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Was this the first-ever trans character in a video game?

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There was some zelda like game that revealed a wizard had changed the players gender. I forget what it was though.

was it crystalis?

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Does it matter?
What does this verify? That It was so "progressive" for its age?
Who gives a rat's ass about some character that was first to have X character? Such things are so trivial and shallow.

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Why hasn't anyone made a game where I can shoot trans people yet?

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>There was some zelda like game that revealed a wizard had changed the players gender
That sounds oddly familiar. It's not Crystalis though. And I think Crystalis post-dates Doki Doki Panic anyway.

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Who knows... maybe some of the civilians were transgender and you didn't know because there were virtual men and women you could run over... but that would mean that you'd have to assume genders, wouldn't you?

Better yet, maybe one should make a check of all retro videogame characters and make sure that there's no implications! That indian chick from Custer's Revenge? ASEXUAL! Yoshi? BISEXUAL.

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Star Tropics had you change genders, but I don't think that predated Super Mario 2.

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birdo isn't trans.

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>Brianna Wu thread got deleted
>better make another social justice thread!

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Please explain.

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It's probably Birdo.

Ebisumaru was a girl trapped in a male body in some old Goemon game, but I don't think it counts since it was a curse. Pretty sure SMB2 predates that game too.

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Birdo is the first trans character, Poison is the first human trans character, Samus is the first playable trans character.

This is the third time we've had this thread, we have grown exceedingly efficient at it.

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>Samus is the first playable trans character.
Mach Rider predates Metroid.

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That's not the protagonist, it's his girlfriends.

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No Mr. Flynt, there is no evidence anywhere that even hints at Samus being a Tranny.

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I think I saw a newhalf in some early 80s nanpa game.

MM1 has a fountain that changes your gender.

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How can trans be real if there are only 2 (two) genders

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Ultima 3 had a third gender option back in 1983.

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