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How would it compare to the PlayStation version?

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no, as the n64 was shite at 2d, not to mention the atrocious muffled music and sfx.

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probably i mean Rakuga Kids ran at 60fps. I might have been blurry tho. Crapcum just sux and didnt see any revenue from a port to a kids system.

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>>3706865 see the music in >>3706868

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see this fig

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It absolutely could have, though they may have had to use a 64MB cart.

It's more complicated than the PS1, but it wasn't that bad. Look at Yoshi's Story.

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what did you expect?

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See this

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it was fine on every other platform other than the n64, Saturn, Playstation, PC, didn't have these issues,

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Your point being?

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maybe they didnt give a shit? doesnt mean the system was incapable of good music.

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It would have been near arcade perfect. There may have been some diferences in audio quality, but that would be about it. The full tag team gameplay would be intact.

If this game had been released it would have altered the landscape quite a lot, I think. It would have been a very, very nice addition to the N64 library and did a lot to combat the kiddie image. My friends and I would have played the crap out of it at sleep-overs.

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the n64 sucks for 2d games, why do you think capcom or heck eve snk ported their stuff to it?

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are you even trying?

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>no, as the n64 was shite at 2d

What? It has one of the most beautifully animated 2D games of 5th gen.

>not to mention the atrocious muffled music and sfx.

What are you talking about?

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>no, as the n64 was shite at 2d

What? It has one of the most beautifully animated 2D games of 5th gen.

>not to mention the atrocious muffled music and sfx.

What are you talking about?

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What? No, you posted that video as a response to a comment about N64 music/SFX being bad.

>why do you think capcom or heck eve snk ported their stuff to it?
Them porting their 2D stuff to the N64 proves that the N64 sucks at 2D games?

I really think you need to go to bed, anon.

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poor t-mem size and bad microcodes made the system absolute shit regarding 2d fighters, or 2d games in general

>educate yourselves younguns

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>the n64 sucks for 2d games

Give a reason why it sucks or stfu.

The n64 had the same ability to draw sprites as textures onto simple polygons and lacked hardware tiling just like the PlayStation. Only the N64 has an even more capable CPU.

The N64 has more than enough RAM to hold all of the sprite data for a match at once like the CPS2.

The N64 has faster ram access than the CPS2.

The N64 does not have a dedicated sound processor like the CPS2, so that is a knock against it, but the reality coprocessor should not have much work to do drawing polygons in this game so it will easily fill the same role.

The N64 cartridge would need to be a 192 megabit cartridge, which is well within the range of games released for the system.

It would work.

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Capcom would have no issue writing their own microcode. They have done it many, many times before.

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Companies didn't want the headache or waste resources trying to port their 2d games on a console with convulded architecture that was made with only 3d in mind.

If it was so goddamn easy for them to do it WHY wasn't there more 2d games ported to it?

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So you're admitting it is possible, after all. companies would just have to put some effort, but possible, it is.

Nobody was saying it's "easy", but it is possible, and the results would have been probably on par with Saturn, and better than the PS1 ports. And on the pro side: no loading times.

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Of course its possible, but the amount effort is ludicrous, they would never take the time to port it correctly, resulting in a subpar port compared to other systems every time.

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basically its not financially viable ,thus not probable to ever get a decent port of a third party 2d game, because of the decisions made by nintendo on the n64's architecture.

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Who knows. I bet they'd be better than the PS1 ports at least.

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Nintendo took a hard line against 2d games at the time. It was a mistake on their part. Games like Progear that didn't even get a PlayStation release would have been a great addition to the N64 library.

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>but the amount effort is ludicrous

I have not seen anything so far to say the effort would be ludicrous at all.

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Probably could have been done, but capcom and Nintendo had a bad business relationship at the time. Maybe due to their deals with games for the ps1/Saturn?
Nintendo wouldn't see a lot of capcom games on their system again until their botched exclusive deal on the GameCube.

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Aren't CPS2 ROMS only 20MB?

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He means 64 megabits. XVSF is a 20 megabyte game so that works out to 160 megabits. You'd need to use one of the bigger carts with more expensive ROM chips. The game would probably have cost $80.

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maybe he did mean 64 megabytes but the point stands that the cart would have cost more than typical

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You can't just take a ROM from one system and expect it to work in another, or port it and expect it to be the same size. It doesn't work like that.

It probably could've been done in 32MB though.

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The comments in that Assembler Gamer thread are HILARIOUSLY wrong, despite the fact that people posted with such confidence. It's literally the Dunning-Kruger effect in action.

Size of N64's texture memory is absolutely no big deal at all. In fact, it's great for 2D tile mapping. 4 KB allows for plenty large tiles compared to older systems. Pro-tip, the VDP2 chip that every Saturn fan praises deals with smaller tiles than can fit into 4 KB. The PS1's 2 KB texture cache is half the size of the N64..

As for microcode, the system already came with a 2D one even at launch. It's what Wonder Girl J2 was built on.

Second pro-tip: Making a 2D-friendly microcode is shitloads easier than making a 3D one. It basically involves cutting out all of the 3D-only bullshit and replacing them all with easy-to-use sprite manipulation functions. The absolute hardest thing to create for the 2D microcode would be something that emulates scanline tricks. Actually, there was one very prominent N64 game that had a "2D" microcode written for it - Resident Evil 2. What do you think powered its hardcore FMV decompression? A 486-esque CPU couldn't cut it alone.

