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ITT: PS1 titles you couldn't stop playing as a lil' boii.

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I just liked the drag racing segment really. Recently revisited it and it's fucking terrible.

Gran Turismo was a game-changer alright.

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5 was a lot better. And then 6 came along as was the worst.

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I played Ape Escape recently and even did 100%, it's so good, I love how it made creative use of the two analogs, never saw something like this in the PS1. Can't wait to play 2 and 3.

btw when I was a kid Megaman was absolutely my favorite franchise, even today I still like it a lot, the one that I played the most probably was X5, I don't think that I beated this game less than (literally) 70 times.

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Ape Escape was my favorite game, loved it. I remember being insanely hyped for the sequel, bought it on release. Never played the third one.

Best 3D platformer for PS1

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I tried the first Ape Escape after beating the third and realized it's not as fun when you can't play as a cute little girl who can henshin into cute outfits.
I'm kidding, it's still a damn good game.

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Play the PC versions instead.

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man, even when I got a PS2, all I played on it for years was Ape Escape (also, I used it to play DVDs)

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I must have spent years in the multiplayer of this game

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The Misadventures of Tron Bone!!!

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This and the sequel was pretty much my go-to for Saturday afternoons in middle and high school

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