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Did anyone play this in 1994? Did you know at the time you were playing an all time classic?

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No it was just another Squaresoft game.

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>did anyone play this in 1994
No because it got released in 1995.

I got it as a gift from my dad when he went on a business trip to new york. he mailed me Chrono Trigger and mailed my brother Super Metroid

I knew it was a great game but I had no idea it would be as popular as it was.

Even as a kid you can tell what games are shit and whats good. Chrono Trigger had it all. Great graphics, fun JRPG gameplay with enough different to set it apart, it was pretty easy but it also had amazing pacing.

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The "dream team" articles and screenshots in game magazines had me more hyped than any game in my life, and it actually lived up to those impossible expectations. Just watching that intro animation you could feel you were in for something special.

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I used to rent the game from a video store, but it was a 2 day rental unlike the other games which was 5 day rentals.

I never got past Zeal, id rent it every other few weeks and of course my Save was deleted each time. It was until 99 that id actually save my allowance and buy the game. I thought it was great then the game felt like it lasted a long time, now I finish the entire game on a lazy Sunday.

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In late 1995, yes. Rented it, fell in love with it, got it for Christmas, played it over and over, got all the endings. Shilled my hardest out of it to my friends and anyone else who would listen, drew shitty fanart at school, etc.

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I played it near its release, and yeah it seemed pretty clear that it was to be understood as a great game. I mean its quality is obvious enough. And Nintendo Power gushed about it, if I remember right. I don't know what "all time classic" means exactly, but I respected its quality enough to accept that it should probably be considered that.

Nowadays I find JRPGs childish which makes me sad because I want to love them like I used to. But you can't un-outgrow something. I didn't anticipate having that problem, not at all. That's the really big future event that I failed to predict.

Its graphics and sound still work for me, anyway.

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I didn't consider anything a classic when I was younger, nor did I really have the forethought to consider videogames as anything other than a toy. I didn't really come to that conclusion until I was about 12-14.

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>Nowadays I find JRPGs childish which makes me sad because I want to love them like I used to. But you can't un-outgrow something.
what do you play now

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> Chrono Trigger
> All-time classic
Your hot opinions =/= objective truth. The game retroactively became labelled as "classic" after FFVII blew up. The truth is, few cared about it in the West when it came out, it sold less 300,000 copies which is not much by any means. And in Japan it got big because 1) Toriyama, 2) Square, 3) RPG; Japan would eat any RPGs around that time and ask for more.

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This is correct. It was a good ass game but wasn't nearly as popular as it is now, as were jRPGs in general at the time. Not to mention the SNES itself was sunsetting for the N64.

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>all time classic
Oh boy, another one of these threads.

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>intro animation

which intro?

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You act like all of this somehow means that the game isn't great, regardless. I think it stands as one of the best JRPGs of the 16 bit era, for sure, which I think should qualify it as a classic.

I didn't play it until 2004, and I really loved it, despite not really liking JRPGs in general. The combat is fun and fast, the graphics and music are top-notch, and the story is probably one of the more sensible, tolerable and generally interesting of any JRPG.

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Never mind anon. He won't answer, because there is no answer that won't make him seem like a total tool.

I have never seen a board get so triggered by random phrases.

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yeah i had a blast firing this baby up on my european pal super nintendo

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same with the lord of the rings films, but the books are still classics

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>I have never seen a board get so triggered by random phrases.

Obnoxious fanboys who don't know any better and litter the board with countless threads about fellating a mediocre game for years on a almost daily basis tend to do that to people.

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Deal with it, nerd.

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>West when it came out, it sold less 300,000 copies which is not much by any means.

>a niche game for friendless dorks didn't sell as good as modern call of duty

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Hell, 300k would have been very respectable for an RPG in the mid-'90s. Even in modern times, JRPGs rarely sell more than that except for really big names like Final Fantasy and Pokemon.

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But this is completely different. The books were the source material for movies, anв they were recognized as classics long ago.

