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Make your case.

Which is the best of the fifth generation and why?

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The PSX, sure the N64 had more amazing games by Nintendo and Rare but the PSX had so much third party support that the sheer number of good games buries the N64.

I still remember the agonizingly slow pace of the release of games on the console forced me to buy Sony's hardware as a kid.

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You're forgetting someone OP.

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Sanyo one is much cuter

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PS1, because it had the highest number of games I was interested in.

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this.. Muh anime.

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Nintendo 64 OP.
Mario Kart, Legend of Zelda, Goldeneye, so many insane games, how could you go wrong?


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Has Megaman X4 - X6 on it, my laifu games

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PS1, it's not even close, it's in a league of its own.

I'm not sure between the N64 and Saturn though, the former has a far better western library, but the later has many japanese-only classics.

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>so many insane games

Like all 10 of them?

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Saturn > N64 > PSX

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My brother had PSX and while it was fun and had a lot of game variety, I just ended up getting more use out of my N64. And with the games we owned back then, the N64 ones definitely stand out in my mind way more. Also, I thought the Saturn was a rare, very expensive console. I literally had no idea it was supposed to even compete. I thought Dreamcast was their answer.

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playstation with the saturn as a very close second. N64 dead last with the fewest games. All 3 are worth owning, because you will find great games on each platform. Saturn is god-tier for pick up and play, PS1 is great for 60 hour investments, N64 has games with solid intricate mechanics that are a lot of fun to master.

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PS1 if you plan to play alone.

N64 if you plan to play with friends.

Saturn if you plan to play alone and are also a weeb.

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PS1 and Saturn are tied because PS1 was the best 3D console while Saturn was the best 2D console. Saturn also has the biggest and best library of 2D Japanese games. N64 belongs in the trash.

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>PS1 was the best 3D console
but thats the N64

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>good at 3D

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N64 is a good normie spotter

It was only good for a handful of games and only if you had friends

Meanwhile ps1 had mature 4 disc long jrpg for mature people like me (I'm ironic)

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Saturn > N64 > PS

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psx for most best games and just being an alround good console without design weirdness or some other bullshit

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because i had it
But seriously, many popular and now expected gaming tends started on there.
1. like how Sony marketed and made/published games targeting a more mature audience, we had games like resident evil series, silent hill, Castlevania, etc. Like more mature themed games. If not for Sony tapping into older audiences, we could have possibly lived in a world when Vidya is still considered by normies as something only little kiddies play. Look at Nintendo, 99% "family friendly" (aka kiddy) games, with one or two more mature toned games. (Conkers bad fur day, and games like perfect dark maybe)

2. It started the "cinematic" trend triple A games are expected to have up to this day. Look at games with voice acting before MGS both ps1 and n64 and other consoles. Ganes like Resident evil 1 were known for that cheesy voice acting, cause back then no one really cared for "cinematic" quality so all they did was grab a couple of guys working at the company and tell them to read some lines of dialogue. If you haven't seen a metal gear solid 1 analysis video, see one now. It explains everything better than I could. First off, the voice acting was exponentially better than anything before it, then it had story building cutscenes that looked straight out of a movie. When the gameplay prologue started, the credits kept rolling on the screen to give that game a more cinematic feel. There's many more, just watch a video analysis.

3. First to have CD based games. Nintendo INSISTED on using overpriced, outdated, and impractical cartridge format for the N64, only making a disk drive way later (in Japan only) because they regretted choosing cartridges.

4. Solidified a "standard" controller format still in use to this day and not only by PlayStation. D pad, 4 action buttons, 2 analogue sticks, 4 shoulder buttons. Take a look at any controller today and you can see all of these features on them. Ps 2-3-4 Xbox original-360-1 hell even to some extent the wiiU

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I never played PS1 growing up

How the fuck did you guys live with the polygon wobbling

It hit me out of nowhere because I played SoTN and it was great and I played Crash Bandicoot and it was great but then anything else I try, literally the entire library that isn't 2d or a Crash game (where apparently the devs worked hard to tailor the entire game to avoid it) has every on-screen triangle throwing a constant epileptic fit

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At this time in gaming?


