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ITT: bad games liked only by you

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People don't even seem to like it in a "it's so bad it's good" way. The plot is surprisingly high concept for the time too, it's a shame it got treated the way it did, NES graphics aside.

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Everyone seems to hate this game for being too difficult to understand but its super comfy to fly around in 8 bit space.

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More people than me probably like this game, but whatevs. I have too many great memories associated with playing it, and the music and graphics are pretty fuckin' great for the Genesis. Better pre-rendered 3D than DKC in my opinion. And really the gameplay isn't the worst. It's just not anything like a Sonic game.

I feel like if this game had been based on an original IP, people would like it more, and it would be one of those quirky, late-system games with a cult following and a semi-high price nowadays.

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It is a great game, better than any real 3D Sonic that came later.

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Apparently this.

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god-tier music

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>look up video of your game
>suddenly flashback to playing this, co-op, at friend's house years ago and having a blast
>decide to hunt down a copy on ebay
I fucking hate this hobby.

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Emulate it and you can play co-op with your buddy online for free. The hobby of playing old games is still awesome. It's the hobby of collecting that kinda sucks, but any kind of collecting gets like that.

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Pirates of Dark Water (SNES). I didn't like the platform version on Sega Genesis, though.

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I was just surprised that this random beat-em-up that admittedly isn't even very good is worth triple-digits. Who decides this shit? I just wanted the game for shits and giggles and assumed it would be 10-20 bucks at most, but apparently it's "le uber rare conversation piece". Like, I can kind of understand shit like Wild Guns, Harvest Moon, Metal Warrior or EVO, because they're rare AND good or unique, but a fucking milquetoast beat-em-up that nobody remembers except for OP? God damn.

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>Who decides this shit?
The person who owns it can sell it for whatever price they choose. That you think it should have been less is irrelevant. It's what the person selling it thinks it's worth and is willing to let it go for that matters.

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I remember reading in some magazine about how this was the worst game for Saturn. It's still one of my top 10 games.

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I remember Gamefan saying it was fun and I was interested in trying it but then I never saw it in stores.

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You're not wrong I hate that game

I'm glad someone wasn't soul-crushingly disappointed in it though

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I think we were be forever baffled by the other's opinion on it.

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And his argument is that that person is retarded and overvalues it.

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Different strokes I suppose

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That's because it's not the price he wants it to be and he doesn't understand how value works.

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Gamefan said everything was fun.

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Why is it valuable, though? It's a dumpy, generic beat em up.

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It's a SNES game

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>Mr. Bones

From the creator of Ecco the DOLPHIN & Charan the Forever Man.

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Got that game for Christmas the year it released when I was 8 years old. It was shit then and it's still shit now. I wish I got Kirby Super Star instead of that hot garbage.

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I can already hear the music to this game burned into my brain

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Dinosaurs for Hire is a cult classic. Well loved by many.

It is well deserved. As the game is actually a great run'n'gun platformer.

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Because the person who owns it is only willing to sell it for that price.

Understand why diamonds are expensive and you will understand a lot about economy, value and perceived value.

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Came here to post this. It's actually a fairly good isometric action/adventure on its own. But Sega shouldn't have marketed it as a true 3D Sonic game everyone waited for. It's a nice good spin-off, nothing less and nothing more.

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Never has the appeal of the game been so apparent from the cover. You don't even have to look at the screenshots to understand what's up.

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Supply and demand.

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I LOVE that game, anon. Kinda monotonous solo, but it's exquisite while played co-op.

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Levels and bosses are kinda shitty at times, but I enjoy. I really do.

It's actually available on steam, but only emulated. There was also a remake on the PS1 that is ofcourse even more obscure.

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Yo! Noid! It was a fun platformer with pretty good controls

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This game, for some reason has worked it's way into my heart. As shitty and near-impossible as it is.

I like this game too. Better than the original Genesis game, in my opinion. I personally think Savannah with the raptor is the best part of that game.