But let's imagine Tolkien also wrote a different, objectively average book and it got labelled as "classics" just because of LotR's fame. This is Chrono Trigger for you.

> You act like all of this somehow means that the game isn't great
Good? Yes. Great? No. I never implied that the game's popularity meant it was good or bad, this would be a fallacy.

> I think it stands as one of the best JRPGs of the 16 bit era
And you make this claim based on… What again? In the next sentence, you say how you don't like RPGs. Again, "one of the best" is vague—it can be 10 games, it can be 50 games. The question was, is CT an all time "classic". And I argued that it was in fact not.

Here's my argument. CT is a fairly simplistic and even backwards game that didn't really introduce much to anything new to the table. At a time, 4th gen had games like DQV, which took you on a journey of an unseen scale—from the birth of your hero, to his adolescence, to his marriage, to when he had children. Or Live A Live, which took you through several different epochs and characters. Or Shin Megami Tensei, which allowed recruiting enemy demons to fight alongside your team and even fuse them together. Heck, even Final Fantasy games had more depth than CT.

It's not an all-time classic, unless you set your bar really low. Sure, it had good graphics, nice character designs and such. The gameplay is decent enough to keep you playing. But it's not enough to deem a game "outstanding".

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>But let's imagine Tolkien also wrote a different, objectively average book and it got labelled as "classics" just because of LotR's fame.
you mean the hobbit?

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Square themselves said it was not a big success.

Strawman argument.

My point is, the word "classic" has 2 meanings:
1) used interchangeably with "best-seller" by media
2) "judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind."

So in other words, it means it was either 1) commercially or 2) critically successful.

Obviously it's not the first, and I've already pointed out in a post above why it's not the second. A simple analysis of the game will bring you to understanding that it's a very simple little RPG, with an interesting "time machine" plot premise but not much more to bring to the table.

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Sure, the sage option is there for a reason if things get too bad.
Look man, I understand your feelings but just let it go, you can't argue with brainless fanboys.
I just wish they had some kind of containment thread like Doomfags and SaGafags, at least they have the decency of keeping things to themselves and not fill the board with tons of useless threads.

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> ad-hominem
Now try to make an actual argument. I'll wait.

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here's my argument:
*farts in your face*

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>I understand your feelings
There are no feelings really. I enjoy this discussion. I've played the game, I've had the time to judge it and I hope my arguments will make some people relate, or make their mind if they should or should not play the game. If people think my arguments are wrong and they present any real points to counter them, I will gladly change my position.

The thing is, there's nothing to present. CT's fame has been blown out of proportion following FFVII's breakthrough in the West, and people will defend it with foam at the mouth just to fight for their nostalgia. Well, at least I can enjoy watching them get triggered.

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played it way after the fact in 2007. dropped it when i got to the sewers in the future.

played it again in 2010, dropped it just after robo. Finally forced myself to beat it in 2012. I think if you need to force yourself to beat something, it's got some problems, and chrono trigger does. combat system is boring square shit, music sounds like farts and whines coming from a tin can. Story is really nothing that memorable. Definitely doesn't stand the test of time.

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I guess animation's not the right word--I mean when you turn it on and it starts with the pendulum swinging and then after the title it shows all those scenes from the game

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>music sounds like farts and whines coming from a tin can
You nigger.

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In the West we didnt get those RPGs, which is why when people think of best or most impacting RPGs on the SNES Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger come to mind. Thanks to fan translations and remakes we can play those games now, but we didnt at the time which wont add up to our nostalgia of playing Chrono Trigger in 95.

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Yes. Played it near release and considered it one of the coolest games I had ever played. Still a favorite of mine.