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PS1 literally curbstomped N64 and Saturn. There's absolutely no debating it although it's an excellent question to raise if you want weebs and manchildren to expose themselves.

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But those would be playing anime games on playstation


But those would be playin Crash the Poochie and Spyro the autist lizard on playstation

meanwhile, arcade dudes would be playing fighting game ports on saturn, and college dudes would be playing 4 player wrestling games/racers on N64.

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Carts are better tho

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TrashStation has no games.

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Actually it's:

Saturn - god tier
N64 - good tier
PS1 - shit tier

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Crash rhymes with trash. Coincidence? I think not.

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Not him but I think the answer is obvious: No loading times

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I think it's more fair to say they had their advantages, but some pretty huge disadvantages as well, namely storage capacity. The N64 couldn't compete with the RPGs and cinematic games that were hugely popular on Playstation at the time. What did the 64 have as an answer to FFVII and Metal Gear Solid? Quest 64 and fucking Hybrid Heaven. You just couldn't effectively have certain genres on Nintendo because the cartridges didn't hold enough data.

Strangely they didn't learn their lesson even after switching to discs, coming up with those inexplicable mini discs for Gamecube and then sticking with the outdated DVD format with the Wii. They seem to actively hate the idea of using a modern storage medium.

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>RPGs and cinematic games
>an advantage

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>not being able to port or compete with multi million-selling games because of your willfully shrimpy storage format
>getting completely blown out of a profitable market niche because you're too stubborn to use modern tech
>not a disadvantage

reaction image dot jaypeg

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>god tier
N64, Saturn, PS1
>shit tier
I dunno, 3D0 or something.

All consoles in the 5th gen were great

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Are you imagining some alternate version of the mid-to-late 90s where arcade dudes still existed and college dudes' moms bought them their consoles? They played fucking Madden (or Tekken)

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>Quest 64 and fucking Hybrid Heaven.

Huh? Quest was confirmed to be unfinished, if you want a proper RPG, look toward Paper Mario.
Hybrid Heaven was never meant to be "N64's answer to MGS", I think the confusion comes from the fact Hybrid Heaven's dev team had people who worked on the MSX Metal Gear games and Snatcher, but Hybrid Heaven is not a stealth game, it's a turn-based wrestling/fighting game masquerading as a third person action game. I certainly prefer to play Hybrid Heaven nowadays over Final Fantasy VII and its obnoxious random battles with loading times and long attack animations.

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Most powerful hardware and best games

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>and best games
Yeah, all 5 of them.

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>look moom, I posted it again

My top 5 N64 games are: Goemon's Great Adventure, Bangai-O, Rogue Squadron, Bomberman 64 and Harvest Moon 64.
Considering none of these are Nintendo or Rare games, and that most people's top 10 or top 20 N64 games are always filled with 1st party and Rare, I'd say there's more than just 5.

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>no F-Zero X or Dr. Mario 64
Shit taste, pleb.

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>Goemon's Great Adventure
Does nothing unique to improve on the SNES installments.
Better version on DC.
>Rogue Squadron
Not exclusive.
>Bomberman 64
Non-grid Bomberman was a mistake. Saturn is GOAT.
>Harvest Moon 64.
Not exclusive.

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>Does nothing unique to improve on the SNES installments.

I'd say multi-layered levels and being able to play Impact battles with another player AND 4-player simultaneous support are a bunch of improvements, on top of also being a great game overall.

>better version on DC

Debatable. But both versions are different enough to warrant enjoyment if you like the game, it'd be silly to love one and hate the other, if you like Bangai-O, you will want to play both. Also, controls are actually better on N64, it was designed for it.

>Not exclusive
Fair point, although I prefer how it controls on the N64 rather than on PC controllers.

