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Favorite 2600 games?

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Turmoil. Fucking awesome blazing fast shooting game. Like inside-out Tempest.

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River Raid

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I want someone to play Atari together.
How do I manage to find people?

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Look for events and destinations in your area related to your hobby

Atari's going to be rough but people into 3rd gen stuff will probably be interested in taking a look back at what came before.

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yars' revenge is a beautiful video game. aesthetic as fuck.

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frogs and flies

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E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

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I think there is Atari Vault on Steam which might have multiplayer lobbies but that's probably what you're not looking for.

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I doubt, I live in Dendy land.

Well, might check out.

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Fun fact: the "neutral zone" is the game code being dumped on screen. Programmers for the VCS came up with all kinds of crazy tricks to get around the system's limitations.

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VCS is full of crazy shit and still it's a great machine.

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Missile Command
Robot Tank
Secret Quest

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Always was a fan of Berserk, good port of a good game.

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The only game I actually remember playing as a kid. I must of had others but damned if know what they were.

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I was tempted to buy a game called "Demons to Diamonds" today but passed it up since I don't own an Atari 2600.

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I loved Berzerk when I was a kid but I didn't know it was called like that for a decade due to it being pre-loaded in the a2600 memory. Title screens really go a long way in helping you identifying a games name, shame almost all atari games didn't have one.

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>shame almost all atari games didn't have one.
Precious memory, man.

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Is it weird that l get kind of a Zelda feel playing this?

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The scrolling screens and rooms filled with enemies.

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Well I was going to mention Berserk but I see I was beaten to the punch.

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Is that on the 2600? I loved that shit but I only knew of it on the 7800

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Atari released it on all the consoles they were trying to keep afloat at the time: 2600, 7800 and XEGS. The 7800 version is the best one, the 2600 port is a good effort but it really doesn't work as well.

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Video Pinball

I played the shit out of that.

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My sister and I would play this race car/ dodge game. Which also had a mode where you matched shapes. .
Idk what it was called. Played with the puck controller.

I remember Riddle of the Sphinx, thinking it would be something like The legend of Zelda. It wasn't.

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I remember playing this one game that was like Pong meets Breakout. It was 4 players and you controlled a paddle guarding a box in one of the corners and your goal was to break open the other players base and hit their guy.

It was a lot of fun if you have friends to play with.

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I highly suppose that this game Warlords.

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Should have gotten Secret Quest instead. Imagic games tend to be good though.

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Miner 2049er
Star Raiders

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Dodge Em?

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Haven't actually played much, I was a Coleco kid, but of the little I've played, I'd say Berzerk.

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Adventure, because, Difficulty #3
Warlords, because it was superb multiplayer
Yars Revenge, because it always kept you on your toes
Demon Attack, because dat fast-paced gameplay

I had always seen Pac-Man in the arcades, and was elated when I got my copy for the 2600. I had no idea how much garbage that version contained.

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Midnight Magic

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Sad thing is that Pac-Man was still in like its alpha stage. The programmer submitted it for testing and never got it back, because idiot execs or some poor mook pressured by aforementioned idiot execs sent it straight to publishing.

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Get midnight Magic.

Looks like a 7800 game

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Ray Kassar made all sorts of stupid mistakes like that. He's the reason the company imploded. Guy told game designers they were no more important than the assembly line workers who put the cartridges together.

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At least Ms. Pac-Man got a better port. Which seemed to be a running gag for a while.

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Ms. Pac Man was basically what the 2600 version of the original Pac Man would have been if they hadn't released the fucking prototype. It was absolutely doable on the hardware, but Atari execs rushed it out. It still made them millions.

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Also try Bumper Bash. Not as good as Midnight Magic, but better than Video Pinball.

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To be fair, Ms. Pac Man also had the benefit of having an 8K ROM, while the Atari execs forced the guy who made the first Pac-Man to use only 4K to cut costs.