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>Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger
Let me state it again: together, both SNES and PS versions of Chrono Trigger sold 290,000 in North America. Final Fantasy IV, all versions: 340,000. These are the official numbers from Square Enix (see: http://www.jp.square-enix.com/ir/e/explanatory/download/0404-200402090000-01.pdf).). Final Fantasy VI, SNES version is harder to estimate, but in short, by my estimates, it sold around 300,000 copies too, if not less (I will elaborate if asked).

They weren't anywhere as popular when they came out in US. 300,000 copies puts them in the same tier as Breath of Fire III, sales-wise.

But then people try to act nostalgic about them, when these games didn't even impact most in players in US back in the day. This is the Square reality distortion field: it's FFVII fans trying to retroactively deem these games hugely influential classics in US, when in fact they didn't amount to much when they came out there. Because, well, few people even played them.

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Well youre going off of units sold, people used to rent games from Blockbuster and Hollywood Video, both of which had Chrono Trigger on the shelves for a few years. You didnt have to buy it to play it, hell even borrowing from friends was a thing.

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I understand, but still it's a good indicator of games' popularity.

I admit though I know little about rentals since I'm not from US. Did people really rent RPGs often? What about save slots and such?

I can't imagine rentals had a significant impact on games' exposure, but I could be wrong. This might change the amount of people exposed to the game somewhat, but even so, I doubt that it would be drastic.

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Among critics and the people into RPGs during the SNES, FFVI and CT were well loved.

In >>3716857, you point out why you don't consider it a classic, but according to the 2nd definition it can be called a classic. It's still frequently cited as one of the best games of all time, so we can at least say that it's widely considered to be a classic according to your definition.

I remember renting Lufia II many times before finally getting it. If I was lucky my save file would still be there. Still, I ended up replaying the first part of Lufia II many times...

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Blockbuster and Hollywood Video had their super high titles on 2 day rentals, everything else was on a 5 day rental. Theyd usually only have 2 copies of the 2 day rentals.

Games like Chrono Trigger and Mario RPG were 2 Days, and with a fee I think you could extend it. Every time I went there to rent it, the game was out or i'd only see 1 copy left to be rented. Renting movies and games was big in the 90s. In the SNES Era Nintendo Power put a huge light on Chrono Trigger which is why the rental stores never had it, and the reselling stores like EB Games and Funcoland resold Chrono Trigger for a high price.

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>but according to the 2nd definition it can be called a classic.
I was a bit vague on this, but I have to agree you're right—it did achieve critical success after all. So by my own words, at least it can be called "cult classic" or "critics' game". Since it does wind up on IGN's top lists of all time often, it can even be called "an all-time classic" in this particular sense.

But I must clarify that what I meant was objective critical analysis, not just a number of questionable opinions from a number of critics who put CT in the same row with Minecraft and Halo 2. Personally, I don't think the critics in question were objective or if their reviews still hold up, for the reasons I've stated already.

And in the broader sense of the word, I just don't think Chrono Trigger can be called an all-time classic. It simply can't stand in the same line as the undisputed outstanding and influential games, like say Super Mario Bros., Wizardry, Street Fighter II, Pokemon and such. Again, this is vague and subjective to an extent, but I'm pretty sure that with these games, their influence and their merits are pretty apparent—unlike with Chrono Trigger, for the reasons I have stated in my previous replies.

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If your basing its success based on Sequels or doing anything game changing to the RPG genre at all, no Chrono Trigger didnt really offer any mechanics that other games didnt have already. There were already games you could see enemies on the screen before fighting, and games had a slight version of New Game + and multiple endings.

I think, im not sure but the only unique thing they had was the dual and triple techs. Which not many games even today use.

Chrono Trigger was just the most hyped up RPG on the SNES because of all of those points, and Time Travel. It gave a lot of replayability to a RPG, which I imagine most people would play a full run once or twice. So the people who did play this, played it a few more times than say Breath of Fire 2, or Lufia which is why it stands out when people think of what their favorite SNES RPG was, they invested more hours into it and played it from the beginning a few more times.