>Non-grid Bomberman was a mistake. Saturn is GOAT.
Have you actually tried Bomberman 64, though? It's pretty amazing. Yeah Saturn Bomberman is also amazing though, probably my fave on the franchise along with Super Bomberman 4.

>Not exclusive

Actually, it is.

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>not exclusive

HM64 is actually a different game from BtN

And also, even if it was a multiplat, people always list multiplats as favorite PS1 games, or arcade ports for Saturn, don't be a dick anon.
The cool thing about N64 multiplats is that they didn't have loading times though.

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Saturn Bomberman FTW.

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Literally no one I knew owned a Saturn or N64.

fite me

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>All consoles in the 5th gen were great

PS1 - great
Saturn - good
N64 - half decent
3DO - quarter decent
Jaguar - poor
PC-FX - rubbish
Pippin - feculence

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N64 has always been a favorite of mine. I had a PSX and loved it, but the N64 games stand out in my mind.

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I had friends with N64 (it was also a popular weekend rental console), but I didn't knew anyone with a Saturn I was the only one, but I also owned a PS1 and a N64

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>I'd say multi-layered levels and being able to play Impact battles with another player AND 4-player simultaneous support are a bunch of improvements, on top of also being a great game overall.
It's not a system-seller though, sidescrollers were a diamond dozen back in the 4th gen, and I can think of several that surpass GGE. 4 player co-op is okay, but won't it affect balance?

>Debatable. But both versions are different enough to warrant enjoyment if you like the game, it'd be silly to love one and hate the other, if you like Bangai-O, you will want to play both. Also, controls are actually better on N64, it was designed for it.
Not debatable, it objectively has better graphics and music on the DC.

>Fair point, although I prefer how it controls on the N64 rather than on PC controllers.
Can't you use an N64 to USB adapter?

>Have you actually tried Bomberman 64, though? It's pretty amazing. Yeah Saturn Bomberman is also amazing though, probably my fave on the franchise along with Super Bomberman 4.
tbqh I only care about Bomberman for the multiplayer, and BM64's multiplayer was sorely lacking compared to '94, Saturn or the Supers.

>Actually, it is.
There was an enhanced port for the PSX.

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>It's not a system-seller though

I never said it was, I was just listing my personal favorites. Goldeneye was a system seller, but I never cared for FPSs personally.

>4 player co-op is okay, but won't it affect balance?

It makes the game a lot more chaotic and challenging.

>Rogue Squadron
Anon, are you OK?

>Can't you use an N64 to USB adapter?
Never tried, honestly. But I'm fine with the N64 version, also no loading times.

>tbqh I only care about Bomberman for the multiplayer,
Yeah Bomberman shines on its MP, but Bomberman 64's single player is really fun, you should give it a try

>There was an enhanced port for the PSX.
Look it up, it's not a port, and it's not enhanced for sure.

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damn, I thought you were talking about Rogue Squadron, I need to go to bed because I'm half drunk already.
Bangai-O has better graphics and sound on DC, but I still find the more retro graphics of the N64 very charming, and I value controls over graphics. Still, as I said, both versions are different enough, if you liked the DC version, playing the N64 version is mandatory.

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Yeah I was in the same boat, had both N64 and PS1. I had the N64 first, and then got the PS1 to play RPG's and more "adult" games. Eventually went back to the N64 later in its life to play Majora's Mask, Perfect Dark and Conker and it blew me away how much better those games were than what the PS1 had.

I still love the PS1 though, its a top-tier system with an amazing library. I still play both systems to this day.

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You're replying to a troll who will keep nit-picking just because he has a hateboner for the n64.

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I'm ok with that, I'm in a good mood.

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>everyone that doesn't love N64 is a troll
>valid points are nitpicks

Yeah ok, keep worshipping your shit tier system, kid.

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>Not debatable, it objectively has better graphics and music on the DC.

Graphics and Music are better on the DC for sure but some gameplay mechanics have been changed such as the removal of upgrades and the how you no longer need to charge your special. It's definitely a less demanding game on DC.