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Another one from a time where Super Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie weren't enough for me. I hate the bosses in this game - it's just the same thing over and over - but everything else amuses me.

Imo, it's a nice Beat 'em up if you aren't expecting a Streets of Rage 2 or Final Fight 3. Not amazing but not bad either.

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>Earthworm Jim 3

Ok. You really are the ONLY person that enjoys this game.

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Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle

Unironically loved this game at the time, just for it being fun despite being completely unacceptable as a contemporary of Mario 3 on the same system.

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I knew about the PS1 game before the SNES game. The SNES game sounded similar but I had no idea one was a remake of the other.

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>This game was made by an entire two people

Seriously? I've had my copy since I was a kid a long with Metal Warriors that I know were less than 10 bucks.

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I loved the first one, but the second one never did it for me.

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Twisted Metal 4. Controls are kinda better than the first tw- er, three games.

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Data East made great bad games

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Love this game, and the movies as well.
Also rented And spent 3 days straight playing the phantom menace for ps1 back in the day and seemed like everyone else I knew hated that game.

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I don't know if there was any significant changes made for the sonic gems collection version, but I had a lot of fun with it.

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I remember the GCCX episode.
It was a really fun game, despite the weird main character.

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Tiger Heli is bland and mediocre as fuck but I cannot unlove it, play it from time to time, specially the NES version

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It may not be bad, but nobody else I've met has ever heard of it.

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Loved the soundtrack to this game.

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Since when are the Crazy Castle games bad? I played Hugo/Mickey Mouse/CC2 on the GB and it's really good.

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>I loved the first one
That just makes it worse.

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Since AVGN

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Sonic R is actually a great experience; its just that the controls are so different than most racers that it presents a steep learning curve, causing many players to abandon it.
Knuckles' Chaotix is a lot of fun, too. The levels can get repetitive so it's best to play it in small bursts rather than all at once.
Some games I hear get a lot of abuse but personally have a soft spot for are Sparkster on Genesis and Jaws on NES. Burning Rangers on Saturn is one of my favorites but seems to be pretty polarizing. I've heard it get lots of criticism but my only complaint is that it's too short.
Mr. Chin's Gourmet Paradise is a fun but repetitive Gameboy game that my friends all thought was dumb when I was a kid.
Does Gaiares have a bad reputation or are people just making fun of the mullet kid? Because it is a memorable and challenging shmup. It is hard to tell what shmups are disliked because they have a pretty niche audience.

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I picked up this turd when I first saw it working at a used video game store because I had never heard of it before and the name was ridiculous. I tried to play it, but it's so goddamn awful. I might have to slog through it one day just to see just what the hell the game is about.

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How did I not know there was a Pirates of Dark Water game? I used to rush home from the bus stop to catch it on Cartoon Network. Fucking Ren loosing all the gems and them never finishing the story... it makes an Ioz want to dewing a monkey-bird. Bloth!

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Rainbow Six 0

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I used to play this a lot as a kid. I didn't ever bother racing, I'd just explore.

Pretty comfy.

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I had a lot of fun with this on the PC version back in the day

as a poor kid living in the Bronx with nothing but an old Pentium 2 pc in the late 90s SEGA pc games were goat

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Friday the 13'th is one of those games that is just esoteric as fuck. But if you learn all of the mechanics, its fuck as fuck. The shear amount of randomness in the game gives it a good amount of replayability.

I don't recommend going in to this game blind, its just so unforgiving. You genuinely need a guide.

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It looks and sounds amazing though.

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I never beaten it, but I loved playing it despite not being very great. The map music in this game is soothing and comfy as fuck.

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It's just a comfy game to play I dont know why I like it so much

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there's a spiritual sequel to ps1's legend on the dreamcast


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Frustratingly high learning curve, but damn it if it isn't the comfiest Sonic game.

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It had some interesting elements but its definitely a bad game

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I really liked to play this game i thought it was fun as hell.

