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I killed Lich early and now when I'm supposed to get the Nuke spell; it disappeared from my list and Lich doesn't show up anymore...did I fuck my shit up?

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Damn you didn't even link op. That's cold.

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What did OP mean by this

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he's been stuck for two years?

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Holy shit.

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He has even matured, you can see that because he dropped smiles.

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How many remakes of this are there?

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samefag is same

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One for GBA and one for Smartphones/Vita.

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The GBA one (Sword of Mana) is more like a full reimagining/remake. There are tons of new mechanics, plotlines and areas.

The smartphone/vita one (Adventures of Mana) is more like a straight update of the original. It plays exactly the same, only with better graphics and music. Definitely recommended, by the way.

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I emulated FF Adventure way back in the day before Sword was even a thing. Pre GBA too, probably.

I later ended up playing Sword of Mana. Had no fucking clue it was supposed to be a remake. Thought it was an entirely new game along the lines of the old secret of mana games.

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There's also this.

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What's better SoM or AoM?

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Whats this? Looks comfy

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Java games are godtier.

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