not him but

So you only read Dostoevsky? Why read most books or watch most movies if there are better stories out there? One should only enjoy stories if they are absolutely the best available, right?

Fuck that, sometimes I like me some anime bullshit.

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You miss the point, anon. I was saying you shouldn't care about the story of a (/vr/) game when there's more interesting media if that's what you're into. I never said that you should despise stories, just that you shouldn't expect much out of it because most videogames aren't about the plot but about other aspects.

Also, I'm not even a fan of Dostojevsky and even if I were, that's not the freaking point. Games are about playing them, not about how the characters or the plot hold up. Besides, I attacked that anon because he implied that story is something that "superior games" have according to him.

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>when did it become popular to hate Ocarina of Time

When Wind Waker was released, and the children who played that game first refused to accept the idea that games made before they were born could be better.

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At least the 3ds version is impossible to hate

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>Link's Awakening is objectively best
>Majora's Mask shits all over it in plot and atmosphere
This guy knows what's up.

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Every ps1 game that had a story basically

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>interactive animu shit that as expected, falls flat when attempting to be "deep"
>better than a story that while admittedly simple, knows how to (mostly) control its tone and pacing a lot better; akin to many western fantasy stories

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Here I present:
Exhibit A

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Planescape - Torment and Xenogears have better stories than 99% of fiction novels.

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Do people seriously watch Youtube that much? I havent run across anyone who talks about a fucking youtuber ever. Maybe a few Twitch streamers, but never youtube.

And whats cheap in OOT? You cant pass the minigames for a heart piece, or larger quiver? Youre not supposed to beat every minigame your first try on your first few playthroughs of the game if you want an experience like that perhaps you should play newer games made by square enix or Xenosaga where you have a interactive movie game because that sounds more your type.

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>not that I've ever read a book or anything

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Here I present:
Exhibit B

B is for bad

Which is why you're mad

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i don't care for any zelda games.

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He's not wrong

If we're counting percentages remember you have to include each and every Harlequin romance novel.

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As a kid I never really got into OOT. I thought most of the dungeons were boring and it felt like a bad ripoff of ALTTP.
I'd say OOT is a good game, but it's not the best zelda.

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ever since you stopped being able to throw your sword at people

which was this whole game

also this, but id say one thing that the water temple was I think supposed to be like a meditation labyrinth

like you'll reach the end at some point so just keep doing things, you're not supposed to figure it out, just retrace your steps a million times until you realize "oh I havent been Up There yet, how do I get up there"

> traditionally all water and ice dungeons in zelda are the hardest ones, to teach the player the power of water

I also hated the dungeon where you get the Hammer. Because getting to the boss key was so damned difficult due to the really narrow ledge and the screwy only-8-directions movement scheme.

And the boss fight with Ganon has a major flaw because I had to play the whole game through again due to screwing it up.
> whacked all the clay urns with the energy medicine, got tanked up but didnt bring energy medicine in a magic jar
> I dont have enough magic power to shoot Light arrows
> the clay urns with energy medicine did not respawn
> game was saved after the clay urns had been destroyed
> boss is undefeatable, and there was no warning of this being a possibility

Light Arrow was mega fucked up and stupid. It wasnt the Silver Arrow from the previous games which just enchanted your normal arrows.

And once locked in with the ganon fight you couldnt leave to resupply (and being knocked down to the prior floor doesnt count, like I said those items dont respawn).

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yeah the constant dungeons and temples become a chore after a while. especially when they get more and more repetitive.
It doesn't help that the game is like "here's these 6 temples you have to complete before anything of significance happens. enjoy".

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wait wut u can get stuck at ganon fight??

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All of them. Even tekwar

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12? 13 years old maybe?
Here is the true exhibit B, again someone who has never even touched a real n64

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I never really loved it. I like it, but most 2D Zeldas are way better than Ocarina.

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You're wrong OP.