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Cool cover

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>have wealthy cousins that brought thier NES down when they visited
>they were better behaved than me and got to watch R rated movies
>thier dad thought licenced=good
>have an absolute blast playing gems such as
>friday the 13th
>the karate Kid

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I used to play this all the time.

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everyone calls this bad thanks to avgn but I liked it

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I get the music stuck in my head all the time, and the only way to make it stop is to play a couple of levels.


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the problem is this wasn't played to be a racing game, this is an exploration game with a fuckton of comfy in it.
pretty damn nice game though.

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i love legend.

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Hello my brother. Blaze processing > Blast processing.
great ost

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I like this game too.
I think that this game put's a bad taste in people's mouth because of that shitty gun upgrade that make's you're shot's shoot in a funky pattern.

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It became a popular speedrun game a while back which boosted its popularity by quite a lot, almost everyone around the speedrunning scene at least knows about it.

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Predator for NES.

The weapons were a fucking pain to use but the atmosphere was very dark and alien, with unnerving music.

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I never watched the cartoon or had the toys, though.

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shit controls, weird af camera,
nonsensical plot
>dad builds time machine,
>weird ass alien thing kidnaps dad,
>travel time to get parts to travel time to find dad
>armed with a bubble gun

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Thanks for sharing, this has some great music and yea, it's just so fucking comfy and nice to look at.

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I still remember the secret level warps from that game. It had One of my favourite over worlds (map thingy like smb3) ever as well

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>Kano's Revenge

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I laughed.

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Timestalkers on Dreamcast.
Played on a whim at 14 and immediately loved it. I generally play it every year. It seems everyone hates it but I really love the colorful and varied world

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this game was played soley on its "badass graphics" factor

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>those "not aliens" aliens

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Oops, wrong board.

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Not to start a riot over this game on the wrong forum, but it is kind of /vr/ related. All of the salt of this game had to do with the hype. It really made me reflect how much the internet has ruined how we consume media. People are always clamoring to know EVERYTHING about a movie or game before it is released, to the point that when it finally does come out, they may as well have already played it. Then of course they're left feeling unfulfilled, because they already peeked at their Christmas presents, so to speak. The internet is constantly subjecting us to millions of opinions and reviews and people eat this shit up. People are just dying to have other people's viewpoints shoved down their throats for some reason.

Meanwhile, back in the day, we maybe read a few magazine articles about a game we were interested? If that? I typically would only read one article about a game before knowing whether I wanted it or not. I'm certain there were games back then that over-promised and under-delivered, but none of us cared because we were too busy enjoying what WAS there to bitch about what wasn't. We were far more willing to judge a game on its own terms because we went into things with a cleaner perspective.

This is why I've stopped my intake of video game media for the most part. I tend not to watch trailers or read interviews or hands-on experiences about games I'm looking forward to, and that's why I really ended up enjoying No Man's Sky, because what is there is pretty damn impressive. I've done the same with the new Zelda on the way, so I'm looking forward to getting back to enjoying games the way I used to.

And to brink this back around to /vr/, that's why we have threads like this here. These were all games we probably got as presents, or picked out blindly because we liked the cover, or because a friend said it was cool, and we ended up finding something to like about it, based on its own merits.

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Oh, yeah; I remember now playing that funny shit :^)

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I have memories of watching my friend play this game for hours. I remember that stupid pizza-eating mini game where I had no idea what was going on and still don't, but then, I also still haven't played it.

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I loved this one, and spent a fair share of my stipend on this arcade when I was a teen.

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This guy speaks the truth. It was really Sony's fault in my opinion for putting so much marketing behind it and making the devs imply that the game was going to be much more than it was.

Hype can kill even the best games. FFVII is a solid RPG, but by the time I played it I had been pouring over previews and Japanese magazines and even listening to the soundtrack almost every day. Nothing could possibly have lived up to my expectations for it, so even being solid I was initially quite disappointed by it.

