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Am I the only one who loves bosses that are over and done with in a flash?

Like, the boss should just pop in for a few moments, and you either kill it in time and get the points, or you're too slow and you miss out on them. I think that's better than having damage sponge bosses.

Any other games with quick bosses? Strider is a classic one.

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Salamander is kinda this way from what I recall. If you go in with a few powerups, most bosses seemed to drop pretty quickly.

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Yume Penguin Monogatari's bosses were pretty easy.

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I don't. To me, boss encounters should be special. I like bosses which actually challenge you, feel like they're stronger than your usual enemy.

I like bosses which are hard but ultimately fair. The best feel is when the boss has the same health as you, but simply fights smarter with hard to avoid attacks. It's OK if their attacks can be stronger, as long as they have patterns and weaknesses. Picrelated

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"epic" boss fights in jrpgs are the worst thing in the universe, even worse than everything else about jrpgs

bosses aren't usually more fun than the actual game in general and I agree they can drag too long and space harrier is great in general

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>"epic" boss fights in jrpgs are the worst thing in the universe, even worse than everything else about jrpgs
Not all JRPGs are the same. But the worst examples like old grindy JRPGs are sure painful to remember.

I think the biggest problem with the worst of those boss battles is just how futile they are. In action games, you can git gud and learn boss patterns/weaknesses; sure, there used to be quarter munchers in them, but through learning and getting better you could beat them.

Conversely, in RPGs, there's often little you can do about unfair bosses who can nuke your whole party. So you need to grind, just waste your time on another pointless activity to progress in the game. Then it's usually just doing the same attack X times, rinse-wash-repeat. The battles aren't even interesting at all, they just feel tedious, especially when you've tried them X times. You start relying on luck, and at that point it's less of a game and more of gambling.

It would be fine if they didn't serve as roadblocks. If they were optional, you'd at least have a choice to take them on later or something. Then it'd be more reasonable IMO—after all you don't need to fight every random encounter. But they are mandatory to pass in the game, and so they hamper the progress of already slow and linear as fuck old games.

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yo i fuckin love space harrier

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Who said anything about easy? The carrier drop boss in SH is probably the hardest sequence in the game and it's over in a flash. But it's hard because it focuses entirely on skill rather than trying to do an HP endurance match. If you solved the boss you should be able to move on rather than doing a tedium ritual.

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>You start relying on luck, and at that point it's less of a game and more of gambling.

How come when I read this I feel like you have no idea what you're talking about?

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RNG is a very real factor. Unless you only play piss easy RPGs.

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Of course luck is involved.

>Boss fight
>Boss uses a few choice moves in a row and wipes my party
>Same boss fight
>Boss only uses OP move once or twice and I manage to win

Shit like that happens a lot in RPGs.

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Play some old game, like say an old DQ
> please don't debuff
> boss debuffs
> "oh hey fuck your healer too"

> please don't instakill
> boss instakills
> "oh hey I healed my whole HP btw since your fastest char is kill"

> please don't cast sleep
> boss puts everyone into sleep
> boss kills everyone before they wake up

No wonder this game has casinos. It's a casino itself

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Although not retro, this is why I like FFX. You can beat the game without using the sphere grid because the bosses have set patterns and you have to carefully work the order queue so you don't get annihilated. It's hands down the most strategic of the FFs.

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Now this is what I'm talking about. It's awesome when RPGs favor strategy. Or at least, uh, have strategy.

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Everybody knows Yuji Horii is addicted to gambling.

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Sin and Punishment has a bunch of them.


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I like boss fights that offer a difficult but equal challenge and cut to the chase like in Metroid. Fuck those bosses with unskippable cutscenes and long dialogues. I could'nt stand the boss fights in MGS4, every boss fight felt like they dragged on and on...Another one was Ganon in Ocarina of Time.

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>am i the only one who cant git gud
No. This place is full of casuals that cry if a boss doesn't hold you hand and beat itself to death with it.
Personally I like bosses that are hard to beat until you find their weakness. But not when that involves finding a safe space and taking cheap shots. I particularly like shmups where you need a weapon that's not the one you can pick up right before the battle. Of course the real fun with that is watching a gotta catch em all sperglord pump tokens into a machine while repeatedly picking up a power up that can't even hit the boss. Fucking epic.

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> "everyone's a casual babby compared to me"
> overly conceited about their autism
> he's an STG fan
But of course it all makes sense now

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An STG fan who has never 1CCed Space Harrier...

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>shmups fan
Opinion discarded

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Pulling something off just once or doing it six times in a row are entirely different levels of difficulty, especially if it's a reflexes-based game.

Doing it once is a fluke, doing it flawlessly every time is skill.

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How is one 1CCing an arcade game a "fluke'? You need a high amount of skill to even see the end.

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>too casual for shmups
Opinion discarded

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Wew lad, shouldn't you be 1ccing Battle Garegga on your PVM or something?

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Shouldn't you be shitposting on your containment board or something?

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ess tea gee thread is the designated shitposting thread

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