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What are the most obscure retro Mario games you can think of.

Winner gets smug points.

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Loved this

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Not obscure at all

Best typing game outside of typing of the dead

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Mario & Wario from Super Famicon.

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How about the sequel?

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Fun fact: this was the first appearance of Luigi's tall and slimmer design, at least on the cover art. It predated Super Mario 2 USA and 3 by a few months.

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Mario has been the FACE of gaming for nearly 30 years now.

All Mario games are hopelessly normie.

The only exceptions are forgotten games that don't contain the word Mario in the title. Wrecking Crew is one such game.

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Please, how many people played Super Mario Special.

Especially in the west, outside of emulators? Fuck off, nigger.

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Does Megaman count? Cause I know pretty fucking obscure DOS versions of it
Pic related

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there was a super rare game that had all kinds of bugs for the nintendo famicom called super mario bros.
it was kind of a metroidvania/god of war clone that had some rpg/rts elements

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The Hi-Tech Expressions Mega Man and Mega Man 3 (still waiting for their Mega Man 2) aren't that obscure.

Despite being shit, the first one actually sold pretty well.

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I remember that game on the snes, used to love it but it was pretty hard for a kid my age

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Megaman on SNES? I think you mean Megaman X, bud.

Also have a free GrandDad, thread.

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The crossover of the millennium.

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Super Mario No Sweater

That or one of those coloring programs with the american cartoon designs for DOS

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It actually got a trophy in smash bros melee

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All-Night Nippon Super Mario Bros

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The second of 2 cancelled CDi games, Mario Takes America

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A cancelled Virtual Boy Mario Land game

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Warioland on Virtual Boy was awesome. I don't get the hate for the VB, it wasn't that bad other than the fact that it was impossible play 2 players and well... it wasn't exactly portable.

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It made your eyes hurt.

That said the Wario game looks awesome and fun to play in an emulator if you just fuck around with the colors a bit.

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>super mario no sweater
>game only features sweater patterns
>NO sweater
this is why nobody buys your shit these days Nintendo

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Owned this one as a kid, played it on the computer at mamaw and pawpaw's house

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Mario Teaches Typing isn't that rare, right?

How about this one?

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Yes, I'm not a child. I got one as a kid for xmas, didn't make my eyes hurt or give me headaches like everyone claims.

People need to not be little bitches...

But yeah, that's what probably killed it though, Little Bitch Syndrome.

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Unfortunately LBS exists, and the VB does strain the eyes of many people. When I first picked up mine it didn't bother me at all. After a few years I tried messing around with it again and it felt awful. Now it's like a food aversion almost, so I don't dust it off very often. Games were tight tho for such a small library.

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Sequel to Teleroboxer, when Nintendo?

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This looks like a version of Mario Bros I had on some kind of bargain bin floppy disk that had like 50 or 100 games on it. I got excited because I thought it was Super Mario Bros, and this was my first exposure to Mario Bros as a standalone game.

Also remember some kind of squirrel platformer that I couldn't get very far in, and the MC looked a lot like Conker before he got turned into an adult character.

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What, was that a Mario game? It was more like, if you took the extra inertia super mario1 had over mario 3, and then doubled or tripled that, that's kind of what it would be like. Oh, and the last game in that series was pretty derivative of donkey kong country. And, another one was a straightforward ripoff of mario kart ... actually, it was a ripoff of a ripoff of mario kart.

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>when you see it...

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Excellent observation! Everyone complaining about headaches was just being a little bitch and not dealing with the non-existent headaches and eyestrain!

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>tfw you realize skunny will never come back

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See what?
The blocks in the background?
What does that have to do with Mario?!?!?
Go back to /v/

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Dunno if this was bait but I'll explain it to you anyway.

You can see that Mario is the guy in the little spaceship thing bouncing the ball onto the blocks in space.

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mario is driving fucker

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Too easy.

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Do you allow that most of them were stupid children who didn't know the focus knob existed, or what it was for?

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How about that DOS Mario game?

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There's also a Mario 3 DOS prototype created by id Software

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smug points pls

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I really like the music

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All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros which was basically an official rom hack of SMB1 with toads and enemies being swapped out with caricatures of Japanese celebrities.

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More specifically made to promote a Japanese radio show. In fact that radio show still exists...

Listen at your own risk (with English subs):


But I wonder they don't do cool cross-promotional games anymore? There's also a Gradius game with Ramen noodles in it.

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Ay senpai u want sum snickers with that gaem?

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OP didn't say it had to be a VIDEO game.