Controls are where the N64 version really shines. You can set it up however you want, including using the d-pad for movement and the analog stick to fire. The DC version is restricted to the face buttons for firing.

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You seem upset.

>valid points

You were being extremely anal grasping at literal straws and splitting very thin hairs, and also lying (Harvest Moon on n64 isn't a multiplat and the psx game isn't an "enganced port", as the other anon already pointed out)

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Aw.. so you were really just hating on the whole system as a whole? I thought we were having an actual discussion about these particular games.
I feel disappointed now, but hey, nothing than a good shmup on Saturn can't fix, I'm gonna play some Image Fight until I fall asleep.

Good night, anons. Long live 5th gen!

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6 what?

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come on now how is this even a debate. PSX leaves the kiddy n64 and the 2d weeb saturn in the dust

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>being a single-system peasant

I actually prefer both N64 and Saturn over PS1, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the PS1, it's just it has less games I want to play nowadays, a lot of my favorite PS1 games were multiplats that got better ports somewhere else.
it's still nice to find little hidden gems on the ps1's catalogue, like Harmful Park, but overall it's the one I like the least of the big three, but I'm fine with people who like PS1 the best, it really was a great system overall due to its catalogue. I just don't understand Sony fanboys who want to force their idea that PS1 was the only console of 5th gen that matters. No it's seriously not.

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I liked to have the PSX for RPGs and the N64 for multiplayer games. They completed each other in that aspect for me. Saturn was crap except from a few fighters that no one played anyway.

>> No.3713975

I had all 3, doesn't change the fact that N64 spent most of the time collecting dust.

>> No.3713978


Different strokes, etc. I used N64 and Saturn more than the PS1, but that doesn't mean I hate the PS1.

>> No.3713981

>durr n64 has no gaems!
>shurr aturn is for weebs!

fucking sonyggers.

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The worst of it all is that they boast about the playstation's catalogue, but all they ever played as kids is Crash Bandicoot, Tony Hawk and some other shovelware.

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PS: Shovelware machine.
Saturn: Ports, ports everywhere.
N64: Quality over Quantity.

The winner? DAT NINTENDO.

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N64 was best for 3D and multiplayer
Saturn was best for 2D and rare imports
PS1 was best for shovelware and movie games

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PS1. It's thin on some genres, but it's got a ton of variety overall. On PS1, you ended up with the lion's share of games. The biggest drawback is that there's a mindnumbing amount of shovelware too.
Like, there's quite literally more shovelware games on the machine than the N64 and Saturn have games in their library period, combined.
but still -- if you liked RPGs, it had 'em. If you liked shoot-em-ups, it had 'em. Racing? Lots. Fighting? Saturn did better... but only if you had a RAM cart. If you were into 3D fighting, PS1 did loads better unless you really liked Sega's (rather good) 3D fighters and nothing else.
it lacked 2D games, although strictly for marketing rather than technical reasons, and there's some very nice 2D visuals on the machine (Harmful Park, the Tales of games, Adventure of Little Ralph, Castlevania, Megaman X series, etc)

I like the Saturn, but the selection is way too slim and a ridiculous percentage of the best titles on the machine are arcade ports.

The N64 has some really big hitter names, but it's way too focused in specific genres. N64 is a fantastic machine for 3D platformers and racing. It's miserable for RPGs or fighting games, and okay for FPSes (actually, none of the 5th gen machines were any good for this). The handful of multiplats on the machine tended to end up on Dreamcast, there wasn't much reason to bother with the N64 version. Best thing about the machine is its multiplayer, which towers above the rest (really, what are you doing with your three other friends PS1, Quake II and Crash Team Racing? like, those are good games, but they're all I can think of offhand, it's pretty slim pickings if you want good multi).

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>It's miserable for RPGs or fighting games

How so? The fact only a handful of publishers wanted to make those genres for the N64 doesn't mean the system can't handle them.