>> No.3743758

It's funny you mention FF7. I'm currently playing through the game for the first time myself, even after two decades of hype, and seeing most of the game played by my friends back in the day, I'm still enjoying it a lot. It takes a while to pick up, though. The whole first continent is a fucking slog, but once the game gets out of its own way, everything is rock solid, the music and graphics are excellent, and the materia system is one of the best customization tools I've seen in a Square RPG. I can see how this game blew peoples' minds 20 years ago.

So you actually managed to overhype the game for yourself back in '97? That's kind of impressive. How old were you? Or did you play it later than that?

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This is almost the only Atari 2600 game I still like to play nowadays.

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It's a good game. People around here are just too young to appreciate most Atari games for some reason.

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Not to delve to deep into e-celeb shit, but it was really endearing to watch Mike and James go from hating this game to kinda almost liking it over the course of trying to beat it.

>> No.3743789


This game is genuinely good and I don't understand why people don't like it. It really captures the feel of the film perfectly and there's nothing else quite like it.

>> No.3743795

Because AVGN.

That said, I still don't think the game is that great.

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Yeah I was 23 when FFVII came out over here and I way, way overhyped myself for it. We both got internet in the spring before it was coming out FFVII was one of the things I spent a lot of time looking for into on. As well the hobby shop I frequented got bootlegs of the sountrack in that summer so I was listening to it constantly. I also had wall scrolls of Cloud, Aeris and Midgar hanging on my walls at the time. Looking back it was pretty tragic.

That was pretty much the last time I let myself get that hyped for a game though. It was, and is good, but nothing could have lived up to the expectations I had built up though.

Now the same with movies, if I think I have any interest in playing a game I try to avoid any information or trailers about it until it's out and I can just play it myself.

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Well, at least the hype was good, though, right? I bet that was awesome as fuck.

I was only 11 in 1997, but I recall when I got my first internet connection a few years later, I have some great memories of being able to search for all the information I could possibly want on my favorite games and shit. I remember staying late and catching shit from my mom for leaving the computer on all night to download the first footage from Majora's Mask on a 56k connection. It was worth it.

It's weird. As much as I'm opposed to hype now, I actually kind of TRIED to hype myself up some for playing FF7 for the first time this year. I was hunting down old Gamefan Magazines on ebay that had FF7 articles, I was trying to get myself into the frame of mind I would have been in when the game actually came out. I'm not sure if it worked or not, but I am enjoying the game now, so there's that.

Sometimes I wish I had been older and more aware of the culture surrounding video games back then. It seem like it was much more genuine and unique than it is nowadays, even if it was still possible to overhype yourself like that.

>> No.3743825

>Well, at least the hype was good, though, right? I bet that was awesome as fuck.

At the time I would have said yes, but looking back honestly no. I don't think there's much of anything good about hype. It causes you to form too many of your own opinions on what something is going to be or should be before you actually experience it.

After the fact, then I love delving into anything I can find. But for me now, going in blind to most things is what I prefer.

>Sometimes I wish I had been older and more aware of the culture surrounding video games back then. It seem like it was much more genuine and unique than it is nowadays

I don't feel this much at all. If anything I think gaming culture is overall better now. As for hype, I think it's far easier to overhype yourself now than it was back then. It's almost hard not too. Hell, I didn't follow anything on No Man's Sky at all, but it was still overhyped even to me. But then I'm one of the super weirdos around here who even though I love many old games, I think in general gaming just keeps getting better and better.

>> No.3743846

>If anything I think gaming culture is overall better now.
Really? Wow.
>But then I'm one of the super weirdos around here who even though I love many old games, I think in general gaming just keeps getting better and better.
I'm not sure what I think about this. I mean, modern games are certainly better on a certain level. There's a lot of streamlining, a lot of bullshit has been trimmed, and developers are certainly more aware of their market and are trying to conform to it for an overall better experience, but then at the same time I feel like a lot of shit is stuck in a quagmire. There are still amazing games being made, but it feels like you have to wade through a lot more shit to get to it. The old saying goes that "90% of everything is crap", but now the volume of crap has just increased so much, while the good stuff has stayed relatively the same. The same goes for pretty much all media, really.