He's one of the maze & ball toys.

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Are those fucking Mii's on the cover?

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It's more of a Lost Level hacks, since you can control Luigi with his higher jumps in Super Mario 1 stages.

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The fuck is that?

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Mario Family

I think its some weird printer thing

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Mario Bros. had a ton of ports and rereleases. Here's Kaettekita Mario Bros, an updated version of the NES game with extra levels, a new mode that lets you play a minigame after you get a game over, some in-game ads, etc.


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>physical prizes for getting high scores

Man, Nintendo used to be so cool.

It's hard to believe that they managed to make something even less interesting for the successor to Club Nintendo.

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true winner of the thread. neat games too. I'd heard of everything else except for Mario Family and this.

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I have an old choose-your-own-adventure book based on NES Mario. Does that count as obscure?

I also have a Castlevania 2 one. Was kind of weird because the entire thing is about Simon dragging a kid around Europe to collect body parts.

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Please tell me they modeled it after Captain N Simon

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> TFW you didn't know about this

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oh my god it's Ken Penders

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Not officially released but this guy made a decent interpretation of SMB on the woefully underpowered 2600:


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Stuff like this is really impressive when you realize the 2600 can basically only display the ball and paddles from Pong, and all these graphics are done by manually moving those 3 things around between scanlines.

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I didn't mind the product placement that much in the SNES game but good god, that poster is not how you're supposed to advertise your product.

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It was just a marketing gimmick. Mailing out free stuff isn't really a sustainable long term business model, especially after cheat devices hit the market and the internet made it easy to share codes. I guess it might be somewhat more feasible these days with internet connected consoles, but even then manufacturing and shipping cheat chinese crap is a lot more expensive than just handing out in-game achievements.

Not really a reward for actually playing games, but Squaresoft was offering physical rewards for buying their shit just up to like 4 or 5 years ago. Apparently even that wasn't cost-effective since they abandoned it.

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I know this is fanmade, but the music is quite enjoyable.

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The Atari 2600 can display 2 8-pixel wide sprites, 2 bullets, a ball, and a 20-pixel wide background (the full background is 40 pixels, mirrored around the center). You're always "manually moving" things around between scanlines on the Atari on any game because there's no framebuffer or vram, you're just repeating the same kernel code every scanline (or more typically every other scanline so there's more time for your game logic to run) and keeping track of various line counters so you display the right "slice" of sprite on a given line.

There's a lot of tricks you can do on the Atari, though. You can force it to display asymmetric backgrounds. You can repeat the same sprites multiple times in sequence on a scanline. You can position use the bullets and ball and modulate their widths to draw stuff pretty easily.

I mean, it's convoluted by today's standards, but it's nothing complex. If you can program a microcontroller, you can program an Atari.

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>Nintendo copyright
Is this actually an officially licensed games?

>> No.3713324


Yes. Japanese companies often let european companies do their own impersonation of their IPs for euro computers.

If you want to see a real comical one, search Amiga Castlevania on youtube.

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Check these babies out!

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>you will never own a 64DD to play Mario Artist

I was always curious about these, I loved Mario paint and I wanted to play them.
At least the music was ripped, it's really good.

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I imagine some old guy getting really agitated watching this video, screaming "HAAA!!! Nintendofags eternally BTFO! Suck it japs Atari still #1 go Murica!"

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You can convert DD games and play them via some flash cartridge.
I have no idea what can be done about the mouse though.

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Well those are really something anon.

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same for me other than the id software port.

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It's some sort of tool you can use for a sewing machine you can control by hooking up a Game Boy Color

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Step off, niggers

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VS. Super Mario Bros. isn't that obscure friendo

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Not especially obscure, but pretty rad.

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Versus SMB were everywhere back in the heyday of SMB.

Not obscure, but probably my favorite version of the game.

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>tune in the 3rd video
very catchy

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A bar I went to a few years ago had this, and Gauntlet.

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Never said it had to be official...
TI-84 graphics calculator.

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a testicle?
that's nuts

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NES vs. cab? That's about as obscure as tomato soup.

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Holy fuck, the nostalgia. MirageOS and that game, I forgot about that stuff. Reminds me of programming Sokobon games in High School.

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fucking russians

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>what is the japanese language

Did I just get baited?

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Man I miss them :(

AKB48 just isn't the same anymore with all the great ones gone.

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Demo appears at least on:

Jostick CD 064
Generation 4 CD 082
The Games Machine #015
PC Gamer #10
PC Guia CD #07
Best of Select Games Special 4

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woops, that's Megaman X. I take my critique back.