If you mean the N64 can't handle FMVs due to carts, then yeah, but RPGs? It can do it just fine. Same with fighting games, it didn't receive any ports of the big franchises from Capcom or SNK, but that has more to do with the fact releasing on the N64 was too expensive, but make no mistake, ports of games like SFA3 or Vampire Savior on N64 would have been potentially better on N64 than the ports released on PS1.
Same with 3D fighting games, N64 didn't got any 3D fighting game of the caliber of virtua fighter or tekken, but it's fully capable of doing them. Flying Dragon's SD mode is actually pretty fun.

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pretty much the entire post talks more about library than hardware -- N64 has much better hardware in every way than the rest (the main CPU is literally a direct descendant of the PS1's and is like three or four times faster, the video hardware is real SGI stuff, there are some poor decisions holding it back, but it's good hardware)

but a console's worth is all about the games available on it and there's fuck all of either genre on the machine
like, the hardware isn't unsuitable for either (shit, you could even port a 2D fighter like SFA3 to it, which could possibly get a nearly perfect port assuming they didn't cheap out on ROM size)

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Bitch,. Why are you spreading such meme-tier lies about 2d Faitans theoretically being good on N64?

Oh yeah, because we all know how fucking great Mortal Kombat Trilogy was on there.....Or even KI2.

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>Mortal Kombat Trilogy

That shit was bad on PS1 too. I still don't know what were they trying to do with it. I had both versions as a kid, and didn't enjoy them at all, and I was a huge MK fanboy (MK2 mostly).


I don't remember Gold being bad.

Then again, both of those games are western fighting games.

There just isn't many other 2D fighting games on N64 to actually compare, only Rakuga Kids which showcases an immense amount of animation frames, I'm not sure if there's any PS1 fighting game with this much frames per character.

As >>3714320 said, it's totally possible to get good ports of arcade fighting games on the N64, but it would be expensive to produce.

>> No.3714391

>Why are you spreading such meme-tier lies about 2d Faitans theoretically being good on N64?
Because the N64 and the PS1 processed 2D in exactly the same way, except the N64 hardware is just all-round faster.

It's common sense.

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All three have interesting games, but the PS1 is clearly the winner of the three in quantity and quality of the games.

>> No.3714397

not enough good games even at the time, most were really flawed

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thats correct ps1 is da winna in these terms,second would be the saturn in terms of jealousy and blasphemy goes to n64 howsdat?

>> No.3714639

no jrpgs, 3d platformers, fighters or shmups worth a damn on PC. In fact PC should not even be mention in the presents of console heavy weights such as PSX. Not only did PC hardware cost several times that of PSX but it didn't even technically surpass the PSX or N64 in terms of graphics until 1999

>> No.3714641

outside of some major JRPGs which are huge time sinks and have some pretty limited appeal, the playstation 1 is pretty equal to the saturn in its offerings. It can feel like a real time sink of a console due to single games taking 40+ hours.

>> No.3714647

Gonna have to agree with this, as much as I love the N64.

If only there was an N64 with the Saturn's double speed disc drive and 2D power + PS1's third party. It seems like that gen every console had a disadvantage for every advantage.

Ultimately for me it's this, N64 has all the games I like and they all have excellent replayability. That said FF7 + RE3 running on that hardware would be fucking sweet.

>> No.3715161

who needs those shitty genres when you have RTS, FPS, simulators, and WRPG for the computer. fuckin console retards, i swear

>> No.3715170


nice falseflag

>> No.3715195

How is this even a question?

>> No.3715202

Underrated post.

>> No.3715206


People have different opinions, maybe?

>> No.3715229

saturnetty was the worst, ps1 was the best but n64 was a close 2nd

>> No.3715234

t. never owned/played a saturn import

>> No.3715307

Honestly the western library between the 64 and saturn isn't that disparate, the 64 only had a handful of worthwhile games total, and the saturn got a fair few games released during the brief window it was around. Nights, Daytona, Virtua fighter 2, Street fighter alpha 2, Sonic Jam, Burning rangers, Tempest 2000, Powerslave, Sega Rally, Shining force 3, Megaman X4 and a bunch more were released in the west, honestly I'd have a harder time thinking of that many really great 64 games.

