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I enjoy horror games, specifically older ones.

but I'm looking to build a collection of as many horror games as I can for older systems, but the only system I can recognize horror games on is the PS1

what horror games can I expect on systems such as, say, the dreamcast, saturn, and N64?

or I suppose general old horror game appreciation thread.

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Resident evil GameCube
Saturn deep fear
N64 hahahhahaha shadowman
Those should get u started

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enemy zero for the saturn is really underrated
I have a feeling if it had been released on the playstation it would've been revolutionary, maybe even more than resident evil (it came out the same year as well)

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the horror games I DO own for older consoles are as follows:
Dino Crisis 1+ version with RE3 demo
Dino Crisis 2
RE1 director's cut
RE3 on PC and PS1+ps1 version with dino crisis demo
RE survivor
I guess technically castlevania symphony of the night
and martian gothic: unification

I've got the REmake, plus 0, CVX, and 3 for gamecube

and I'd probably need a euro saturn for deep fear since it's PAL/JP only unless I can do something to get around that

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Did you play Count Down Vampires?
I don't understand the mind behind relegating pretty much most of the games story line to new game+ no seriously half the darn characters don't even appear the first run.

Also if you are PAL fag don't even bother with PAL Saturn stuff just get a PSEUDO Saturn Cart and a NTSC-J Saturn.

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you're missing silent hill, hellnight and clocktower for the playstation

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I did play through disc 1 of countdown vampires on an emulator but the emulator wouldn't change the discs properly which is a shame because I really was enjoying that game

I did have silent hill a long time ago but I sold it for $10

now copies of it are running $40+ which is a real shame

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Expensive as fug

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Get a mod chip or soft mod the system.

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But what if i actually like owning the disc?

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Countdown Vampires for the PS1.

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Oh I had a modded playstation as a kid so prices weren't an issue

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I'd look for yard sales/flea markets/etc

otherwise you're SOL

I did find a copy of rule of rose for about $100 less than it normally is and I bought a copy of echo night beyond for $20 a couple years ago but those aren't really retro though

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Well if you really want to own the game and find the economics to be a problem you could.
Burn the NTSC-U versions and just buy the NTSC-J version for 2 bucks or whatever

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I wish countdown vampires weren't so expensive because I really do love it

I wonder why it's so expensive

it's not "good" and it's not nostalgia

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Its a decent game, mostly flawed in the way of prerendered backgrounds which are very low res and not too detailed. think re1 backgrounds.

still a really neat game.

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I personally loved what I played of it

I got a little worked up trying to cure as many as I could but then I figured out that all that did was just give me money for more sippies so I just started using my massive amount of spare ammo

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Countdown Vampires completely drops the cake half way through the game though. Quantity over quality.

It also has several insufferable moments where enemies jump on you as soon as you enter a screen, with no time to do anything.

Overall it's good though. Truth is, the vast majority of "RE clones" are much more flawed than that. Outside of the common titles every knows, it generally isn't a great genre.

Honorable mention for Carrier on Dreamcast which hasn't been mentionned ITT.

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fair enough.
also can recommend a few other ps1 games that are not exactly survival horrors but more adventure games with eerie atmosphere.

Echo Night and the sequel that just got translated recently
Necronomicon (point and click adventure that is also on PC but PC version is bugged as fuck)
Alone in the Dark 4 (also on ps2, dreamcast, GBA and PC, they are all bugged as fuck and have terrible loading times except PS1 and PC. There is also a GOG version that is absolutely amazing, full gamepad customization and support, and very high res backgrounds).

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>invisible enemies
>gun with arbitrarily clumsy charging mechanic

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Doom 64 might count. It has a lot of creepy lighting and ambient noise. Sometimes enemies will pop out

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Yeah revolutionary isn't exaclty the word I'd say; Even D wasn't the first FMV game.

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For Saturn there's D, Enemy Zero, Deep Fear, and Exhumed offhand...

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I'm probably the biggest Exhumed fan around, but it's not horror mate.

Deep Fear is good, it's too easy though. It was never released in NTSC-U regions but if OP wants to play it both in English and in 60hz, the unreleased US version got leaked.

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On Nintendo consoles you got... the Metroid series. That's about it, and that's more atmospheric. Well, there's Sweet Home for NES which has a fan translation patch available (was Jap only), and the original Clock Tower on SNES if you enjoy point-and-click adventure...