And unfortunately if you're a Nintendo fanboy like me, it's almost impossible to ignore how hard they've been driving themselves into the ground over the past decade, even if they have made some great games while doing it.

>> No.3743860

>Really? Wow.

It used to be very niche. If you were into games, pretty much the only other people to talk to about them were like you, but now almost everyone plays games of some fashion. They're just another form of entertainment now, not seen as really much different from books, music and tv and I like that.

> The old saying goes that "90% of everything is crap", but now the volume of crap has just increased so much, while the good stuff has stayed relatively the same.

I agree with that general statement, but I don't think the ratios have changed much. So even if only 1 game in 10 or 20 or 50 is really worth playing, since there's such a massive volume of games being made of all different types it's a lot easier to find something that's both specific to your tastes and made well enough that it's worth playing.

Personally speaking, I've always been a pretty picky gamer. I love some kinds of games, but others just straight up bore me to tears. Back in the 80's and 90's there were tons of platformers, which with rare exception never interested me at all. Through the 00's and now there are tons of FPS games which similarly with rare exception never interested me either.

The difference now though is that it used to be I had a relatively hard time finding games I did enjoy through the sea of platformers. Now, even though Halo and Call of Duty have taken up a huge portion of the market, I have no trouble at all ignoring them completely because there's so much other stuff out there. And every year my pile of games I want to play or finish just gets bigger and bigger.

I will say this about Nintendo though, they have some amazing franchises and have made some wonderful games. But more and more I'm unimpressed with their efforts and it seems like they don''t even know how to code for the hardware they themselves make.

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This Christmas me and my mother exchanged Pokemon Sun/Moon because we both used to be into the series and she was wanting to play one of them again.

So far game wise it's not bad, typical Pokemon, but it feels like it's been coded by idiots. The game looks like it was designed to have the 3D turned on, but it's disabled for 99% of the game. Which they say is because it would kill the framerate, but it already looks like it's only going at like 15-20 fps anyways.

Where as Monster Hunter runs full 3D at a higher frame rate with far, far more detailed environments and AI running.... it's really strange. I don't know what's wrong with Nintendo.

Similarly the 3D classics, which Nintendo stopped doing because it was too hard and SNES games having to be on the New 3DS because they couldn't get them to run otherwise.

The point to all that though if is I think fanboyism is foolish. Nintendo may well go down the shitter, but that just creates a space for someone else to come in and do something different.

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>It used to be very niche.
>They're just another form of entertainment now
I suppose that's my issue. Not to start being protective, but I liked the culture more when we were on the fringe. The way modern gaming culture has encouraged some people to act about the hobby just kind of makes me cringe. Not that gaming was ever my own secret club, but it felt more special back then, and when I found friends that were playing my favorite games, or were able to introduce me to something new that I liked, it was magical.

>me and my mother exchanged Pokemon Sun/Moon
Always wanted to have a parent who was into vidya. Sounds pretty dope.

I dislike Sun and Moon for different reasons. I found it to be one of the most coddling games I've played in recent years. Tons of dialogue and cutscenes, the story was intrusive rubbish, leads you by the nose to your next objective, and blocks off any alternate paths so that you can't anywhere you're not supposed to be, and constantly heals your Pokemon for you, there's just no sense of accomplishment with any of it. I think the new Pokemon games sum up the things I hate most about modern games. They think the players are idiots.

That said, I agree with your coding comment. All too frequently, I read statements from Nintendo saying things like "Such a thing was not possible" or "We couldn't make it work", for relatively simple things or features that are being done by other developers with no trouble at all.

