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Go play Sega Saturn!

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Chuck Norris kicks his ass. That was the only wrong Death Battle.

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Chuck Norris's rise to fame was getting beaten to death by Bruce Lee.

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Why are you posting a Power Rangers rip-off?>>3725424
Nice meme. Realistically Chuck could've roundhoused Bruce Lee's stupid chink turkey voiced ass

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No Virtua Striker no buy, grandpa

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I sold my Saturn cause I was poor and needed cash and I really regret it now.

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I've been playing my Saturn all day tho. I need a break.

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Did your ex girlfriend give it to you?

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I'm still waiting for my white japanese Saturn, it has been in my country post office since before new years eve and doesn't want to move

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Go pick it up dummy

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what country?

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I assumed he meant "County

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Sorry, meant that it arrived in my country and still didn't pass the customs and border control, meaning I have to wait either way to get it.


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Okay, will do Segata Sanshiro, what games should I play?

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>segata sanshiro will never kill you
Why live?

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Elevator action returns

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Now that's what I call a console war.

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Okay, I will do that, wish me luck.

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>Go play Sega Saturn!
Nope. Saturn is not our future.

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My step-down transformer is at my friend's house for this week, I can't.

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Who would win in a fight, Segata or Bernie?

Or let me put it in better words, how bad would Segata destroy that shit-eating face of Bernie's?

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>Who would win in a fight, Segata or Bernie?
of course Bernie

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Do you think he can actually fight? I doubt so.

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Go release games in english first

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Why are japs so filthy?
Got 3D Saturn pad and on the pictures it looked like new.
When opened the package the whole controller is dirty as shit, has grease and hair all over it, controller is yellowed and when opened inside THERE WAS A FUCKING COCKROACH

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I never got filthy jap stuff, maybe you just got unlucky.

>cockroach inside a controller

I could understand a cockroach or some other bug getting inside a console through the air vents or slot/disc tray... but inside a controller? Sounds like bullshit.

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If it's a 3d pad, the bug could get in around the analog nub.

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I have no idea how that bug got inside
What is the most annoying is that I can't do shit now about it and have to buy some meme magic to deyellow the shell and make it look decent

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What game is this?

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>What is the most annoying is that I can't do shit now about it and have to buy some meme magic to deyellow the shell and make it look decent

That's what you get for buying a white Saturn. I only buy black units because they are immune to yellowing.

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Or maybe the seller would post the right pictures and not be a stupid cunt?
I was looking long enough for good looking controller and got this shit

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せがた三四郎 真剣遊戯

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I wish I could play Sega Saturn.

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I would have loved to but my only saturn controller (3rd party chink shit) broke the last time I've tried to improve my time in Sega Rally.

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>Power Rangers rip-off
>Power rangers is a rip off of Super Sentai
>Kamen Rider isn't Super Sentai

Nice try anon.

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Did you got get it for eBay? Did you fall for the meme that eBay isn't worth it? I'd have reported the shit, sent it back at the sellers expense, and gotten my money back, plus probably got their account locked.

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Don't forget the
>Kamen Rider is older than Super Sentai

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I'm getting into dreamcast right now and loving it, want to get Saturn as well. Anyone have a picture or list of some Sega Saturn essentials?

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the big image of sega saturn games

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Being Australian and importing is suffering.

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Can I use CR2025 for Saturn battery or do I have to fly to a shop to get the 2032 one?

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Not having them physically in front of me I'd have to say that one appears to be thinner, so it should work.

That's the magic of batteries. Any battery will work as long as the voltage matches. I had my VMUs modified to use a AA battery sled I pulled out of something else.

Jesus Christ that was nearly two decades ago.

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I had a friend that did the same thing with his vmu, was pretty cool to be able to play the vmu games without worrying about those awful little batteries.

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I knew a guy who modified his Saturn to use C or D batteries so he doesn't have to change them as often.

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Thank you, kind Anon.

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