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Dreamcast has some good ones. The best "retro" versions of the Resident Evil games available at the time (the Wii ports are arguable better), Blue Stinger, D2, The Typing of the Dead (if you have the sweet sweet Dreamcast keyboard anyway), Illbleed...

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idk, it was definitely scarier and more tense than RE
>arbitrarily clumsy charging mechanic
it's a design choice, and along with the invisible enemies it works to make every encounter feel more tense

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I was thinking of emulating the original Alone in the Dark. I know there were Mac OS & DOS versions, but I want to couch potato and play a console version. Any experience with the 3DO port?

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Actually just a more general question - is there a resource/website for "which platform should i play game X on?". I have the same question about a lot of multi-platform games.

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I dunno about most games but I can tell you that the xbox always runs multiplats the best in terms of that generation

I'd imagine if a game is multiplat, it probably looks nicer on N64 than it does on PS1, and a lot of times(for RE1, 2, and 3, for instance) there's extra content for the PC version

the PC version of RE1 is probably the best because it gives 2 bonus weapons if you beat the game for each character, but RE3 also lets you choose costumes right off the bat

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uhhh there is a GOG collection my dude.

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There was Carrier too

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Honestly you don't want to play Alone In The Dark on anything other than PC. This counts for every title in the series, best versions are always on PC.

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I suppose if anyone's interested, there's a couple choice horror games up for cheap at gamestop

I know, I know
but still

even if you get just a disc you're still getting it cheaper than you'd find it on ebay or amazon

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Chaos Break(PS1).
X Files: Resist or Serve(PS2).
Parasite Eve 1, 2(PS1).
Evil Dead: Hail To The King(PS1, Dreamcast), it's a shitty game though.
Nightmare Creatures(PSX).
DeSPIRIA(Dreamcast), only in jap.
The Suffering(PS2).
Cold Fear(PS2).
The Note(PS2).
Alien Resurrection(PSX).
Run Like Hell(PS2).
The Ring: Terror’s Realm(Dreamcast).

Sorry if there are too many games for PS2.

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>The Ring: Terror’s Realm

The Note in on PS1. If you're into first person adventure games on PS1, you'll enjoy it. It's like Echo Night but with more action. One of the "puzzles" got me stuck though.

X Files Resist or Serve is a decent Silent Hill clone. Not many of those.

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I did emulate chaos break for a brief moment and almost bought a euro copy for $25 bux but opted out of it

it's like a real weird dino crisis/metal gear solid mix with goofy monsters, I love it

I also own just about all those PS2 games and they're all pretty great except for cold fear, which I thought was trash

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People tend to forget that this system got one of the best versions of RE2. And almost got RE0 as an exclusive, before it was moved to GC.

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It's new years eve and I think I may I think D2 for Dreamcast is the best horror to play especially disc 4 before new years eve, just replayed it now and it has been amazing like always, especially the japanese version the voice acting is very good especially during the final boss fight and that fucking counttdown after the credits holy fuck it's something you experience once in a lifetime.
And just like the previous anons said before, Dreamcast has some nice hororr games library with some improved ones like Resident Evil 2.
While D2 may not be a perfect game I still love it the most out of Kenji Eno trilogy, shame he passed out so young.
Hope every anon has a good new year and enjoys some retro games, cheers everyone !

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a question I've been wondering is:

do a lot of the JP versions of these games have english voice acting? I'd assume they don't have english text but a lot of JP-only and JP versions of games have english voice acting

like star ocean 1, for instance

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RE2 N64 is not even close to the best version.

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Resident Evil one has it, I bet the other Capcom horror games have it too

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Dont say that to N64fags, it ruins the illusion and makes them very sad.

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You mean N64fag.

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>People tend to forget that this system got one of the best versions of RE2

Ninfags are fucking retarded.

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I mean, technically every version of RE2 that wasn't on the PS1 was "one of the best"

all of them got their own alt costumes and shit but I suppose the N64 also added that EX mode or whatever that had a bunch of files from other games like RE3

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I enjoyed Cold Fear. Not as intuitive as RE4, but it had good moments.

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N64 owners tend to forget PC got the best version of RE2.

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>RE2 N64 best version

It was a genius of programming to fit the whole game into that cartridge but it is in no way the best version