>> No.3715310

For me


On the other hand I don't understand how one can like Saturn and not enjoy the PS1 vice versa.

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Why did 2D on N64 look so buttfuckingly ugly?

>> No.3715326

Treasure sometimes produces unattractive games. Look at Light Crusader.

But IMO Wonder Girl J2 and Yoshi's Story look very good, though not super exceptional.

>> No.3715341

Yoshi story looks worse than Yoshi's island, it's not a bad game at all but compared to its predecessor it's very disappointing.

>> No.3715348

>Yoshi story looks worse than Yoshi's island,

It doesn't really. But the art style is completely different.

>> No.3715367

>simple cartoony no shade sprites

Try hard again, member how good was SFA2 on SNES?

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>N64fags think this is good graphics

>> No.3715919

Ki gold, m64, dk64, kirby64,starfox64, glover64,goldeneye ,I'm not gonna type them all

Ps has some good shit too

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instead of using shitty memes from /pol/ and /b/, why don't you post some examples? This is not /v/

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I'm seeing this way too often on /vr/ as of late. Are we getting raided?

>> No.3715940

I honestly don't understand the giant boner for the N64 when its library was small as fuck and had almost no third party support

For me it would be
1. PS1 - It had a fucking HUGE library of games, decent ports, hidden gems everywhere, CD audio and gave birth to countless classics

2. Saturn - Small library in the west, but the Japanese library is pretty nice. Supposedly a 2D beast that got the 3D meme forced mid-way in development, making it too complex to program for

3. N64 - Carts are just not acceptable anymore, they can't hold enough data which videogames rely on for all their assets. The library consisted of first party games that focused on the multiplayer. Really really overrated console

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>decent ports

>> No.3715943

>The library consisted of first party games that focused on the multiplayer

what about this guy? >>3713738

I agree the N64 is overrated by some, but it's also underrated by others, like you.
Only a few people can truly see the good things N64 has to offer (like the Saturn, some great N64 games were japan-only)

>> No.3715951

It's hard for me to pick a favorite. PlayStation had the single player games, N64 had the multiplayer, and Saturn has the niche. I choose Harem Anime route.

>> No.3715965

Quite ironic a sonygger calling other consoles overrated.

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>> No.3715997

N64 simply doesn't have very many "hardcore" games to choose from, so it's always going to get shit on by the pretentious elitists around here on /vr/.

Honestly I want to like the N64 (because carts), and wish it'd have been more successful, but as it stands the library just leaves a lot to be desired.

>> No.3716004


It didn't get arcade ports, but I think it got one of the most "hardcore" games of 5th gen, F-Zero X. The skill ceiling for that game is ridiculous.
PS1 is the most casual console of 5th gen though, with RPGs being the most popular genre and, unlike the SNES, side-scrolling action games were scarce on it, leaving the only hardcore options to be the arcade ports (which were most of the times better on Saturn)

>> No.3716014

The Playstation had lots of exclusive fighters and shoot them downs, though.

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>most casual


>> No.3716035

N64 because I like action games more than slower-paced games and I like multiplayer more than singleplayer. I've played some good games on PS, but ultimately the number that actually interest me is low, as I find many of the bigger titles underwhelming. It wins for 'obscure gems' though, tons of random little games worth checking out. N64 has maybe fifty total worth playing, but I'd still rather play those fifty than the small roster of interesting PS games.

Saturn is cool but I can't into moon.

>> No.3716039


I'd rather play Darius on the Saturn

>> No.3716049
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>Saturn is cool but I can't into moon.
You don't need moon for action games, m8.

>> No.3716059

Deep Fear and the other Shining Force III scenarios should have the Segata face as they're in English now.

>> No.3716202

Policenauts has a translation now too. Now we just need Sakura Taisen and Nanatsu Kaze no Shima Monogatari. After that we would be fucking ace.

>> No.3716234

Princess Crown and Devil Summoner, too.