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Sorry, I admit I didn't take in account just how little choice of RPGs was at the time on SNES, even though it was 1995 and the 16 bit era was quietly ending already. When I read some excerpts from reviews, I realized the critics compared CT to good but outdated or simply less fancy games like Secret of Mana and Lufia II, and frankly I'd say Chrono Trigger obviously compared favorably to them—when there was little to no competition. I understand why it was hyped by Nintendo Power and other magazines back then, and with FFVII's success it's natural that CT's fame eventually got multiplied tenfold.

But that said, times change, we now have access to all the RPGs we missed, and we're at a point where old games are being re-translated to give the players a better experience. And yet people still live by these opinions, perpetuated by an echo chamber of nostalgic fanboys.

I just think in result it harms new players who start Chrono Trigger expecting an amazing game and get a rather average RPG by current standards. Then they ask the internet, but encounter the same echo chamber which won't accept any other position than theirs. It's a tar pit trap of poorly aged RPGs which still attracts new people, and prevents them from discovering the best of what the genre has to offer. Then they come to /vr/ and shit on JRPGs. It's a full circle.

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To be fair modern JRPGs are even worse than Chrono Trigger.

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Yeah. I was an RPG fag at the time. So from late 80's through 90's I was in the golden era. Top it off with being a youth,into my teens the games were right in my wheel house. If anything I see how "shitty" they are now as opposed to then. I wonder if it was not for nostalgia how much would I enjoy these games now. Now that my cynicism is out the way, NO. I did not think I was playing an all time classic. I preferred FF6, Breath of Fire 2, and Phantasy Star IV at the time. Good game, fun game, but for me it was 2nd tier. And as the 32 bit era ushered in I think I would rate it a little lower. The fact that Cross was a WTF of a game don't help the legacy.

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i bought into the hype or whatever but only because i played FF7 first and needed to get on all the squareshit. a whole lotta niggas (myself included) first played this on the playstation re release with the cartoons
these days i wouldn't touch a jrpg

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I agree with VII hyping up Chrono Trigger though, AOL had peaked during this time and had message boards, forums, people were getting into the digital age a lot more where everyone was asking what games should they play like FF7. It circled back to SNES, and then emulators started to come out during the time which spread its popularity even further.

I think I had a gameboy color playing Pokemon Red when my friend showed me about a emulator that had Pokemon Green and I had Chrono Trigger on another emulator. Not to mention once Chrono Trigger was released on the Playstation magazines went to review the game again.

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Well, everyone knows that. The heyday of the genre is gone, because Sony fucked up big time with PS3 in Japan, and Squenix fucked up FF beyond measure.

I meant that today you have access to SMT, DQ, any FF, WRPGs, etc. It's not the '90s anymore, you can play anything if you want to and your choice is not limited by your platform, your PC's specs, etc.

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Really FFVI is the game that benefitted from the west not getting its competition, not CT. CT didn't sell a whole lot.

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I think the high prices for cart jrpgs really didn't help things

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There's a weird thing about FFVI sales. The official figures state the SNES and PS (whatever this means) versions sold 860,000 copies in NA. But then Wikipedia states:
> In the United States, where it [FFVI] went on sale in the last quarter of 1994, it became the year's eighth best-selling SNES cartridge;[91] despite this, it was not a commercial success in that region, according to Sakaguchi.
This is a bit vague, and so I tried to put it together for a full picture. 1994 had the following big hits on SNES in NA: DKC, Lion King, Mortal Kombat 3, NBA Jam, Super Metroid, Megaman X, and that's about all that I know of for sure. The latter 2 games sold 570,000 copies each, so there's probably no way FFVI on SNES sold over that, if it was indeed the #8 best-selling game of the year.

I guess by extrapolating, it probably sold around 300,000 copies in NA. Otherwise, they wouldn't say "it was not a commercial success in that region".