Amazingly, someone made a homebrew version of Pac-Man that's actually a faithful version of the arcade game, uner the same 4K memory constraint:
It's absolutely insane how much homebrewers have done with this machine. If you asked the original designers in 1977 whether they thought something like this would be possible, they'd have laughed in your face.

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It's amazing how now 40 years later the 2600 still refuses to die. With batari basic it's easier than ever for the average person to write a game for the VCS and homebrew releases are a very regular thing. Makes me wonder how long people are going to stick with the console or if it's just the last few holdouts clinging to what they grew up with.

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Nah, I got into 2600 fairly recently, the pick up and play nature of most games makes it a pretty ideal system for casual gaming.

I wouldn't sit an entire afternoon playing 2600, or play it everyday, but if I had one you bet your ass it would stay permanently hooked up.

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And that relates to what you asked because if people are still discovering the system then new blood is also going to get into the homebrew community.

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The only console I was allowed growing up was a 2600 plug-and-play. Put many hours into Adventure, Yar, Circus Atari etc. The games are fun, but the history is absolutely fascinating. Completely the opposite of modern games in both respects.

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Felt like making a top ten.
1. Asteroids (I prefer it to the actual arcade version)
2. Centipede (arcade version is better but this still eats up a lot of my 2600 play time)
3. Battlezone (Love the pseudo-3D)
4. Berzerk (addictive but hard as balls)
5. Enduro (still my favorite driving/racing game)
6. Solaris (Awesome graphics for 2600 and decently deep gameplay)
7. Galaxian (not as good as Galaga but probably my favorite Space Invaders clone)
8. Space Invaders (I suck at it but it's classic)
9. Robot Tank (almost as good as Battlezone)
10. Yars Revenge (Love the colors)

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The Halo homebrew is pretty neat. Feels more like Zelda though.

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Oh for sure, I'm the same way honestly. I'm 28 and didn't even play Atari until maybe 5 or 6 years ago but it's very quickly become one of my favorites. The fact that it's a joy to collect for in a world of 20 bucks for the average SNES game certainly doesn't hurt either. It's nice to know that there are younger people who enjoy the console for the gameplay and not just to see how far games have come.

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Why does nobody call the VCS by its proper name anymore?

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Because Atari himself changed the name when they released the 5200.

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Atari is a person!? Are Sega and Nintendo people too???

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What >>3735767 said. Atari rebranded it themselves. It was officially called the 2600 for a bigger chunk of time over the course of its life than it was called the VCS, so saying VCS is the "proper" name is wrong.

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>Megamania (A Space Nightmare)
Gotta love a game with a title like that.

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Demons to Diamonds is a pretty good game actually. Gotta have paddle controller though.

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Kaboom! is another essential paddle game. That goddamn mad bomber is almost as infuriating as that fucking dog from Duck Hunt.

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Space Invaders
River Raid

Just got one for Christmas, it's fantastic

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Damn man, 2600 games? I don't even know half that many. I guess all of them then?

Here's a list I give people for fun games that are fun 'even by modern standards'

-Star Raiders
-Haunted House

Some others I'm forgetting

-Indy 500 (pick Ice Tracks to engage Eurobeat)
-Pong Sports

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Keystone Kapers
Spacemaster X7
Miner 2049er

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Robot Tank
Missile Command
Pole Position
Demon Attack

There's a couple I'm missing that I liked, but these are my favorites offhand.

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I had c64 instead of atari.

Here are my favs

Keystone Kapers
Fiendish Freddie - Big Top O' Fun

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Yar's Revenge

Space Invaders



Probably not in that order, but that's off the top of my head. Centipede on 2600 was the first game I ever played.

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Seconding spacemaster X7, great game. The 2600 version of miner 2049er is too slow though, the Atari 8 bit version is much better. If you want something on 2600 similar to miner 2049er but that plays much better check out the 2600 version of roc n rope.

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