It's not about hate, it's about (and I hate this saying) settling the dust.

It's a good game sure, but it's far from being "the best game ever made, I don't need anything else".
I just really don't know how people see this as Jesus's second coming or something.
It's as good as the next Zelda game, take your dungeons, your heart pieces, and there, another Zelda game.

Again, I'm not saying it's bad, it's "averagely" good.
People always fail in saying objectively why they love this game without going "it's my childhood and it's the best thing ever"

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Are you new here? Hating good things and praising bad ones has always been popular on 4chan.

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When the new car smell faded away

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I don't hate it. There are just some aspects that haven't really aged well for me. I'd even argue that Majora's Mask aged slightly better, simply for completely doing away with the pre-rendered locations.

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none of which you have read

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It has always been popular to hate on it. I remember like a decade ago there were arguments about OOT's quality all the time.

If anything it's just that a lot of the zealous fanboys have left the Internet or grown the fuck up. I can't remember the last time I saw someone rave about the game being the best thing ever. Praise it? Sure. Say how much they like it, and that they have a personal attachment to it? Yeah. But I don't see it often being called the best game ever anymore.

If anything at this point OOT fans are the most relaxed Zelda fans about opinions.

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>If anything at this point OOT fans are the most relaxed Zelda fans about opinions.


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When people got taste and the enlightened realized OoT is the worst game in existence. Midna.swf is the only good game in the otherwise trash series.

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Literally any point and click adventure game on MS-DOS solos

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OoT had the most generic characters in existence like Ganondork, Link and Zelda. The side characters like ruto and the owl were all annoying cunts. The story has no twists other than "oh yeah you got trapped for 7 years" and is painfully by the book.

Xenogears, Final Fantasy 9, Legend of Dragoon, Grandia, Breath of Fire 4, and Persona 2 off the top of my head all had very well developed casts with darker stories that were more original and several of those didn't even try to be deep, just entertaining which they actually were.

There's a reason why PS1 sold many times better than the N64, only "so trendy XD" "nerds" actually cared about OoT and its kiddie-pool level of depth. Even FF7 is better than that garbage.

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>all had very well developed casts with darker stories that were more original
>Stock Anime/Animated film stories with the respective generic character archetypes/situations I've already seen a million times
>more original
When will weebs ever learn?

>and several of those didn't even try to be deep
Except for the times where some of them actually did try to be deep? Especially FF9, Persona 2, and fucking Xenogears of all things?

>There's a reason why PS1 sold many times better than the N64
Dat Sony marketing bux bby

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It's like oldman /v/ blew in here

Hilarious thread, boys. A delightful mix of legitimate arguments and angry child-like pouting

Would just like to say I enjoy OoT, and it certainly has its place in the positive end of gaming history

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I can't remember disliking any Zelda game, and I think I've played all of the main games besides Triforce Heroes, which is on my list to try someday. I really can't remember any reason why people would want to shit on OoT - it had neat environments and lots of dungeons (and dungeons are what I consider to be the most exciting part of Zelda games). Seeing the future ruin of a once vibrant kingdom was a fun concept, one that I think I prefer to LttP's Light World/Dark World mechanic.

I can't remember the exact order in which I experienced the Zelda series, though I know I played LttP pretty early on, followed I think by AoL (which I don't believe i finished as a kid). I recall playing some of Link's Awakening in a kiosk, but never really dug into it until DX I don't think. Didn't own the original as a young kid and first played it at a friend's house. I first played OoT during its release year. Without going any further into that cool story, I'll just leave it at the fact that OoT wasn't my first exposure to Zelda, nor am I one of those people looking at it as a relic from before their time.

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I pulled more hair out with the shooting galleries (especially that last horse back one, shit almost made me bald) than any of the temples. Actually I remember having more trouble with the shadow temple (boss was an asshole) than the water one.

The water temple was more repetitive/boring and a bit confusing, nothing difficult or overly time consuming though imo.