>> No.3716238


And Super Robot Wars F/F Final

>> No.3716242

Damn, Saturn has so many hidden gems. Makes me mad that we got fucked over here in America.

>> No.3716257
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All the Sakura Taisen games have translated scripts, they're just not patched into the games.
I just finished 1 on the saturn, it was great.

>> No.3716414
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10 players
this guy know that saturn had the best RPG's and multiplayer

>> No.3717294
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I like the PlayStation. It has some of my all-time favorites and since it was so popular, I feel like I keep finding new hidden gems on it. Have you guys played Gamera 2000? It's fantastic!

The Saturn is a nice console as well with great games, but it has become a nightmare to collect for. Everybody knows what's what on it and every game costs ridiculous amounts of money. Friend of mine sold Elevator Action Returns recently, because he could afford the PCB by selling the Saturn version. That's just insane!

N64 is a meme console. I like watching game room tours on YouTube and the N64 collectors are the worst. Just Mario shit everywhere, "muh nostalgia" and just the same 5 games over and over again. These are the kind of people who buy repros of Earthbound and don't see the problem.

>> No.3717418

>I like watching game room tours on YouTube

guess how discarded is your opinion?
pro tip: completely.

Although if you like Gamera 2000 and on-rail shooters in general you aren't that bad.

>> No.3717889

Well, it started when I was looking for ideas to optimize my living space. I've ended up with just as much shit as all the other nerds on YouTube, so good ideas for storage and display was what I was after.
Has not been much use though, Americans seem to all have infinite space and massive homes, so they have arcade cabinets, console displays from Gamestop and the likes.

>> No.3718013
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I will never understand why Playstation kiddies get buttblasted so much by the N64 and Mario.

>> No.3718015

Because Mario 64 is overrated. "Hurrdurr first 3D game ever", "best 3D platformer", etc.

>> No.3718030

PS1 because it didn't use cartridges and it wasn't the Saturn.

>> No.3718038

nobody with any merit thinks that, it is however a solid game, one of the best of the generation with great level designs and rich mechanics.

That said the N64 is absolutely the weakest console of the generation.

>> No.3718045

It's overrated now, but compared to the abortions that landed at that time, it is the coolest shit ever. It's the same thing with MGS, Resident Evil, FFVII, Silent Hill.

>> No.3718061

there weren't really many other games of that type. A game being overrated is probably the most vapid criticism.

>> No.3718072

>Saturn, N64
(No catchy eurodance)

Checkmate Nintendo/Sega

>> No.3718132
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My favorite is the Saturn because I like stupid weird obscure crap.
I have spent the most time on the 64, because I had it as a child and played goldeneye and rush probably 10000 hours.
But the winner of the generation was the ps1. Besides leading in sales, the cultural impact, and any of 38 other issues I could touch, it had metal gear solid, which at the time was about the best game ever made for me. It was like a movie, and games just hadn't been like that before. Sure they tried. But anyway
People can debate this topic forever, but it's obvious to the record books that
The ps won.

>> No.3718171

>A game being overrated is probably the most vapid criticism.

This. People call games overrated when a game is good and they don't like it. Everyone has opinions, and they're all subjective. A game literally can't be 'overrated', its rating is simply the result of many people liking it a lot. Just because you don't like a game personally doesn't mean other people are somehow incorrect for liking it.

>> No.3718185



>> No.3718207

>It was like a movie
Yes it was, and that's why it sucked.

>> No.3718560

Maybe now but at the time
It was evwbruhrji we ever asked of games
You have to remember we played 300 games that tried to be like that

>> No.3719132
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N64=PSX > PC-FX > Saturn

>> No.3719165

One good girl is worth a thousand bitches.

>> No.3719167

>you will never live to see time traveling become a thing, and go back in time to make sure the nintendo playstation happens.

>> No.3719169

Name a better one of it's time.

>> No.3719335
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Saturn=N64 > PC-FX > PS

>> No.3719487

Sonic 3D Blast

>> No.3719683


>> No.3720025


Actual answer: jumping flash