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No I played it after Cross somewhere in 2002 or so on ZSNES, expecting at least something similar to Cross. What a fucking disappointment it was. I also remember getting stuck at that shitty "press three buttons" thing because the gamepad couldn't handle more than two.

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yeah i saw the ad and was hype as fuck from FF2.


i don't even remember squaresoft having that many popular titles.

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It's like butter
Lose your luggage

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I'd only seen it once and the frog really stuck out.

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The only reason games are ALL TIME CLASSICS is because fanboys don't stop chirping about them.

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I'm 36. You think I'm a tool because I can't enjoy a medium-quality children's story or a super-easy battle-puzzle challenge (also meant for children) anymore? That's weird.

I tend to think that I lost this ability by exercising it too hard as a kid. I didn't just love these games. I LOVED them. You can't enjoy something so simple that much for decades on end, I think. Something burns out.


In old console games, I stick to harder ones that are less reliant on story. Mainly classic action games that I missed the first time around, I suppose. In newer games, I'm currently playing Tales of Maj'Eyal and Awesomenauts. The insane harshness of a roguelike can't be outgrown so easily as some things can. And the endlessly scaling challenge of a community of human opponents probably can't be outgrown at all, except maybe by some kind of once-in-all-history genius e-athlete (which I am not).

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My sister and I played through games like this (long, story-based, saving-reliant) on rentals multiple times. Not very often I guess, because you'd have to make a job out of it and maybe have your mom re-rent the same game to give you a few more days, but we did it, and we liked it.

I don't recall us ever relying on saved games to continue existing after the games had been returned to the store. We'd just power through an entire game while we had it.

I have no idea how many other people did this sort of thing though.

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ok, except zeal. happy now? Everything else is pretty generic and shitty.

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I enjoyed it back then. I replayed it multiple times in a lame attempt raise everyone's stats to 99.

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The same could be said of any other medium.

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Fallacy. In any medium, there are certain examples which objectively deserve a place in its history for their contributions to it or simply their outstanding quality, and video games are no exception. Ultima, Wizardry, Virtua Fighter, Street Fighter 2, Civilization, Super Mario Kart—that's just a list of a few games from the top of my head. Few if anyone really shills these games, they don't need shilling.

Video games have 2 problems really: low level of criticism, and fanboys. When these 2 problems meet each other, we get "classics" like Chrono Trigger.

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if you don't like Chrono Trigger, you're just being a pretentious assclown. it's a really good, fun game, with excellent overall design courtesy of the dream team. if you couldn't personally connect with it, that's understandable, but you have to admit that it's a quality work.

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I bought it because I bought any JRPG that came out in those days.

This one came out right around the same time I got a car and my first girlfriend and was moving away from video games. But I still found time to play the hell out of it when I wasn't working, with her, or visiting with friends.

>Did you know at the time you were playing an all time classic?

No. There were no internets for me to access then. I didn't have any friends who played it either. I knew it was probably the best video game I ever played and I loved it and played it whenever I had some alone time. I recommended it to everyone I knew who had a SNES but it wasn't until I was an adult with the internet that I found out there were people all over the world who loved the game as much as me.

I didn't even know you could have Magus as a playable character until I emulated it years later. I always thought he was just some mid-boss.

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>if you don't like Chrono Trigger, you're just being a pretentious assclown.
"How come you don't like thing I like? You're just a [name-calling][ad-hominem]"

> it's a really good, fun game
That's pretty subjective. I've played it, I had very little fun with it really. Felt like a drag most of the time. Does my subjective judgement beat yours?

> …with excellent overall design courtesy of the dream team
Could you elaborate, I'm not sure I understand what you just said

> but you have to admit that it's a quality work
Define "quality work". It's a decent game, no arguing, it's totally playable and all. But there are plenty other decent games on SNES alone, yet only CT is apparently an "all-time classic" now.

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>I don't like this game so i am going to post in threads of say game.
It's like those retards who come to 4chan and ask to anons to not post anime pics.