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Why didn't you just leave and come back then? Saving and quitting at any point during the Ganondorf fight just leaves you at the base of the tower portion of the castle when you restart.

Don't blame the game because you made a bad assumption.

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We all know Majora's Mask is the best Zelda.

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People's hate for OoT doesn't even stem from the game itself, its another one of those things people do and say just to retaliate against a fanbase they don't fall in line with. it's a fucking stupid mindset and unfortunately an ingrained staple of the internet at this point. I'm describing contrarianism and we're all guilty of doing it at least once.

I often go out of my way to play some of the most obscure and least understood games out there because I find them peculiar but I like popular stuff just as much. I don't harbor resentment towards any of you guys because at the end of the day it's all subjective. Do what you like, but you should let your heart sway your opinions instead of spite. We're all nerds here so we should get along.

Have a nice day.

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I'm someone who never grew up with Zelda games and i played OoT a month ago. So i'm not a Zeldafag.

OoT is a good game and most of it's problems are cause by the N64's limitations.

I enjoyed the story and found it a bit sad. It's a classic hero saves princess. I'm a sucker for the temples.

Music was excellent.

Combat was mediocre, boring and unchallenging with the only good enemies being Shadow Link and that armor guy that attacks you if you come close.

I don't think it's the best game of all time and it's definetally not in my Top 10 but i can't deny it's qualities and i can understand why some people consider it the greatest game of all time. This was probably many people's first game.

I'm looking foward to Majora's Mask.

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> and most of it's problems are cause by the N64's limitations.
>and most of its problems are caused by its coders not still knowing how to write for N64 yet
and you'd be right on the money.
You'll see what I mean when you get to Majora's Mask. A game that still has legitimate claim to top 20 of all time, and can't simply can't coast of being revolutionary title in terms of new technology that blew out everyon'e mind.

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It's not bad, though gta, metal gear solid, resident evil, crash spyro etc all shat on it at the time

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Twilight Princess is my favorite but having to flick your wrist to swing the sword on the Wii was annoying as fuck.

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People don't hate it but are absolutely fed up with the fanbase. Those guys are literally redeads.

>> No.3743827

>Did it become the new Final Fantasy 7?
Wait, it was cool to hate FF7? See, I never played FF7 until last year, and despite thinking it was a bit of a slog at first, it's turning out to be a pretty fucking great JRPG. Graphics are good, music is phenomenal, battle system is spot-on, materia system is one of the best gimmicks Square ever came up with, and the story and characters aren't bad either.

Despite not growing up with it, and not even liking JRPGs as a kid, I can see why this game fucking blew minds 20 years ago. This is why I'm baffled by people who play other old games and shit on them for their idiosyncrasies. Whatever happened to subjectivity?

>> No.3743835

This has to be bait. I can MAYBE see someone having the opinion that MGS and Residet Evil are better than Ocarina of Time, based on personal taste (even though I disagree with you), but GTA, Spyro and fucking Crash? Holy shit man. This is deeply tragic.

>> No.3743839


You've gotta remember that a movie based on FFVII came out little over a decade ago that, in addition to being completely horrible, shat all over Cloud's and the rest of the cast's characterization. While obviously those who played the game would know the distinction some others just don't put that sort of effort and go with what Nomura told them.

>> No.3743848

What glitches does the game have that affected you during your playthrough?

>> No.3743851

I liked it.
Doing the sheild thrust with the nunchuck was pretty fun.

And unlike Skyward Sword, it wasn't finicky.

>> No.3743853

>thinks the fire temple is hard
>couldn't figure out how to leave ganon's castle and return
wow, so basically only retarded people think OOT is bad.

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It's possible that you're just looking too deeply into the 4chan hole. I, for one, don't hate Ocarina of Time. However, my personal favorite is the very original one, possibly due to nostalgia of being the first I played.

