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I fucking love this shit. There's something so pure about it that feels quintessentially how a game should feel when you look at it.

What are your favorite black background games?

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Jetpac is also fantastic.

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if you go far enough back almost every game is a "black background game"

as far as games that were doing it afterward

wizards & warriors and smb1 come to mind, but it's not for the whole game in either of them

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The night levels in Mario really do look great.

I just love the aesthetic man.

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You, Anon yes you. You need a Vectrex.

Hopefully you already have a CRT or at least a plasma TV.

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Firelord is comfy

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Way ahead of you. I've been in the market for one but they're pretty pricey on eBay and I can't seem to find one locally.

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Do the battle screens in MOTHER count?

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Spectrum games always came across best on black backgrounds, kept its inherent colour problems to a minimum.

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I completely agree, they look beautiful even if there are better versions of some of them out there.

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loving this

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Indeed, and games that originated on the machine benefitted even more:)

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I would love to be good at Defender, but this shit don't fucking mess around.

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Bosconian is fantastic, it holds up really well even now. It's a shame it never caught on.

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And that night time segment in Rad Racer.

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Lots of early computer and famicom rpgs use black empty backgrounds during battles. Kinda spooky honestly.

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It makes forests and dungeons feel dark and imposing.

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Don't forget about classic.

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My favorite.

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I love early Konami arcade classics.
Played Circus Charlie a lot on the famiclone.

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The music is now playing in my head.

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This masterpiece.

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I played Joust a lot when I was a kid.

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Palace software had the knack for striking looking 8 bit games. Sacred Armour of Antiriad on the c64 & spectrum was a very flawed, but stylish near-Metroid, also from 1986

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They were always my favorite too.

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That game could actually have been worthy of the praise it's earned thanks to Smash if only it had better jump physics.

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Try Nova Blast on colecovision, it's got better graphics too

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this thread is A E S T H E T I C S

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I love the black backgrounds in this game, but the snow levels with them are comfy as.

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>thanks to Smash

Ice Climber was one of the first released NES games, and was also on practically every multicart for famiclones, it's famous way before 2001, dude.
Also, the jumping physics can be frustrating, but they're part of the challenge in the game, if they'd be different/easier, the game would be completely different, not necessarily better. Gotta git gud.

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was about to post the FFII battle background, they fit the bleak nature of the game so well along with the depressing overworld theme
it's honestly why I prefer the NES version over the various ports

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The jump physics are fine, you maintain momentum from your running which is cool. The issue is the collision detection while landing on platforms which becomes a non-issue after you play for a while and get used to it.

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FF2 looks great, definite upgrade from FF1's backgrounds which weren't too shabby either.

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Smashfags are fucking retards who think every character/thing featured in the series only have fans thanks to it

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Kid Icarus.

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we're really going to pretend ice climbers was a household name in the 80s-90s? not like it's an untranslated ukrainian 3DO game or something but c'mon guys.

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'bout as much as Bubble Bobble

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Some levels of Darius Twin have nice blackout levels.

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They always felt a little absurd to me, like your fighting in a black void. Stuff like DQII-IV and MOTHER feel kinda creepy.

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You know I never thought of that while I was playing any of those games. I guess that's why Mother 2 added psychedelic backgrounds.

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Not sure if "Household" or what that means (not a native english speaker", but I did play lots of Ice Climber growing up in the Famiclone, it's a classic to me. This was a decade or more before Melee.

What do you think about the 3D classic version of KI on the 3DS? They added background graphics, and they're fine, but I still think the black worked pretty good with it.

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I love the 3DS version of KI but it somehow feels casualized, and I mean beyond the slow fall they added to the game.