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What went wrong?

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All boss fights in this game got replaced by this shit

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That's fucking jarring

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It's just a pointless collectathon, it's roughly on par with Rareware games which isn't saying much.

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I remember being pretty young and WAY into earthworm jim when this came out. I rented it from blockbuster and it sucked pretty bad.

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Rockstar handed this off to a developer that didn't quite understand what made Jim good in the first place

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I never knew Rockstar had anything to do with it in the first place. It was Shiny Entertainment, not DMA (Rockstar) who did the first one at least.

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What was it exactly that made Earthworm Jim good in the first place?

Would it be possible to bring that thing which made it good into modern time?

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You're right they didn't. I made an incorrect assumption

It was Interplay who decided to let VIS develop 3D for whatever reason. Rockstar only published the game in American territories. How they went about choosing who to make the game is kind of interesting.

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I played it a few months ago and I went in, remembering it sucked when I rented it. Actually, I didn't find it as bad as I thought it was.

Except for one thing. Most people throw this complaint out at a lot of things when I never do, but the camera was fucking unforgivable. Platforming, shooting, it doesn't matter how witty the game is when you can't see or orient yourself at all without trouble.

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Jesus, that music


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lmao yea

What a fucking awful game. Collect the marbles - who the fuck thought this was a good game mechanic?

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That's where it went wrong. Earthworm Jim 3 should have been a good game.

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People always seem to forget how crappy the 2nd game was, with nonstop gimmick levels, such as repeating Puppy Love 3 times

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Come to think of it, first one wasn't that great either.

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Unapologetic in how bizarre it is while being a fun shooter with some gimmicks.

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>Earthworm Jim 3D
>made by Rockstar
>on the N64

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i still cannot believe how bad the controls were for those segments, it was practically unplayable

can you blame them, this was the late 90s when every game was a collectathon

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It didn't use keyframe animation for any of the models for some strange reason

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Do you not understand how that's setting the tone for you having a goofy time because you're riding a fucking motor pig in a pile of dung shooting rocketts at afew

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No Dave Perry.
No Doug TenNapel.
Handing the franchise off to an inexperienced, third-rate developer.

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Shiny didn't develop it

The new developer needed to take a course on how to be funny instead of just HURR RANDUM

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>"3D" in the title

This is almost always a sign of a terrible game.

The only exception I can think of off the top of my head is Duke Nukem 3D.

Generally, it's a big red signpost that says 'WARNING: The devs focused on the 3D aspect and not on the gameplay'.

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Why is Psy-Crow so fucking big?

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Aside from the boss "battles," I actually rather enjoyed this game. It also used the same voice actors from the cartoon show which was a nice touch.

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Take notes

There's a difference between slapstick comedy and full retard.

EWJ 3D went full retard.

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It was really unique when every other platformer not being made by Sega was trying to be a Mario or Sonic clone. The gamelay wasn't super tight but it was a funny, playable and unique shooter with tons of interesting mechanics at a time when platformers were a dime a dozen and most of those were complete shit


Shiny hated the second game. Doug Tenapel had left for The Neverhood at that point and Dave Perry really wanted to do MDK or Wild 9 but the offer from Interplay and Virgin Interactive to do a sequel for the money was really strong and Nintendo wanted the sequel on SNES at launch (And Nintendo was very interested on bringing Shiny on the "Dream Team" of N64 devs as they had already struck a deal with Interplay). So they just trudged it out. Dave Perry hated it so much that when Interplay inevitably came back with their side of the deal of funding Shiny's next few games. He made sure EWJ 3 wasn't on the list and made sure to get a clause saying that unless Shiny wanted to do a sequel, they wouldn't.

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Is this game any good? Never played it before.

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I wouldn't call it bad, but it's definitely below average.

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Complete and utter unfunny shit

Terrible generic platformer with bad controls

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Not enough of pic related.

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Don't see anything wrong with the second game. Maybe the levels were gimmicky but they had variety and creativity while not repeating what the previous game had done. You also forget that in Earthworm Jim too you had those Psy-Crow levels repeat a number of times, perhaps more so than the Puppy Love levels in EJ2.

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Meant to put two*

holy shit i need to go to bed

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The psyc-crow levels were bonus levels. the were basically identical to rear-view bonus levels from Sonic 2.

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EWJ:SE for Win95 was the best one
EWJ2 has too much gimmick stages and EWJ3 is EWJ3

also reminder that if you play steam or GoG versions you miss about 2 stages on each title than if you pirated special edition or 2 on PSX

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the puppy bounce levels were just going on and on and on

the gimmicks aren't exactly clever except for Lorenzen's Soil level where you actually dig stuff and manipulate terrain as an earthworm should with the best soundtrack piece of all EWJ games

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Also while i'm at it, I should mention pic related is the real Earthworm Jim 3

at least until Bioware got their hands into the game and ruined everything with MDK2

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Why do GBC games have the worst cover art?

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Lower budgets.

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Also, Andy Asteroids was way more fun than Puppy Love desu.

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The 2nd game is kind of better than the first. It had more variety. Its a good platformer & shooter. I don't get any of the hate. But its clear the EWJ 3 was terrible because I don't think anyone bought it.

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>. Its a good platformer & shooter.
You do very little of both in EWJ2

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I bought EWJ3 on launch day.

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You poor bastard. I'm so sorry, that must have been awful for you.

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Eh, don't be. I was 14 at the time and actually rather enjoyed it.

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>A second sequel for a game that didn't even deserve a first sequel
>what went wrong?

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Why draw something new when you've already got all the assets you need from the first game's instruction booklet and a free trial of photoshop?

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Because the GBC was a shovelware pit. Nobody involved gave a shit about 99% of the games made for it.

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>Final boss is your feminine side

The only good part of this game

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Gameboy classic is still the most solid Nintendo handheld ever made in terms of quality games

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I could never beat that bitch.

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You didn't know Space Station Silicon Valley was developed by them back when they were still name DMA Design?

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Also Body Harvest.

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Because he is more fat and he is on a war machine.

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You mean big boned.

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Shit games

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>ruined everything with MDK2

It was not that bad.

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Jim 1:
Good stages: Intestinal Distress, What the Heck, Buttsville
Okay stages: Level 5, Big Bruty, New Junk City
Shit stages: Pete's Sake, Snot a Problem, Down the Tubes

Jim 2:
Good stages: Lorenzo's Soil, Level Ate, See Jim Run
Okay stages: Udderly Abducted, Anything but Tangerines, ISO9K
Shit stages: Blind Cave Salamander, Inflated Head, The Flyin' King

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Published, not developed.

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Blind Cave Salamander isn't shit nigga. It is one of the most unique stages in the game. Also relaxing music.

I agree on The Flyin' King tho. Hate that stage with a burning passion, and it's the only one I actually skip everytime I play EWJ2. Which is a shame, as the visuals are really nice.

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>Down The Tubes

fucking triggered

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Not developers, just publishers. DMA Design (their original name) developed Lemmings though.

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>Pete's Sake, Snot a Problem, Down the Tubes
snot a problem deserves its own tier and is the only truly terrible stage

>> No.3715232

What's the trick to getting the quick kill in Snot?

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