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Hey /vr/

Can we have a 32bit/64bit 2D sprite gaming thread?

Basically any game during the PS1/Saturn/N64 era that heavily used 2D sprites.

I fucking love 2D sprite games in these era as not only did they usually look fucking beautiful, but they were a niche due to the obsession with 3D.

Some of my favourites are SOTN and Alundra (not sure if some people would count Yoshi's Story and Mischief Makers as 2D sprite based games, but I do so yeah)

Ones i've always wanted to play are FFT (I actually own it, but I suck at it. HARD) and Legend of Mana as the art style really intrigues me. Also Castlevania Chronicles if I can get it for a good price.

I also remember the first GEX being quite good.

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Also feel free to post screenshots to show it off.

Legend of Mana yo.

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>inb4 pedants point out PS games can't be 2D

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Alundra, by far one of the most beautiful looking PS1 games

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L2 Squire > L2 Knight > Monk
Never fear the game ever again.

I'm with you op, I love sprites way more than the gons.

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>That Alucard sprite set.

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Well thats the kind of point i'm making, they were built to run 3D models etc but some companies still chose sprites etc.

The saturn is arguably a better sprite console than it is a 3D. Speaking of which.

Princess Crown on the Saturn

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Motherfucking Suikoden 2. I was always what an improvement it was over the original.

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I'm guessing L2 squire is overpowered? To be honest i never really even got that far into the game. I found it so overwhelming the amount of classes etc. Strange because I really got into FFTA which has a billion classes.


I remember when I was younger and I first saw SOTN and saw Alucard run. It was like magic, I didn't know a game like that could be so fucking smooth. I especially lovely when he jumps and lands, the way his hair falls down onto his back. Also how he turns is incredible.

Wow, I am such a homo

Alucard is the most beautiful man ever

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Wowwowwow, what game is that and whats it on? Looks great, is it anygood? It looks saturnesque but that could just be me being hopeful.


God I want that game, but my wallet is blue balled at the moment (especially since i'm trying to get a Sony PVM to play these beautiful 2D games on haha)

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>prikura daisakusen
Saturn, yes.

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I love you

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Prikura Daisakusen. Great action-shooter by Atlus originally on ST-V, perfectly ported to Saturn. Fantastic animation on those sprites, check it out on youtube.

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FFTA also divides them into race availability, so it's easier to compartmentalize. Looking at a human member, you don't even take Bangaa or Nu Mou classes into account.

L2 Squire is a req for Knight. Get Knight to L2 and start using Monk, you'll punch everything apart.

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the amount of work put into tiny details in sotn is pretty insane, I have no idea how the team got Konami to okay it.

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I've heard it sucks, but holy shit at the graphics.

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More pics. The game is Nanatsu Kaze no Shima Monogatari, btw.

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Is FFT War of the Lions a good remake or should I go with the original instead?

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I'm personally playing through the game with the original, but patched to the WotL translation, it's pretty sweet.

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Looks awesome, i'm guessing it's a platforming shooter or something?


I love you too


Looks fucking awesome and I love early atlus games. Will check this one out when I eventually get a saturn (Living in the UK, the saturn is an elusive creature)

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Regardless of the version, Silhouette Mirage has a great sprite gallery.
Yes, I know I talk about this game a lot. I love it

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Yeah, to be honest whilst I own FFT on PS1 I will probably try out that translation patch as well, pretty awesome they did that.


Looks awesome, reading the hardcoregaming101 article about it now.

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I just searched around a little, is the patch you used the FFT: Complete one from ffhacktics?

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>Silhouette Mirage

Never heard of this game, good im guessing?

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My recommendation is to watch the ENglish version's story on YT, then play the JPN Saturn version. It actually works well on SSF.

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It is.

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I've always found that Inoa really oozes nostalgia and that old 2D charm.

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For such a comfy looking village, there's a lot of horrible, horrible things that happen there.

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>Originally by treasure
>Published by Working Designs

My penis is stirring...

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Alright thanks, I'll go and download it now.

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Some say WD butchered the difficulty, but I say that as long as you know how to use the reflector a lot, it should only be a bit challenging. The translation isn't bad, actually.
If you want normal, yet kinda easy difficulty, go emulate the Saturn version

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Wait, so WD made it harder? I know they did this with a few of their games so that isn't surprising.

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They kinda turned up the dial a bit more than necessary.
Try emulating each version to get an idea of what I mean

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It's like someone looked at the PSX and said, hmm, it's a lot more powerful than this old Super Famicom...I bet I could make the most gorgeous 2D imaginable!

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I found out yesterday he has an animation for a fucking frontward dash and a crouch walk. They really did think of everything and it just baffles me.

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