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Has anyone played this? Is it good?

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No one has ever played it before.

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It's pretty good, proof that not only Capcom did good beat 'em ups back in the team.

Like any other game of the genre, make sure to grab a friend to play with you, this game is nuts in a good way. Pure fun.

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I would spend at least $5 on this game each time i'd play this back in the day. this game is all kinds of fun

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I don't have firends ,senpai...

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>back in the team
I meant "time". I can't english tonight.

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Surprisingly good beat 'em up

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Gameplay is good, music is obnoxious.

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back in the time?

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Something about the color scheme makes it really hard for me to focus. I can 1cc AVP Arcade, but I can't in this game because I can't see everything on screen.

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You still biffed it, it's "back in the day"

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It's really good, Irem are really underrated outside of R-Type. Considering AVGN did an episode on it a couple years ago it's probably not so obscure anymore though.

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>will I form an opinion on my own?
>or will I just think what someone else tells me?
>I thought it was appropriate to bump another thread from page 10 just to ask this question
The thread.

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Solid game.

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This game is one of the easiest beat em ups out there. You're just a sensitive baby.

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it's a meme game, but it's pretty good. worth playing through once at least.

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why do you keep posting this?