Then again, there are games I feel does the same formula better like Alundra and Okami, yet it still does not diminish Ocarina in any way to me. I enjoy a lot of games, and it takes something really bad like the Mortal Kombat games for me to say I hate it.

>> No.3743951

Really? Is this why people think Cloud is an emo? Because he really isn't. He's a bit joyless about certain things, and he seems to be a bit intolerant of bullshit, but he's certainly not an emo on the level of, say, Squall.

>> No.3744047

Technically being apathetic and having depression is the opposite of being emo, so Squall isn't emo either.

Now if he had manic-depression

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The movie, and how he acts in kingdom hearts, and just how he's portrayed in general. Just look at his appearance in smash bros 4 and he looks like some mopey anorexic fashion model.

It's worth mentioning that for whatever reason ffvii has a huge fan base of secondaries, that is people who never actually played the game. Don't ask me why because I have no fucking idea. But since vii came out square seems to have mostly focused on this group and their vision of the characters. It's kind of like what happened to sonic when sega started aiming for the deviantart crowd.

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Your opinion is greatly appreciated in this thread. Thank you sincerely for posting.
Heres your (You) by the way. Thanks again.

>> No.3744643

You are a beautiful soul. This thread doesn't deserve you.

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>Just look at his appearance in smash bros 4 and he looks like some mopey anorexic fashion model.
I think that's just part of modern Japanese character design. If you're an RPG hero, that's what you have to look like now. His original design was great, and looks so much different, even at a glance.

>for whatever reason ffvii has a huge fan base of secondaries, that is people who never actually played the game
The game has a LOT of reach, and the plot is so shamelessly anime-esque that it has appeal based on that alone. I kind of understand. I never played the game as a kid, but I was surrounded by the hype for it, and have always thought of the game fondly even though I had no personal experience with it. It's got great music and atmosphere, stuff that's easy to soak up without actually touching a controller. Plus, in this modern age of let's play-ing, "never actually playing the game" is all the rage. However, I'm finally playing it and I'm really enjoying it.

It was pretty funny watching all the cringeworthy "reaction videos" to Cloud's reveal trailer for Smash Bros, because anyone who had even touched the game for a second should have known who was being announced the second they showed the star field and started playing the opening chords of the theme. Fuck, I knew and I hadn't even played the game for myself at that point. Then once they actually showed Cloud, everyone poured on the phony adulation so they could get their likes/shares/subscribes.

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It's not there's another game that's better.

>> No.3746000

Gamecube version is the best way to go with Twilight Princess.

>> No.3746192

You mean a link to the past?

>> No.3746195

Someone give this anon a fucking medal.

>> No.3746247

Kai, is that you?

>> No.3746252

The controls feel like absolute shit now.

>> No.3746375

Being this autistic over the N64.

>> m-m-muh failure of a console was perfect!

>> No.3746381

Take that gay "we're all the same kind" bullshit out of here and fuck off back to whatever shithole you came from. Also, cut it off with those buzzwords. You sound like a teenager who wants to feel like he's oh so mature while he knows nothing about it.

>> No.3746382

>N64 a failure.


>> No.3746397

Worst selling globally of the Big 3 during fifth gen.

>> No.3746427

>What is the Saturn

>> No.3746428

A system that outsold N64 in Europe and Asia?

>> No.3746451

I'm sure I would have loved OoT if I played it when it first came out. The fact is that later games improved on stuff that was new and groundbreaking in OoT, so playing it for the first time after playing all those later games felt like a step backwards.

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>> No.3746627

Would you mind elaborating on what felt like a step backwards when you played OOT? Genuinely curious.

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>Twilight Princess on Wii has the best control

>> No.3746743

>in Europe

>Being this autistic over the N64.
Who said I was talking about the N64 though? Oh you weebs tend to take things to the extreme a lot whenever someone shits on your faux-animuuvy games. I honestly hate both consoles if it makes things any better for you.

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