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And one have the Series One? There a helluva lot more expensive but damn I want one!

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I have one. It doesn't work so I play my much more ruggedly built and nearly as cool looking x'eye instead

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The original model Mega CD model is too unreliable to justify its price.

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Why is it unreliable? Just the tray or am I missing something?

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I bought one out of the trunk of some guys car for $30 ten+ years ago. It works but makes a grindy noise when the disc seeks. I don't really use it since I have no games.

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X'eye is good but this is the true patricians choice.

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Lucky fuck

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Shit my Dreamcast is brand new and makes a horrible grinding noise

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Tray and laser are pretty shit compared to other models.

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But it's not as retarded and bulky looking!

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aaaand expensive as fuck!

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Only $50 to 75 more than a full model 2 + cd setup if you find the right deal.

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I read that it uses under powered caps or something so the laser doesn't get the right voltage giving lots of read errors. That and the drive belt fails.

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Really? They all look to be around $1000?!

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I have one at more store for sale with a model 1 genesis for like 260 I think.

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There are a bunch on eBay for $275ish but every once in a while you can get one for between $200 to $230 in working condition. It seems like most of the sellers overprice by a shit load and bundle in Sonic cd to justifying the price as if the game isn't common as fuck.

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I have one. It's broken as fuck.

Luckily I also have model 2 which isn't broken as fuck.

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Mine still works great. God I hope it stays that way, the tray ejection is near orgasmic.

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Other then snatcher and sonic cd does the thing have anything else going for it?

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Popful Mail , keo flying squadron, Ecco with the cd quality soundtrack, lunar 1/2 shining force cd plus a few more that I'm sure another anon will share.

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Final Fight CD
Afterburner III
Lords of Thunder
The Terminator

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About four years ago, at a flea market I got a tub full of video game shit for $40. The most notable things in it were a Genesis model 2, a SCD model 1, a Saturn, and a PS2 slim. There were random cords and controllers, about 17 Genesis games (mostly crap) and netlink adapter with the disk. It all worked except one of the controller ports on the Saturn needed a little work. Later on, the SCD stopped working. I replaced the fuse and that got it going again. That was one of my best if not the best flea market find.

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Still have one CIB from Christmas 1992. The laser is really finicky now though. It's neat looking, but if your looking to play your games, I'd find another version.

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Way less reliable

Cool though

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All DCs sound like that.

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You know it plays burned games without mods, right?

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Just wondering, could you shove a 32x into that?

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Yes, although you have to remove it to open the cd drive.

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Not worth it OP. I had two and they were nothing but problems. One had board problems, the other drive problems. Then, when I made a working one out of the two, it's main board died.

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Honestly I just have my Sega CD for display only, I use my SCD games on my PC with Kega Fusion, the emulation is damn near perfect, and I don't have to deal with annoyingly long load times.

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I have the model 2. It still works pretty good

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>tfw I have one of these
>tfw it's my only Genesis
>tfw I barely play Genesis
>tfw I have zero Sega CD games

It sits on my shelf, and I barely touch it. [spoiler[because Genesis sucks

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I still have my original one from when I was a kid

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This is interesting...

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I recently repaired a model one. Hassle is all I have to say. I put a new laser in it, new belt, fuses, and cleaned it up. It still is picky and the tray doesn't like to stay closed unless I push it in manually.
It looks cool, but it's unreliable.
Before this, I used a model two. The case is pitted from some kind of chemical from the previous owner, but all I had to do was change out a fuse and it's worked great for years. Way, way more reliable.

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I got one on release. Still works last i checked.

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I have a Model 2 Gen/Model 2 CD + 32X with original boxes

Am I rich yet? I also have a Svideo-modded Model 1 HDG

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Sounds like you were already rich.

What is this

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My cousin gave them to me a few years ago. He got them new in the early 90s and doesnt play them anymore. So now I just burn some roms to disc and I have the whole sega-cd catalog at my fingertips

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doesn't this have dog shit sound or is that only for cartridge games?

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The only downside is that I don't have a Mega Drive USB pad, but my dualshock 3 does the job.

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I wouldn't call it dog shit but it's not great. It probably falls into the middle of the model 2 line up in terms of sound quality.

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yeah i guess that's not fair when you consider the genesis 3 and all the awful clones
i've had an original "high def" genesis since day one though

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I don't suppose anyone knows where to get an ISO of Sonic CD Plus that is patched with audio?

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Have one. Changed the laser and the belt, works perfectly fine.

Nah. The drive's lubricant has dried out. You need grease.

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And how hard was it to change the laser?!

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I have a few. They're only a helluva lot more expensive for ebaybies. They're inferior to the model 2 in nearly every way.

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>Dungeon Master 2 won't even let you start a game without 100 blocks free on a ram cart.
>Cart cost about as much as the Sega CD itself.

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I have one that works but the sound keeps going out every split second. It'll work but then it'll go on and off every few frames or so.
If anyone knows what the problem could be I'd love to know.

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I've owned at least 5 Dreamcasts, one from launch. All of them always made absurdly loud grinding noises.

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Do these colors look right? Image is from a projector at 100". They look kind of off.

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I've got the High definition graphics model 1 do I have to get that version of the CD or can I use a model 2 CD?

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I just want to play Sega CD games on my pre-TMSS model 1. Fuck!

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I didn't know different models require different CDs?

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Both Sega CD models are compatible with Genesis I and II and vice versa. Genesis II on Sega CD I will look ugly as fuck though.

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It will work just fine, though it will hang off the edge by a few inches. You can buy a extender if that bothers you so it fits perfectly.

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The X'Eye has good sound. It's not quite as dynamic as an "HD" model 1 but I think it's timbre is maybe even better.

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kill yourself desu.

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