>> No.3716665


It still wasn't that obscure, Megaman 1 and 3 DOS came included with the DOS version of Street Fighter II: The World Warrior


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>that's a boy


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I want that so badly.

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>euro computers
Commodore is American dumbass.

>> No.3716785

This ran on Famicom hardware, and there's a hack of this so you can play it on the home console.

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>Lost Levels

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>this game is actually for sale on steam

absolutely disgusting

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I don't what's the point you're trying to make with that image.

>> No.3718059

>Mario's Semen Factory
Would play

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the one where i fucked your mother

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Stop posting here, dad.

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I was gonna post this, now I don't get to feel smug.

How young do you have to be to think this is obscure? Literal gas stations used to have Super Mario Bros. Vs.

>> No.3722018

He did fuck me a few times son

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-Mobile Golf, a GBC Mario Golf spin-off.

-Yakuman DS(non-retro). Mahjong+Mario.

-Excitebike: Bunbun Mario Battle Stadium. Excitebike+Mario.

-BS Super Mario Bros.USA. A short version of SNES SMB2 with some differences.

-Wrecking Crew '98(I guess). A puzzle game.

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Which is the best one? The OCR-A one or the Courier one?

>> No.3722308

Assuming the games were stereoscopic 3D, why have I not seen a single stereo pair screengrab of a Virtual Boy?

>> No.3722532

>visited the site
"Old titles were rarely multiplayer" these fucks have no idea what they're talking about, do they? NES has two players simultaneous play as a selling feature. If devs found a way to fit 2-player into their games, they did that. Hell, it continued later, Doom became a hit partially because of great multiplayer that literally made office productivity go down and network admins had to ban playing Doom on public networks - and N64 was popular partially because of split screen titles, including fucking Goldeneye.

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This is merely speculation but since developers for Game Boy were given a console to try their games out on a TV while they developed them (years before the Super Game Boy), I imagine developers probably worked on a game on a monitor and when they were done probably added 3D effects afterwards.

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>how many underage americunts fit some arbitrary criteria i just pulled out of my ass
No one cares. Your autistic definition of obscure that exists only in your vacuous head is invalid.

>> No.3722654

forepea of mario

fuck google translate so I'm clueless.

>> No.3722681

Super Mario Bros. Special is both a Mario game and obscure as fuck. And it was the OP. Look at the rest of the thread for more examples.

There is 0 argument on your side.

>> No.3722689

No, Megaman does not count as a retro Mario game

>> No.3722932

Just because an underage faggot feels special because he knows about an "obscure" game doesn't mean the game is actually obscure dingus.

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TIL Super Mario Bros Special is a normie game

>> No.3722980

Punchball Mario Bros is the real hidden gem.

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All night nippon super mario bros

>> No.3724141

Just because you are faggot doesn't mean this game isn't obscure

>> No.3724204

why would they do this

>> No.3724368

But the fact that millions of people have played it does mean it isn't obscure.

>> No.3724476

Like photo and utopia
Anyway, it looks like a bumch of photo "filters", if this game was made today.

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Millions of people have not fucking played Super Mario Bros. Special. It sold very poorly and was only released in Japan.

>> No.3724568

I have this game somewhere

>> No.3725262


>Mario singing Just a Gigolo

patrish as fuck

>> No.3725274

It's really shitty. I've only played a Famicom port, but fucked up level design alone, which looks like some glitch world, is horrible. Must be even worse when there isn't any scrolling.

>> No.3725304

>caring about shitty IDOL groups

>> No.3725305

Thanks for the eye cancer based anon, I wonder why it sold poorly


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File: 208 KB, 320x240, tmp_8468-SMBSpecial_Hammer-771257876.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was on hardware that in no shape could handle SMB but they tried some unique ideas.

>> No.3725731

I don't understand why they only used half of the available palette.
They might as well have gone down to 2 colors.

>> No.3725761

Bros for the Atari 800 computer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4shac02_ks

>mario goes "UGH!" sound

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I had one of these when I was 7. I was a sega kid though.

>> No.3725802

Is that a sourceport?

>> No.3725836


>Let's make a variety of cards together with Mario!!

>SmartMedia-exclusive cartridge

>Character collection support(sold separately)

>Illustration collection support (sold separately)

>Mario's Photocopy

>Tokyo Electronic Device Corporation


It's a portmanteau of "photo" and copy", the japs love doing that for some reason, especially for foreign words.

>> No.3725916

How Not Super Mario Bros 3 was it anon?

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