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Akira Toriyama 's work was fantastic before Dragon Quest VII.

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The last one.

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File: 2.65 MB, 3572x2623, 5272615917_61c0c14ded_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Have some Dragon Ball GT art made by the Alzheimer king itself for VG Jump.

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>"How come you don't like thing I like? You're just a [name-calling][ad-hominem]"
that started with the TRIGGERNIGGER posts in every thread.

>That's pretty subjective. I've played it, I had very little fun with it really. Felt like a drag most of the time. Does my subjective judgement beat yours?
it is subjective. if you couldn't personally get into Chrono Trigger and have fun, there's nothing wrong with that. that's not what I'm arguing about, though.

>Could you elaborate, I'm not sure I understand what you just said
the dream team refers to the devs behind CT, who all had experience making quality games/RPGs.
as for overall design, CT is 8/10 in every category. really good soundtrack, engaging set-piece scenarios, a battle system that was both intuitive and more complex than mashing attacks, the right balance of difficulty so that there's no grinding yet enough challenge to keep things interesting, and a solid cast of characters. while the characters lacked depth for the most part, they didn't need any. they were identifiable archetypes who each contributed.

>Define "quality work". It's a decent game, no arguing, it's totally playable and all. But there are plenty other decent games on SNES alone, yet only CT is apparently an "all-time classic" now.
>decent game, no arguing, it's totally playable and all.
then I have no quarrel with you.
I don't think CT is a sublime work of art, I think it's just a fun experience that's 8/10 in everything it does. it's simple enough for my childhood self, yet there's enough there for thought and speculation (eg is Lavos really evil? Zeal/Atlantis/hubris etc.)
it's true, like many other fandoms, CT fans get carried away treating this like its videogame Jesus. at the opposite extreme, there's contrarians saying it's terrible and everyone who played it is a triggernigger. both sides take it too far.

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Despite I don't like the game, I admit Toriyama knows his shit. His artwork for the game is amazing.

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This one is wallpaper material.

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Dragon Quest VII

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What the fuck happen mister Toriyama?

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cool, I've seen all these before, but it's nice to have em all at once in decent quality.

>> No.3719042

Then I agree. 8/10 sounds about right. You can adjust the rating for tastes and such, but even then it's true that CT has a very solid feel, you can tell the game was not made by scrubs and they weren't tight on budget. Despite it doesn't shoot for the stars, it doesn't have any obvious flaws either, it's simple but without rough corners.

What still baffles me is just the level of cult surrounding it, given the plot and the game are pretty simplistic and that it didn't sell all that big. I'd understand it with Final Fantasy VII, because of its notorious hype campaign and because admittedly it looked and felt groundbreaking for the time. But CT didn't have nearly all that and yet it seemingly only got bigger over time. Nowadays, the game gets placed ABOVE FFVII on readers' surveys and critics' lists alike, and is approaching the level of teenage fanboyism of Zelda and Smash Bros.

The cult just defies all logic and reason.

>> No.3719046

Well, I'll agree with it being above FF7, because FF7 is a pretty terrible game in retrospect. CT isn't all that special but at least it's generally competent.

>> No.3719056

exactly, I wouldn't go lower than 7 or higher than 9, so it's 8/10 overall.

my initial post was mostly in reaction to contrarians who flame CT and its fans just to spite the cult-like fandom.

as for the logic-defying cult, it grew through the internet. a number of people really connected with CT and it became their favorite game. once the internet became more prevalent, they found each other and created fan communities. these acted as resonance chambers, positively reinforcing enthusiasm for the game until it spiraled out of control. the same exact thing happened with the Mother series, which is in fact pretty good, but it became another video-game Jesus on the internet for the same reason. Undertale fits this category too, the difference being that it came out well into the web 2.0 era, so it instantly exploded online instead of slowly building momentum.