>Nintendo may well go down the shitter, but that just creates a space for someone else to come in and do something different.
I can only hope. I just feel sad, because when they DO manage something, they knock it out of the park in a way that few other developers manage. Nintendo used to have a wonderful ability to focus on gameplay mechanics and make them an absolute joy. Now the market doesn't always value that, and they don't seem to be able to cope. Maybe if they switch to being entirely software-based.

>> No.3743903

>I suppose that's my issue. Not to start being protective, but I liked the culture more when we were on the fringe.

That's fine and we don't have to agree. I'm just saying from my perspective I like things better now. I do also find it cringeworthy the way some people talk about or approach games now, but that's why I like it being less niche. I'm not stuck talking to just one type of typically socially awkward nerd about games.

Good example is that when I met my wife, she didn't play or have any interest in games at all. And back then (2001ish) there wasn't a whole lot to get her interested and if I started talking about gaming I'd see her eyes glaze over.

But through the years various things came up (Peggle was the first big one) that made her "get" it to a certain degree and now she's both into playing games herself and more interested in the ones I play because it doesn't seem as foreign anymore.

Though she does find it really weird and make jokes about this new game making me jerk off my Pokemon to keep them happy.

I do hope Nintendo pulls themselves out of this spiral, but I'm not too concerned if they don't. I was always much much more of a Sega fan than Nintendo and it sucked when they faltered and pretty much died. But life and gaming moves on and I look forward more to the games I don't even know are coming and can't imagine now than the next sequel to the last thing I liked.

>> No.3743935

It certainly is true that more people have been brought together through the community, for better or for worse. I haven't really benefited from this, since I'm pretty much hanging out with the same crew I was 20 years ago, going nuts over the pages of EGM and Gamefan every month. Even my girlfriend was a pretty avid computer gamer during her high school and college years. But it does make me feel like less of a freak at work when the subject of video games comes up.

It's been a pleasure derailing this thread with you, anon. /vr/ needs more people like you.

>> No.3743968

I guess the way I look at it is that it's not so much more people brought into the community of gaming, rather that gaming has created many different communities. Like the other forms of media and entertainment I mentioned, it's now big enough to just exist on it's own.

Which in a way, it always was. People have been playing games for as long as we've been doing anything. Video games were just a new version of it the way film was once a new version of storytelling.

Likewise great pleasure derailing this thread about... bad games apparently? I so seldom even remember what thread I'm in anymore.

>> No.3743971
File: 227 KB, 767x1080, bloodborne-two-column-02-ps4-us-04jun14.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This game is really bad but idk, I just like it.

>> No.3745648
File: 47 KB, 300x536, iron commando sfc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you really enjoy that game, check out Iron Commando. It's Japan exclusive, but ofcourse you don't need to understand Japanese to beat em up.

>legend on the dreamcast
Seems like that game only got negative reviews. The other Legends at least got mixed reception.

>> No.3746575
File: 158 KB, 399x291, Phalanx_North_American_SNES_box_art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.3746625
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It had great concepts but the level design was pure fucking shit, the enemies were ok and the music was pretty good.
My favorite thing is the legions.

>> No.3747606

Release date(s)
>PlayStation 2
JP: March 6, 2003
NA: August 5, 2003
EU: September 5, 2003
EU: November 14, 2003
NA: December 18, 2003

>> No.3747682
File: 114 KB, 250x170, 250px-Atlantis_no_nazo_boxart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe not like as fascinated by. Playing it feels yume nikki to me, everytime I play it I find some kind of weird secret or a new area I didn't find last time. Best played in a emulator, controls are atrocious and lead to multiple unfair deaths.

>> No.3748296
File: 74 KB, 493x500, 61S6T6AX1HL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I really do enjoy a lot of these games, especially pic related.

>> No.3748352
File: 276 KB, 438x610, UwII-uscover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Explore and money manager the game.

>> No.3748398
File: 200 KB, 250x352, Deadly_Towers_boxart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.3748403

i played this way too much.
spent my time breaking the game in different ways and causing weird shit to happen