For image quality purists, N64 developers can toggle off texture filtering, anti-aliasing and post-processing filters. They're only there to clean up 3D games anyway.

Also the N64 supports full-screen 24-bit color in gameplay, unlike Saturn (VDP2 only) and PS1 (only for stills and videos). Without having to store a z-buffer the N64 has the RAM for it.

I think lots of people forget that the N64 expends ENORMOUS amounts of processing power trying to clean up its 3D image quality (which is why some games get slowdown). With a 2D game, it can put all of that power into just shitting out pixelated sprites.

The real reason N64 didn't get 2D games is because it made no business sense. PS1 and Saturn were "good enough" for 2D and you could make higher dividends selling CDs over cartridges.

OoT is 256 megabits

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It'd be even worse than the atrocious Playstation port.

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Yeah, the N64 did have the ability to play back mp3 after all...

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Seriously doubt so.

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The really interesting thing is that sprite manipulation will barely strain RSP at all. Literally child's play for such a powerful vector unit.

You could dedicate almost the entire vector unit's power towards just producing good quality music in a 2D game.

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>n64kiddies defending their trash system

this will never stop being funny and sad

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>start losing argument
>resort to ad-hominem and console wars

Not even funny, just sad.

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Rakuga Kids has an insane amount of animation frames per characters.
A shame it was never released in the US. It still would have remained a little obscure title, but I would have bought it back in the day.

Got a japanese copy recently and it's actually pretty good.

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>PS1's 2 KB texture cache is half the size of the N64
IIRC this didn't matter too much, since the PS1 could also access textures stored in main RAM (albeit slower) while the N64 couldn't.

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>IIRC this didn't matter too much, since the PS1 could also access textures stored in main RAM (albeit slower) while the N64 couldn't.

If your texture tile is larger than 2 KB but not smaller than 4 KB it does matter, as the PS1 would have to re-read VRAM every single time the tile is reused while the N64 can continue reading the cache and leave RAM alone.

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*meant "and equal to or smaller than 4 KB"

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I don't know that it was a mistake, maybe in retrospect due to the 2d games of the time holding up much better, but honestly 3d was so dominant in the marker at the time (especially the west) that I think focusing on 3d games was honestly the smart move.

Their big mistake was obviously not having CD,there isn't really any getting around the fact that it made games far too expensive to produce and were far too small to really port a lot of games from the playstation.

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It would of shit on the terrible PS1 port, that's for sure.

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SF Alpha 2 on SNES and the Mega Drive bootleg Top Fighter 2000 MK VIII proves you could of had X-Men vs Street Fighter on 16 bit consoles.

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I can't believe nobody here has mentioned it yet, but it would have entirely possible to port all of the CPS2 (maybe CPS3? Not too sure about that one, probably not though, unless there were downgrades) fighting game titles to the 64DD. The N64 controller even has six face buttons.

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lol, no

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Nobody who actually plays fighting games would want to touch SFA2 on the SNES with a 50 foot pole. It was a technical marvel worth talking about because of the enhancement chip literally only it and Star Ocean used, and that's it

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From midway on n64, I'd expect a pretty good port

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Well, you actually can... sort of... but that's only because you can shove whatever arbitrary hardware you want inside the SNES cartridge. This subject has been brought up before and the overall idea is with today's tech you could have PS3/Xbox 360 quality games running on the system (albeit in lower resolution).

Back in 1998 or so the results would have been less impressive, but it would have still been possible. Good enough to get a version of X-men vs Street Fighter running. The cart would have likely cost $200 tho.

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>maybe CPS3? Not too sure about that one, probably not though, unless there were downgrades)

Jojo's venture was ported to the PlayStation so it seems an N64 port would have been possible. Some frames may have been deleted but the game could certainly run.

Remember the PS1 even got a port of Capcom vs SNK late in its life.

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What arguments? All I see is blind nostalgiafaggotry for a subpar system.

Also, mods confirmed for n64kiddy.

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If Nintendo wasn't F'n retarded and would have let more 2D games on their system.

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It wasn't really Nintendo "not letting" 2D and more as devs not wanting to do 2D on N64, which forte was the 3D and it was what practically every costumer was expecting, couple that with the fact releasing N64 games was expensive due to cartridges and you can see why there's little 2D on N64.
Japan got more 2D though. Although there's still some western-exclusive 2D titles on N64, like The New Tetris come to mind.

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>and it was what practically every costumer was expecting,
I honestly think it was a mistake to not do more CPS2 and CPS3 ports on the N64 where they could have had more justice done to them.

When I was in high school I was dying to play those games and had to always settle for the inferior PlayStation versions of XVSF, MVSF, And SFA3. I didn't have the access to import the Saturn versions because I was just a dumb kid in the middle of nowhere. Emulation came along a little while later but it was still something you had to go to a lot of trouble to set up at the time (not everyone had a PC).

I know I can't be the only one who was like this at the time. There was a generation of kids who saw those cool arcade games in magazines in the mid 90s and always wanted to play them but didn't have access. We had to wait until the Dreamcast and Xbox to play several of them. That's crazy that it would take so long.