>> No.3719118

>my initial post was mostly in reaction to contrarians who flame CT and its fans just to spite the cult-like fandom.
So, you lashed out at people who lash out at CT fans. Unfortunately, that's how most internet conversations go, so it's pointless to blame anyone in particular. But that's why it's important to stick to real arguments instead. Otherwise, the echo chamber will always win because it's louder.

> Mother series
While it's true that Starmen.net and other small but active communities probably helped make Earthbound a meme, I think it was really Smash Bros and the rest of Nintendo crowd that was responsible for it. So I'm totally not surprised because hardcore Nintendo fans and logic are mutually exclusive things, never meeting in one person.

>> No.3719121

God damn kids, get off my lawn.

>> No.3719159
File: 2.24 MB, 2304x1728, Too_far_away_times.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Chrono Trigger was my first ever preorder. Placed it with my local Electronics Boutique after seeing the few impressive images in a magazine, getting hyped it was billed as a Square and Enix collaboration dream team. Back then, I said Square can do no wrong (though I did feel FF6 was my first sign there was a chink in the armor, but all was right with Final Fantasy 2[4], Secret of Mana, and Chrono Trigger). I can't say I felt Chrono Trigger was a "classic" as I had no real notion of that at the time, but I was completely engaged in the game, saw it through to its many endings. Afterwards getting a Saturn and Playstation, I continued getting great games so they were all just great games to me. Only much later, and hearing others call it a classic, I cannot help but agree.

Back then, I thought Square RPGs were very popular. During the NES days, Nintendo Power had people send in their votes, and it was almost always #1 SMB3 and #2 Final Fantasy ... hell, my friends and I even completed their 4 white mage completion challenge on Final Fantasy. I swear Square games were always popular and sold around me. Only Sega got no love in my area of the USA.

>> No.3719185

>During the NES days, Nintendo Power had people send in their votes, and it was almost always #1 SMB3 and #2 Final Fantasy ... hell, my friends and I even completed their 4 white mage completion challenge on Final Fantasy.
The interesting thing is that the first Final Fantasy was bigger in US than in Japan, selling 700,000 copies there, which was pretty damn big by any means. Then DQ came to US, and people dismissed it as being outdated. So it also was one of the very few, if not the only early RPGs widely available in the West (unless you're one of those people who count Zelda as RPG), pretty much opening the genre for many people.

From what I understand, FF1 remained the biggest FF game until FFVII in US—see my other post: >>3717140 .

>> No.3720307


My dad rented it in '95/'96 and I loved the shit out of it. It wasn't until New Years Eve of 2000/2001 that I beat it though on the shitty PS1 version because I remember playing it and beating lavos at like 11:30pm when I was 11 years old. What a great way to end 2000 and go into 2001

Fuck you niggers

>> No.3720469

Did Americans recognize the artist when the game came out?

>> No.3720471

I did, but I was a weird kid. Most people wouldn't have, since the Dragon Ball anime didn't air in the US until later that year.

>> No.3720503

That's the magic of memories, you remember when something was so insignificant in comparison to what a legacy it's built up now.

>> No.3721880
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Yes, at the time I knew Toriyama had done Dr. Slump, Dragon Ball, and Dragon Quest. Funny enough, I am not a fan of Toriyama's style. However, It works great for Chrono Trigger.

>> No.3722119

It was maybe closer to 96 (was a year or two after the initial release). My brother's friend had the game. He was more into games like Contra or Double Dragon. My brother and I were more into RPGs, so my bro ended up trading something of his for CT. I'd watch my brother play, then I eventually picked it up. I knew it was one of the best of its kind at the time, but I guess I didn't realize the game would be as valuable as it became.

Also I think more than anything I'm surprised that the franchise died like it did. I mean I understand that they probably won't be able to bring back Toriyama, just seems too busy and doing too much to do another one. But for the series to be as dead as it has been since Chrono Cross, which seemed to be a successful game, is very strange. I guess I should be glad we got two good ones and they didn't just drag the name through the dirt for more money.